Absa Bank Loan | Get Instant Approval on your Loan

Absa Bank Loan | Get Instant Approval on your Loan

This time, we would like to address a bank that offers an enormous range of credit products for South Africans. We are talking about Absa Bank. This bank is part of the Absa Group Limited, which is present in 12 countries and who hires over 40,000 employees. It is time for you to know the loans that you can request at Absa, a bank that is fully compliant with the NCR. Here you will get to know about temporary loans, micro loans, agricultural loans, students loans, home loans, business loans and many others. We will explain to you how to get them, what documents you should have at hand, and how to calculate your repayments. Let’s get started, then.

How do Absa Temporary Loans Work?

Temporary loans at Absa are called Instant Loans, and that is exactly how they are delivered: in an instant. This loan was designed to help you when you are in an urgent need of cash and you have no time to wait until your next payday. Imagine that you have a medical emergency, and need money to get that fixed. You have no time for filling in long applications and waiting for banks to give you an answer.

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That is why Absa designed instant loans that allow you to borrow as much as R8,000. Of course, that for you to qualify for this loan, you must have an Absa bank account and a good credit record. Also, you will need to earn at least R250 a month.  If you meet these requirements, then you are all set to submit your request. How to do this? Super easy; you can do this online, at an ATM or over the phone.

What should I do before I Fill in my Online Application for an Absa Express Loan?

For those of us who need to finance something, such as new furniture, for instance, and don’t want to be paying off the loan over long periods of time, an Express Loan at Absa might be the answer. This a type of micro loan that allow you to borrow a small amount of money and repay in a short period of time, which can be of up to 6 months.

You can apply for this loan online, but before you do that, please use Absa loan calculator to simulate the loan. This will help you make a better decision since you will have a better idea of how much money it is best for you to borrow.

How does Absa Revolving Loan Work?

The Absa revolving loan allows you to access finance when you need it. You can access a credit line of up to R150,000 and once you have covered a 15% of the loan, you can access the whole amount of the loan again. In this way, you avoid having to reapply to get more money. The minimum repayment term for this loan is 12 months. There are certain requirements you need to meet, though. These are:

  • You need an Absa bank account
  • You need to earn R8,000 a month
  • ID proving you are over 18
  • Certificate of residence

Does Absa offer Agricultural Loans?

Not only does Absa offer agricultural loans, but it also offers a wide range of credit lines for farmers. Here, we will discuss AgriBusiness Mortgage. These loans were created to help farmers grow their businesses and achieve their objectives. The great varieties of credit facilities offered by Absa can be accounted on the fact that this company knows that agriculture is one of the pillar stones of our country.

AgriBusiness Mortgage loan is a financial product that will allow you to buy or make improvements on your property. This loan can be repaid in maximum periods of 15 years and you can structure repayments as you want: quarterly, monthly, annually.

Also, your agribusiness can also access to commercial asset finance to buy the assets your company needs to continue growing and providing its service.  

These loans cannot be applied for online. You will need to contact the bank over the phone or in person in order to start your application.

What do I Need to Apply for a Self Employed Loan at Absa?

Most banks requests clients to be on permanent employments, and they ask proof of it. In general, the only way you can prove that you have a job is by providing the bank with your payslips. However, when you work on your own, you don’t have this document. And, if this is your case, you should know that for example if you are an accountant practising on your own firm you will not have a payslip, but you are more than capable of affording a loan.

Luckily, Absa bank has thought about this portion of the population that is mainly composed of professionals, entrepreneur and freelance workers. Being self-employed at Absa is not a problem; you will be able to ask for a personal loan and instead of your payslip, you will be asked to provide your latest bank statements. These documents must prove that you have regular income and that you will be capable of paying off the loan.

A similar situation is lived by pensioners who feel they have nowhere to turn to for finance. Absa has not designed a special loan for this sector, but as long as the pensioner complies with the requirements, they might be able to request the loan.

Does Absa Bank offer Debt Consolidation?

If you have asked more than two loans at other credit institutions, and you feel that things are getting a little out of control, you should consider consolidating them. A consolidation loan is a facility that allows you to combine all your loans into one. In this way, you end up having only one loan at only one bank. This makes it much easier to manage your instalments. Also, you might even save money if you are able to obtain a better interest rate.

Absa Bank allows you to consolidate your debt with their personal loans. One of the benefits of consolidating your loans with Absa is that this company has a program that if you are offered a better interest rate at another institution, Absa will try to make you a better offer.

Above we have discussed what the requirements to apply for this loan are. So, now you are ready to put your finances in order and regain control of your economic life.

What does Absa Loan Cover?

As we have already seen in this article, Absa offers a great variety of loans. We’ve already talked about instant loans that can be repaid in 1 month, for instance. The specifics characteristics of each loan offered by Absa have been and will be discussed in this article. However, there are certain issues that are common to all Absa loans. Let us see which they are.

First, all loans will include fees. There are two fees that you need to consider when you ask for a loan at Absa (and at most banks): initiation and service fees. These are percentages that are regulated by the National Credit Regulator, so you will not need to worry of being overcharged. These fees are meant to cover all administrative expenses related to the opening of your loan account.

Another element present in almost all loans is insurance, that in the case of Absa it is called Protection Plan. This insurance is meant to cover the costs of the loan in the event something should happen to you.

Are there Islamic Loans at Absa?

At Absa, you will find loans that are fully compliant with Shari’ah banking. The best thing about these loans is that it is available for anyone who wants a different form of banking. This means that you do not have to be a member of the Muslim community to take advantage of these loans. For instance, you can finance a vehicle with Islamic finance. This method is similar to leasing a car: you get a car for an established period and at fixed rate.  

Is there an Absa Branch at Durban?

Durban is one of the biggest cities of our country, so it is no surprise that Absa has branches there. In fact, you will not find only one branch, but over twenty of them. However, remember that there are several actions that you will be able to perform online when banking with Absa. For instance, there is no need for you to visit an Absa bank to ask for a personal loan: you can do it 100 % online.

What are Absa Bank Contact Details to ask for their Loans?

Before we tell you all contact details for you to contact Absa Bank to solve whatever issue you might be dealing with, we want to let you know that you can also leave your questions here. We will do all we can to answer your questions. The best part of this is that your questions will surely help other readers with similar questions. In this way, we are building an amazing community.

You can contact Absa as follows:

  • Phone: 0860 008 600
  • E-mail: absa@absa.co.za  

We hope that we were able to show you that at Absa you can access to an enormous variety of Loans. Depending on your specifics needs, you will be able to find a product that will probably fit your needs. Here we discussed the main characteristics of these loans, and we informed you as to what you need to get them. 

Preguntas Frecuentes

My daughter is a student at university, i’m looking to provide her with a car, she has an absa student account to which i deposit her monthly allowance. She has approached the bank for a finance agreement for a car but they were unable to assist her as she is not employed, despite me advising that i would be the guarantor on her behalf. Do you have a finance product that will allow us to purchase a car for her?

Absa only allows a guarantor to take a loan on somebody else’s name when we refer to student loans. If you want to finance a car for your daughter with Absa, you will have to be the applicant of the loan. Once you get your vehicle, you can give it to your daughter while you cancel the installments. But, from beginning to end, you will be the only borrower.

I would like to apply for a personal loan off r500 000, can I?

When we focus on Absa personal loans, we have to mention they only grant a maximum of 350.000 rands on these loans. So, if you need 500.000 rands, this is not the bank for you. Actually, there aren’t many entities granting such high amount of money on personal loans. You might find it but, on home loans or business loans, for example

How can I check if I qualify for a personal loan at Absa?

First, check you earn more than R2.000 p/m from your permanent job and, that such earning is deposited in a bank account. If that account belongs to Absa, you’ll have some extra benefit but, if you bank with another entity you can still apply for a loan at Absa. Then, you only have to submit your application from to allow Absa check your credit history. They’ll inform you about the terms you qualify for.

What is the interest rate on a personal loan of r50 000,00 to be paid back in 36 months?

When a bank states the interest rate to charge for a loan, they pay attention to some points about the customer’s financial status and, the loan terms. So, I’ll present you an example to help you on this. To start, Absa has a top APR of 17,5 %. You might get a monthly rate of 21 %, which means a monthly cost of R 1997 to cancel the personal loan. But, you have to know your rate will be agreed based, mostly, on your credit history.

How a short term loan for 3000 rands work?

As long as you are an Absa customer, you can get financial aids from just R250 to R5000 with no paperwork at all. You must know, though, you ought to have a standing credit record and a minimum salary of R250 in order to make Absa accept giving you such loan. Besides, make sure you can give the money back in less than 35 days.

How much will I pay back pm if I take a loan of 40000?

To get the official cost of a loan you must apply for it because the interest rate is always agreed upon after having the applicant’s financial situation into consideration, along with the terns for the credit. Next, I’ll show you an example: if you get a 4 years’ term and the interest rate of your loan is 8,5%, you will pay approximately R 986 per month. If you lower the payment period to just 2 years, the monthly installment might be around R1818.

How long does it take to have the funds in my bank account?

As there are few steps to take over when applying, it may last around 4 working days from the moment you start the request until you get the money available to use. However, it depends on how the application procedure goes. Assuming you have all your documents correct and, all the requirements are checked, the process will go faster.

Can Absa settle my debts for me?

Even though Absa can help you get a more organized payment schedule, they won’t take care of cancelling your debts. If you want to lower the number of installments you have to pay each month, you can use a personal loan with Absa Bank to cancel all your existing loans and then, paying for just one bigger installment with this bank.

Can I extend my loan?

There are certain points to look at before extending a loan. One point is to check how many installments have you canceled already and, if all of them have been paid on time. Another point is a new affordability assessment to verify you can pay for all the money you took and the new amount you’re requesting.

What is the criterion to apply for the revolving credit facility? I’m a client of absa. Thanks

A Revolving Credit Facility at Absa involves similar requirements than their personal loans. The applicants must prove he or she is South African, earns a permanent monthly salary of at least R 8.000 and has an Absa account to get paid. Apart from that, the applicant must be currently living in SA and must be older than 18.

Can I borrow an amount of r1000000 as a personal loan?

No, saddly, the highest amount to take with Absa on a personal loan is R 350.000. If, on the other hand, you need to get some important home renovation, you may qualify for a home loan. This kind of loan can be granted for a higher quote so; you might get your R1.000.000

Am I able to apply for an Absa loan if I am not banking with them?

Yes, Absa provides any citizen meeting their requirements with the chance of getting financial aids. Of course, for those who are their customer, the process is simpler and, they even get better rates. Either way, you can also get a low rate providing your credit history is good. You will have to agree with Absa about the bank account you’ll get the money from.

I have problem here. I want a loan but I'm not banking with Absa, how can you help me?

We can help you by telling you that being an Absa previous client is not one of the requirements this bank asks for. However, we want to remind you that Absa needs you to show them the last bank statements from your current bank account to agree on your loan terms. Then, as long as you are a SA citizen living in the country, you’ll find no obstacles applying for a loan at Absa..

How long do I have to repay on monthly basis?

There are three different payment options at Absa. For example, if you take a personal loan, you have up to 84 months to cancel it. But, there are two shorter terms available. An express loan will be paid between 2 and 6 months and, the Instant loan must be cancelled in 35 days maximum. As you can see, you have few practical alternatives to choose from according to what you need.

I want to take loan of ten thousand rand, I earn three thousand and six hundred and, I want to know if I qualify for this loan

There are more details to take into consideration when it comes to qualify for a loan. Starting, banks usually establish a minimum salary as requirement. Absa, for example, asks their customers to get a monthly income of two thousands rands or more. Clearly, this is a requirement you perfectly meet so, you have chances of getting your loan.

Can I get a loan to pay for my studies?

Yes! Absa can assist you with their Study loan, providing you’re employed full time. If you don’t work, a parent or guardian with a permanent income can take out the loan on your name. This product will cover the tuition fee for one study year. After that year, you will have to re apply to get funds to keep paying for your studies.

Hi, I would like to get a personal loan at Absa Bank. Please, inform me about it

If we pay special attention to Absa personal loans, we can mention the quote they offer is between 3000 and 350000 rands. In addition, you can pay the money back in just 12 months up to 84. Absa even assures you they can improve any interest rate offer you might get with another companies so, try not to waste this opportunity of getting the lowest price.

Can I get the highest quote with Absa?

You can apply to get the quote you need and, providing you meet Absa’s criterion to take the highest amount of money they are willing to lend you, you can get it. That criterion involves earning a high salary and having a perfect credit score. If you are this kind of client, you can get the highest loan amount on the type of credit you want to take.

How much will I pay on interest? Thanks

The interest rate Absa will put on your loan will vary according to the terms you get, among few other factors. For example, the sum of money you take and, the period to give it back has a lot to do with this point. Besides, the most important aspect to decide the cost of the loan will be the credit score your past payments have left you.

Can I take a loan to pay up my credit card so that I can have one payment?

If you are starting to feel your debts are about to get out of control, this is the time to fix it! When taking a loan to pay for your many loans and credit cards payments, you end up with just one debt, making the rest of your payments easy to carry out. Ultimately, you can get help from Absa to put your finances in order.

Does Absa offer consolidation loans?

No, this kind of loan is not offered by Absa. You might research in this platform about FNB or African Bank that are two of the most popular companies from South Africa that include such loan among their loan products. Once you read about them, you’ll perfectly notice if any of them can provide you with what you need.

I want to buy a car so I need finance, could you please help me?

Of course we can! Assuming you have ABSA as a possible lender, you’ll be happy to know they have alternatives to finance your dreamed car. Some of those options are trading a used car you own and, making balloon payments to lower your installments and calculating the approximately price before applying for the loan.

How long should I wait between paying my instant loan back and applying for a new loan?

That answer varies according to each client and how they have behaved with their payments. If you have always respected your payment date, your chances of reapplying are higher. Remember that, if you wait long enough for this canceled loan to improve your credit score, you might get better terms for your new loan.

How much do I qualify for a loan?

As this is established with a full package of your past and present information, you must apply at Absa to be informed about the loan quote you can take. Inside that package, you need to present information about how much you earn per month and, how much money you spend on bills, food, and monthly expenses. With that data, Absa will calculate the amount of money you would have left to pay for the loan installments.

I need a loan urgently, what are my options at Absa?

The fastest loans to be issued are those that work for short amount of money. An Instant Loan, for example, allows you to have cash available at anytime but, you can only take up to R 5000 and, you must pay it back in just a month. If that option doesn’t suit you, an Express Loan will be paid back within 6 months and, the quote can reach up to R 8.000.

What are the terms and installments for a personal loan at Absa?

An Absa personal loan can assist you with 350.000 rands or less and, you can have a maximum of 84 installments. As regards the interest rate, it is stated having your financial situation into consideration so, whether you get a high or low rate, it will depend on that. To add valuable information, the payments are flexible and, as long as you’re an Absa client, you have the chance of being pre-qualified.

Can I get a loan while using atm?

Yes! If you have your Absa account, you can check if you are pre-qualified for a loan using an ATM. If you get this pre-qualification, you can check the loan quote and terms they set for you, which is decided analyzing your banking information, to compare it with other banks before applying for it.

Can I apply for a loan with a permanent resident permit? My id is not out yet

There are many companies that issue loans to those who are granted a permanent resident permit but, if you are waiting for your ID to be ready, it will be much simpler if you ask for the loan after you receive it. Besides this requirement, remember you have to have a work permit as well to be eligible for any loan in South Africa.

Looking for a loan for r5000. I will pay for it in 6 months

With Absa Loan you have different alternatives to get just what you look for. For example, in your case, an Express loan will suit perfectly. This loan is issued for r8000 or less and, you can repay it from 2 to 6 installments. Without a doubt, you R5000 loan over 6 months can be a reality at Absa.

I need a loan to pay my debt

What you need is a Debt Consolidation, which fortunately many companies offer to as to make sure clients can cancell their loans. Fortunately, African Bank does offer a Consolidation Loan which you can repay in periods ranging from 18 to 72 months. You can easily apply for this loan and forget about your debts, by entering the bank´s website and using online application available.

What type of loan should I apply for if I need instant money?

You should apply for Instant Loan, which gives a minimum amount of R250, and a maximum amount of R3, 000 for any adverse circumstance.

How can I obtain an Overdraft?

You can complete an online application form or by phone at 0860100372.

Can I get a loan to purchase a farm?

Absa has a wide range of loan alternatives for you but, they are not related to any kind of business. You might try with a personal loan but, the highest amount you can get is only r350.000. All the same, you have other companies that do grant loans to use with business purpose like Nedbank, for example.

I really need to settle my car, can u please help ? Im banking with absa

If you are looking to finance your car what you need is either a personal loan and apply for its maximum or you can also begin the application by phone on 0860008600 and obtain a vehicle loan

How soon can I get the money if I apply for a Personal Loan?

The money will be in your bank account in less than 10 minutes.

What loans does Absa offer for R150 000?

Such high loan amount with Absa can be approved only on a Personal loan as, the other alternatives are for lower amounts –up to just R8000. So, your R150.000 personal loan can be paid back on a year or, can be stretched to 7 years top. Of course, this loan won’t be immediately approved like the Instant loan, for instance, but it will cover your full needs.

If am earning $3000 is it possible to get $15000?

As Absa demands their loan applicants earn a minimum salary of R2000 and, you say you earn R3000, it is possible for you to get the loan amount you need. Bear in mind the rest of the requirements and you’ll be on the right track. Remember they are being at least 18 and receiving your monthly salary through a bank account.

I have been an Absa client for a good many years but find that there is an age criteria disqualifying me even before my loan application is submitted. I am 16 years passed the acceptable age for a loan but do have assets valued in excess of the money required. Based on this will the age criteria be wavered?

Absa requirements are set to avoid not eligible customers wasting their time in a loan application the bank won’t approve. Consequently, you can’t apply due to your age regardless of your valuable assets. Either way, you can look for a pawn loan to use those assets as security of the money borrowed. That’s how you won’t stay without your financial aid.

If i take 50,000 for five years, how much i could pay on one month? I just want a long term loan so that I can handle to pay it

If you are preoccupied about not having enough money to pay for the monthly installments, let me tell you that’s something you don’t need to worry about. When any client asks for a loan, the bank will certainly check the client payment capacity. That analysis will state if he or she can have the loan and, the terms they could handle. This means that, providing you submit Absa real and true information, they will set loan terms that perfectly meet your finances.

I'm banking with standard bank do I qualify

It does not matter that you bank with another bank other than Absa to apply for their loans as long as you meet the requirements. For instance, for a personal loan at Absa Bank you need to be of legal age, and earn R2,000 or more. Besides, this salary must be from a regular work.

Hi I open an account with absa this month through the company which I work with, Dormel gowns ltd, I kindly asking how will I take to get agri business? I have a farming project in my village in migori county and I need your support kindly let me know, or guide me on how to go, be blessed.

If you just started working at this company, you should wait until you have been in that job for at least three months. If you already are working for that long, then you might ask for a personal loan at Absa so you can improve your agribusiness project. You will not be able to ask for a buisness loan at Absa if you are not registered as a company.

Hi, I want a loan of $20 000, do I still have to bank with you or can u take it from straight from my payslip? Am a teacher working for the government and I have a payslip.

You might be able to ask for a loan of 20,000 rand at ABSA, although you do not receive your salary on this bank. The instalments can be deducted from the bank account where you receive your salary. If you will be able to ask for that amount of money at Absa will depend on your income and credit history.

Do you offer a school fee loan to a person who doesn't have an account in your bank?

You do not need to own a bank account at Absa Bank for you to ask for an Absa School Loan. Just bear in mind that if you are a student, and you do not work, you will need to have your parents or a sponsor to request the loan on your behalf.

Hi. Can I get an express loan of 1500 if I am receiving a regular monthly allowance of 2500?

If you bank at ABSA and your credit record is ok, you might be able to ask for an instant loan at ABSA of R1,500 with a regular monthly allowance of R2,500. Remember, however, that these instant loans at ABSA are for short term periods. That is, you would have to pay off the loan within 35 days.

How much loan will I qualify for a R5000 monthly repayment in a ten years period?

The longest repayment period you can get at Absa Bank is 7 years, so you will not be able to ask for a loan for ten years as you wish. How much you will have to pay back each month for a R5,000 loan will depend on your credit record and your income. These two items will determine the interest rate Absa can offer you. Also, because the amount you are requesting is not that high, you should consider a shorter repayment period. So, let's imagine a 21% interest rate and a repayment period of 24 months; in this case you would have to pay around R253.

I make at least R 5,000 a month from my small fruit and veg business, and I would like to expand, so I need R 50 000 personal loan. Do I qualify?

You might qualify for a personal loan at ABSA for R50,000 if you have a way to certify that you earn R5,000 a month with your small fruit and veg business. If you can provide ABSA with documents proving this, you should be able to ask for a loan. However, you might want to consider asking for longer repayment periods, since your income should be able to pay off the loan and your other expenses.

Hi…I want to take out a loan…how much do I qualify for… I bank with Absa and my wages are paid into this account…

Since you bank with Absa and you are actually paid into an account of this bank, you have higher chances of getting a loan at this bank. However, how much you can qualify for at Absa is something we cannot tell you since we do not know how much money you earn each month.

Does Absa consolidate the loan even if 1 payment has been done?

If you are referring to a consolidation loan with Absa bank, it is important to clarify that the bank offers debt consolidation solutions which can help clients with their current debts in order to reduce their monthly payments. This implies that you will be offered a longer loan term to rebuild your credit. 

Hi, I am a new member in Absa and would like to have emergency loan through phone. What can I do to get it?

If you wish to apply for an instant loan with Absa Bank because you need cash urgently, you can do so without visiting the bank. There are other options available such as operating through an ATM or applying for it via the online banking system or the banking app on your smartphone. 

Can I get an express loan if I am in a learnership?

To be able to apply for an express loan with Absa Bank, you need to comply with certain requirements even if you are in a learnership. For instance, you need to show your payslips from the last three months and also your bank statements as the bank needs to prove that you have a regular monthly income with a minimum of 1.500 rand. 

Hi, can I apply R100k personal loan I have my own business and I have bank statement 3 month Every month I get R10k But I don’t have payslip. Can I qualify?

Certainly, yes, you can qualify for a personal loan of 100.000 rand with Absa Bank. The financial company requires the clients to show their ID card, a proof of residence and the bank statements or payslips from the last three months. As a client, you can obtain up to 350.000 rand to be paid within 84 months. 

If I have micro loan do I have to wait for 6 months to get something like another loan.

Usually, if you already have a small loan with Absa Bank and you need to obtain more money, it is important that you pay your current loan in full before applying for another type of loan. The bank will require its clients to have a positive credit record so as to grant any line of credit. 

I opened an account with ABSA bank at the beginning of this month, so I haven't saved a lot of money, so I am asking, can I get a loan from your bank? I am a business dealing in clothes both men and women, but I want to get a loan to add in my business. Is it possible?

If you have an account with ABSA bank and you are looking for a loan, you can do so by considering some factors. First of all, the company does not offer business loans specifically, but you can request a personal line of credit which you can use in your clothes shop. Second, you can choose the period of repayment with terms up to 84 months, depending on the amount of money borrowed. 

Hi, can I apply for 50k personal loan?. I get 3,700 rand a month.

If you want to apply for a personal loan of about 50,000 rand with Absa Bank, with a repayment period of 12 months or more (up to 84 months), you will need to earn a regular monthly income of at least 2,000 rand. For example, in a period of 72 months, you will be paying monthly instalments of 1,517.93 rand. 

I would like to know if I can get an instant loan. I have other loans. Furthermore, I will make a payment on the 24th December. I need R3,700.

If you need more money, in this case, 3,700 rand, and you already have other loans with ABSA Bank, the recommendation is to cancel all your previous loans before applying for a new one. Also, remember that the entity, before granting more money, will carry out a credit check and also an affordability assessment. This will help determine if you can afford another loan. 

If I borrow R60,000 and want to pay in 2 years time, how much would I pay monthly?

If you wish to know how much you would be paying per month with Absa Bank, you need to consider the annual interest rate, which can start from 13.75% onwards. For example, for a loan of about 60,000 rand to be repaid in a period of 2 years, you would need to afford instalments of 2,873.69 rand.

Hi. I would like to know if I can get a loan with ABSA if I'm self-employed and how much I must have in my account that can make me qualify for a loan. The reason I ask is that I'm banking with another bank,but this bank refused to offer me a loan. They do have a history of how I saved money from my business and deposited in their bank. So what can I do to get a loan with ABSA.

As a self-employed person looking for a personal loan with ABSA you may qualify for a loan even if you are banking with a different entity. The important issue is that you comply with all the qualifying criteria in order to obtain money. For example, you will need to provide proof of income, a good credit score, and bank and financial statements. 

How many days does it take to get another Absa instant loan at ATM after I have paid my previous instant loan?

As long as you have a positive credit history and enough affordability capacity, ABSA Bank will let you apply for an instant loan at any ATM. The important factor is to pay it back within 35 days. Please, remember that the bank will determine how many times you can access an instant loan, depending on the financial analysis carried out.

I have a credit card of 20,000 at Absa, can I qualify for the personal loan of about 50,000?

In order to qualify for a personal loan of about 50,000 rand with ABSA Bank, it is fundamental to earn about 8,000 rand at least. For example, if you choose a repayment period of 12 months, you will be paying monthly fees of 5,029.62 rand approximately. Even if you have a credit card of 20,000 rand, you will need to provide details about your monthly income. 

I have a new shop but ran out of stock, I need a loan for stock . Can I apply for a small loan?

Of course, it is possible. If you are looking for a small loan with ABSA in order to buy stock for your new shop, you will need to meet some criteria and provide some documentation such as your South African ID and proof of regular income. Consider as well that the bank may ask you for information as regards your business.  

Does it affect your credit score?

In order to be eligible for a loan with ABSA, it is important to meet some qualifying criteria such as having enough affordability capacity and proof of regular monthly income.  If your credit score is affected because of pending payments, then the bank will analyse your entire financial situation and determine if you can borrow money or not. 

I want the best loan.

With Absa Bank, you will have the possibility to choose the best personal loan exclusively designed according to your personal needs or costs. All you need to apply for a certain amount of money is to present your ID card, proof of residence (not older than 3 months) and the last three paylips or bank statements. 

Can I get a R350,000 loan without payslip, but I'm going to invest the money, so I will be able to invest?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to obtain a personal loan of 350,000 rand with ABSA Bank if you do not have a payslip. This is so because in order to qualify for a loan, you will need to present your last 3 months payslips or bank statements. If you do not have this documentation, you may apply for an Instant Loan or an Express Loan, but they are not suitable for investing purposes. 

I am a self-employed person, and I have been an Absa customer for a long time now. I need a loan of 200,000 rand.

Absa is a financial entity that offers personal loans up to 350,000 rand and with a flexible repayment period of up to 84 months. If you have been a customer for a long time, you will need to comply with certain eligibility criteria, for example, having a monthly salary of at least 2,000 rand. 

I have a personal loan with ABSA and I have a funeral cost to cover while waiting for my policy to pay out. Will I be able to borrow temporarily?

In this case in which you need money to cover a funeral cost and in which you already have a personal loan with ABSA, then the recommendation is to communicate with the entity to see if there is a possibility to borrow more. It is important to have a good credit profile and a monthly income. 

Hi, Absa, why do you tell people that are qualified to come and apply for a loan while you know it is not easy when you are self-employed, and have a business that is not registered. However, the client of ABSA is having a monthly statement! What must we do ?

Being self-employed and having a business that is not registered can represent a challenge when trying to apply for a personal loan with ABSA. It is necessary to meet some criteria in order to apply for a personal loan. Some of them include: creditworthiness, income stability, among others. The recommendation is to contact the entity to be informed about your options. 

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