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What Loans does Atlas offer in South Africa? Products, Requirements and Application

    Getting the proper assistance before applying for a loan is the best strategy to guarantee you’ll have the best outcome on your loan. In this article I’ll help you with that referring to Atlas Finance which is a well-established company from South Africa offering loan products. If you wonder how it is the application process or, what requirements you need to meet with, you must examine this article and, you’ll be ready to go.

What requirements will I need to be eligible for a loan with Atlas Finance?

    Before expanding on the information, we have to make sure you know what requirements you should meet. As long as you are a South Africa citizen living and working there and, you earn enough money to afford the monthly payments, your application will have a chance to be approved. Besides, you need a bank account through which you’ll get and repay the money. Apart from all this, keep in mind Atlas Finance will proceed with affordability checks to verify you have the capacity of cancelling the loan properly.

Does Atlas Finance offer Personal Loans?

    Yes, Atlas is a personal short term loans provider wanting to help South Africans get the assistant they need to conquer their goals. They offer a friendly and responsible service to assure their customers the best experience. Since 1994, the year in which everything started, they’ve expanded up to around 160 branches in South Africa and, have managed to keep the family business going and improving. A significant piece of information to emphasize is that Atlas Finance belongs to Micro-Finance South Africa and, that is a Registered Credit Provider so, you can be sure they’re reliable and trustful.

Atlas Finance loans, how does the application go?

Atlas knows time is money so; they want the application process to be as simple as possible. That’s why they’ve put forward the most practical and quick application. Next, you’ll find enumerated the steps you need to follow to get your loan with Atlas:

            1. Decide wisely on the loan amount you need and, the period to cancel it.

            2. Get online to complete the form to apply with Atlas Finance.

            3. Expect Atlas’s response shortly.

            4. If you’re eligible, after certain necessary adjustment, you will have the money at your disposal to spend it.

            5. Commit to repay the installments on due time and, move on with your routine.

Can I use Atlas Finance loans calculator?

Find the best loan of South Africa

    This company doesn’t offer a calculator in their website but, I’ll explain to you how to get an estimated of the monthly interest you’ll have to pay. You can use this formula with any company you work with. What you need to know is the annual interest rate your loan will be charged with, which will depend mainly on the amount and, your credit profile. The process goes like this: take the rate and convert it on decimals. For example, on a 10% annual rate, we’d have 0.10. Then, divide it by 12 – meaning the 12 months of the year-. In our example, the result would be 0.0083. Following, you have to multiply that result on 100, which would be $0, 83. And the last step is to turn it back to percentage again, which would be 8.3%. This represents your monthly interest rate. Remember, rates are decided by the company and, they depend on many factors.

Can I get Atlas Finance Contact Number?

    You’ll find next the phone number to contact Atlas Finance to contact them as soon as you decide to apply for your loan with them. Once you have a loan in progress with them, you can call the number 08 00 20 46 79 or, send the enquiry to Now, if you haven’t applied yet and, you need to get précised information about your request for example, you can write to

Items to take into account when applying for a loan

    Be granted a loan can be a fine and life saving solution, however; it can get easily complicated in case of failure on the repayment. Among the consequences, your credit profile may be affected negatively or, you can even be subject of legal action from the part of the company. Those are some of the reasons why you should try to get an affordable loan and, in case of an unforeseen incompleteness of the payments, you must always try to inform the entity as soon as possible. They will try to come up with a repayment plan that fits your finances to help you not get behind. All in all, you ought to decide wisely about the loan and whether you’re ready to enter the contract or not and then, do your best to have a responsible attitude towards it.

Before I finish, I’ll remind you the most significant points to think about when getting a loan with Atlas Finance

  • They issue short term loans, which means they’re perfect if you need little money that you won’t spend too much time on the repayments.

  • You can elicit any doubt with their consultants and, apply online at any time.

  • They provide their customers with accessible terms and reasonable rates.

  • Atlas applicants must be under some checks to verify their affordability. This is of great help to know you have the financial capacity to undergo the loan.

  • With more than 500.000 applicants and, 160 stores in the country, they’ve become one of the most reliable lending companies in South Africa.

Hoping this article had been of great help to grasp how Atlas Finance works, you can now think carefully about the loan request and, apply knowing how to proceed with the entire procedure. So, give it go and, get the assistance you need.

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Questions and Answers

I took 8000 for 4 months, I’ve paid 3 months so far, can I qualify for a 6000 loan while I have one month left?
As these are short term loans and you have only one month left to cancel the entire loan, your best option would probably be to wait few months. If this is a possibility for you, try to wait until you cancel the following instalments, which, as you’ve said, is the last one. The main reason is that, as the credit amount you qualify for depends on your credit score, if you have your loan cancelled when applying again, you will have chances to get better rates and terms.
When applying for a loan do you need a play slip? Can’t you use a confirmation letter?
A Confirmation Letter can help you in some cases but, it may not be enough to certify you have a steady income of a certain amount. Try, by any means, to get payslips for your job, as well as bank statements to submit Atlas and, to go smoothly on your credit application.
What if you don’t have a bank statement but have a bank account?
A bank statements is a record of the movements that occurs in a bank account. That means that every bank account has bank statements. In that record, Atlas can verifies how much money enters in your account and, how much money do you withdrawal from it. With this information, the company can decide easily if the client can have access to a loan.
Can I apply online?
Yes, Atlas provides online loans with super easy access to them. The client just needs to submit some information on the loan request form and that will be enough for Atlas to study their loan demand. In the form you need to complete, you’ll be requested to submit information about the loan, your employment, your expense, and some details about your personal information.
What do I need to apply for a loan?
You need your ID number, latest 3 month bank statements, latest payslip and debit card.
How much will I be paying per month for 20 years?
The terms Atlas offers does not reach such period of time. With this company, you’ll only get short term loans. This means, the maximum period you have to pay for the costs of the loan is 6 months. Besides, it’s necessary to know how much money you need in order to calculate the monthly payments. Some alternatives for you are Sanlam, ABSA, African Bank or, BetterBond for home loans
I need a loan urgently to pay school fees
As we have said, Atlas has few and basic requirements for applicants to get the chance of applying for one of their loans. They ask the applicants to submit documents to support those requirements and, these documents are also very simple to get. I’m referring to your ID to prove your identity, your payslips reflecting how much money you’re paid for your job and bank statements showing your bank movements. Having all this in mind, you can go after your loan.
I want to borrow money but I don't have payslip. And I don't work but I do have income every month and proof of bank statement
One of Atla’s principal requirement is to submit pays lips proving not only that you have certain income, but also that you get that income on regular basis. So, even though you receive monthly income and, you can use your statements form your bank account to prove it, Atlas still need more documents to process your loan request.
As a first time client, once u paid your loan, can you apply for another loan and when can you? Thanx for your brilliant service
Yes, you can keep asking for loans at Atlas after repaying the first one. Furthermore, this last loan surely improved your credit history allowing you to get more money in the following loan you ask, especially if you paid all the instalments on time. So, if this was your case, you can ask Atlas what’s the quote you can request and, see if that offer suits you.
What criteria does one have to follow in order to be considered for an approval?
The principal criteria to have in mind are to be from South Africa, which includes living and working here, receiving a regular source of income and, having payslips and bank statements that show such income. Apart from that, the applicant needs to have an acceptable credit score. Moreover, this last factor will be crucial to state the loan amount Atlas will be willing to give you.
I want to borrow r3000 so, I would like to know how much should I pay back including interest
Even though companies have stated possible rates to charge, what each client pays is set having their particular financial situation into account. Besides, the cost of the loan is also affected by the terms of it. For example, it’s not the same to repay it over 3 months than to repay it over 6 months or a year. Another detail is the applicant’s credit score. In general, those clients that have excellent score get better rates and terms as a way to reinforce good behaviour payments.
Good day I'm an existing client at atlas. I would like you to check if I can get another loan
If you have completely paid for the first loan you took, you can apply again. Sometimes, based on if you paid your instalments on time or not, the bank may tell you to let some months or even years pass before asking for another loan. If you are still paying for that past loan, try to pay it first and avoid getting in debt.
I have worked for 3 months, I’m permanent employed, my pay is 1500.80 per week, can I get a loan?
It is normal lending companies ask their applicants to be working for at least three months before applying for the loan so, clearly, you have that requirements covered. As regards your salary, Atlas needs to have more information to know if you can receive a loan. When you fill the application form, you need to clarify how much of that income you spend monthly. Only then, can Atlas have an official answer about your qualification.
Do i qualify for a loan while having a bad credit record?
20 respuestas
How many payslips must I, as an existing customer have to submit to make a loan?
Generally speaking, any bank or lending entity needs to have no doubts as regards how much money the client receives per month. In order to be sure about this, it is normal that clients are compelled to upload a minimum of three months payments, that is to say, three payslips. This is just to verify the borrower’s regularity on their income.
I need to apply for a loan
We can help you with that! You can read some articles from our platform to find out about some companies and the loan products they offer. In that way, you’ll find it easy to find the bank for you. Also, you can use our loan simulator. This tool only needs the sum of money and the number of instalments to show you different banks with the rates they charged and some information about each of them. That way, you’ll know which company offers the cheapest loan.
I need this loan for a family emergency, what can I do to have it fast?
As we have said, Atlas has few and basic requirements for applicants to get the chance of applying for one of their loans. This entity asks the applicants to submit documents to support those requirements and, these documents are also very simple to get. I’m referring to your ID to prove your identity, your payslips reflecting how much money you’re paid for your job and bank statements showing your bank movements. Having these documents will make you really easy to get the loan.
My income is 3000 how much can I get from Atlas?
Having that amount as salary every month gives you high chances on your loan. Nonetheless, there are other features Atlas studies about the applicant to decide if she or he qualifies for a loan. What you should know is that these credits are granted to be paid in just few months so, the quote won’t be very high.
I need a loan of r3000. I collect a grant however it doesn't go into a bank account. I would appreciate if you could advise on any other requirements that I need before coming in to apply for a loan.
Atlas Finance is clear when it comes to what they think their applicants must comply with. These applicants, with no exception, have to be capable of proving personal and income information. This is the most important reason why they ask their clients to present bank statements along with payslips, because they need to revise the applicant’s incomes and expenses before accepting to grant the loan.
Can I be able to apply for a loan if I have only been employed for a month?
There’s unlikely a bank accepts your loan request having working for such short time. Remember, before granting any loan, the company collects enough information to verify the possible borrower has sufficient and stable income to pay for the loan within its interest and fees. The problem is that working for just a month does not show stability. So, you will have to wait until you reach a minimum of three months in your current job.
Is it possibly to pay up front?
At Atlas you can apply for a loan and cancel it whenever you want and you can pay up front if your financial status allows you to
What if I have a loan with Atlas and I need to borrow more money?
As any loan issued is confirmed after a cautious evaluation on the finances of the person asking for the loan, first of all, you have to show you’re responsible with your payments by having paid your instalments before due date. If you had any delay on any of the instalments, they will probably not be sure about you getting a 2nd loan while cancelling the first one.
Does Atlas loan a person who get child grant for 3 children?
You can get a loan confirmation by Atlas if, besides your child grant, you can confirm you have an established job for which you are paid month by month. It’s important you keep in mind that there are some information you are going to be asked about your employer. So, this factor is also crucial to be approved by Atlas.
What are your business hours?
There are few branches of Atlas Finance and, in general, they work on weekdays. They open at 9 am and close at 5 pm. All the same, if you need assistance outside this schedule, there are other alternatives to contact them by phone or email. As regards emails, you have different addresses for clients with current loans and, clients who need to get some information.
Does Atlas loans offer consolidation loans?
No, in this case Atlas can’t help you. This financial agency works with personal loans payable in 6 instalments top. Clearly, Atlas would be among your options if you need a little money to get out of a difficult and unforeseen situation. To consolidate your loans, you can try with Absa which has this product available.
So if I'm contracted for 3 years am I fitting to get r10000?
To have a steady job does for sure, give you high chances of getting the loan you need. But, bear in mind, Atlas has a maximum of 6 months to cancel the loan. So, put emphasis on analysing if you can give back that sum of money on just 6 months in order to not find complications in a future.
Do I qualify to get loan?
It’s impossible to answer that question without further information. All the same, we can tell what pieces of information you need to submit on the application form as, based on that application, you’ll get the official approval or non-approval of the loan. For example, not only your income but also your expenses, will have an effect on your loan quote. Besides, the expenses dive into living, general and debt as, they take into consideration the priorities of the money you spend.
Good day i'm a permanent worker at a day care center. We don't get payslips but my money get paid into my bank account every month do still qualify for a loan
If you do not possess a payslip, but you have a proof of the money you ear every month, you can resort to companies that grant loans for self-employed people. For instance, you can contact Self Employed Loans by phone if you dial up 021 858 1788 and you can also send an email from your computer to this
I am earning 2500 and i do not get pay slip am i able to get a loan
Hello, your salary is enough for a basic loan, however most companies ask for a psylip of the company you work for. But, there are loans for self-employed which can be useful for your personal case. You can phone the following company which takes self-employed clients, which is Norton Finance: 0808 231 8471
How much the take every month for long if is 10000
20 respuestas
Im blacklisted can i still apply ?
It is compulsory for clients to have a perfect credit record in order to apply for a loan, however there is a company dedicated to the granting of loans to blacklisted people. I suggest you to contact them by phone on this phone number which is a free one:21 202 8813
Hi I am an Atlas client, is it possible to get a loan of r50 000?
Saddly, Atlas finance’s loans do not reach an amount as high as R 50.000. As Atlas short terms only are as long as 6 months, asking such amount would be difficult to give back on such short period. In this matter, there is no difference whether you are an Atlas’s client or not.
Could you please check if maybe I do qualify for a loan?
We can tell you that you are on your way to get your loan with Atlas if you gather the characteristics we’ve stated. Apart from submitting payslips, ID or passport and bank statements, if you don’t have arrears, for instance, you have more chances. Without a doubt, if you’ve always paid your instalments properly and, you have a steady income, you qualify for a loan.
If i took a loan for r5000 and paid for four months and need a top up loan then how much will i qualify for?
Atlas allows clients to obtain a top up loan during the repayment of the loan. However, you must have paid at least the first 3 installments of the loan. Usually top up loans consist of no more than R 1000.
What loan amounts can I get at Atlas Finance?
You can apply for a loan of up to R8,000, and repay it from 1 to 6 months.
Do they grant loans for foreigners?
It’s mandatory to present valid South African documents if you want to get the chance to receive economic help form Atlas. As regards proving your nationality, they ask for Identity Document or Passport but, for either document is absolutely necessary they are issued by the Government of South Africa. If you are form another country, you may have a possibility if the government granted you with the permanent residence.
Hi! It's my first time applying for Atlas loans, what do the offer?
Greetings! Atlas finance in known for issuing personal loans with really short payment periods, and that’s why it’s a micro-finance firm. You can cancel the loan in just 6 months or less and, besides, there are several benefits for you and your family. One of the main characteristics they take proud of is their 180 branches along the country. So, anyone who wants to have a personalized assistance, can easily find an Atlas office.
Can I get an extension on a current Atlas loan?
Yes, if you need more money, they will help you with extra cash. Once you have paid 3 instalments on your current loan, they will top up your loan for you.
Is it possible to cancel an Atlas loan if you have not withdrawn anything?
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Once the funds were transferred to your bank account, the money it’s your whether you use it or not. What Is more, the process has gone too long, applicants are not allowed to cancel the loan in the middle of it. Once the loan request was approved and confirmed, you have only few days to decline the loan.
I would like to apply for a 6month loan of r3500. Why is my credit history so relevant?
Credit checks are carried out by banks to get to know their applicants level of commitment and responsibility when it comes to pay for debts, whether they relate to loans, credit cards or bills, for example. That is why they take that piece of information to state the loan amount you can borrow from them. This is the chief reason why any citizen should take their payments seriously if they intend to get favourable loan terms.
If you have debit orders. Is it possible to apply for a loan?
As getting a loan is a big financial responsibility, the bank pays special attention to the borrower income and personal information. Any bank will look for corroborating your identity, address and, income. So, as long as that information is correct and, you make more profit that what you spend on monthly basis, you can apply for a loan.
Will atlas give me 15000?
Atlas Finance will not give you R150000 as, their only loan product available is a short term loan issued for a top sum of money of 8000 rands. If we focus on the number of instalments, they can reach up to just 6 months. Clearly, we can see this is company doesn’t have what you need.
Will atlas give me a loan for 12 months?
Unfortunately, Atlas maximum repayment term is just 6 months so, you won’t get a year loan term at this company. However, you can study all your options to make up your mind. On one side, analyze if repaying the loan in 6 months is a viable alternative for you. On the other hand, there are other entities that expand their loan terms to 12 months. Capitect, Capfin, African Bank are just some of your alternatives.
I have two weeks to finish paying my loan and I need some money today, how can I get it?
Firstly, please be completely sure to be in a good financial status to cancel your debts. Only if you’re sure about this, you may give it a shot at Atlas to get more money. If they reject this new loan request, you can go for a pay day loan with another company. One of these loans’ characteristic is that you receive the money the same day you apply and you can cancel that liability in just few days.
Hi i need a personal loan. Does atlas borrow money to buy buildings?
No, Atlas grants loans to take care of simpler issues like, for instance, a medical bill you didn’t expect to have. There’s no way you use an Atlas loan to pay for such purchase as, these short term loans are only given for a maximum amount of 8 thousands rands. If you need to buy a building for business purposes, you may find what you need at Nedbank’s business loans. Or, for home loans, Standard Bank can provide you with different types of loans to buy, build, remodel buildings and more.
What if I don’t know my credit score, can I apply?
Yes. You don’t need to worry about that because Atlas will take care of getting your credit history before deciding to approve your loan request. What is more, that is the principal piece of information they use to determine the loan terms for the applicant as, that record clearly shows how the applicant has behaved in previous financial duties.
Please help me with a short term loan to pay the mechanic
Atlas Finance is a fine option to solve that problem. By applying with them, you can get the funds you need to have your car fixed and repaying it in just 6 instalments, or even less. All Atlas needs is to have your financial information along with some personal details to corroborate your current economic status is good enough to make your payments on time.
I need a personal loan with atlas
What Atlas can offer you is a short term loan. For such product, you can get only 8000 rands or less but, you will pay for it in just few months. In case you are looking for a personal loan with a higher quote you will have to turn to another bank. Another option is to take a short term loan and, if you need more money in the future, try to take another short term loan.
I got a loan of 2000. And I'm currently paying your loan weekly and it is a 12 weeks repayment. I've payed 10 weeks now. My question is: Is it possible to get 2500 or 3000 loan now?
Every decision making as regards the client affordability will be taken seriously by Atlas. This means, they can answer you only if they go over your current financial status. They will ask you about your existing salary and monthly expenses to analyse if you can pay for both loans consequently. The good news is that you’re just two weeks ago to finish your current loan so, that should give you an advantage. Besides, if Atlas reject you due to your present loan, you just have to wait a couple of weeks.

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