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Can I get Auto and General Vehicle Insurance in Porth Elizabeth?

Auto and General is one of the most well-known insurance companies in South Africa, always willing to ensure their clients that their properties are completely insured with a perfect service.

If you are living in Porth Elizabeth and are wondering whether you can get insurance for your vehicle with Auto and General, the answer is yes, and there are plenty of possibilities to do it so.

Before discussing the different covers available, let’s see how can you obtain a fast quote from the company: you fill an online form in their webpage or in person at their offices, which you will complete with yours and your car`s information. Once this form is submitted to Auto and General, you will receive a quick quote.

Having said that, let’s start talking about the different kinds of insurance that the company proposes:

  •  Comprehensive:  it covers not only accidental damage caused to your car, but also any third party claims. What are its benefits?

  • Cover against accidental damage:  the person who caused damage to your car will be in charge of paying every cost related to replacements or repair of your vehicle.

  • Cover against death or injury of a third party: if you happen to be in an accident when another person gets harmed or dies, you are fully covered for that.

  • Cover against hijacking and theft: whether your car was stolen or hijacked, Auto and General will pay all the costs for changing your vehicle`s wheels.

  • Cover against damage caused to a third party property: if you have caused damage to someone else`s property, the company will pay for that.

  • Towing and storage: if you were in accident you don’t have to be concerned at all about the towing of your vehicle since Auto and General will to pay the storage of it.

  • Accessories: Auto and Car will pay the garnishes that fit in your vehicle, including your vehicle`s sound system.

  • Boosting your third party cover: if you don’t feel pleased with the sum you are covered for and you think that will make you feel safer, you can always amplify your third party cover.

  • Third party fire and theft: your vehicle is covered in cases of theft, fire damage and unintentional damage caused to a third party. That includes the following benefits:

  • Theft and Hijacking: if you car is hijacked or robbed and thus, you lose it, the company will take care of all the costs related to the replacement of your vehicle`s wheels.

  • Damage to a third party property: any expenses accumulated because you caused damage to a third party, will be fully covered by the company.  

  • -Increase your third party cover

  • Third party only: the cheapest car insurance offered by Auto and General.  Its main objective is to cover their customers for any type of injure caused to a third party or their possessions. This is the option recommended by the company   provided your car has a low price and it has been previously paid off. You might want to acquire it because it is the cheapest option, but you need to take into account that it does not cover any sort of robbery, loss or damage caused by an accident. But, what does it cover?

  • Accidental property damage

  • Increase the cover of a third party

  • Better car value insurance: if your car is written off, Auto and General will buy you a car that has a newer model than yours, one that has lees kilometers or it can simply replace it with the same model as yours but one year newer.  

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Okay, once you have found the perfect car insurance for your vehicle, you might want to take a look at other products Auto and General offer to guarantee their clients the best insurance for their vehicles.

  •  Tire and Rim guard:  as nowadays there is a large quantity of potholes and many roads are deteriorated, causing damage to the vehicle`s tires and rims, this product was created.  The company will cover for the replacement of these parts and will also make sure that your car is kept in a showroom condition.  Moreover, with this product there comes the “Fines protect”. This is an app that helps the driver to monitor traffic lines and the client receives notifications related to the state of each road.

  •  Auto top-up:  as a result of its clients being worried about not recovering the initial deposit of their vehicles, Auto and General introduced this product. It simply covers the difference between the sum of your vehicle and the deposit you paid. That is, you will pay a smaller amount of money, which turns out to be your initial deposit or 10% of the value of your insured car.

  •  Mechanical breakdown:  whenever your vehicle stops in the middle of the road and you of course if you are driving your car and it suddenly stops you will feel irritated, you need this product. It covers for any monetary cost that the breakdown creates.  What does it specifically cover? Mechanical or electrical failure that occurs to the steering, gearbox, engine,  cooling system, fuel system, air conditioner, prop and drive shafts, and electronic ignition.

  •  Scratch and dent cover:  when there is accidental damage caused to your car, for instance minimal dents, annoying chips and scratches, that might make you upset because you need to pay for those damages.  With the scratch and dent cover your car will be kept in great conditions. It covers for light scratches, chips, minor dents and there is a three years guarantee for any repair done to your vehicle.

To conclude, Auto and General offers a wider variety of car insurances in Porth Elizabeth, together with their added products whose objective is to make their clients feel safer than ever while driving. Of course, the service you choose will not only depend on your needs but also on your budget.

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You can simply phone them on 041 502 2662

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Questions and answers

Does Auto and General cover any scratches that my car can have?

Their “Scratch and Dent cover” applies to those cases.

I’m trying to save money, which option do you recommend?

Well, as you see in the text the cheapest cover is the third party only, but is not as complete as the others.

Which one is the most expensive insurance?

The comprehensive is the most expensive option and the most complete too.

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