Take 10 Steps to Obtain Hollard Car Insurance in South Africa

Take 10 Steps to Obtain Hollard Car Insurance in South Africa

Hollard Car Insurance is one of the most recognized companies in South Africa due to their vast options to get protection together with their long-time experience. Clearly, these are characteristics any citizen would look for when choosing car insurance. All the same, buying vehicle insurance from such an important entity is not enough to get the best service. You ought to know every detail about their covers to don’t make mistakes. Because of that, you should read these lines to know about their quotes, plans, benefits and more to take firm steps when paying for vehicle insurance.

4 easy steps you should check to efficiently calculate your Hollard Car Insurance Premium 

There’s a particular step you must take proper notice when insuring your vehicle calculate your car insurance budget to know the type of cover you can pay for. It is common that South Africans pay attention to prices only without looking at what they are paying for. If you only focus on car insurance quotes, you won’t know if it’s a reasonable price the insurer is giving you. So, make sure you get an affordable car insurance quote by:

King Price Car Insurance, choose the excess that best suits your budget.

King Price Car Insurance

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  • Checking what’s included under the vehicle insurance policy you buy.

  • Comparing that policy to another insurance company’s policy.

  • Studying how much excess you must pay according to possible claims.

  • Verifying if you are allowed to get some of your premium back.

If you keep these 4 tips in mind from the start, you’ll surely get to know if Hollard Car Insurance products are worth paying for. As we know this is just one of the steps you should take, we encourage you to keep reading about how to go on with the process at Hollard.

Will Hollard give me a Car Insurance Quote online?  

Aiming to offer the best service when insuring South African drivers, Hollard car insurance quote will be given to you after having a phone conversation. This means, clearly, it won’t be as simple as just submitting your information online but, either way, it won’t be complicated. By giving them some basic personal and contact information, Hollard Vehicle insurance will give you a call to find out about your vehicle and inform you about your options. Although you might think it’s not as convenient as a car insurance quote online, you will find out having a real time conversation with one of Hollard assistant about your motor vehicle insurance will have its pros.

However, once you buy your Hollard vehicle motor insurance, you can register and manage every detail of your policy online.

When do I need Shortfall Cover? Is it possible to get it at Hollard car insurance?  

Often enough, we receive questions about Hollard shortfall cover so, it’s important we take time to go deep into this topic. Firstly, this cover is in charge of helping you if you have bought a new car and you’re still paying for it. As you know, you get to drive that car while you’re still cancelling your instalment so, a Shortfall cover will finish paying for the car in case something bad happens to it and it gets written off, for example. In such case, you will avoid having to keep paying for a vehicle you can’t drive anymore. If you get this vehicle insurance plan, you need to know:

  • It will only pay for the residual debt at the moment of the incident. This means you won’t get what you have already paid back.

  • It you had to refinance your debt; it won’t be covered.

  • It’s only available for vehicle financed by a lending entity.

  • It’s a car insurance plan you should add to the cover you choose.

What Hollard Car Insurance cover is best for paid up cars?   

To start, shortfall cover is a plan you don’t need to worry about as, you are not taking the risk we explained in the previous question. Now, focusing on paid up cars there are a number of questions to look at before selecting vehicle insurance. Some of them are:

  • How old is the car?

  • Which is the model of the car?

  • Is it used or brand new?

  • What’s its general condition?

The answers to these questions will reveal the value of the car you want to insure so, once you know the approximated value of the car, you can go on by choosing among a comprehensive car insurance, or a more basic one. The general rule is to be protected against 3rd party liability at least and, if it’s a new car, to try to get a comprehensive cover.

At Hollard, you will also find specific vehicle insurance coverage to take care of everything your car needs.

Singular features of Hollard Comprehensive Car Insurance  

In case you have a high valued car, you are probably interested in Hollard Comprehensive car insurance so, let’s deal with it. Of course, as with any company, a comprehensive plan will cover 3rd party liabilities and damage made to your car. But I think we can focus on special features Hollard offers in this plan to show you why should you choose them.

  • Among the simple things, your keys and remote controls are protected if you lose them, for instance.

  • Then, in a more complicated scenario, let’s say a car accident, Hollard will take care of the removal of wreckage and the transportation and storage of the vehicle.

Besides, there are 2 unusual covers in Hollard comprehensive package:

  • If you need to transport your vehicle (no matter the means of transport), it will get Transit cover.

  • Hollard also includes vehicle modifications if you need to adjust it for disability.

Does Hollard offer car insurance for taxis?  

Hollard, being the great insurance company that it is, offers insurance for taxis under their business package. For this product, you will deal with Hollard through Clarendon Transport Underwriters. There, you will find protection in the following aspects:

  • If you choose to add it, you can get cover for injuries your passenger might suffer.

  • Loss of income in case you can’t work due to a vehicle breakdown.

  • You will also get economic support to buy a car if you lose your vehicle. Bear in mind, the causes accepted to claim are varied: hijacking, damage or for being stolen.

What’s Hollard pay as your dive car insurance about?      

Pay as you Drive, also known as Pay as you Go, is a popular cover but, it’s not available in South Africa. It refers to the possibility of paying a car insurance premium according to the distance you drive your vehicle. However, as we said, it’s not a cover South Africans can get for their cars. All the same, there are plenty of other protection plans you can buy for your car at Hollard, as you can see in this article.

How would Hollard Roadside Assistance help?  

As it has been explained, a comprehensive cover will offer roadside assistance. It includes helping you on car accidents as well as, storing your car after towering. Clearly, knowing you will have Hollard taking care of that issue will help you keep calm on any road difficulty you might face. Apart from roadside, Hollard vehicle insurance has En-route cover which serves as protection for any person travelling in your car. What’s more, this cover’s protection works even if you are driving outside South Africa.

What does Hollard Motor Extended cover?  

We all know that purchasing a car to a dealership includes a car warranty. All the same, such warranty expires after certain agreed time. So, Hollard car insurance has taken measures for you not to leave without this warranty with their MotorXtender Cover. Those who chose to get it, will benefit from a practical service. For example, you can cover your vehicle’s gearbox or engine and, it also includes roadside assistance at any time you need to use it. The maximum parts of the car that Hollard accepts to cover can reach up to 23. Also, there’s a special benefit that allows you to have an extra sum of money in case the repair cost is higher than the limit agreed.

You must know, Hollard Extended cover relays on the make of the vehicle to decide the limits and premiums of such cover and, you decide if you want to increase or lower the cover.

What are the requirements to get Hollard Car insurance cancellation? 

If you’re an existing Hollard car insurance client thinking about cancelling the service, you should get in contact with them to go over the process. Of course, no matter how much time have passed since you took it, you must have paid your monthly premiums correctly to not have problem when annulling your vehicle insurance. If your policy is about to expire, you just need to tell them you are not interested in renewing it.

Remember, it’s important you drive your car protected so, we highly recommend you not to leave your vehicle without insurance and, do some research on how to choose car insurance at an affordable price.

Is there a Hollard Car Insurance Customer Care Number? 

If you need to contact this company customer care, you can dial 08 60 123 32 79 to talk to any of Hollard assistance. Following, you’ll get Hollard motor insurance contact details to reach them.

How can I contact Hollard Car Insurance via email address?

As regards Hollard vehicle insurance email address, they have three different options: to make claims, to complaint and to make any kind of query. This last option, for general queries, you can write to easypolicyservices@hollard.co.za.

Where can I find Hollard car insurance branches in South Africa?

Luckily, Hollard Car Insurance has opened plenty of branches all around the country so, you will find no obstacle on reaching one of them. Next, we’ll detail two of the most popular Hollard car insurance offices.

Where’s Hollard Car insurance in Durban?

For Durban citizens wanting to discuss their Hollard motor vehicle insurance cover in person, you can direct to Redefine Towers which is located in 320 Mark Ln. You will find Hollard branch at the office 119.

Will I find a Hollard vehicle insurance in Johannesburg?

Of course! In Johannesburg, you need to go to 22 Oxford Road in Parktown to find Hollard car insurance office. If you live near Victoria Street, you might prefer going to Golden Walk to ask for your Hollard car insurance.

Hollard Car Insurance in South Africa

Hollard Car Insurance Requirements

Submit true information about your vehicle conditions

Hollard Car Insurance Phone Number

Call the number 0560-123-3279

Hollard Car Insurance Working Hours

Weekdays from 8 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon

To summarize, we have shown you enough reasons to think Hollard car insurance can be a fine alternative. All that’s left to do is to select the plan that best covers your vehicle keeping in mind the information shown above.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Can I get insurance for two cars?

Of course! You might even get special quotes if you insure more than 1 vehicle.

I would like renovate my car insurance, can I?

Yes! All you need is to contact Hollard to get your updated quote.

Who is eligible to buy car insurance?

Any South African citizen owning a driver licence.

I am already insured by hollard. Going on pension end of march 2018 and will be doing limited driving to shops, collect grandson from school and perhaps a visit to pretoria now and again. Does hollard offer pensioners a special rate does hollard offer a limited mileage car insurance is it less expensive to insure your vehicle and household contents together or is separate insurance more affordable

Hollard does offer special rates for pensioners that aim to insure their cars, for instance a rate that is about R 600

How can I update my car insurance policy?

You can send an e-mail to faxbmdworkflow@hollard.co.za or call them on 0861 010 203.

Can I call at any moment if I have an emergency with my car?

Yes, you can call 24 hours a day to Hollard Assit 0861 000 911.

What are the different options to cover my car?

You can choose between comprehensive motor insurance; third party, fire and theft insurance; and third party insurance.

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