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Is It Feasible to Obtain Bidvest Bank Loans in East London?

   Are you frustrated due to your financial troubles? Do you think there is no solution for your problems with your finances? Well, fortunately you are wrong. There exists a company in the market, whose biggest aim is to make your problems with your finances vanish away.

     I am talking about Bidvest Bank, which happens to be present in East London. For such reason, I will devote the next article to talking about the two main loans this company offers, Business and Vehicle Loans. After that, I will give you the contact details of such company in East London.


If you are interested in a loan for your business, you can rely on five different options:

1)Asset-based finance: this loan enables clients to obtain huge amounts of money, which can be financed on a monthly basis. By acquiring this loan, you have the chance of leasing your vehicle and also enjoy the following benefits:

-Your rentals will be very low as you will only pay for what you use

-By administering your vehicle you will not spend so much time focusing on it

-Your car is not for sale, which is why the value of your vehicle is not subject to changes

-The cash flow you possess will be able to increase with time

-You will experience a decrease in the taxes you pay, as rentals and the charges you pay for operations are the same

-The company gives clients a very flexible contract

-With the money granted to can purchase any type of asset you would like to own


2)Rental finance: by applying for this type of loan, you will enjoy almost the same benefits as the first one, but the only exception is that you are not covered for restoring or repairing you can. Moreover, you will be able to improve your cash flow and at the same time you will not be at risk.

Interested in its main features? Here you have them:

-The fuel charges will be excluded from this kind of finance, but other charges are included

-There will be fixed interest rates

-As a client you will only need to pay for the depreciation you utilize

-You will not need to pay for the VAT as it happens with similar loans

-The company will give you access to a residual value, which is a diminishment in the rental fee

-You can choose to possess the vehicle if you want to, by settling your finances

3)Installment Sale Finance: by granting you the loan, the company enables you to purchase any type of car you want, by financing the loan in about a year. You are also enabled to pay all the expenses of your car and also make use of the tear and wear benefit, which is no more than 20%. As regards the depreciation, it consists of about 5%.

4) Commercial Property Finance: with such lending program, the company allows you to improve or purchase a new place used for commercial purposes or retailing ones. What is more, you can make use of this money in order to finish financing a house of your own.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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5) Medical Equipment Finance: this loan gives doctors and other medical professionals, the capacity of purchasing all the material and equipment they need in order to operate as they should at work.

See? Bidvest Bank provides clients with lending programs with similar benefits and convenience than other financial companies do. And, the most important thing is that you get to choose between five loans.


There are many benefits you will enjoy if you choose Bidvest Bank as the one to provide you with a financial solution for your vehicle, such as avoiding many taxes, obtaining assistance while you are on the road with your car, getting a complete insurance with a company you feel comfortable with, and being capable of even buying a new car if you would like to change the old one.

Lets see which are the 3 vehicle loans you can obtain with Bidvest Bank:

1-Instalment Sale Agreement: by giving you this loan, the company wants you to access to the car you want and to have complete freedom in terms of financing periods, as you are given 5 years, which is a lot if you think about it. Those customers that already have their car allowance and they are looking for long periods of time for the financing of a loan, can take advantage of such agreement. What is more, if these customers have a good credit record, instead of making the usual monthly payments, they will make balloon ones.

2-Finance Lease Agreement: if you want less than 5 years in order to complete the financing of your loan, you can really count on this type of agreement, which will only require you to possess the car allowance. Then, if you comply with that, you can make balloon payments  and you will be saving money. Besides, you can expect to own the car after you finish the last payment.

3-Operating Rental: with this type of loan you can lease your car in about 60 months, but you such period of time can change depending on the distance you travel on a monthly basis with your car. Moreover, there will be less outflow of money and you will experience less risks.


-By phone

One way of communicating with the company is by dialing up their phone line which is a free number:0860 11 11 77.  Together with such number, you should know  two important codes their members will require: the Reuters Code (BIDJ) and the Swift Code (BIDBZAJJ).

However, if you are calling from another country, you can take advantage of the following international phone line: 27 11 407 3103.

-By email

This is an effective way of communicating with the company, as you will only need to send an email to this address and wait for the reply:

-In person

You can go in person to their office in East London, located in Berea. The exact address is 17 Devereux Avenue.

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Questions and answers

Does the company accept debit card?

Sure, that is a payment method recommended for loans

Do I have to Pay extras for the insurance mentioned?

No, it comes together with the loan

Is the loan paid in cash?

You can choose how to be paid

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