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Does Bank of Athens offer Home Loans?

    Fortunately, if you were looking for Home Loans I am glad to tell you there exist more than one loan to fit your home purposes. But apart from that, there is another interesting loan found at this company, a car loan.

   For such motive, in the next article I will not only focus on the two home loans proposed by Bank of Athens to its clients, but also on their car loans. Next, I will give you all the contact information of this company so that it is suitable for you to communicate with them right away.



This is the loan ideal for clients that have never obtained a house of their own and want to possess an accessible property. Such properties do not only need to be used for personal purposes but also commercial ones.

What benefits can clients enjoy with this loan?

-Clients can purchase as many assets as they have in mind for any kind of purpose

-Clients can extend properties they already possess

-Clients are able to refinance their property in a simple and easy way

-Clients can choose periods of time so as to complete the financing of the loan in an appropriate and affordable way

And there exist plenty of benefits they can enjoy such as obtaining assistance from the company´s member when having a trouble with the services and also changing the financing periods for their loans.

    What do South Africans clients need to qualify for this Property Loan?

As you can imagine, these clients will need to give the bank all the data when it comes to their income and the information of the desired or existing property. They will also need to agree with the fact that the bank will contact them with a valuator.

Pay attention to the documentation requested by the bank:

-Rent roles and sale agreements

-Statements of the property and cash ones

-Asset statements and liabilities of the client

They will also need to sign a contract in which they state they agree to pay for interest rates that are fixed throughout the whole loan.


The second home loan, which is this one, gives clients total freedom when it comes to buying luxurious properties, category in which we can include residential houses. So, with the support of the bank, clients can really make their home dream come true. Moreover, the bank gives them access to mortgages if that is what they desire.

 What sort of advantages can clients obtain from such loan when they finance their property?

-They can finance any property from the moment they agree with the terms stipulated by the company

-They can have access to mortgages whose maximum is of 20 years

-They can choose periods of time for financing that are quite short so as to pay minimal interest rates

What about the requirements needed for a Residential Property Loan?

Find the best loan of South Africa

There is some documentation the client needs to present such as:

-Statement in which the client admits he/she wants to purchase a property of this sort

-Statement with information of the client´s income and liabilities

-Statement with the salary of the client

-Statement with information regarding the bank account of the client

-FICA documentation

Moreover, the bank will ask clients to submit more data but they will get to know this once they have applied for the loan.

And now, before I put an end to this post, let me focus on the bank´s car and asset loan:


      A finance like this one can not only make a client achieve their dream of obtaining a vehicle but also the machinery needed for the company to grow and compete with others in the financial market. So, any type of asset that the client has in mind when thinking about growing the business is really obtainable with the help of Bank of Athens.

    This loan is extremely useful if what you are looking for is to gain recognition, a circumstance in which you will need valuable assets. Regarding the interest rates, they will be based on daily expenses and they are really low. The bank will determine which interest rates correspond to your loan, after analyzing not only the assets you want to acquire but also your affordability and income.

As an additional fact about the company´s loans I would like to tell you that there is a Prime Lending Rate, which is applied to all the loans found at the Bank of Athens, which is currently of 10.50%.


Contact Details of Bank of Athens

Let me show you how you can communicate with the bank´s members so as to start applying for the loans mentioned above. You have many means of communication available.


One of its physical locations in the wonderful city of Johannesburg is in Wierda Valley, located at 54 Wierda Road, inside the Building 3. That is building is in the incredible Greens Business Park.

Another office of Bank of Athens in South Africa is located in Pretoria, in the Nieuw Muckleneuk, exactly at Fehrsten Street.


Inside the bank´s website you are able to obtain details about each loan and also start an application directly from home by following minimal steps. How does that work? You simply need to fill in a form with your information.

You have also the chance of sending emails to the company if you resort to this email

There exists another email address if you look for support from Bank of Athens, one for internet support and the other one for customer and


If you are planning to communicate over the phone with the bank you can easily perform this by dialing up from home the following number: 0861 102 205, designed for national calls, but if you are calling from abroad you can dial up their international number:27 (0) 11 634 4300. See? Really easy to contact the company no matter where you are located.

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Questions and Answers

How do I know how much I pay each month?
The installments are calculated based on each loan
Will I be penalized for not complying with payments?
Yes you will
Is the bank in other cities?
Yes, for instance it can be found in Porth Elizabeth

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