Recover your Money: Cheap 5 Car Insurance with Cash Back

Recover your Money: Cheap 5 Car Insurance with Cash Back

When in need of cash back, it is always difficult to turn to companies that have what we need or want. We generally look for car insurance with cash back or vouchers since it is a way of saving money and gaining benefits. In this article, it is possible to find out about the companies in South Africa that provide cash back with car insurance, how to get a quote, which one is the cheapest, which one may be the best and what to do with excess refund.

How does car insurance with cash back or vouchers work?

Cash back bonuses or rewards are convenient. However, not all companies provide them. In general, most of the companies offer this possibility when you qualify, that is, if the client hasn’t claimed for a certain or specific period of time that tends to be of three years.

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My Way, for instance, offers cash back benefits in South Africa:

  • After three months of cover, if you purchase a policy online with Myway, you can get a premium back.

  • The amount could be up to R500 extra per year for only carrying out the operations online

  • The cash rewards are transparent

  • You receive the cash reward in your bank account

Is there cheapest car insurance with cash back?

There are many options in the market that you can exploit in your advantage. One of the companies that offer cheap and convenient car insurance with cash back is Myway. The company firmly believes in insuring more equals saving more money. They create insurance deals that are affordable and so they encourage clients to pull their assets that can be insured the take all the benefits of a consolidated policy. How does the system work?

  • If you get to insure two vehicles, clients can obtain a minimum of 25% off in cash back

  • If you get to insure three cars, you will get a minimum discount of fifty percent

  • If you get to insure four cars, you can get a minimum discount of seventy five percent

  • If you have the possibility to insure five vehicles, then you can get the vehicle insured for free (this would apply only to the one with the cheapest premium)

  • If, besides insuring a minimum of one car, you add household contents, then you can obtain a discount of 25% regarding the insurance for home contents

Is there best car insurance with cash back?

If you need the best car insurance with cash back, this may take a while. In general, opinion and preferences are too subjective and they depend on each client’s desires and needs. Many companies, such as Momentum, Myway and Budget car insurance offer the possibility of cash back with extra benefits. When it comes to good companies that offer cash back, here is a list that may help of small companies:

  • The ones that were praised the most and received the least amount of complaints were  AIG insurance, Santam, Sanlam, Regent, Mutual and Federal.

  • The companies that have received a little bit more criticism were AA insurance, Alexander Forbes, Mometum, PPS and Prime Meridian. Now, these companies received little complaints and they too offer cash back deals

  • The companies that were mostly criticized are Virgin Money and FNB Insurance Brokers

How are car insurance quotes obtained with cash back?

The only way for you to get access to quotes is by providing information to the company you want to work with. This can only be done also if you are a South African citizen. In general, people prefer to take a quote in order to foresee the possible costs of insurance deals and fees per month. To obtain cash back, in general companies may ask you to buy your insurance online so that you can obtain these rewards. After just three months, with My way it is possible to obtain it. Why do many clients have a preference for My way standard insurance?

  • The company offers affordable premiums

  • There is low flat excess

  • Car insurance can be managed online without the need of calling up an agent

  • You can have your premiums fixed for a whole period of thirty six months

  •  Get cash rewards by purchasing your car insurance in a virtual way

  • The claim process is hassle free

  • You will access emergency assistance on the road for free

Is there a car insurance excess refund?

There are many companies in South Africa that offer this option for customers. Clients should be aware of excess payments, though:

  • When the claim is paid out or settled, the excess amount consists in the very first amount that is payable to you.

  • It is a way of preventing small claims

  • The excess payment has to be paid to the service provider

  • The insurance company will have to make sure that they deduct the excess taken from the payout amount in case the claim is settled in cash

  • If you pick a company like Outsurance, then clients will only have to pay one excess that will remain fixed

Is car insurance with cash back possible in South Africa?

Of course it is possible. Conditions change because of the companies and so each of them may have different regulations.

What is it?

It is cash that you get back and save from insuring a policy

How does it work?

Some agencies offer this option and you get it in your account

What to take into account?

Some companies only provide this service if there has been a period of consecutive claims before. It may be of months or years.

In conclusion, most companies work with this system of offering insurance with cash back. However, you should bear in mind that there are always specific conditions and regulations that clients are enforced to follow in order to obtain this benefit. You should always check whether you qualify for it or not with the company of your preference and then, calculate your quote to find out if the price is convenient for you.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Can I get a refund?

Yes, simply apply for it when necessary

Do I need consecutive claims?

Yes, in order to get cash back.

Where can I make the excess payment?

It has to be paid to the service provider

If I have my insurance cancelled by another provider, can I have another insurance with another company?

Certainly, you can. If your current car insurance has been cancelled for any particular reason, then you can apply for another insurance coverage. Please, make sure your current policy is no longer active to ask for another one at a different company. For instance, Absa Bank is a great option in terms of vehicle insurance. 

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