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Ok, can we please talk about car insurance made easy? Who cannot relate to long and tiresome car insurance buying processes? Lots of paperwork, policies that are hard to get out of and more. Yes, we’ve all been there. Enough of that. You need to know the new trend in car insurance policies, and it is called Pineapple Car Insurance. Are you ready to take your car insurance experience to the next level?

You’ve come to the right place, then. In this article, we will tell you all there is to know about Pineapple car insurance. What will you learn? You will learn how it works, how you buy it, how you cancel it, what does it cover. Also, you will find out what other people think of this company and how to contact them.

Hello to the new generation of users who would rather do things online, easy, and quickly. This is for you; say goodbye to long queues and waiting behind the phone for someone to answer your questions.

What is Pineapple Car Insurance?

Pineapple car insurance is an App that will enable you to buy car insurance from the comfort of your home, your work, wherever you are. So, how does pineapple insurance work? Easy peasy. You download the app to your cell phone and buy the car insurance with a few touches on the screen.

We know this can be a little hard to believe since we were used to long car insurance submitting processes and waiting several minutes over the phone for someone to talk to us. Now, with Pineapple, that is old news. Within minutes, you can have your car insured.

The main difference with how Pineappel car insurance works when compared to other types of coverage is that you do not insure your car per se, but your ride. We will talk more about this below. Now, it is time to tell you another incredible piece of news. The insurance you will get through this app is run by Old Mutual; one of the biggest and most reputable insurance companies of the country.

Why do I have to download Pineapple Application to buy my Car Insurance?

Pineapple car insurance is a whole new concept. This means that you no longer buy it through a car insurance agent or a webpage. Now, you can do this through your phone using Pineapple app. But that is not it. Everything that is related to your car insurance will be done trough this App. You want to buy more coverage? Through the App. You want to claim coverage? Trough the App. You want to cancel the insurance? Through the App. This gives us cause to tell you that you can cancel your insurance at any time through the app. So, no need to wait until the policy to expire and no penalties!

What does My Ride Cover Mean when we Talk about Pineapple Car Insurance?

This means that in a way, with Pineapple you cover more than your car, you insure your ride. Also, when you ride your car less, you can get discounts on your premium. So, for instance, let’s say that one month you choose to carpool with a pal to work, and you do not use your car. Then, you will get a discount on your premium! This is a great benefit that will allow you to save money while you have your car protected.

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How to Quote for Pineapple Car Insurance?

If you are ready to jump into this new car insurance trend, then you are more than ready to quote your car insurance at Pineapple. As we told you above, all of this is done through the App or online. You will be asked information regarding you and your car. For instance, you will have to enter your name and last, your ID, and provide Pineapple with characteristics of your car.

Of course, if you need further assistance or if you are one of those people who still fancy human contact, you can drop them a line or call them. We will tell you how later.

What Kind of Reviews can be Found about Pineapple Car Insurance?

As anything these days, we can find reviews about almost everything on the Internet. This is no different for car insurance such as the one provided by Pineapple. However, how can we know if we can trust those car insurance reviews or no? Who wrote them? If the reviews are positive, how do we know they’re truthful? And if they are negative… How do we know it is not the competition trashing the other company? Hard to tell.

What we can see as fact is that this App provides insurance underwritten by Old Mutual. This is an insurance company with a proven reputation in South Africa. There may be people whose experiences might not have been so good, but overall, it is an insurer with great reputation.

We always urge our readers to ask around among their acquaintances if they know the insurance company they are considering. This might give you first-hand information about the company.

How to Contact Pineapple Car Insurance?

So far, we have made it clear that you can contact and buy Pineapple car insurance through the App or online. However, if you need to talk to an employee, you can do so by dropping them a line at:

We can hardly say that there is anything positive about what we’ve experienced with the pandemic and the lockdown we’ve all been subjected to these last two years. However, we could agree that doing things online, especially those we dislike doing like going to the bank, or asking for car insurance, is pretty awesome. Now more and more companies are turning their businesses online and allowing clients to contact them through the web or apps.

This is the case with Pineapple car insurance. The aim here was to show you this option and tell you how you can benefit from it. We’ve explained how it works and how you can buy the insurance. We hope this information helps you with your search for convenient and easy-to-buy car insurance in South Africa. 

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Questions and answers

How do they know if I ride less?

When you buy Pineapple car insurance you can choose to activate this booster. You will have to contact Pineapple and have them install their tracking device on your car. With this tracker, the Pineapple App will be able to establish is you are using your car less or not. If you are, you will get a discount.

How do I pay for the car insurance?

Pineapple will give you different options for you to pay your car insurance. You can use a credit card or you might want to choose to ask Pineapple to debit from your bank account. All that can easily be arranged through the app when you buy your car insurance. Also, if at some point you want to change your payment method, you will be able to do so.

Are there exclusions to the coverage offered by Pineapple?

All car insurance has exclusions. These have to do with the different events that might lead to an incident. For instance, if the damage caused to the car was provoked by a third party, the car insurance company will have no responsibility. A similar case happens with damages caused to the car by use.

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