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Is Cape Town Eligible for Auto and General Car Insurance? Requirements and Contact Details

Auto and General Car Insurance Cape Town

Do you live in the Cape Town area and are looking for insurance options for the coverage of your vehicle? Auto & General car insurance is one of South Africa's leading insurance companies providing high-quality services at affordable prices country-wide. Auto & General was founded in 1985 as a member and subsidiary of the Telesure Group line of insurers. Auto & General's products are offered within a wide network of providers in your area, including a variety of financial services providers, brokers and assessment and drive-in centres. You can choose to be insured through one of the brokers in partnership with Auto & General insurance or have your car damage assessed and repaired at any of the approved drive-in centres.

Auto & General: Online Insurance Services

Auto & General web-site offers online customer service through The site has a myriad of useful functionalities for online users interested in learning more about vehicle insurance. By navigating on, you will be able to do the following:

  • Manage your policy (active functionality for clients with online user)

  • Submit a claim (available only for clients)

  • Request a document (available only for clients)

  • Have a say: a space for leaving your comments and complaints about the company and its service

  • Find an assessment centre: also available for all users, this functionality can help you when you most need it. In the event of an accident, you can search for the closest assessment centre.

  • Find a broker: available for all users, both clients and non-clients, this search tool find all brokers offering Auto & General products by area, city and province. It is very simple to use and displays results in a few seconds.

Let’s have a closer look at the options displayed for independent brokers in the Cape Town area.

Auto & General: Find a Broker in Your Area

Do you feel you may be overpaying the insurance of your car? Are you thinking about switching insurance providers? Or maybe you are shopping around the market for the best premium possible on your new car…

In order to provide a high-quality customer assistance service, Auto & General works hand in hand in a partnership with experienced professional teams of independent brokers. You monthly premium will be dependent on your risk profile, so here is where our trusted broker partners step in. The will assist you in designing an insurance plan on the basis of your unique needs and potential risks you may be unaware of.

Find your broker now! It is simple and fast. Go to, select the Find a broker option, and enter your province and city. Some experienced brokers available in the Cape Town are:

  • Campbell Thomson Insurance Brokers CC (e-mail: This English financial services provider has a long standing reputation and a subsidiary office on 71 Breë Street, 8001 Kaapstad, Cape Town, where Auto & General products are provided. You can contact them on 021 418 5143 (phone number) or 0214184332 (fax).

  • Unison Risk Management Alliance (Pty) Ltd (e-mail: Unison has its head office in Cape Town and it provides both personal and business insurance services. It is also in full charge of handling claims submitted by clients. You can learn more about Unison on their web-site

  • SA Commercial Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd (e-mail: This leading financial services provider has its headquarters in Cape Town. It has been awarded South Africa's BPO contact centre, which is highly valuable in the field. You can learn more about them and their services on

  • Insurance Busters (Pty) Ltd (e-mail: This young company is part of the IDM Group and it works with short-term and long-term insurance products. Their web-page is well-organized and easy to use: They provide clients with clear and complete details about the insurance options to help you make informed decisions.

  • Genlib CC (e-mail: Genlib is an experienced broker in the field and their motor insurance plans offer cover for buses, uber vehicles, marine cargo and aviation. Learn more about their products on

  • Harnacks Brokers (e-mail: This insurance provider was born as a family-owned business founded in Cape Town in 1965. They offer quick quotes for businesses and personal lines clients. Their web-site is

  • Risk Benefit Solutions (Pty) Ltd (e-mail: RSB was founded in 1988 and it is one of the leading providers in southern Africa. They provide services in a wide range of fields, including insurance broking, risk management, corporate risk, employee benefits and health and wealth management. RSB's web-site is

  • Ooba Financial Services (Pty) Ltd (e-mail: The company reviews are positive and expert advice on insurance and loans is one of their big assets. Check out their products on

  • Goodsure Winstan (Pty) Ltd (e-mail: Founded in 1987, Goodsure Winstan markets a variety of short-term insurance products and it works in partnerships with big companies in the field. Visit their web-site to get more information about this provider.

  • Dial-a-Quote (Pty) Ltd (e-mail: This provider specialized in motor vehicle insurance, household insurance, homeowners insurance, commercial insurance, marine insurance and watercraft insurance.

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You might wish to purchase your cover with a local Cape Town born provider. Other independent brokers include in Cape Town include:

  • Arcvest 28 CC (e-mail:

  • Bell Price & Associated (Pty) Ltd (e-mail:

  • Atfin Consulting (Pty) Ltd (e-mail:

  • Wallace Hartford Brokers (e-mail:

  • Alan Mewett & Associates (Pty) Ltd (e-mail:

Summing up

If you live in Cape Town, there are plenty of options available to make sure you and your vehicle are protected against any potential risk, damage or loss. Auto & General car insurance is a market experienced insurance company that provides its services through a wide range of independent brokers and assessment centres. Both Cape Town born companies and subsidiaries in the city will assist you in finding the best insurance option.

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Questions and answers

Why can't I find assessment centres in my area?

There might not be assessment centres in your area but you may search for it online or contact Auto & General on 0860 10 42 10, auto & general assist & towline.

What are the rates for car and home insurance? I am interested in the comprehensive cover.

Rates and premiums will be dependent on many factors. You can contact Auto & General on 0860 25 25 71 to request a quote or do it online.

I 'm currently paying a lot for my car but it's quite an old model. Would you consider this if I request a quote?

Yes, car model is one of the details considered to calculate your quote. The older your car is, the more its value will depreciate and the lower your premium will be.

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