How to Get the Vehicle Registration Certificate in South Africa?

How to Get the Vehicle Registration Certificate in South Africa?

If you are thinking of registering your vehicle, then this article will come in handy. Getting the vehicle registration certificate in South Africa is no difficult job, but there are certain matters that you need to bear in mind. Whether it is filling a form, notifying a company that you are changing the color of your vehicle, changing the address from one province to another or having the title ownership changes, there is always a little detail that you can’t miss. There are different options and differences depending on the place where you attempt to have the change in registration. Have a look also at insurance.

How to put a car in your name in South Africa?

In order to understand how to put a vehicle in your name, you may have to understand first the concept of a title holder. This concept means that you are the owner of the car or vehicle. You will be the title holder as long as you pay your vehicle without vehicle financing, that is, in cash. If you have been assisted by a financial institution with the purchase of your car, then the institution will hold the title. It will become yours when you have made all the payments. In case the title holder consists of an institution, then the registering of the vehicle should be made before you.

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How do I complete an application for registration and licensing of a motor vehicle?

In order to register and license your motor vehicle, you may have to not only complete an application but also will have to provide some documents.

  • Fill out the application form (RLV) in order to license and register your motor vehicle

  • Provide your ID

  • Provide the certificate of the manufacturer that contains all the details of your motor vehicle

You will need a roadworthy certificate in case the vehicle consists in:

  • A breakdown vehicle

  • A bus

  • RTQS vehicle

  • A vehicle that may transport dangerous goods

  • A minibus that could transport twelve or more people. This would include the driver.

  • Any sort of vehicle to be used for transporting people for reward

Generally the application form can be downloaded online and you have to mark with an “x” the corresponding boxes. You will have to introduce your identification number, the nature of the organization, facsimile number, contact number, email address, street address, and the data of the particulars of the owner.

How much does it cost to register a car in South Africa?

In general, the cost is determined by the vehicle’s being new or old.

  • If you need to register and obtain the license of a new vehicle, then the registration fee is set on R120. The transaction fees are set at R36 by the RTMC and the license fees are mainly based on the weight and make of the vehicle.

  • If it is a used vehicle, then the fee is different. You would have to pay R120. The license fees are also based on the tare and make of the vehicle. The cost for transaction fees is the same. The difference is that the fees for arrear and penalties are included in case the license of the motor vehicle is no longer valid.

What is a NCO form?

An NCO form means a notification of change of ownership. With this form, you will be able to change ownership of the vehicle, or carry out the change of the title holder.  There, you are asked to provide details of the particulars of the seller and owner; then you should provide information with the details of the representative of the organization. There will be a declaration, a place for your signature and the parties involved. Then, there will be a section for the particulars of the buyer to fill in as well as the data of the representative of that organization. There is also space for a declaration of the buyer as well as its signature. The last part of the form is for office use only. How do I complete NCO form? Simply proceed by filling with the information of the buyer and the seller or owner.

Is there an NCO form in Eastern Cape?

In general, the NCO form is the same in all places in South Africa. There are no statements made regarding a different form in Eastern Cape. In case you need specific information, you can reach a company in Eastern Cape and ask about a possible specific NCO form there.

How much does it cost to register a foreign car in South Africa?

If you need to register a foreign vehicle in South Africa, there are some particularities you may need to be aware of. There are some customs requirements and documentation you may be asked to provide, especially before and after you ship your vehicle. Regarding regulations, you should have with you some documents:

  • A photocopy of your passport

  • A letter of authority’s photocopy

  • An import permit’s photocopy

The cost varies depending on the vehicle and regulations set.

How is the vehicle color change registration in South Africa?

In case you are thinking of changing the color of your vehicle or in case you have already don’t this, you should take into account that there is registration process in South Africa you will need to follow. There are certain implication is in your documentation your vehicles is said to be blue, while it has been re-sprayed red. You will certainly have to have updated your V5c registration certificate with the DVLA. Vehicle taxes will not be affected because of the color of your car, but the color changes must be marked on section seven of the registration certificate. This certificate will have to be signed and sent to DVLA.

What is needed to change car registration from one province to another in South Africa?

When you have to reregister a vehicle from one province to another, certain measures must be taken. There are differences in opinion for this matter. Some clients state that you have to notify your licensing department (the local one) of your current change of address. If this happens to be a different province, then they will automatically change your registration number and you will have to ask for a different set of license plates. 

How to register your vehicle in another province?

This question has already been address above, but you should always bear in mind that depending on the local department where you are, the whole registration process will be different. Other clients have stated that you need to turn to a registering authority, and that if you have a change of address, then you must take some documents with you:

  • Your ID document photocopied in case of being a citizen of South Africa.

  • Bring proof or evidence of residential address. You can bring utility bills in your name. It this is not the case, then you will have to make an affidavit (attach the utility bill).

  • In case you are staying at an informal settlement, then you will have to provide a letter with the date stamp (original one) that confirms your residential address.

How are car ownership papers in South Africa?

In general, you may be asked to complete a lot of forms and deal with ownership papers if you want to carry out the vehicle registration certificate in South Africa. These are some of the forms you will need to complete:

  • NCP

  • RLV

  • NCO

  • ANR

Each of them is important since they help companies know that you have changes of particular, that you are applying for a registration, that you want to change the ownership and that you need traffic register number. It is of paramount importance that all clients bring all of these forms completed in order for the registering authorities to have it approved.

Is getting a vehicle registration certificate a difficult thing to do in South Africa?

As you may have seen, it is not a difficult job to do this. However, you need to take into account the details that were provided in order for the registration process to run smoothly. You may still have doubts regarding prices or regulation in each province for vehicle registration. Therefore, what you can do is call the company and ask for this specific information. Most clients have stated that the service is easy and the whole process simply implies having to look for certain bits of document and information. Start as soon as possible collecting all the details you need and then proceed to initiate the process for registration. Doing this wrong can affect the insurance of your vehicle.

Author: Cristian Renella

Update: 30/09/2023

Preguntas Frecuentes

Do I need to complete NCP?

Yes, you do.

Do I need my ID document photocopied?

If you are a South African citizen, yes.

Can I register my car at the Stellenbosch traffic department if I live in Kraaifontein?

If you live in Kraaifontein, and you are interested in registering your vehicle, the suggestion is to go to your nearest local registration centre in Cape Town, in this way, you will be complying with all the national legislation. You will need to submit some documentation to continue with the process. 

I do not have an ID of the previous seller.

You do not need to hand in the ID of the previous owner of the car in case you want to register the vehicle under your name. The required documentation, apart from your ID card, includes proof of residential address, the vehicle registration certificate (with the seller's name), proof of purchase, and a valid motor vehicle licence. 

In 2020, I purchased a vehicle from a dealership. They gave me the car certificate and previous owners for me to register it at my convenient time as the car disc was at that time still up-to-date. But, unfortunately, I lost the documents before I actually register the vehicle in to my name. I drove from Soweto to Potchefstroom where I bought it, but I found a new sales person who could not provide me with duplicate copies. He looked for them without success. Now the disc is long expired and I can't use the car. I ONLY HAVE PROOF OF PURCHASE FROM THE DEALERSHIP. WHAT OPTIONS DO I HAVE TO BECAUSE I NEED TO CHANGE ownership and be able to register the car in my name?

In yor case in which you have lost the documentation before registering the vehcike under your name, then you will need to visit the local licensing office and explain the situation. For sure, they will be able to help you with the case and provide you with the details you need to follow like obtaining an affidavit, collecting supporting documentation, completing forms and subimititng the application. 

I bought a vehicle in 2018 from someone. I never got the vehicle registration certificate as there was repair work that needed to be done. Furthermore, I could not continue during covid. Now, after covid, I have completed the repair work. Now, I want to register the vehicle on my name. I lost the papers that the previous owner gave me along with his number. How can I get a copy of the registration certificate or the details of the owner so that he can get me a copy of the registration certificate?

If you want to obtain a copy of the registration certificate or details oof the previous owner of the car you bought in 2018, you should visit the nearest registering authority in Gauteng, carry your ID and complete all the forms they will provide. Also, you will have to pay a fee and the authority will be able to provide you with a duplicate document. The process can take up to 7 days. 

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