Instant Loan – Absa Bank – Get your loan at an ATM

Instant Loan - Absa Bank - Get your loan at an ATM

When you are in need of cash, you always welcome a helping hand; even more so when you are in an urgent need because of an emergency or an unplanned expenditure. Today we are going to tell you how to get an instant loan at Absa Bank. After you read this article, you will be ready to request for this loan from your house or at an ATM.

Why Using an Instant Loan Calculator is such a Good Idea?

Borrowing money from a bank is not as asking money to a friend or a relative. Things get more serious when you are dealing with these institutions. Once you agree to personal loans, like mortgage loans, you are required to comply with the terms and conditions established by the bank. This means that when you take out a loan, you have to pay it back within the period agreed to or you risk yourself getting into financial issues.

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If you use the online loan calculator designed by Absa, you will know approximately how much money you will have to pay each month to pay back the loan. If you believe that you will be able to fulfill this obligation, then you are ready to go ahead.  

How much is the Interest Rate for an Absa Instant Loan?

Absa bank offers convenient interest rates to their clients. However, the exact number will depend on your financial history: if you have other loans, how soon you pay off your bills, and the like. As we’ve explained above, you will be able to have an idea of how much you would have to pay back for your loan with Absa Loan Calculator. But again, that number will only be an approximation, the actual figure will be let known to you by the bank.

What do People say about Absa Instant Loans in Reviews?

On the Internet, we can find hundreds of reviews about Absa Bank. Opinions are varied: some people are extremely happy with the service and others are furious with it. How can there be such diverse comments, you might wonder. Well, this is tricky. We all have different experiences and sometimes, people get angry with an employee, for instance, and for that reason they write an angry review. In general terms, Absa’s service is well regarded by readers. Also, this company enjoys a remarkable reputation built by many years of experience in the credit market.

How does Absa Instant Loan Work?

This is a loan designed to help Absa clients when they need cash urgently. For instance, if you have a problem at home like say you have a leak on your ceiling that needs to be fixed ASAP, but you do not have the money now. With an Absa Instant Loan you can borrow up to R 8,000 and pay it back in a period that cannot be shorter than 35 days. You will be able to request this loan without the need of filling any paperwork and at any time.

Can I request Absa Instant Loan at an ATM?

We all know that when we are in an emergency, there is no time for waiting in lines. We need the money as soon as possible and as easy as possible, as well. Absa loans has it all figured out so that you don’t have to go over their offices and ask for the loan. You can apply for an instant loan online with your smartphone or your computer, or you can go to an ATM and request it there.

How do I Qualify for Absa Instant Loan?

Yes, it is amazing to have a bank that is willing to lend you money quickly and paperless. However, there are some criteria you need to meet in order to qualify for these loans. Whether you request Absa Instant Loan from an ATM or online, you will have to comply with these requirements:

  • Having an Absa account where your employers pays your salary into
  • Being in good standing with all your credit responsibilities
  • Earning more than R 250
  • And of course, being over the age of 18

How to Apply for Absa Instant Loan Online

Nowadays, more and more banks turn their services online because that’s where their clients are. We are now used to order everything online without having to go to actual places. It is easier and more comfortable. This is also better for banks since they are able to cut their expenses in this way: they do not need so many employees working at their offices to see clients.

Applying for an Absa instant loan online is super easy. All you will need is enter your bank account online and request the loan. As we said, you will not be asked any kind of document; if you qualify for the loan, you will be approved right there.

Are Repayments high for Absa Instant Loan?

How much you will have to repay to pay off your loan will be related to three items:

  1. How much money you requested
  2. Which repayment term you have chosen
  3. The interest rate established by the bank

With these three elements, you will be able to know the amount of the repayments. Also, bear in mind that this loan has an initiation fee that is a ten per cent of the requested amount. This fee is only to be paid once at the beginning of the loan.

Is it Possible to Perform an Early Settlement of my Absa Instant Loan?

If you wish to pay off your loan before the repayment period you agreed to with Absa, you can do so. For this, you will have to contact the bank and ask for a Settlement quote. The bank will assess your petition and make you an offer. If you agree with the terms of the settlement, you then have to make the payment and the loan will be cancelled. Absa bank will not apply any kind of penalties for this petition.

Asking for an instant loan has never been easier. If you are a client of Absa Bank, you can access cash immediately from your house or an ATM. Here you learnt about the requirements you will need to comply with and how this loan works. 

Preguntas Frecuentes

How many instant loans can I take at Absa?

Applying for a loan is a commitment the applicant gets in which they commit to return the money borrowed and paying fees and rates for that service. Absa, as with any lending company, will check the applicant is in a good financial situation to take over that commitment. So, every time you apply for a loan, they study your monetary status before deciding to confirm the loan request. As a result, the number of instant loans you can take varies according to your specific economic situation.

I want to loan r5000, how much will I have to pay back?

The total cost of the loan depends on the term you choose to cancel the debt. Let’s see this with an example. If the loan is canceled over 5 months, the total cost of would be around R 6280. If you extend that period 2 more months, meaning 7 months, at the end of the period, you’d have to pay around R 6516 for the loan. So, when you decide how much time you need to pay the loan, you’ll have a clear idea of the official cost.

Can I finance vacations with personal loans?

Of course you can!

How much should I pay for a r3600 loan over 6 months?

If you borrow from Absa R 3600 and you repay it on 6 months, we can estimate each installment around R888, what leaves a total payment of approximately R 4,900. Remember, the service fee and the originator fee are also charged. This last fee would be of R488 more or less. But, to qualify for this loan, it’s imperative you earn R 12000 monthly or more.

Which is the maximum amount of money to apply?

The maximum amount of money is R350 000.

I don’t have an account; can I apply for an instant loan?

No. First, open an account.

Hi I am working as a cleaner and my salary is paid in my account but I don't have a payslip. I have been working for 2 years now, please I need help with an instant loan of 300

Fortunately, Absa does not require their applicants to present pays lips for an Instant Loan. Just by getting your salary, which has to be of a minimum of 250 rands and you must receive it on monthly basis, into a bank account from Absa, you can apply for your Instant loan. I must remind you, you will have to pay it within 35 days.

What is an initiation fee?

The Initiation Fee, also known as Origination Fee, is a fee that the bank charges upfront for starting the process of a loan application. This fee is only charged once at the beginning of the loan and, it’s calculated on a percentage of the total amount of the loan the client requests.

Is there a limit to Absa instant loans?

Yes. You can apply for a total of R 5000 on an instant loan. However, Absa has other loan products if you need more money than that. For instance, the Express loan can lend you up to R 8000. Finally, Absa Personal loans have a maximum amount to borrow of R 350000. Keep in mind that, as these other loans offer higher amounts, the repayment period is longer.

If I need r8000, how much will I pay monthly?

If the repayment period is, for instance, 5 months, the monthly installments would go around R 3400. If you need more time to repay it, let’s say, a year, each installment may be of R 940 approximately. In the first case, the total cost estimated would be R10500 while in the second, you would give back a total amount estimated on R 10420. This is for you to have an idea of the cost of the loan according to the repayment term you select.

I paid Absa instant loan and when I tried to apply again they told me I don’t qualify. How long am I supposed 2 wait?

Even though instant loans are issued for a rather small sum of money, they carry on with all the operations and paperwork any loan must be carried out. As a result, there must be a waiting time between loan applications. Generally speaking, that waiting period varies according to the lending company but, they usually request at least 4 or 6 months before clients get a mew loan request.

I've taken an absolute instant loan but did not take the full amount I qualify for. Am I able to get another instant loan in the same month?

repayments- and your loan is confirmed, you should go on with those terms until Is fully canceled. After that, it is imperative the process go on like with any other loan. This means that, if you need more money, you must wait until Absa decides you qualify for a second loan.

How long must I bank with Absa in order to qualify for instant loans?

As Instant Loans are thought to be granted faster than other types of loans Absa offers, there’s no such requirement according to how much time you should have your Absa account before getting the loan. As long as your credit history is good, your income is at least 250 rands and you get it through an Absa account, you can go over the instant loan application to see if you qualify.

Once you pay back the money, when can you reapply?

The waiting period between an existing loan and a new one will be different if you had a short term or a long term loan. After going over the process of applying for, acquiring and repaying the money, your credit history suffers some modifications. Those modifications have to do with the quote, term and how you repaid the loan, that’s why, you should wait among six months before asking for a second loan. Besides, it will give you some time to organize your finances before getting another debt.

How long must you have your account to apply for a loan?

It is common banks request at least three bank statements when asking for a loan so you should probably wait that time before applying. This, of course, applies if we talk about a short term loan. If you need to borrow rather a big sum of money, the requirements would be a little more complicated. On the contrary, for instant loans, the requirements are much simpler.

Good day, my name is Eunice and I am interested in applying for an instant loan from Absa bank. Can someone please assist? Regards

Sure! These loans must be canceled in a maximum of 35 days and, the quote is between 250 and 5000 rands. The special feature of this product is that there’s almost no paperwork so, it permits the process to go faster and you get the money instantly. As an additional detail, Absa charges just 10 % of the loan as initiation fee. All in all, this is a fine solution if you don’t like spending months and months paying instalments. You cancel the loan in just a month.

How long after my atm loan is paid should I wait to qualify again?

Remember the instant loan you took had some effects on the score of your credit. Actually, the affordability checks the entities carry out also have an effect on it. I advise you to wait at least 6 months in order to help your credit score points to increase. You’ll have time to gain few points and, that will be beneficial for your next loan application.

Does the bank deduct the repayment?

Yes, it does! As you are required to have an Absa bank account, you will receive the money through that account and then, you also pay the debt through it. You’ll find this so much easy and convenient for you. What’s important for you to remember is that on the date Absa withdraws the money, which will be stated when you take out the loan, you have to make sure your account has sufficient funds to make the transaction possible. If not, you may be charged with penalty fees.

I'm currently banking with standard bank and require an instant loan, how do i go about this in receiving the cash today if I open an account with absa?

You can’t have an instant loan if you have just opened the account with Absa as, this product is mostly available to existing Absa clients having their income deposited in their accounts. In your case, an Express Loan is suitable, which is also a short term loan payable over 2 to 6 months.

I am a passport holder, do I qualify? I have a work permit and I have been with ABSA for years

Yes, it may be possible for you to apply for an instant loan with ABSA since you only will need to provide the financial entity with a good credit score, you must be of 18 years or older and you need to receive your monthly salary in an ABSA bank account. Your monthly income should be a minimum of R250.

Can I apply for an Absa loan online?

The lockdown due to COVID-19 has changed the ways in which Absa is operating. You can make use of digital services or go to one of the listed Absa branches in order to apply for an Absa loan online. Absa Internet banking has also enabled clients the possibility to open a loan without exposing themselves.

Can I apply for a loan online?

Of course you can! You can apply for Absa instant loans either through an ATM or online. However, you should bear in mind that for you to use this service you need to have a bank account at ABSA. If you do, then you can start your online application right now.

Please can you contact me. I want to apply for a loan.

If you are looking for an ABSA instant loan, please remember that you have to be a client of the bank and that you can process the loan through an ATM or online on your web account. If you are thinking about a personal loan with ABSA, you can also start your application online.

Hi I have a capitec acc and my salary gets paid in there..can I apply for personal loan at absa?

If you want a personal loan with ABSA it is perfectly ok to have an account where your salary is paid in with another bank. You will also need to have a regular salary at a permanent job where you earn more than R2,000 every month if you want a loan with repayment periods of more than 12 months.

Are there any briefing period with Absa instant loan at atm?

There are no paperwork involved in Absa instant loans through an ATM or online. These are loans that can be for a maximum amount of R8,000 and will have to be repaid in 35 days. For you to be able to ask for them you need to have an Absa account and earn at least R250.

When paying the ABSA atm loan can you borrow again?

Of course, you can! If you are an Absa Client and earn more than R250 a month, you can ask fro an instant loan at any ATM and after you pay it back, you will be able to borrow again. Remember you can ask for a loan of up to R8,000.

What is application exceeds loan application. 006

I'm not sure if you mean that you had some kind of trouble while applying for an Absa loan online or through an ATM. If this is what happened, you should tray filling in the application again and see if you receive the same message. If you continue having problems, you could contact the bank to ask what is the problem.

Can I make an Absa instant loan on top of a pending loan without settling it?

Absa instant loans offer small amounts of money, so you might be able to ask for it independently of your existing loan. However, you should be on good standing regarding the loan you already have and also have a clear credit history in order for Absa to consider approving your Instant loan.

If I pay my loan at an earlier time can I make another instant loan at the atm?

Sure you can. If you pay off your current loan with Absa, you will be able to ask for another instant loan at an ATM. Remember that you can also ask for an Absa Instant Loan online or by calling Absa on the phone and that you can borrow up to R8000.

After paying the loan, can I make another one?

If you finished paying off a loan at ABSA and you wish to ask for a new one, you might be able to do so. The important thing here is that you still comply with all requirements asked by ABSA for their personal loans. If you still do, then you will be able to ask for a new loan.

Why do I not qualify for instant loan at atm? Salary over R12000.0) pm. Salary paid every month into bank savings account . When try to apply….You dont qualify!

If you do not qualify for an Absa instant loan, there might be one of the requirements that you probably do not meet. Please, make sure that you have an outstanding credit history as the bank carries out a thorough analysis of your credit record to determine whether all your payments have been made on term and that you are not blacklisted. 

Hi. When l log in using ussd code option 6 of loans says 250.00 to 350 000.00. So is it possible that l can get more than 8000 without going inside the bank?

Absa Bank offers its clients lots of possibilities in terms of applying for an instant loan. If you need cash urgently, you can instantly obtain up to 8.000 rand  at any ATM or online. You can request it without needing to hand over lots of paperwork and to go to their offices.  However, to get more money, you will need to apply for a personal loan via the online banking system, in which you can obtain up to 350.000 rand. 

Does the loan amount that you borrowed get debited out of your account automatically after 35 days .Or do you have to do a manual payment?

When you apply for an instant loan with Absa Bank, you can choose the repayment term and also you will know the amount of each fee. Consider that this type of loan includes a initiation fee which is a ten percent of the requested amount. You can pay for your loan via the banking app or the online banking system. 

Can you take a second instant loan before you pay the first one?

To be able to apply for another instant loan with Absa Bank, you need to pay your current loan in full. After you have done so and if you still have an outstanding credit record, you will be able to request a second loan without any problem. Remember that you can borrow up to 8000 rand. 

Can I apply for the personal loan if am not an account holder? And how do I go about the process?

In order to qualify for any type of loan with Absa Bank, you need to be a client of the bank which implies having an account. Also, you need to have your income deposited there as they might ask you for your last three payslips. So, the recommendation is to first open an account with Absa Bank. 

Why does it keep saying number of applications exceeds number of applications allowed when I try to apply?

Probably, it means that you have currently reached the limit of numbers of loans permitted with Absa Bank. So, please, make sure you pay the loans in full and then aplply for a new one. Also, your credit record should be positive. If the problem persists, please, contact any agent from the bank. 

Does Absa take loan off automatically or do I have to ask?

If you are referring to the method of payment regarding your instant loan with Absa Bank, you can make all your payments via the online banking system or the banking app on your smartphone. Remember that, for an instant loan, the period of repayment does not have to exceed 35 days. 

My instant loan is paid in full and on time. I applied for another one but got declined. Why?

If you already paid your instant loan completely with Absa Bank and have requested for another one, but it has been declined, there may be some problems with the application process. Please, consider that you can only ask for up to 8,000 rand as they are instant loans. Also, the period of repayment cannot be shorter than 35 days. Finally, clients need to have a good credit history. 

Can the date on an Absa instant loan be changed to a later date within the 35 days period?

Absa Bank does not clarify if you can change the date of your instant loan. However, if you wish to do this because you have some problems as regards its repayment, the recommendation is to speak with the well-trained consultants who are willing to help you out with a solution. They may offer you a new repayment arrangement based on your affordability. 

I have an account in Absa Bank, with 4,860 rand every month, but now I want instant money in the atm. It says I do not qualify. Why? I have never owed Absa. It's the first time to take this.

If you are a current Absa Bank client and get a deposit of 4,860 rand per month in your account, there may be other financial issues with other entities for you not to be able to obtain money with an instant loan. Please, consider that all loan applications are approved based on your credit score and affordability assessment. 

I can't get the option of instant loan on my phone.

If you do not have the option of applying for an instant loan with Absa Bank on your phone, the suggestion is to operate through online banking or to update/reinstall the app again. In any other case, another option is to visit your local branch and apply for a loan by using the ATM. 

How many times per year can I obtain an Absa instant loan?

Absa Bank does not specifically clarify how many loans you can obtain in a year. However, you can apply for more than one personal loan, for sure. The number will be determined according to your affordability, income and credit history. The bank will analyse all this information to make a final decision. 

I paid a loan, but it doesn't want to give me again.

Usually, all lenders, including Absa Bank, suggest clients to wait for a certain amount of time before applying for another loan. This time is determined by each bank, however, the usual period goes between 4 and 6 months before granting more money. Besides, all loan applications are approved based on their clients' credit score and affordability assessment. If you already paid a loan, the recommendation is to try again in a few months. 

Can I get a micro-loan while I am still paying?

Absa Bank offers the possibility to obtain an instant loan right away if you are looking for money for an urgent need. Usually, you can get up to 8,000 rand immediately and pay it back in a short period of about 35 days. Now, if you are currently paying for another loan, then the bank will analyse your entire financial situation and decide if you are eligible to obtain a micro-loan or not. 

I'm using Absa, can you please check if I'm qualified to have an advanced loan?

If you already have an Absa Bank account, it is important to know the following details in order to apply for any type of loan with the entity. In other words, you will need to earn a regular monthly salary of at least 1,500 rand, have an active account where your income is deposited and be older than 18 years old. 

I have been with Absa for 3 years, with a monthly basic salary of R7,100.00, but yet I don't qualify even for an instant loan. What can be the reason?

It seems that you meet all the qualification criteria to be able to obtain a personal loan with Absa Bank. However, If you have been a client for over 3 years, and you do not qualify even for an instant loan with a basic monthly salary of 7,100 rand, the recommendation is to communicate with the advisors. There might be a problem with the application process. 

What are the instructions at the atm for instant loan?

As you have mentioned, Absa Bank offers the possibility to apply for an instant loan at any Absa ATM. You just need to insert your card and choose the loan section. This will be very simple and in less than 10 minutes you can obtain the money. You can borrow from 250 rand to 5,000 rand straight away. 

What's needed to qualify for an instant loan?

In order to qualify for an instant loan with ABSA Bank, it is important to have a bank account, earn a salary of about 8,000 rand per month, prove you are older than 18 years old and also provide a certificate of residence. Besides, it is fundamental to have a good credit history. 

Do I qualify for an instant loan at ABSA after my express loan is already paid?

Of course, you do. It is very important to pay your current loan completely before applying for a new loan. In the case of an instant one with ABSA Bank, you need to comply with some requirements. Also, the bank will consider if you have a positive credit profile and enough affordability capacity. 

How many instant loans per year at ATM can you get?

ABSA Bank does not determine how many instant loans you can obtain by using an ATM per year. However, it does state the main requirements in order to be eligible. For example, you need to already have an ABSA Bank account and earn a monthly salary of about 8,000 rand. 

How many times can I apply? Look, if you do it f more than 3 months repeatedly. It has been declined.

You will be able to apply as many times as ABSA Bank allows you to do it. Usually, the amount of money you can borrow will depend on your monthly income and your affordability capacity. Also, the bank will consider your credit history in order for you to ask for a new loan. If your loan application has been rejected, then you will need to contact the company for further information. 

Why does it show at ATM that I don't qualify for an instant loan? I have paid the previous month's loan on the 25 January?

If you want to qualify for an instant loan with ABSA Bank and the ATM has notified you that you do not currently qualify, perhaps you do not meet all the qualifying criteria. One of the most common reasons is that clients do not count with a good credit history or a positive credit score. That is why, the recommendation is to get in touch with any agent from the bank. 

I settled my ATM loan early, so when I requested another loan I was declined, why?

If you cancelled your ATM completely, and you wish to take another loan, but it has been rejected, perhaps you are not meeting the qualifying criteria. Usually, the main reason is due to a low credit score or a poor credit history. Also, there might be a problem during the application process; that is why the suggestion is to communicate with the bank. 

I've used ABSA atm loan twice and paid back both within the time period established. When I applied again, they declined. Why?

There might be some reasons why your loan application at an ABSA atm has been rejected. Probably your economic situation has changed, like your monthly income or your spendings. Also, if you have taken personal loans with a different entity, it might affect your eligibility. Maybe you can get in touch with a bank agent and get more details about your situation. 

I have always got an ATM loan by ABSA, but it has recently showed application exceed, why?

If you have always got an ATM loan by ABSA and have not had any problems, maybe one of the reasons the atm shows that your loan application exceeds is having submitted multiple loans applications in a short period of time. Therefore, the recommendation is to wait for some time in order to borrow money again from the entity.

I'm self-employed, I'm an ABSA account holder, can I get instant loan?

If you are an ABSA account holder and also a self-employed worker, you may be eligible for an instant loan depending on certain factors like your credit score, your monthly income and your affordability capacity. In order to qualify, the entity may ask you to provide some documentation, such as proof of income. 

Can I get an instant loan if I'm running my small business, which is not registered?

It is rather complicated to be eligible for an instant loan with ABSA if you are running a small business which is not registered. This is so because the entity is more likely to ask for some documentation that reflects monthly income and financial stability. ABSA will find it difficult to verify all this information. 

I cannot settle my instant loan on the ABSA banking app.

If you are not able to settle your instant loan with the ABSA banking app, you may need to contact the entity customer service. For sure, they will help you with alternative methods to pay. Also, you can check your account in order to verify if you have enough funds. 

How much interest for 2,000 rand?

If you apply for an instant personal loan with Absa and you need 2,000 rand, the bank will establish a personalized annual percentage interest rate based on your financial situation. Also, they will consider your monthly income and repayment period. Usually, the interest rate starts with a minimum of 13.75% per year. 

How many ATM loans can be done?

In order to know how many instant loans you can obtain from an ATM with ABSA Bank will depend on certain factors you will need to consider. To be more specific, the bank will analyse your credit profile and the number of instant loans you have taken in a calendar year. 

What does ‘you do not qualify 002' mean?

Probably, the error ‘you do not qualify 002' for a personal loan with Absa Bank has to do with a problem related to your credit score or with your credit profile. Therefore, the suggestion is to contact the customer service department to check the qualification criteria in order to obtain a loan. 

I have a home loan with Absa, but my salary does not get paid into an Absa account. Do I still qualify for an instant loan?

Based on the information you provided, if you do not have an Absa account you may not qualify for an instant loan. In order to be eligible to borrow money,  you should meet certain requirements. For example, you need to have a good credit history, a regular montlhy income of 3,000 rand and a Absa account into which your salary is paid. 

I have a student cheque account and I have a monthly income of R7,000 , but when I apply for an instant loan at the bank I get rejected, what could be the problem?

If you have applied for an instant loan with Absa Bank and the application has been rejected, there might be some reasons. You should consider that perhaps you have a low credit score, a high debt-to-income ratio or that you do not meet the main qualification criteria. There are other factors that influence you loan eligibility apart from having a student cheque account and a monthly income of 7,000 rand. 

I have a student cheque account,do I qualify for an instant loan?

In order to qualify for an instant loan with Absa Bank, you will need to comply with certain requirements. It will be compulsory to have a bank account with Absa (a student cheque account may help), provide proof of regular monthly income of 3,000 rand or more, have a credit history, and finally, be older than 18 years old. 

I always make use of Absa instant loan. Why can't I get one again ? I have paid my last loan up to date in 35 days. Please, advise.

If you are an Absa account holder, and you have paid your last instant loan on time in 35 days, then there might be a reason why you cannot obtain another Absa instant loan. Perhaps, you may have reached your credit limit or maybe there has been a change as regards your credit score. Therefore, the recommendation is to contact the customer service department.

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