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What Are the Requirements for ABSA Business Loans? Interests and Contact Details

                Do you want to flourish with your business? Are you in search of a company that supports you? Good choice! We hace one of the best suggestions: ABSA. Since 1991, ABSA bank has been offering services not only for clients who look for improve their life quality, but also for those who want to succeed in business.

                In this post, you will find data about which are the programs that ABSA has available to make business pay off. You will find some details about amount of money, interest rate and financing. What is more, we will also describe the different ways in which you can start application so as to get the financial help you need as soon as possible.



                This is a program that lends you money so that you don’t use your capital, for example, to cover your overdraft account, to pay an old debt, to finance specific assets or even to manage shares. Once you get the money you need, you start repaying it with fixed interest rates, that is to say that your payments will be stable during the entire loan. As far as financing is concerned, you can choose among period that range from 3 to 120 months.

                It is important to know that in case you are considering the idea of applying for a program, your personal life and your loan should have minimum security.  


                With a revolving loan, you can ask money and return it in term that is short or medium-length. The amount you can borrow will be fixed with banks based on your credit history and need. Then, you will have to pay part of the loan so as to reask for more money. Such money will be available in account so that you can withdraw it whenever you need it.

                The minimum amount available is R25 000. Besides, there is also a minimum length of repayment option that goes up to 40 months.


                If you are thinking on how to move in vehicle, please take in account the programs to finance used or new business vehicle. The money can also be used to maintain current mobility. Among the vehicles you can buy with this loan, there are forklifts, combine harvesters, graders, trucks, three-tonner, diggers, 22-wheeler and even train.

                Interest rates will be modified depending on the amount of money borrowed. It is important to know that such interest with principal can be repaid in flexible financing terms. However, you have to choose periods that go from a minimum of one year to a maximum of five years.


                This exclusive area of the bank focuses on providing financing for properties. It helps clients to acquire commercial and specialized property all around the country with the most convenient interest rates and terms. The bank has developed a wide variety of exclusive programs so that you can choose the one that best suits your need, such Development Loans, Mortgage Backed Business Loans, Vacant Land, Investments Loans and Lease Discounting.

Find the best loan of South Africa

                Regarding financing, there are flexible terms to choose that can go up to a maximum of 10 years. Once you choose the length of the period, you can select how often are you going to make a payment. That is to say that you can pay every month, every years and even twice a year.


                Have you found a loan that meets your needs? Do you still have some further questions? Please contact the bank in the following ways:

Call the bank by phone!

                If you are in the comfort of your home and you want to contact the bank without moving, there are a couple of phone lines working for you. In case you have further questions about the bank and what it has to offers, please call 0860 008 600; this line is available 24/7. But if you have specific questions about business loans, don’t hesitate to call 0860 040 302.

Apply online!

                By entering the official webpage, you can start online application. You visit the site, choose your preferred business loans and click on “Apply now”. Once you finish with the step, the money will be ready for you. Apart for applying, you can also send comments or write question to this e-mail address: or

Visit an office!

                Fortunately, ABSA has offices scattered all throughout the country. We will show some location for you to see as examples:

-In Kimberley, there is an office at 71 Du Toitspan Rd. The branch has an exclusive phone number available in the same office hours that is 53 839 5200.

-In Durban, there is an ABSA location in the north area. In case you want to contact the office by phone, please call 860 008 600.

-In Cape Town, you can find an office at Main Rd, Sea Point. The exclusive phone number open in the same banking hours is 21 430 5800.

                All in all, if you want to start a business from scratch or just improve the one you already have, count on ABSA Bank. There are programs to get money, to finance transport and even to buy properties for offices. Don’t make money be a hinder to success. Go to ABSA and start business in the way you deserve with the most convenient financial support.


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Questions and Answers

I want to start my own business of chicken farmers and to create job for our comminity around our area and to develope our future, can a loan serve?
Absa has its business loans for such instance, so that if you want to settle your chicken business, you can obtain money from the company and repay each month a small amount of money. For example, if you choose a loan of R 20 000 in 2 years, you will pay R859,62 if the interest rate is 3%
Are phone lines available 24/7?
Yes, they are!
Do I a maximum amount of money to borrow?
It depends on each case.
I live in Johannesburg; can I find an office there?
Yes! It is located at 53 Polly St.

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