Find the Cheapest Car Insurance Brokers in South Africa

Find the Cheapest Car Insurance Brokers in South Africa

When it comes to get the best protection for your vehicle, it’s hardly impossible to deny there’s so much to think about that it can make the process a little stressful. With the simple purpose of trying to make it easy for you, we’ll delve into valuable information about this topic. As you probably know, brokers play a key role when getting car insurance in South Africa. This is the reason why we want to place special attention to this and, give you some basic data to take advantage of such service.

What exactly do vehicle insurance brokers take care of?

Whenever you buy car insurance, there’s a lot to take into consideration. Among the most important details, we can point out the following questions:

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  • How much cover do you want?

  • How much can you afford?

  • What car do you need to insure?

  • What risks does your car take daily?

It’s not hard to notice paying attention to all these details can have as consequence a stressful experience, not to mention not reaching the best result with our car insurance. That’s why, a car insurance broker, thanks to being fully prepared and informed about this subject, can assist you on your best option. They function as an intermediate player between the client and the insurance company. This also means, brokers work independently showing their clients the many quotes they can get, which assures them to get the bets price after comparing them. Through the end of this article, you’ll read about independent car insurance brokers in South Africa.

Where do I find the Best Insurance Broker for heavy vehicles?

We all know it’s not the same to insure a car that’s used for commercial purpose than one that’s used for personal reasons. In general, heavy vehicles are used for transporting goods and, clearly, their insurance policy must be taken differently due to the damage that activity does in the vehicle. For such reason, it’s a good idea to get help from heavy motor insurance brokers. If you do this, that person will assist you studying several car insurance companies and analysing what your vehicle exactly needs. Besides, that person will also take into account how to get the maximum cover you can afford making sure you end up fully protected. You mustn’t forget that a good cover, while it may be expensive, will make you save money if something happens to your vehicle and the load inside it. So, don’t hesitate on having a specialist supporting you when deciding on this.  

Car Insurance Brokers in South Africa: Can I get a cheap cover?

One of the benefits why vehicle owners turn to car insurance brokers to choose their plan is because they get to have complete information about what different insurance companies have. As a result, the client compares prices and covers to recognize which of the many options best fits what he or she is looking for. Apart from looking at the cover, brokers will show you how to get a cheap quote without leaving aside the main purpose, which is to get your car the most protected possible. Basically, when you get information about different insurance entities – what they offer, how much do they charge for the service- and; when you understand the risk your car needs to cover, there’s no reason to think you can’t get the best deal for your car insurance.

List of Car Insurance Brokers in South Africa

Now we have explained how brokers work in car insurance, we think it will help you know how can you find them. Next, you’ll see a list with the 4 most recognized car insurance brokers in South Africa for you to keep at hand:

  • Broker Directory.

  • The Ombudsman

  • African Independent Brokers.

  • Associated Insurance Brokers.

When you start looking for your car insurance broker, you have to keep in mind that, even though brokers partner with insurance companies, they take you as their client, not the insurance company and, as such, they will prioritise you. This means, they contact the different entities to know exactly what is the best product for you. So, when you compare your options, know you have to trust on your broker and feel comfortable because they will assist you not only when you buy your insurance but also, if you have to make a claim in the future.

How good are African Independent Car insurance products?

As you could see, we’ve mentioned African Independent Brokers in the previous list, an entity worth mention due to the service they offer. We’ll briefly refer to what they have for you as regards insurance.

Focusing only on car insurance, they have fairly some good covers: from the complete Comprehensive Cover to the simple Third Party Only. But, there are many other options in between and one extra cover for total loss of your car. Besides, they have extra benefits you can have easy access by adding them to your policy. For example, your vehicle will be protected in case your mirrors, tyres, lights or lock suffer any kind of damage. On one side, you can have the broken part fixed and, on the other, your car can get the replacement of such part if needed. As if those covers weren’t enough, you can get Roadwise Car Warranty, which includes giving you a car for you to use while you have yours is being repaired.

What are the contact details of African Independent Car Insurance Brokers?

If you would like to contact African Independent Brokers to get your car insurance with them, you can find them at 64/66 of Charterland Avenue in Spring. You might be the kind of person who prefers to get information by email before reaching the branch and, that’s why we’ve checked their email address as well. You can ask for your car insurance at No matter which medium you choose to get in contact with African Independent Brokers, be sure you’ll get the best service.

Car Insurance Brokers in South Africa

What is a car insurance broker?

A car insurance broker is a person that is qualified to analyse risks and covers to advise you on your best option.

How does car insurance work with a broker?

The broker shows the client the different alternatives on car insurance and the quotes for those options simplifying the process for the client.

What should clients pay attention to?

It’s important to take the time to discuss with the broker to elicit any doubt before accepting the product.

Getting the most suitable car insurance is not an easy task. Luckily, we have accomplished our mission to give you complete information about this particular option. If you think a broker is what you need to get car insurance, you could get properly informed about it.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Do brokers work with every company?

Not necessarily. When you reach a car insurance broker, they will let you know which companies they partner with.

If my car’s stolen, does 3rd Party Only will cover for it?

No, in that case, you must have 3rd Party, Fire and Theft.

If I have a claim in the future, should I talk to the broker?

Yes, your car insurance broker will be in charge of assisting you with claims also.

Which brokers can one use in South Africa?

In South Africa, there are several reliable car insurance brokers that you can resort to in order to find the best insurance for a vehicle. Some of the most known companies are Broker Directory, The Ombudsman, African Independent Brokers, Associated Insurance Brokers, You can communicate with these four companies and determine which insurance is most convenient for you. 

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