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Is There a Car insurance For Old Cars? Type of Insurances and Contact Information

     Have you bought a car in the past that is now an old car? Would you like it to be insured? I have in mind two wonderful companies that can really help those clients that currently possess second hand or old cars: Absa and Old Mutual.

    For such reason, in the present article I will deal with the details of each of the insurances and then the contact information of these firms that are currently functioning in South Africa.

Old Mutual´s Car insurance for old cars

What type of insurances are ideal for old cars?


It can give you as much protection as you want at any circumstance and that can include experiencing one accident with another car, alone or even a sad circumstance in your home with your vehicle.


What can you get?

You can get protection from an outside driver, from a fire that has striken and damaged your car and also when someone has robbed something from the interior of your car. In those cases Old Mutual can offer its services and guidance and take care of all the expenses generated by awful events


The only party that gets covered is the third one, since if you have an accident and the other person´s car gets broken or need to be repaired, then Old Mutual will respond by paying every expense of it. But it will not take care of your expenses in the accident. However, it is the cheapest option, so that makes it a good alternative too.

Absa´s Car insurances

    Like it is the case with Old Mutual, with Absa you can have access to three different insurances for old cars, which are very likely to the previous ones, but I will also tell you about them:


Yes, I know what you must be thinking, that it is the one that costs the most but in the long term you will thank having selected this option. That happens because with this cover you can be calm and easy going that your car and you will be protected always, with no restrictions. You will never have to pay extra fees, those fees are taken care by Absa. And it does not matter if you are guilty, the company stills protects you, its client.


   Yes, occasions such as damaging the other client´s car, being in an explosion and experiencing the sad situation of being robbed by a thief can disappear thanks to this kind of insurance for old cars. This is the medium option offered since it is not considered the cheapest but at the same time it is not the one that costs the most.


   This is an option selected by those drivers that have old cars that are not so new but at the same time are not in a really good state. So, they believe they need minimum protection such as begin protected against a third party. In such situation, Absa is there to help the client by covering all the costs. Most clients that favor this option are trying to save money in order to buy a new car, so that makes sense.


Old Mutual

    It is really simple contacting Old Mutual, since one of the means is going in person to the office found in Bloemfontein, whose address is 196 Nelson Mandela Doctor, open during weekdays on business hours. Its telephone number is this one so make sure to have it with you: 505 2600.

Another office of the company, also present in Bloemfontein, is in 172 Zastron Street, whose phone number is this one, so make sure to keep it:

505 2111. This has to do with a branch that is currently open during weekdays from 09 am to 04 pm and of course closes during weekends and holidays

The last means you can take advantage of is going in person to an office in Charlotte Maxie Street, whose address is Ground Floor and 1st Floor in the Old Saambou Building. Its telephone number is this one: 406 9131. It is open during weekdays on business times.

Contacting Absa to insure an old car

    You can go to a local office in Nelson Manderla Doctor, inside Bloemfontein. This office opens on weekdays on business hours. And you have a phone number available to making multiple questions or inquiries: 401 0682

There is a phone number you can phone if you have doubts or concerns about the services and products that are present in the company, so stick to this number when in doubt: 086-000-8600. If you phone to that line you will be answered by a professional of the firm who will kindly respond to any questions you have about the services.

   And, you can also make use of the official website of Absa, which in fact has been updated with recent data about the terms and conditions of the loans and insurances found there. There is also a section for people that are trying to buy a second hand car and to not know what to take into account so as to get the best deal.

In this chart, you will find the data you require about another branch of Absa in the country:

Email of Absa

You can fill in a form and send a message in the company´s website

Telephone number available

406 8000


Provided in person or by applying online

Address given

Shop 18, Loch Logan Waterfront on Henry Street

Requirements to meet

A current salary and pay slips

Online services available

Online application is still available

Working hours

Business hours Mondays to Fridays

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    To conclude, insuring an old car has never been that simple with these two companies: Old Mutual and Absa. Please phone them or visit an office and find yourself the best insurance for your car

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