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What Loans does Atlas offer in South Africa? Products, Requirements and Application

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    Getting the proper assistance before applying for a loan is the best strategy to guarantee you’ll have the best outcome on your loan. In this article I’ll help you with that referring to Atlas Finance which is a well-established company from South Africa offering loan products. If you wonder how it is the application process or, what requirements you need to meet with, you must examine this article and, you’ll be ready to go.

What requirements will I need to be eligible for a loan with Atlas Finance?

    Before expanding on the information, we have to make sure you know what requirements you should meet. As long as you are a South Africa citizen living and working there and, you earn enough money to afford the monthly payments, your application will have a chance to be approved. Besides, you need a bank account through which you’ll get and repay the money. Apart from all this, keep in mind Atlas Finance will proceed with affordability checks to verify you have the capacity of cancelling the loan properly.

Does Atlas Finance offer Personal Loans?

    Yes, Atlas is a personal short term loans provider wanting to help South Africans get the assistant they need to conquer their goals. They offer a friendly and responsible service to assure their customers the best experience. Since 1994, the year in which everything started, they’ve expanded up to around 160 branches in South Africa and, have managed to keep the family business going and improving. A significant piece of information to emphasize is that Atlas Finance belongs to Micro-Finance South Africa and, that is a Registered Credit Provider so, you can be sure they’re reliable and trustful.

Atlas Finance loans, how does the application go?

Atlas knows time is money so; they want the application process to be as simple as possible. That’s why they’ve put forward the most practical and quick application. Next, you’ll find enumerated the steps you need to follow to get your loan with Atlas:

            1. Decide wisely on the loan amount you need and, the period to cancel it.

            2. Get online to complete the form to apply with Atlas Finance.

            3. Expect Atlas’s response shortly.

            4. If you’re eligible, after certain necessary adjustment, you will have the money at your disposal to spend it.

            5. Commit to repay the installments on due time and, move on with your routine.

Can I use Atlas Finance loans calculator?

    This company doesn’t offer a calculator in their website but, I’ll explain to you how to get an estimated of the monthly interest you’ll have to pay. You can use this formula with any company you work with. What you need to know is the annual interest rate your loan will be charged with, which will depend mainly on the amount and, your credit profile. The process goes like this: take the rate and convert it on decimals. For example, on a 10% annual rate, we’d have 0.10. Then, divide it by 12 – meaning the 12 months of the year-. In our example, the result would be 0.0083. Following, you have to multiply that result on 100, which would be $0, 83. And the last step is to turn it back to percentage again, which would be 8.3%. This represents your monthly interest rate. Remember, rates are decided by the company and, they depend on many factors.

Can I get Atlas Finance Contact Number?

    You’ll find next the phone number to contact Atlas Finance to contact them as soon as you decide to apply for your loan with them. Once you have a loan in progress with them, you can call the number 08 00 20 46 79 or, send the enquiry to Now, if you haven’t applied yet and, you need to get précised information about your request for example, you can write to

Items to take into account when applying for a loan

    Be granted a loan can be a fine and life saving solution, however; it can get easily complicated in case of failure on the repayment. Among the consequences, your credit profile may be affected negatively or, you can even be subject of legal action from the part of the company. Those are some of the reasons why you should try to get an affordable loan and, in case of an unforeseen incompleteness of the payments, you must always try to inform the entity as soon as possible. They will try to come up with a repayment plan that fits your finances to help you not get behind. All in all, you ought to decide wisely about the loan and whether you’re ready to enter the contract or not and then, do your best to have a responsible attitude towards it.

Before I finish, I’ll remind you the most significant points to think about when getting a loan with Atlas Finance

  • They issue short term loans, which means they’re perfect if you need little money that you won’t spend too much time on the repayments.

  • You can elicit any doubt with their consultants and, apply online at any time.

  • They provide their customers with accessible terms and reasonable rates.

  • Atlas applicants must be under some checks to verify their affordability. This is of great help to know you have the financial capacity to undergo the loan.

  • With more than 500.000 applicants and, 160 stores in the country, they’ve become one of the most reliable lending companies in South Africa.

Hoping this article had been of great help to grasp how Atlas Finance works, you can now think carefully about the loan request and, apply knowing how to proceed with the entire procedure. So, give it go and, get the assistance you need.

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Questions and Answers

Is it possibly to pay up front?
At Atlas you can apply for a loan and cancel it whenever you want and you can pay up front if your financial status allows you to
Good day i'm a permanent worker at a day care center. We don't get payslips but my money get paid into my bank account every month do still qualify for a loan
If you do not possess a payslip, but you have a proof of the money you ear every month, you can resort to companies that grant loans for self-employed people. For instance, you can contact Self Employed Loans by phone if you dial up 021 858 1788 and you can also send an email from your computer to this
Im blacklisted can i still apply ?
It is compulsory for clients to have a perfect credit record in order to apply for a loan, however there is a company dedicated to the granting of loans to blacklisted people. I suggest you to contact them by phone on this phone number which is a free one:21 202 8813
If i took a loan for r5000 and paid for four months and need a top up loan then how much will i qualify for?
Atlas allows clients to obtain a top up loan during the repayment of the loan. However, you must have paid at least the first 3 installments of the loan. Usually top up loans consist of no more than R 1000.
I am earning 2500 and i do not get pay slip am i able to get a loan
Hello, your salary is enough for a basic loan, however most companies ask for a psylip of the company you work for. But, there are loans for self-employed which can be useful for your personal case. You can phone the following company which takes self-employed clients, which is Norton Finance: 0808 231 8471
Can I get an extension on a current Atlas loan?
Yes, if you need more money, they will help you with extra cash. Once you have paid 3 instalments on your current loan, they will top up your loan for you.
What do I need to apply for a loan?
You need your ID number, latest 3 month bank statements, latest payslip and debit card.
What loan amounts can I get at Atlas Finance?
You can apply for a loan of up to R8,000, and repay it from 1 to 6 months.