Obtain your Quote with SA Taxi Insurance Company in 15 Minutes

Obtain your Quote with SA Taxi Insurance Company in 15 Minutes

If you are a business person and are in charge of taxis, you may want to find a service that covers you and your vehicle. When your vehicle is part of your business, you need to find ways to protect it from possible damages or accidents and so an insurance deal is needed. If what you need is taxi insurance, you can turn to Khusela, a commercial business company designed to help you out with your taxi business in South Africa.

What is Khusela taxi insurance?

Khusela is a commercial business that is independently owned. It was founded in the year 1996. With more than 1151 people working for it, Khusela is a company that offers taxi insurance and it has its main office located in Gauteng. The aim of this company is to finance those entrepreneurs who are in charge of operating minibus taxis. Public transport is therefore improved and those entrepreneurs can access credit that they wouldn’t be able to access in a traditional bank. With Khusela, you can:

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King Price Car Insurance

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  • Finance a taxi

  • Buy a taxi

  • Insure a taxi

  • Earn rewards

  • Buy taxi parts

What does it cover?

  • Hijacking

  • Theft

  • Accidental damage

  • Roadside emergencies

  • Liability to third parties

What are the main benefits?

  • The company gives you assistance in case there is an accident

  • You will be able to turn to a service provider 27/7 in case you find yourself in an accident

  • You can have your taxi substituted with a brand new taxi

  • If in the first six months, your vehicle is written off, hijacked or stolen, the company will make sure to replace it and will even pay for the installation of a brand new tracking unit.

  • If will cover you in the road. For free, the company will deal with your claim from beginning to end

  • Access passenger liability. You will stay protected in case passengers decide to sue you if an accident takes place.

  • Stay protected with installments. The company will pay up to a maximum of two installment to the client’s credit provider in case the taxi is involved in an accident so that in can be repaired

  • It will provide roadside assistance so that if there is a flat tyre while you are driving or your taxi is out of fuel, the company will assist you so that you are not stranded on the road.

Does Khusela offer taxi business insurance?

Khusela offers clients the option to insure their taxi vehicle in different ways. You can:

-Protect your business

-Access comprehensive cover

-Access third party covers

Experts at Khusela understand that unfortunate events can be the worst when you are on the road. For your business, this can become a financial setback in no time. That is why the company covers chauffeur services, shuttle services and taxi services for traditional minibuses. These products are mainly designed to meet the needs of drives and taxi operators who want to keep their business protected. You should also know that there are some policy extensions available. The extensions can be added to the client’s comprehensive policy, paying an additional cost.

-Business protect: the company can pay a fix amount for a maximum of twenty day and in relation to all the days that the taxi is being kept off the road. This would apply in case you see yourself in an accident

-For personal accidents: a fixed amount will be paid out in case a passenger or the driver are disabled or killed because of an accident.

-Zero excess: when an accident has taken place, the company will pay for the excess payable.

-Deposit sure: if your vehicle is hijacked, stolen and you cannot recover it, the company will make sure to pay the deposit that was afforded when financing took place.

In case you are short of credit, the company will pay the difference under the credit agreement of the amount that the client owes and the retail value in case there is a total loss.

Which are SA taxi insurance contact details?

If you need to contact SA taxi insurance, you can:

  • Contact the company by phone at 0861 829 448

  • Call the company by Switchboard at 011 550 9300

You can also leave your personal information for Khusela to reach you in return.

Which are Khusela taxi business insurance contact details?

If you need to reach Khusela, the contact details for both SA taxi insurance and taxi business insurance are the same. If you want to visit the company in person and ask for insurance face to face, you can go to Randjespark, 179, 15th Road, in Midrand.

Does Khusela have a taxi insurance contact number?

Yes, you can call at 0861 829 448, which is the same number for SA taxi insurance. You should know that the company has offices in Johannesburg, Durban and Polokwane. The offices in Johannesburg are for:

  • Taxi auto repairs

  • Taxi direct

  • Taxi protect

  • Taxi media

  • Taxi head office

You will also find a map on the website so that you can find the directions easily and in a more visual way.

In concusion, is Khusela ideal for taxi insurance?

Khusela is meant to keep your vehicle taxi safe when you are down on the road. Here is a chart that may help you organize your ideas while you decide whether to insure your taxi with this company or keep on looking for options in South Africa.


You simply have to apply for insurance by phone or online. You can too visit the offices.


0861 829 448


You can access cover for your taxi, to protect your business

Remember that with this company, you can access different benefits and you can add policy extensions to have an insurance that is much more complete. Explore the extensions and the positive advantages of having your vehicle insured with Khusela.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Does it cover hijacking?

Yes, it does.

Can Khusela protect your business?

Yes, it can.

Is it possible to access third party covers?

Yes, Khusela offers that option

I have an Avanza operating as a taxi in Lusikisiki, can I get insurance cover?

Of course, you can obtain an insurance cover for your vehicle Avanza which is operating as a taxi. The recommendation is to resort to Khusela Insurance Products. The process of application is super simple as you just need to visit the local offices or communicate by phone. Also, you can apply for the insurance in an online way. 

I need a quote for a taxi insurance.

If you are looking for a taxi insurance company, the recommendation is to resort to the company Khusela Insurance Products. The application process is quite simple as you can do everything online, by phone or by visiting the local offices. You will need to provide your personal details as well as the vehicle information. In this way, you will be able to obtain a quote. 

Hi, I have a Renault Triber working as a local, can it be covered?

One of the South African insurance companies you can turn to is Khusela. Usually, there is an online form where you can leave all your contact details, so they can contact you back. In this way, you can get your Renault Triber covered if it is working as a taxi. 

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