Guide to Change Ownership of a Vehicle in Gauteng. Cost and Fees

Guide to Change Ownership of a Vehicle in Gauteng. Cost and Fees

If you are thinking of changing your vehicle ownership in Gauteng, you may be wondering about the costs. In general, costs are mostly the same for every area in South Africa but there might be some variations in some cases. Gauteng is a beautiful and very small province in South Africa. It is actually the smallest one, since it only accounts for 1.5% of the land area. Throughout the years, this area has been urbanized. It has an administrative capital called Pretoria. In order to find out more about vehicle change of ownership, keep on reading.

Are there any forms for the change of ownership vehicle in Gauteng?

In general, each state and area has particular requirements for the procedure to change the title of your vehicle. In general, you may be asked to provide the following in Gauteng as well as in other provinces and areas:

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  • Filling up an application for registration or certificate of title. This form generally will present all the details of the seller and the buyer, the type of sale, the selling price and the costs that are required.

  • Fees regarding title transfer.

  • Damage disclosures. If there has been some damage on the car, you will have to disclose details of it.

  • You will have to complete a bill of sale.

  • A smog check to verify the vehicle

  • An odometer reading.

In general, you simply sell your car and make sure that all paperwork is in order so that the process of ownership transferring can run smoothly. It may only take a couple of minutes at the DMV. Agents will make sure to assist you during the whole process. They will check the sale bill, the car title as well as supporting documentation.

How does the change of ownership of a car operate in Johannesburg?

The same as with Gauteng, you simply have to fill some forms in order to change the ownership of the vehicle. What can change the requirements is if you buy the vehicle from a private seller or if you buy it through a dealer. In order to make the transference of one owner to another one, the new one will have to turn to its local registration centre. To facilitate the transfer, you will have to submit:

  • The photocopies of both previous and new owner’s ID. It is not necessary to have them certified

  • Proof of the residential address of the new owner

  • The registration certificate (the one that is original) of the vehicle. It should be provided by the previous owner

  • Application for the licensing (blue form)

  • Filling up the NCO (yellow form)

  • RWC

How is the change of ownership vehicle in Pretoria?

The same as with Gauteng and Johannesburg, the changing of ownership of a vehicle in Pretoria implies gathering many different documents and filling out forms that will help you change the title of your vehicle. You should take into account that the registration of your vehicle will become void and null in case:

  • If you haven’t renewed the license of your vehicle for more than four years

  • If your car has been involved in an accident and so it is considered unfit for use

  • If your vehicle has been repossessed for over thirty one days

  • If you have changed ownership and have sold the vehicle

  • If they have issued a deregistration certificate

In case your vehicle has been built up from parts, the documentation to be provided is different and there may be some changes. You may have to:

  • Provide a request form RPC

  • Provide a form RPI

  • Provide a certificate of mass measuring, that is, a weighbridge

  • Provide a letter of authority and title ownership

How much does it cost to change ownership of a car in Gauteng?

In general, in Gauteng, there is always a registration fee you will have to pay and another fee in order to carry out the licensing of your car. Each province determines the registration fee and is generally set between ninety and two hundred. The empty weight or tare of the vehicle will have an impact on the cost of the fee. The registering authority is the one that will prepare the quotation. Remember that if you need to change a used vehicle, the documentation involves:

  • Providing an ID

  • Bringing a letter that contains a date stamp that is official in case you are staying at an informal settlement. This will be useful to confirm the postal.

  • Providing proof of residential address and postal, such as utility account.  An affidavit will have to taken in order to declare that the address provided is in fact where you live.

  • Providing the registration certificate of the vehicle

  • Providing proof that you have purchased the vehicle

  • Providing a vehicle license for a valid motor

Is the cost of vehicle change of ownership convenient in Gauteng?

As it was stated before, in Gauteng the price for changing the vehicle ownership may coincide with the cost stipulated in other similar areas. There are no companies providing information about the exact price that this operation may involve. In case you need to access to more specific information, you should get in touch with a vehicle company that can help you clear these doubts out. Remember that both the buyer and the seller are in charge of the vehicle change of ownership. You can even do it online on a website. This also applies in New Zealand. You can fill the forms online in a matter of minutes and switching vehicle ownership without any inconveniences. You should apply for change of ownership of your car within a period of twenty one days of your vehicle being sold in order to avoid penalties, buy a car insurance or accumulating them. Once you have all the documentation needed, it is just a matter of minutes to get everything done in the way you need.

Author: Cristian Renella

Update: 26/04/2023

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How expensive is it to change ownership of a car in Gauteng?

It depends on a number of factors, determined by the market and companies.

Do I need to provide a request form RPC?

Yes, you do.

Do I need to fill up the NCO form?

Yes, you will need to.

Good day, can someone do a change of ownership (I'm the new owner) on my behalf?

You could have someone to deliver the paperwork to the registering authorities but all forms must be signed by you. You must do this within 21 days from the date you bought the vehicle. Remember that this change of ownership has a fee that will depend on the municipality where you are registering the vehicle.

How much does it cost to change ownership of the vehicle?

When you buy a new car from a private seller you are required to register this change of ownership before the appropriate registering authority. This should be done within 21 days after you bought the vehicle. Each licensing office of the different municipalities of the country will establish the rate for that procedure, so you will need to contact the one from your city.

My father gave me his car and wishes to have it registered in my name. How much will it cost us?

The cost of changing ownership of a vehicle in South Africa depends on each licensing branch. For you to find out how much it will cost to have the car registered in your name, you will need to call the local authority of your city. You will need your ID and NCP form.

How much would it cost to change vehicle engine number ownership?

If you bought a car, you will need to change owner. This is done before the registering authorities of your city. How much will this cost will depend on the brand of the car, the year of manufacturing and where do you live. For this reason, you will have to contact the local registering office to see about rates.

How much its cost to change ownership?

The fees involved in performing the change of ownership of your car will depend on several factors. For example, the brand of the vehicle, the year of manufacturing and so on, might play a role on the fee you will have to pay. Also, each of the registration authorities on every district establish fees.

Can i apply for NOC anywhere in the country? does the car registration number matter?

We believe you are making reference to the NCO: Notice of change of ownership. You will need to start this change of ownership at the local registration offices where you reside. This NCO form should be provided to the registration authorities within 21 days after you acquired the new vehicle.

How much will I be charged if I apply for change of vehicle ownership after more than 21 days?

If you have not performed the ownership change of your vehicle, you might be subject to certain additional charges for not doing it on time. However, the actual amount will only be let know to you by the registering authority in Gauteng on the basis of how many days late you are.

Are there penalty charges for late change of ownership paper submissions?

Yes there are. If you do not make the vehicle ownership transfer on time, you will be subject to certain penalties. However, the specific amount you should pay will depend on how many days late you are and the corresponding registry authority of the city where you are going to register the car in.

How much is the penalty if I'm late to change ownership?

If you are late to change ownership of your car (after 21-day period after the actual sale of the car) you will be subject to a penalty. The amount of this penalty will be based on how late you are to do this change and the registry authority you have to register your can in.

Can you transfer ownership at any licence office, or only certain ones?

You should go to the registry authority nearest to your location. Before you go there, make sure you meet all the requirements to perform the vehicle transfer. You will be asked your ID and all the documents of the car you want to put under your name. This paperwork will only take a day.

How much is it to change ownership of a vehicle in Gauteng?

If you want to make a vehicle change of ownership in Gauteng, you need to go to the nearest licensing office, where you will be asked to fill out certain forms and documents of your car. On the basis of what car you own, the licensing office will establish a fee.

Good day, I am from Capetown visiting in Pretoria, can I register my car in Pretoria?

To register you car in Pretoria, it is important to gather several documents and fill out forms so that the registration process runs smoothly. First, you need to complete a certificate of entitlement with your ID and a proof of your residential address, then you should submit an application for motor vehicle license and the NCO form. The whole process can be very quick at any DMV. 

What is the penalty per day for late change of ownership registration?

It is extremely crucial to register and license your vehicle in a period of 21 days after the process of change of ownership. If that period passes away, then you will have to pay arrears and penalties. The amount of money you will have to pay will depend on how late you are to register the car and the register office you attended. 

Do I have to have a licence to make a change of ownership?

There is no need to have a licence in order to make a change of ownership. You can register the vehicle under the new owner's name as long as they show a valid identity card. The seller should complete some documentation such as the NCO form and the registration certificate. The buyer must also fill out the application form for registration and licensing of motor vehicles.

I want to transfer my old car to my daughter, from Pretoria to Western Cape. Normal procedure as described, or extra steps due to change of province?

Usually, there is a general procedure to change the ownership of a vehicle. You just need to go to the nearest registry vehicle office and hand in all the necessary documentation together with a valid ID. What may change during the process of registration is the cost to pay. In other words, every province determines the amount of the registration fee you must pay. 

Hello, can you please help me? I just want to know how much to change a car's ownership is.

Citizens who wish to change the ownership of a vehicle should consider a registration fee that they will have to pay and another fee to complete the licensing of the car. Bear in mind that each province has a different cost in terms of registration. However, the range usually goes between ninety and two hundred rand. 

When I was younger I got a car, but it was put in my father's name, but I paid for it. Now, he wants me to put the car in my name. How do I go about doing this?

If you want to register a car under your name as it was under your father's name, the seller, in this case, your father, needs to fill out a form with the car's details. Then, he needs to hand in this form to a registration office. Also, you will get a registration certificate which you can take, together with your ID, to the nearest registration office. There, you will continue with the process as an advisor will guide you in every step. Furthermore, you will have to pay some fees. 

I want to make change of ownership and my licence disc is expired, how much can I pay for disc and change of ownership?

 Bear in mind that if your licence disc is expired, you could face penalties of about 1,000 rand. To renew it, you need to visit a local traffic department office to continue with the process. In Gauteng, the total annual licence fee is 432 rand, approximately. Finally, the change of ownership will cost around 150 rand. 

If a seller doesn't give the buyer anything like an ID photocopy or uses any other name than the name that I got from the vehicle, what happens?

First, the seller does not need to give you a copy of their ID, as the only documentation you need to have is a registration certificate. In this certificate, all the data from the seller and their vehicle should be valid. If the titleholder is different from the owner, then that person must register the car before you. 

I have purchased a vehicle and the owner gave me a certificate of registration and his ID copy. Can I change ownership to my name with these two documents?

If you have purchased a vehicle and the previous owner gave you a certificate of registration together with his ID copy, you will need to visit a local registration office. Then, there will be some forms (the Application for registration and licencing of motor vehicle form – RVL) to compete to continue with the process, but an advisor will guide you all the way. Finally, you will have to pay for a registration fee. 

When you change ownership of the car, do you bring the car?

There is no need to bring the car if you wish to change ownership of the vehicle. The buyer needs to go to the registration office with all the required paperwork. Then the seller has to fill in a NCO form, which the buyer will also need to bring to continue with the process. 

I want to transfer the ownership of my vehicles to my wife. No sale involved. How is this done? Does the vehicle require a roadworthy certificate?

If you wish to transfer the ownership of your vehicle to your wife with no sale involved, there is no need to provide a valid roadworthy certificate. You just need to hand in the necessary documentation such as the registration certificate, and you will also have to complete a statutory declaration form which needs to be signed by a Justice of Peace. 

I have the licence copy of the previous owner, can I use it as an ID in changing the ownership?

To register the vehicle that you bought under your name, it is relevant to hand in certain pieces of documentation. The copy of the licence from the previous owner will not be needed, as you must show your ID and the vehicle registration certificate, which is in the seller's name. 

What do I need to produce to change vehicle registration/ownership for the bank to my name, (The car was financed)? And can I do this in KZN while my NATIS address and plates are Gauteng?

In order to carry out a vehicle registration under your name from the bank, you need to consider the following details. The entity will keep the original Logbook document used to change ownership of the car. Once you pay the final instalment, the bank will give you the Logbook as well as the necessary documentation to be the new owner. Check with the bank if you can do all the application online as you are in a different place other than Gauteng.

What is the procedure and documentation required when a relative wishes to transfer a motor vehicle (bought in 1990) from his name to another relative in their name who are both living at the same address in Gauteng Pretoria, South Africa? If the car registration document is red, is it valid despite it being old (1990)? Is a roadworthy certificate required? In this case, is a DRC and DCT document required? Please advise to all of this.

In the case that a vehicle from 1990 is being transferred from one relative to another one living in the same area (Gauteng, Pretoria), then there is a procedure to follow: completing the NCO form, collecting all the supporting documentation (ID, proof of residence, original vehicle registration like the red registration document which is valid if it has not expired) and having a roadworthy certificate. Once everything is ready, then you can visit the nearest licencing authority office. 

I have changed ownership and the old licence disc is still valid until November 2023, do I need to apply for another licence disc?

If you have successfully carried out the ownership transfer of a vehicle and the licence disc is valid until November 2023, then you will not need to change it immediately until the expiration date. Also, it is recommended to check with the licencing authority office if some other relevant documentation is required. 

How can I pay to change ownership of a car? I got original documents for the car, and I got a copy of seller and address. The car is still in the road.

In order to pay for the ownership of a car, you will need to proceed as follows. First, you will need to obtain the necessary forms from the local licensing authority office, then, you will have to complete the NCO form. Finally, gather all the supporting documentation to be handed in at the licencing office, and then you will be able to pay. 

I bought my motorbike from a dealer but registered it in my name due to personal circumstances. Now, over a year later, I need to sell the motorbike. Will the procedure you've described still apply for both me (the seller) and for the buyer?

If the motorbike is registered under your name, and you do not owe any payment, then, probably, you will have no problems to sell it. In this way, you should follow the same procedure as described. In other words, you should go to the nearest registration authority and submit all the required documentation (applied both for the seller and buyer).

I want to do change of ownership online. Please, provide more information.

Although there are many errands that you can carry out in an online way, changing the ownership of a vehicle is not one of them. To put it differently, it is compulsory that you visit the nearest registered authority office and submit all the required documentation in order to complete the process.

Can I change the car ownership title at any licensing office in Johannesburg, or do I have to a specific one?

Of course, it is possible. You can change the car ownership title at any licensing office in Johannesburg. The recommendation is to check the operating hours as some offices may have different operating hours and different services. You can visit the nearest local office to carry out the process with change of ownership. 

How much does it cost to change ownership of a car from one company to another?

In Gauteng, the cost of changing the ownership of a vehicle from one company to another one will depend on some factors. In other words, the type and value of the vehicle, the circumstances of the transfer and additional services required will determine the price. So, please, check with the nearest local licencing authority office. 

I want to print the notification of change of ownership/sale of motor vehicle.

If you wish to print the notification of change of ownership or sale of a motor vehicle, you will need to approach the corresponding licensing bureau, as they must have the appropriate form or documentation that is legal and recognized by the local authorities. You can also reach them by phone to ask them about the possibility of getting an electronic copy. 

Good day, how can I do change of ownership for my car online?

Doing a change of ownership of your car online may not be possible. This is so because, in general, both the seller and the buyer need to be present to carry out the process and sign the appropriate documentation. In this way, the licensing bureau checks that the transfer is done in a legitimate way.  

I bought a car in Limpopo province. Its plate is GP, so I need to transfer it to Limpopo, is that possible to change it in Limpopo province?

Yes, it will be possible for you to carry out the transfer. If you have bought a vehicle in Limpopo province with a GP plate, you will need to comply with all the requirements for transferring the registration from one province to another in South Africa. Please, collect all the necessary documentation and visit the appropriate licensing office. 

How much is a Nissan Sentra change of ownership?

In order to confirm how much a change of ownership costs for a vehicle like a Nissan Sentra, you will also need to provide some more information about it, such as the vehicle's age and value in the market. Also, there might be some administrative fees charged by the corresponding registry office. For this reason, it is advisable to contact your local licensing office. 

Good evening. Can I do the transfer of a motorcycle (scooter) change of ownership online, or do I have to do it at the post office?

Unfortunately, the process of changing ownership, in this case a motorcycle, cannot be carried out in an online way. You will need to visit the corresponding local vehicle licensing office in person as you will have to fill in some paperwork, hand in some forms and provide the required documentation. 

Help me anybody please to change the ownership to my car.

For a change of ownership of a vehicle, you should visit the local vehicle licensing office and complete the necessary documentation, like the Notification Change of Ownership Form. You will need to present your ID, the vehicle registration certificate and a roadworthy certificate. Finally, you will submit all this documentation and pay the fees. 

I'm from Limpopo and bought a car from someone in Gauteng. Is it necessary to make the change of ownership in Gauteng, or can I do it anywhere in Limpopo?

Please, bear in mind that in South Africa, the process of changing the ownership of a vehicle can be done anywhere in the country. Therefore, if you have bought a car in Gauteng but currently live in Limpopo, you can surely make the change of ownership in Limpopo. You just need to visit the local licensing office and submit all the documentation. 

How do you go about getting vehicles registered on your ID number removed from your name. I have been charged with R9,000 worth of penalties, due to vehicles that I never even owned appearing on my name. This appeared when I tried putting the vehicle I am currently driving on my name. Due to these penalties, I cannot not continue doing a change of ownership, until these penalties a cleared from my name. Please, advise.

In order to remove vehicles registered with your ID number under your name, the recommendation is to resort to the nearest registering authority and ask for information about the procedure to follow. Usually, you will need to present some documentation like a copy of your ID plus supporting documentation that proves that you are not the owner of those vehicles. You can also contact the local department of transport for assistance. 

Hi. How much is the penalty for change of ownership after 21 days?

The law establishes that you must register a car and licence your motor vehicle within a period of 21 days after change of ownership. If you do not do it, then you will have to pay arrears and penalties. The amount of the penalty will depend on how late you are to do this and the registry authority in which you have to register your car. 

What is needed if I want to register my vehicle under my son's name? He did not buy it as it was a gift.

If you want to register a vehicle under your son's name as it was a gift in Gauteng, then you should visit the nearest register office and hand in some documentation. This includes the RSA identity document, proof of residence, a certificate of roadworthiness, proof of purchase of the vehicle, a valid licence, and the RLV form. 

I am planning on selling my motor vehicle privately to a buyer. Please, advise what documents/forms need to be concluded.

If you are selling your motor vehicle privately to a buyer in Gauteng, you will need to present the following documentation and forms: a copy of your South African ID, proof of ownership certificate, a settlement letter, a notification of change of ownership form,a vehicle registration certificate, and a roadworthy certificate. 

I sold my car while the licence was valid, and the new owner hasn't done change of ownership and has not paid for the licence disk when it expires. Now 5 years later, I bought a car and when I went to register it, I couldn't obtain a licence disk because on my name there is this previous car that I owned and is in arrears. Is there any help that I can get from the DOT . I'm stuck now. I can't drive my new car on the road because I can't afford to pay the arrears. Please, can I get some help?

To solve this situation in which you cannot drive your new car because you are not able to pay the arrears, the best recommendation is to reach out the Department of Transport or Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. In this way, you could get assistance to settle your arrears and update your records. 

What website do I go on to do the change of ownership?

If you are interested in changing your vehicle ownership in Gauteng, you can visit the nearest registering authority office, or contact them by phone. Please, make sure you collect all the necessary documentation and fill in the required forms. Also, contact the official South African Government Department to obtain more details as regards online inquires. 

How do I deregister my personalized number plates in Gauteng?

In order to deregister your personalized number plates in Gauteng, you will need to apply for a deregistration of your motor vehicle at the nearest registering authority. It is important to collect and present the following documentation: a South African ID, vehicle's registration certificate, and the Application for Deregistration of the Vehicle. 

Hi, I would like to ask if I am able to do change of ownership and renew vehicle licence at the same time?

Yes, of course you can. You will be able to change your ownership and renew your vehicle licence at the same time in Gauteng. In order to do this, you can visit your nearest registering authority and bring along the following documentation. Also, you will need to pay the fees. 

I bought a car but not knowing it was in arrears for 3 1/2 years, and I need to do change of ownership, can I change it and leave the previous owner with this to pay?

If you bought a car not knowing that it was in arrears for 3 1/2 years, you can still do the change of ownership. However, it is important to know that you will be responsible for any payment left. If you leave it to the previous owner, you may face legal issues or fines later on. 

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