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Can I Obtain a 1 life Loan in Cape Town? Requirements and Application

    1 life is a very remarkable company in South Africa, which at first destined itself to giving insurances and all type of covers for families and businesses. But then, it started to incorporate loans in order to innovate itself. Which is why, if you are living in Cape Town and you were looking for simple but effective loans, you can rely on this company.

   Even though 1 life does not have any physical branches in Cape Town, there are many other ways through which you can access to their loans from the comfort of your home. And that is not all, because apart from giving you information about their loans and their contact details, I will also mention another company that happens to have physical offices in Cape Town and offers similar loans, Standard Bank.

1 life offers two type of loans:

1) Personal loans

     As you perhaps know, a Personal Loan is one type of lending program through which you can satisfy plenty of needs, be them the education of your family, a new house for your holidays, your winter holidays in another country or paying a repair at home.

    Among its requirements, you need to comply with the following: your salary plays a crucial role because it must be R 3000 or superior to that, and you need to give the company information from the account you opened with a bank. Besides, you must be a South Africa resident and to have ideal credit references.

    When it comes to the benefits this company provides you, you get to decide to pay the loan in a minimum of a year or a maximum of 60 months, and the installments are paid on a monthly basis, together with fixed interest rates. And, you can be granted a minimum of R 2000 or a maximum of this amount: R 150 000. So, you will not need to face any surprises in terms of new fees in the middle of the loan.

     Regarding the application process for a 1 life Personal Loan, you can carry out the procedure in the company´s website, in the section destined to application or you can use a free line destined to this purpose too. The line is the following: 0861 22 22 17. A good advantage of such phone line is that you can all any day from 08:00 am to 8 in the afternoon.  

2) Consolidation Loan

     The main feature of this loan is that you get the opportunity to close every loan you acquired previously. That is, you can merge all of your lending programs and your bank account into just one loan, which is translated as paying one installment and not many.

    The requirements are the same for the Personal Loan, and the application procedure can also take place in the company´s official webpage or by phone, by dialing up this number: 0861444669.

     This loan allows you to select amounts of money desired and the financing months you will need to complete the loan. The company will send you all the documentation, you will sign it and send it back to their members. The moment they receive everything in a physical office, the company will close all your loans.

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Choose 1 life over other companies

     The main difference 1 life has in relation to other companies, is that it wants to make sure that none of its citizen is left out because of their financial circumstances. So, there will be a loan that will match every citizen´s needs. Which is why, their customers can select R 2000 or R 150 000, depending on their needs and their income. And, they can increase the amounts of money by asking R 1000 every month. Interest rates and installments are paid every month and they are not subject to modifications.

    Besides, their Consolidation Loan is supported by Direct Axis, another company very specialized in the area of loans, which assures clients that the loans are reliable. And, the Consolidation Loans give customers a great chance to get better at their cash flow.

I believe that all the advantages explained above are sufficient so as to gain knowledge of the importance this company has when it comes to granting loans to every citizen of South Africa. It constitutes an excellent alternative for you and your beloved ones, so I advise you to get in touch with them. And, if you want to receive details in person, you can take a look at Standard Bank. Two options for the same purpose!

Contact Details of 1 life

-You can contact the company by phone that is by dialing up the next phone number: 0860 10 53 40.

-You can also get in touch with 1 life by visiting its website, where you can make claims, solicit for quotes, ask for data about the different covers and also take a look at the company´s blog.

Another choice in Cape Town: Standard Bank

Contact information of Standard Bank in Cape Town

-In person

One of the bank´s branches in Cape Town, is located inside the Heerengratch Towers, exactly at Hans Strijdom Avenue. Its phone number is 27 21 401 2611. This branch opens Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm, so you have plenty of time to contact them.

There is another branch in Cape Town, located in Heerengratch Street, whose phone number iss27 21 401 2311. This office is available Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 am to 03:30 pm and also on Sundays from 09:30 in the morning to 11:00 am.


In Standard Bank´s official website you can get information not only about loans but also about insurances, make claims, start an application in a simple way and also send a quick message so that the company´s professionals offer you q reply within hours.

-By phone

If you prefer to ask for information on the phone, from the comfort of your chair, you can take a look at the following number which in fact is free: 0860 123 000.

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