Absa Vehicle Loan – Calculate your Quote – Frequent Queries

Absa Vehicle Loan – Calculate your Quote - Frequent Queries

Having a car is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Days like these in which we run from one place to another to manage our daily duties keep us on the move. From going to work, picking up the kids, visiting friends and family to going to the doctor’s, cars are the best friends we can have to help us. Here in South Africa, there’s so many options to finance vehicles similar tu personal loans, that I want the focus of this article to stay on Absa Vehicle loans. Let’s take Absa road and study the reasons why you might consider applying with them. Let me be your personal advisor today to help you choose the best alternative.

What should you do to go over Absa Vehicle finance online registration?

·         The first question you should ask is what Absa options as regards vehicle loans are. Only after having learnt about what do they offer, should you start thinking about your car loan application at Absa.

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·         The second step, once you cover the previous topic, is to check if your personal information and economic status meet Absa requirements to get a vehicle finance approval.

·         If you already did that, there’s a last step to take before applying: calculating the cost of the car finance to keep your budget under control.

Having checked these steps, you can take care of completing your car loan application with Absa and register to get an answer. Don’t worry because I’ll expand on each of the steps I’ve mentioned next.

Why do I have to go through a pre-approval Absa car loan?

Pre-approval stages are useful for both, the company and the borrower. Through this stage, Absa makes sure the money they are about to lend will be given back. As regards you as the borrower, it works as a preventing measure. As you know, not repaying a loan on time brings about negative financial consequences, so it helps you know if you can afford a car loan.

3 Absa car loan requirements to think of when applying

Let’s start by referring to Absa qualifying criteria when deciding about car loan approvals. Firstly, as you are going to buy a car, that car needs to have insurance. Otherwise, you won’t get a chance of getting a vehicle loan.

Now, if we focus on what the applicant needs to pay attention to, I can say there are certain documents you have to present Absa if you want a car loan:

·         An ID or book issued by the South African Government to prove your identity and that you are an old enough citizen.

·         A bill showing your actual address for FICA purposes. This document shouldn’t be dated older than 3 months.

·         A salary slip proving your income is at least R12000. Of course, they will surely ask you the last three slips you’ve received so as to check income stability.

These points are focused for those who are Absa clients. Bear in mind, you’ll have some other factors if you don’t bank with Absa.

Can I get a fixed interest rate for an Absa vehicle finance?

We’ve reached one of the benefits of financing your car with Absa. This is so because they offer both, fixed and variable rates. Of course, you’ll get some pros and cons for each of them, but at the end, it’s always up to you which of these options allows you to have a better experience with an Absa car loan. Just remember you have both options to compare and, while a fixed rate can organize your expenditures, a variable one might lower the cost of the loan. This, of course, as long as the prime rate drops. Should it increase, so will your car loan instalments.

Can a vehicle loan calculator be used with Absa?

You can use a vehicle finance calculator to estimate beforehand the cost of your loan. For example, your new car is worth R300000 and you are trying to get a low rate for a 2 years term on your loan. Ok, now, you can make a deposit with Absa to lower your payments. If you use the loan simulator, you can try different deposit amount to get the one that offers you the lowest cost. If we suppose you want to make a r10000 deposit, you might pay R13800 approximately, as long as you get a low rate of around 12%. But if you make a lower deposit, R5000 for instance, the monthly payment will go up to R14000.

To use the car loan simulator, you need:

·         The price of the car

·         The deposit amount

·         The interest rate (Remember it’s established by Absa)

·         The balloon payment

Absa vehicle finance Queries

Having your doubts answered is what is going to help you when choosing the best car finance loan. So, I prepared some of the most commons queries applicants have in order to give you a complete pack of information. 

1- How to pay Absa Vehicle Finance?

You’ll find there’re some options when paying for a loan. The most common and popular method is to pay through debit order. This way is chosen for both, Absa and the borrowers because it makes payment process simple for both parties. Once you set your do date, Absa will be in charge of collecting the instalment. Your job is to be sure funds will be available for the bank on that date. Bear in mind, if the money is not enough, they can take it as failed payment charging some penalty fees.

2- Does Absa vehicle finance approve private sellers?

There are some alternatives when financing a car. If you have already chosen a vehicle from a private seller, you can refer to Absa to make the car loan with them. What you shouldn’t forget to keep track of is the fact that you, the private seller and the car must meet all the requirements. This means, Absa will take time to certify things are in right track before approving the request. Now, to speed things up, you should know they have a panel of approved dealerships ready to assist you.

3- What details about Absa Vehicle Finance should you know?

As I mentioned before, you have to understand the options Absa has on car loans. Because of this, I’ll leave a list with some of the most important details you must know to decide:

·         You will be allowed to drive the vehicle you’re paying for while you’re paying it. That is to say, you don’t have to wait until you complete the payments to drive it.

·         There’s always the chance of making your monthly payments lower by choosing one or both of these alternatives: balloon payments and making a deposit.

·         If you think you can make an early payment at some point, you’ll be more than welcome to do it and no penalty charge will be set. This, as long as the amount is R250000 or less.

4- Does Absa grant vehicle finance for business?

This is a topic that can be covered in 2 separately ways. One of them may relate to a business owner trying to get a loan for personal reasons, and the other, to a company trying to get a vehicle to be used for the company in particular. Now, as Absa requires their car loan applicants to submit pays lips, being a business owner, I assume you don’t have that document, so it might get a little difficult.

On the contrary, Absa works with companies, and so if you need to finance a vehicle for your business, they can help you. This option permits you to select the repayment option you prefer as long as Absa checks you qualify for it. You can drive and use the vehicle, and as soon as you finish repaying the loan, the ownership of that vehicle will be transferred automatically to you.

Absa Vehicle Finance Reviews, is it a good option?

Before I wrap up this article, I want to take some time to refer to what Absa offers on car loans, based on what we can read here. Clearly, there are some great advantages that can lead you to have your dream car with Absa. Besides, there are also options you can choose to make your payments fit your pocket. Choosing to use some of your savings on a deposit, for example, will help you avoid being tight on monthly instalments.

Although Absa provides their clients with many alternatives to finance a vehicle, we can say their vehicle loan is one of the best ones. Now you have read about Absa, you can evaluate your particular situation to decide. In addition, it’s a good idea if you can get information about other companies’ vehicle loans. For example, if you read about Standard Bank and FNB vehicle loans, you will have info about three of the best companies in South Africa. If you take advantage of that, you will get the best deal. 

Preguntas Frecuentes

If I am an Absa customer, can they buy me a second hand car?

Absa will lend you the money for you to take ownership of a car. It can be a new or a second hand car, as you please. Absa’s assistance will be with you every step of the way to get to the best prize for you and still, have the car you want. That is the most popular benefit this company has to offer their clients.

Good day. I will love to apply for a car finance. What are your requirements?

Absa loan application can be completed online in the quickest way. Just before starting the application, Absa shows you a list with what they expect from you, meaning, the requirements you should comply with. You must state that you’re old enough, and you don’t have any liability pending of any kind in order to start the application correctly.

My vehicle's outstanding amount is higher than it's trade/retail value. Can i refinance it/ extend term in order to pay lower monthly instalments. I want to purchace a second little car for my student son

Once you sign the contract and the loan is issued, there’s little chance that the company change any term of it. The exception would be if that possibility had been pointed out in the contract beforehand. However, you may get a new deal if you get the new car financed with the same company, in this case, Absa.

Can Absa buy me a car without any credit record?

Unfortunately, every client must have some sort of credit record before being issued a loan. Simply, because Absa needs to have some real information about that client’s finance before taking the risk of borrowing money. One of the most used strategy in this case is to ask for payday loans, which are loans payable in the shortest period of time, to start building that record.

Is it possible to finance the loan online?

Sure, that is a payment method accepted by the bank

Where can I find the bank´s app?

You can download it from their official webpage

How can I contact the bank´s consultants during holidays?

Through their website. You can send a message to their representatives

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