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Can I Find Standard Bank Insurance? Quote and Contact Information

     In the following article, you will be given all the data you need regarding the insurance you need, which is of course provided by Standard Bank. And, you will also receive facts regarding the contact details of this wonderful bank, which of course includes phone numbers, addresses, official website and a very useful chart with data about a branch and a quote, that I am sure will be quite a benefit for you.

What does Standard Bank offers?

Standard Bank offers a Comprehensive Cover, which protects its clients against any type of loss or damage that causes damage to them and also fire or accidents on the road. Clients are also protected when nature causes strong storms. And, the company also offers a Limited Cover which is a great option two, even though it is not as complete as the first one.

How is it possible to obtain either a car or home insurance in Standard Bank?

1. You can apply online in the company´s website that is filling a form with your data

2. You can ask the company to call you back in the mean time

3. You can phone on 0860 123 999

Now that you know the most basic stuff about starting operating with Standard Bank for an insurance let me give you more information that is crucial for you:

Standard Bank proposes investment and monetary services, counting transactional banking, investment, cover, and danger and affluence management. I will of course put emphasis on their insurance facilities. Standard Bank offers advance insurance, portable insurance, funeral insurance, lifetime insurance, car insurance and also homebased insurance.

Standard Bank´s Car Insurance for South Africans

Your car will be protected in many cases, so pay attention to its features:

A.Substitution of your car or paying for the price your vehicle costed

B Paying the customer the retail price of the car

C.Looking for a newer car

Keeping the client´s car in a really safe place

And the following are the benefits given to car drivers:

+Aid with pulling your vehicle to the adjacent repair workshop or pay you the storage dues

+Help with transporting your car to an address in South Africa subsequent to the repairs

+Help with setting windscreen blows

+Third party accountability

+Trauma therapy

+Medical expenditure

+Support with sound gear spare

+Help with reimbursing for tracking means for a new carriage if the old one was taken

+Support with lost keys or remote controls of the car

This is how simple clients of this bank can fill a claim:

Clients of Standard Bank will only need to fill in a form in the company´s official website. You will there see the details of the procedure as well as the different documentation you must send by fax to the company.

Please remember that Standard Bank in order to found you eligible of their insurances must make sure you have submitted current financial documentation as well as having chosen an insurance that you are able to pay in the long term. Otherwise, your application will be rejected, since the company has to determine affordability first.

Now, if you are interested in obtaining a quote and review of the company´s service as insurances take a look at this:

Throughout the past year, the company has received many positive reviews by customers that experienced a really good service when trying to protect their homes and cars. This indicates that the company has really improved its services throughout the course of its funding. Moreover, many clients claim that customer service is just great since the company has designed specific areas so that the different services asked by clients are effectively satisfied.

Regarding quotes, clients can ask for a home insurance of R 50 000 and pay for it in about 2 years.



 Standard Bank has a strong and revealing website. The website is filled with a lot of data, particularly about the company’s past in overall, as well as their participation in the public. In terms of carriage insurance precisely, it provides a connection to their car insurance strategy, which clarifies their selections in detail.


There are many of offices you are able as a client in South Africa to pay a visit to. For example, you can go to one agency located at 2 Heerengracht Towers, Hans Strijdom Avenue Ln in Cape Town City Centre. You can also call their advisors there before going in person to an office, by dialing up the following number: 27 21 914 1822. This office is open to the public during weekdays on business hours.

There is an additional physical office exactly located at this address: 16 Main Road,  in Clan William, 8135 area of Cedarberg, Western Cape, whose telephone number for you to dial up from home is the following one:27 27 482 2117. This office opens on this schedule to the public: Mondays to Fridays to 9 in the morning to 3:30 in the afternoon. It also opens on weekends: Saturdays from 08:30 am to 11:00 am.

In this chart, you have data about another office of the company present in South Africa, which includes phone numbers, quotes and addresses, so that you can start insuring anything you want with Standard Bank:


Insurances, loans, financial services

Telephone number

53 672 0008


R 50 000


Heerengracht Street , Foreshore


Current payslips, bank statements


Not more than 20% on interest rates

Working hours

Business hours on weekdays

Find the best insurance of South Africa

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To sum up, if you are a citizen of South Africa and you are trying to obtain the protection the different assets you possess require, then a good option might be to contact Standard Bank and see in detail the many type of insurances the company has to offer. You can not only insure your car but the company has also insurances for your house and your place of work. What are you waiting to contact the company in the mean time? I am sure you will not regret having done that.

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