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What's Atlas Loan Online Application process? Affordability

If you are trying to get financial support to buy that last edition iPhone or to have a weekend getaway, you have reached the perfect place. This platform focuses on assisting South Africans when needing to apply for loans. Atlas Finance, for example, is a famous money lender company working with loans. To be in complete knowledge of how Atlas loans work is the first step you should take to attain your loan application, and because of that, I will let you know everything about it.

Are loans granted by Atlas Finance personal loans?

Personal loans comprise few special factors:

  • They tend to have rather a short term to be cancelled.

  • The sum of money to be asked is regular, though not high.

  • Requirements to be eligible are basic.

When we take a look at Atlas loan terms, we might define them as personal loans, as we can say they gather these characteristics. However, when we pay attention, we realized they are closer to payday loans. The main reason is that you can’t ask as much as 10000 rands, as they only lend R8000. About repayment terms, Atlas loans ought to be paid in 6 months or less. So, even thought they are issued as personal loans, just keep an eye on the fact that their terms are for short term loans.

What can I do to make my Atlas loan online application successful?

Any time we go over a loan application, we are eager to receive the company’s approval. First, it’s essential you follow Atlas Finance requirements to get their loans. If you are not sure to know what they are, don’t worry because I’ll refer to them later on. But now, I want to give you a couple of tips you can have in mind to get better chances of getting a loan.

  • Once you check Atlas loans requirements, it’s important you get all the paperwork you have to present together to help the company go over the process faster.

  • Before you ask for the loan, use our loan simulator to discover your loan monthly instalments.

What are the main requirements Atlas Finance ask for their loans?

I told you in the previous question I was going to delve into Atlas requirements. So, let’s get deep in this topic so you’ll know what to bear in mind. To start, you need to certify your South African nationality by presenting a proper ID. Besides, you must have turned 18 years old or older. As regards personal information, the lender needs you to present a proof of address showing, of course, you live in South Africa.

Now, focusing on your financial status, as any loan applicant, you must prove you have a monthly wage. Not only that, but it must also be sufficient to pay for the instalments, so keep in mind there will probably be a minimum salary as requirement.  

Lastly, Atlas checks their borrowers credit score to decide two things:

Find the best loan of South Africa

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1) If you are responsible enough to manage a loan.

2) The interest rate to charge and terms according to your loan affordability.

How to take advantage of Atlas loan Calculator

Previously, I’ve mentioned using a loan calculator is a good strategy. In this part of the text, I will explain why and how to do it.

I’ll start by telling you the benefit: you receive an estimated cost for the loan amount you need. When you have this information, you can compare it to other companies to choose the cheaper one.

I’ll go on by telling you what you should do: locate our loan simulator at the bottom of the page and enter the sum of money and terms you would like to get. By just doing that, you will have loan results to contrast.

Why do interest rates affect the total cost to pay for my loan?

The interest rate is utilized by Atlas to charge you for the service. You have to give the money they lent you back and pay for this service. As I explained, the rate is affected by your credit score. If your credit score is good, the rate will be low. This means, you will pay lower instalments. But, in contrast, if you have a low credit score, Atlas will state a higher interest rate for your loan, as they would be taking a higher risk by lending you money.

Does Atlas allow their clients to top up existing loans?

In place of Atlas Finance offering short term loans, I recommend you try to cancel your current loan before asking for more money. Why? Because, as you are asking little money, it might seem you can manage payments, but it can get out of control really fast. If you have to pay for the credit in just 6 months, try to hold on to those instalments first. If you really need more money, Atlas will have to study your case to accept taking a higher risk.

What’s Atlas loan contact detail?

It’s time I go over Atlas loan contact information. The following list will be very helpful if you want to contact Atlas as regards any loan query:

  • Atlas loan phone number, to start, is 0800 – 204 – 679.

  • Atlas Loans in Bloemfontein can be found at Standard and General Building located in Andres Street, number 72

  • In Durban, Atlas Loans is placed at Coronation Road in Queensburgh.

  • For those living in Cape Town, there’s an Atlas Loan office in Long Street, number 9.

  • To finish, Atlas Loans can also be found in Johannesburg. You should go to shop 10 in Marble Towers.

I’ve managed to cover Atlas Finance loan information to give you enough tools for you to decide on your money request. Whether Atlas is the best company for you or not can only be decided by you. So, I can recommend you read more about loans in this website and reminding you to make use of our loan calculator to get different loan costs. Last, as any loan is different, do not hesitate on leaving me any doubt you need to get clarified.

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