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How Can I Get Auto and General Vehicle Insurance in Dainfern?

If you possess one of the most valuable assets a client can have, a car and you need vehicle insurance for it right away, then Auto and General can be a good ally in that matter. This company is present today in Dainfern and is willing to offer you a wide variety of vehicle insurances that will comply with your expectations.

Auto and General

   I must admit that this has been one of the leading insuring companies in the country for the past ten years and the reason is really simple: it has kept the same quality in all its services and made sure that clients are completely satisfied with the way they operate with the company.

   Now, when it comes to vehicle insurances, many options are offered to the people living in Dainfern, so let’s point to each of them right now and stop wasting time:

How many vehicle insurances can I get?


    This is an ideal vehicle insurance for clients that want to sleep in peace at nights and make sure that whatever takes place, its economy won’t be affected by damages created to its cars or the car of another person.

What situations are considered?

-Towing and pulling of the vehicle

-Obtaining a new license in case yours is lost or it is not updated and you need a more modern one

-Protection against outside force

-Accidents when two people are seriously injured

-Talking to a person from the legal field

-Hospitalization for free

-Repaying for content that is lost

-Replacing whatever type of accessories are found inside the car

-Paying for new appliances

-Covering damages caused by nature

-Getting a new system whenever there was a strong storm or event caused by nature that turned into a disaster

-Giving you extra amounts of money

And there are plenty of more benefits to obtain such as the fact of covering damage against a third party, paying for the accessories of the third party, and also finding a nice place to store your car while it is being repaired. The company can even buy a new car for the same price you got the previous car and you will be able to get a new model by paying $0.


   Yes, in the situations that constitute the name of this vehicle insurance, the clients of Dainfern can be sure to be protected since those are usual circumstances in which the driver can find themselves in.

Moreover, it can give protection when someone has stolen an accessory from the car like the sound system, keys or remote control. It also has to do with storing the car in a nice and safe place and making sure that all the wheels of the car are where they have to be.


   Only the other driver will be the one that won’t have to pay for the damages caused by him/her, so that means that the company is totally responsible for whatever damage is created to the other driver. It is the cheapest option for those drivers that do not have in mind spending large amounts of money on a vehicle insurance. However, they will miss the protection against natural disaster and thefts, which is a pity since those are common causes that stress drivers nowadays.


This is an option to consider if you are the driver whose car has been already paid in its totality and you need a new one or one that is newer in terms of the miles made throughout your possession. You can also choose to receive the exact same car but a new one, without having being used before


This is an extra vehicle insurance I am referring to since most fan of cars also like to possess a motor bike just to go on a journey to the hills on weekends, so it is equally important to have a vehicle insurance for these sort of vehicles.

What are is features?

*Coverage against damages with no exclusions on the sort

*Against stealing of your motor vehicle

*Replacement of accessories

*Callout fee is included

*Towing is included for sure

*Replacement of the keys of the motorbike without paying at all

*Increasing the protection as time goes by

*Third party damages are included

*Obtaining replacement of any sort of content that is found in your motorbike

*Insuring the motorbike regardless of its usage or model

*Finding a better policy as time goes by

*Being able to obtain a second motorbike for the price of one


   You might think that it is hard to get a quote from the company, but I must tell you it is not, since you have two ways open: one has to do with entering the website of the firm and there filling in a quote form so as to be contacted and give the company all the information related to yourself. And the other has to do with going in person to one of the branches situated in Dainfern. For that purpose the next chart is helpful:

How to contactAuto and GeneralinDainfern


Telesure Lane. Area of Dainfern in Riverglen 2191

Email address

Phone Number

0861 60 01 21, being that a free number availanle nowadays


From 09:30 am to 04:00 pm on weekdays

Online services

Quotes, online messaging and online chatting with the members of the company

   In order to conclude this article about Auto and General in Dainfern and its vehicle insurances, let me tell you that you will be operating with the most interesting company in terms of covers, since all their customers express a satisfaction in relation to the expectations they had. So, I believe you will be wise enough to choose one of the many vehicle insurances described above and then see the one that will be a benefit for your car and your pocket as well.

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If you possess a car and you want to make sure that it is kept in the same condition you found it when you bought it, then the best decision you can make is to get the best insurance possible.  

Auto and General

Auto and General has been one of the leading companies in insurance since 1985 providing a full variety of products and services to protect all domestic belongings. As regards its role in the car insurance industry, Auto and General offers a complete protection to your vehicle. The company has implemented practical and well-packaged car insurance choices to suit drivers in the best way possible. So if you live in Dainfern and are looking to insure your vehicle (pre-owned or new), here you will find the perfect vehicleinsurance service for yourself.

Car insurance

Auto and General offers four types of car insurance:

  • Comprehensive insurance: This is one of the most complete cover that the company offer. Want to take a look at its benefits? 

  • If you were in an accident and need towing for your car and storing your car in a safe place, the insurancecompany will pay that for you.

  • If your car is accidentally damaged by someone else, the person responsible for the damage will be in charge of paying the cost of each part that need to be replaced and the cost of repair.

  • If someone has robbed or hijacked your vehicle, the company will be in charge of buying new wheels for your car.

  • The company assures to cover anyone who gets injured an accident or even dies.  Auto and General will pay all those costs.

  • You are allowed to claim for all the expenditures connected to the damage you have caused to a third party property.

  • Based on a list you made before insuring your car, the company will pay the accessories that belong to your car and fortunately that includes the sound system.

  • If you don’t feel as satisfied as you would like with the amount of money you are covered you can always increase your third party cover.

  • Third party fire and theft insurance: this insurance protects your vehicle in case of fire damage, accidental damage caused to a third person or theft. See its benefits:

  • If  you lose your car since it was stolen or hijacked, you can solicit the company to cover your vehicle for the replacement of all the missing wheels.

  • You will be covered for any expenses related to the damage you have caused to someone else or their belongings.

  • You can increase your third party cover if you believe the one you have is not enough.

  • Third party only insurance: the less expensive option as it is main objective is to cover their customers for every damage caused to a third party or their property. You should try this insurance if you have a car that has a low value and if you have already finished paying for it. However, bear in mind that it does not cover theft, loss or damage caused by an accident.  Here are its benefits:

  • You are protected against any damage generated to the property of a third party.

  •  You can increase your third party cover.

  • Better car value insurance: if your car is already written off you have the possibility of being given a newer car or one that does not have the same kilometers as yours, but less. What is more, your car can also be replaced with the identical model you have, but one year newer.

  • Motorcycle Insurance

  • No matter which motorcycle brand you prefer or what model do you have, unfortunately you are in more danger on the road than car drivers. As a matter of fact, you are not only at more risk but at the same time motorcycle accessories are easier to get robbed. Which is why Auto and General also offers a complete insurance for motorcycle drivers.

  • Let’s see the benefits you get:

  • You are going to be covered against any type of damage you and your motorcycle suffer

  • Your motorcycle is covered if it is stolen.

  • The insurance company will cover the callout fee and tow your vehicle to the closest panel beater or seller.

  • All standard accessories, that are usually very expensive, are covered. You also have the option of specifying the standard accessories that your motorcycle has.

  • Apart from being protected against your own damage, you are also covered for the damage you can cause to a third party and their belongings.

  • You can boost your cover if you add certain accessories and hail damage to your motorcycle insurance policy.

  • Getting a quote:

If you have a vehicle and are interested in getting a rapid quote from Auto and General, the company offers in its web page an online form, which you need to complete with your personal information and information related to the model, the value and the conditions of your vehicle. Once you have sent the form, the insurance company will get in touch with you. Remember  you can also ask for a quote in person at their offices in Dainfern.

How to contact Auto and General in Dainfern

You can phone the company on 0861 60 01 24 and talk to their operators. Or you can also go to their office located in Telesure Lane, Riverglen, 2191, Dainfern.

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Questions and answers

How do I know if I have a low value car?

Based on the estimated market value of your car

Is the towing covered in all cases?

The comprehensive insurance covers for all expenses related to the towing

If I have an accident with my car, will the company give me a new one?

This happens when you have acquired the better car value insurance

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