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Is There Old Mutual Car Insurance Available? Contact Information and Queries

Old Mutual Car Insurance

About the company

Old Mutual is the biggest and one of the most trustworthy financial services provider in South Africa. The main reasons for its success are balance, flexibility and diversity. The Old Mutual group offers its products in Africa, Europe, the Americas and Asia. It has more than 17 million customers and more than 60 thousand employees.

Old Mutual began in 1845 in South Africa as a mutual life insurance company. Nowadays, after 170 years, it is renowned for its accountability for meeting a broad range of its customers’ financial needs at different stages of their lives.

Besides, this company is characterized as a responsible business due to its main objective of helping its customers achieve their goals in life, while investing in their futures and their families’. To achieve this objective, it has a five-pillar approach which shows that the customer is the first concern:  

Responsible to our customers

Responsible investment

  • Responsible to our employees

  • Responsible to our communities

  • Responsible environmental management

As well as accountability and responsibility, this company also has another value that guides its business namely, “pushing beyond boundaries”, which is reflected in its constant innovation.

IWYZE old mutualInside the Old Mutual Group, IWYZE or THE WISER YOUprovides reliable insurance services.  With a wide variety of car insurance, home insurance, personal goods and liability coveroptions, Old Mutual iWYZE aims at protecting your family and your lifestyle. Its products include:
  • Car Insurance

  • Home Insurance

  • General & Specified Valuables

  • Motorcycle Insurance

  • Watercraft Insurance

  • Trailer and Caravan Insurance

  • Personal Liability and Legal Insurance

Car Insurance Overview

Car Insurance is one of the essential insurances nowadays for a number of reasons. First of all, cars are important assets for individuals due to their expensive costs and thus, it is necessary to have an insurance to cover against damages and loss. Another important reason to take into account is the frequency of car thefts, hijacking and vehicle accidents in South Africa. Therefore, owning a vehicle can be considered a risk factor and it is better to be protected. Besides, third parties insurance can save you from paying a huge amount of money because it takes care of the damage caused to other cars involved in the accident. Moreover, South African law enforces the third party car insurance coverage, so you are forced by law to hire a car insurance.

It is important to understand the benefits of car insurance and search for the different types and plans available in order to choose the option that best suits your need.

IWYZE Options

iWYZE car insurance provides great benefits and rewards at no extra cost, as well as optional benefits.  There are three options for you to choose according to your budget and needs Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire & Theft or Third Party only cover.

  • iWYZE Comprehensive cover– it covers against accidents, fire and theft, and against claims bythird partiesonly if you are liable for their damage.

  • Third Party, Fire and Theft– it covers against the lost or damage to your vehicle due to fire or theft, and againstthird party claims when you are held accountable.

  • Third Party Only insurance– it only covers against third party claims if you are liable for the cost ofdamage or injury to others.

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It is important to bear in mind that the comprehensive cover has other benefits as well namely, replacement or repair of your car if it is damaged in an accident or if it is stolen or damaged by fire, lightning, explosion, or attempted theft; compensation for a third party and coverage of the legal costs if you are involved in an accident and you are held legally accountable for it; and additional benefits such as car hire, credit shortfall, emergency medical expenses, trauma counselling, and emergency accommodation.

What can be insured?

  • Private motor cars, which include station wagons, minibuses and motorized caravans; light delivery vehicles (LDV) or double-cab vehicles with a gross mass not exceeding 3 500kg.

  • All of the above registered under your name (as the policyholder) or your spouse, and listed in your Policy Schedule.

  • Any Motor Vehicle (as defined by the above) hired, leased or temporarily used by you as a replacement for your insured Motor Vehicle if the purpose of their use is overhaul, upkeep and/or repair by the motor trade.

How to apply for Old Mutual Car Insurance

If you need or want more information and a FREE quote for car insurance in South Africa, call0860 93 94 93and speak to one of its specialized consultants or submit your details at the bottom form in and a representative from the company will call you back. You can also get aquick quote online in the aforementioned website.


With so many cars on the South African roads these days, the chances of being involved in a car accident are higher than ever before. And with the current crime rate in South Africa, you also need cover against the risks ofcar theft and hijacking. Even though there areso many car insurance companies in South Africa that offer you cheap cover options, it makes more sense to choose your insurance for its accountability and responsibility. Old Mutual iWYZE is the company you have peace of mind for yourself and your family.

Besides being a reliable insurance cover, Old Mutual iWYZE offers top-quality benefits andgreat rewards at no extra cost. These extra benefits include three types of no-claim rewards, payment of your insurance premiumsfor up to 6 months if you are retrenched, road and home emergency service 24/7, mobile app to use in the event of a car accident or house robbery.

Bearing all this in mind, choosing Old Mutual car insurance is an excellent idea for you and your family because it is reliable, cost-effective and varied. Old Mutual adapts to your financial situation and your immediate needs by offering a wide range of affordable products with the only aim of helping you.

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Questions and answers

Do I insure my vehicle for Domestic or Business Use?

Domestic Use is when you use your vehicle for social, domestic or pleasure purposes, and travel to and from work. iWYZE will cover vehicles used for these purposes under the Domestic Use classification. Business Use includes social, domestic or pleasure purposes, driving to and from work and certain professional or business calls (for example, driving to and from business meetings). iWYZE will cover vehicles used for these purposes under the Business Use classification.

Do younger drivers pay higher insurance premiums?

Unfortunately for young drivers, insurance statistics show that the risk of accidents reduces with age. Older drivers have fewer accidents than younger drivers. Consequently your age is a factor in the calculation of your premium and younger drivers pay a higher premium than older drivers. This effect on the insurance premium reduces as the driver ages and this will automatically be factored into your annual premium adjustment

Does iWYZE cover damages incurred in an accident when a friend is driving?

Yes, provided that all terms and conditions of your iWYZE vehicle insurance policy have been met. However, if your friend, or anyone else, becomes the regular driver of your vehicle, then iWYZE must be informed and this fact shown in your Policy Schedule.

Hi I have a Cherokee 2009. 3.7L. how can I get a quote?

You can obtain a quote for your insurance of a Cherokee 2009 by filling in a form you can find in the company´s official website

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