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Are There any Loans Available at Bruma Finance? Application, Requirements and Conditions

Loans can be hard to find and choose, especially when there are so many options available in the industry. All the options might call your attention and may seem suitable for you. However, it is always important to check whether you are choosing the right company and filter your search. If you and your family have been looking for loans of different sort, then your searching time can finally be over with Bruma Finance. This amazing and fully loan equipped company has been brought to you for many reasons. Get to know the company,the loans it displays for its clients and the array of possibilities available.

Is Bruma Finance legit?

            Of course it is. This company stands out among other companies because it offers varied and convenient options. It started building its trajectory in the year 1997, in South Africa. All this time, they have put their heart and dreams for the sake of clients’ satisfaction. Their main goal has always been to create a finance company that could ensure the credit of its clients so that they wouldn’t lack anything, so that they wouldn’t be hold back from their personal goals. In an already existing and expanding market, Bruma Finance has found its way through the different offers and was able to differentiate itself by creating a business on the basis of honesty, trust and flexibility.

What kind of personal loans can you find at Bruma Finance?

            There are personal loans at Bruma Finance that you can employ for different goals. It allows you to cover the costs that come in an unexpected way. Whether you need to pay the coat of brand new paint for your upgraded home, the cost of education of your son or daughter who’s starting college or university, or the catering for a wedding, Bruma Finance can actually help you cover these costs without making you feel that you are forever in debt with the company. For some clients, the financial burden can place a toll on your health and lifestyle. This is why Bruma Finance tries to make sure that your budget is kept in balance. In general, these loans can be used to cover emergency costs, home expenses (especially if you are looking forward to remodeling it), paying for tuition, books and schooling material, etc.

Which are the loan offers?

            Bruma Finance offers two main loans:

  • Personal loans

  • Loans for debt consolidation

At which values are the interest rates set at Bruma Finance?

            Bruma Finance offers interest rates that start off at R1000 up to R15000. The term for these rates can be from six through eighteen months. Once you have received the established amount, you will be able to spend it freely.

How does the online loan application work at Bruma Finance?

            The loan application is no difficult task. Clients simply have to hit the “apply button” and complete the online form with all their personal information.

Are there any loan requirements at Bruma Finance?

            Clients should have their ID updated and at hand. Bruma Finance will also ask clients to provide a copy of their payslip and of their latest bank statement.

Are consolidation debt loans useful at Bruma Finance?

            Indeed, consolidation loans enable clients to consolidate their debts. It is very well known that it is no easy job to track down  the loans that you already have. It is actually quite common to have more than one loan which makes it hard to manage them. The consolidation loans can be of up to R15000. Bruma Finance makes sure that you get extra funding for whatever reason you may need it. You would only need one repayment per month.

Is there a loan calculator that clients can use at Bruma Finance?

            The company already provides costs of the loans and the amounts that it covers in general. However, it does offer clients a budget calculator so that can calculate your finances in a more accurate way. This way, you can keep track the expenses that run per month. These are the steps that you have to follow in order to use the loan calculator:

  • Introduce your monthly income

  • Then the income of your partner and any other additional income

Then, clients will have to introduce some details for regular monthly expenses. Clients will have to introduce the following details:

  • Rates, lights and taxes

  • Insurance of your vehicle

  • Clothing and schooling

  • Monthly savings

  • Life insurance and short term insurance

  • Regular accounts

  • Parking, fuel and transport

  • Entertainment and other sort of expenses

Where is the company located?

Find the best loan of South Africa

            Bruma Finance can be found in 26 Girton Road, in Johannesburg. If you need to, you can get in contact with Bruma by sending an email with comments or doubts at Unfortunately, there are no other offices of Bruma Finance in South Africa. But is does not matter since you can apply for a loan online, through their website. You can also call the company and ask to be assessed by a Bruma Finance agent. In order for you to get an agent, you have to enter some details such as:

  • Cell phone

  • Company name

  • Email

  • Province

  • Name

  • Registration number

Conclusion and details 


 Application form completed


0861 33 11 33


            In conclusion, Bruma Finance has specific options for you to enjoy the benefits of personal loans and loans to consolidate your debt. The company also offers you a section of frequently asked questions which might help you better understand the process of applying for a loan or getting one. Whether you need this loan to pay for a medical operation, to place a new swimming pool in your garden or simply take care of some debts you have, Bruma Finance can be your instant solution. Call today Bruma Finance and ask for your agent, so that you can have a more personalized experience. If you prefer it, though, you can go directly to the company and be assisted by a member of Bruma without the need of an agent.

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Questions and Answers

I have a problem with my application, would you clarify me what can I do?
Of course we can clarify your doubt! Bruma provides their applicants with the best assistance service when applying. All you need is to get a computer that works fine and, find Bruma Finance web page. There, you’ll easily encounter an Apply Now button to click. That link will guide you to a form you should complete with some personal information. And that’s all you have to do on your own because, after that, you’ll get a call form one of Bruma’s assistance to explain to you how to continue and inform you about the terms.
When Bruma approved the loan, there was 4999 that I have to pay for the cost of bank´s operation before they transfer mi loan. Is that right?
Any cost, interest, or fee the bank will charge you, should be clearly stated from the beginning and in the contract. It’s not usual that Bruma asks you to pay a fee in advance as, the cost of the service is charged in the instalments. To be on the safe side, just make a call to the bank to let them know the problem as, you may be a victim of fraud.
Good day, I am looking for a loan but, I have many debts to pay
This is the ideal situation to ask Bruma for a consolidation loan. If you’re approved, you can get some peace of mind knowing that Bruma will cancel all your liabilities and you will only have to pay one monthly instalment from that moment on. Bruma offers to consolidate up to 15.000 rands on different liabilities. Surely, this can be your solution.
How do I apply for a personal loan?
You can apply online, call on 0861 33 11 33 or send an e-mail to
What is the minimum salary required?
You need to have a monthly income of at least R2,000.
How long does it take to have the money in my bank account?
If you qualify for the loan, they deposit the cash in your bank account in no time at all.
I desperately need money to cover a debt. Does it offer loans for that kind o f goals?
Yes, it offers debt consolidation loans.
Where can I reach the company?
You can visit the company at their main office or the branches that it has in South Africa
Are there loans of 7 years term?
No, they are up to 6 years.
Is it hard to get a loan there?
No, it is actually quite easy with the application online gadget.

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