How’s Car Insurance from Alexander Forbes? 55 Plus Option

How's Car Insurance from Alexander Forbes? 55 Plus Option

Do you live in South Africa and are in need of a good vehicle insurance deal? Worry no more with Alexander Forbes. There, you will find all services and products that are insurance related. After reding about what this company can offer you, you will be capable of choosing the perfect insurance cover for your car, which is all you need to drive safetly.

What does Alexander Forbes include for car insurance in South Africa?

 At Alexander Forbes, you can access the following insurance services and products:

King Price Car Insurance, choose the excess that best suits your budget.

King Price Car Insurance

Choose the excess that best suits your budget. Emergency assistance 24/7, for when you need to be rescued.

  • Business

  • Insurance basics

  • Motor and home

  • Accident insurance

  • Claims

If you decide to choose motor only, for instance, you will access two different options:

  • Meridian

  • Motor Exec

If you choose Meridian, you can get quality motor insurance. The company provides you with a product that is meant to recognize the vehicle owner and discern it from others.

Is there comprehensive car insurance at Alexander Forbes?

At Alexander Forbes, products are not named like typical products such as “comprehensive insurance” or “third party insurance”. You can access:

  • Easisure basic

  • Collector’s car

  • Platinum woman

  • Envoy

  • 55 plus

  • Priceless

For example, if you decide to choose Envoy, it is ideal for high net-worth drivers. The Envoy concept was developed in the year 1996 to question the approach towards insurance that was installed in the market. With envoy, you can fully covered and make sure that your assets remain protected against any possible risky events. You do not have to worry about losses when you are insured with Envoy. Envoy has the following characteristics:

  • Buildings cover

  • It is exclusive

  • Access consultants

  • Exclusions are limited

  • Wide cover

  • All risks are covered

  • Flexible plan

What does 55 plus mean in car insurance Alexander Forbes?

55 Plus is one of the options you can find inside motor and home insurance. This program has specific features:

  • It is made exclusively for those customers are fifty five years or older

  • It provides insurance benefits

  • It is great if you had had insurance before

  • You do not have to be an employee in full time

  • It is ideal to cover your different assets, all of them under a single policy, which would include buildings, contents and vehicles

If you want to apply for this service, you can write to

How to obtain at Alexander Forbes a car insurance quote?

If you want to get a quote at Alexander Forbes, it is possible to obtain at the section called “accident insurance”. On the bottom, you will find the option that you like to get a quote. There, you will have to specify what quote you are interested in:

  • Motor insurance

  • Life cover

  • Dread disease cover

  • Disability cover

  • Personal accident insurance

  • Home insurance

  • Insurance for women

Imagine that you choose the option “personal accident insurance”.  The company offers a comprehensive plan by which, in case there an event of permanent disability would take place, you would receive R420 000. There, you will find an application form in order to apply for this service.

How are Alexander Forbes car insurance reviews?

As always, insurance companies receive compliments and complaints. Whether it is positive or negative, a review may help a driver in search of insurance. The provide information of personal experiences given by users. The company Alexander Forbes gives you the possibility to capture on the website a compliment or a complaint. The company allows you to leave a compliment and your details, such as ID, contact number, email address, surname. If, on the contrary, you decide to leave a complaint, there is available a brochure with complaints handling procedures. If you are not happy with the products or services provided by Alexander Forbes, the company encourages customers to report on their experiences and feedback. You can leave a complaint in different ways:

  • Capture a complaint

  • Send an email

  • Leave your complaint online

  • Make a phone call during office hours

  • Visit the company and ask for a service consultant

  • Mail the company

Does Alexander Forbes provide car insurance in Durban?

Unfortunately, Alexander Forbes only has one office located in 115 West Street, Sandton. There are no offices in Durban; however, since this company works mainly online you can still apply in a virtual form through Alexander Forbes’ website.

Which are Alexander Forbes car insurance contact details?

Although this company works mainly online, it does not mean that it does not have a physical branch. You can contact the company there, by visiting it in person, or you can call or send an email to the company to receive information and apply for a service offered.

Which is the vehicle insurance contact number to reach Alexander Forbes?

If you need to make a phone call to Alexander Forbes, then you can call at +27 11 269 0000. You also have a fax number that will be useful: +27 11 269 0149

Which is the car insurance email address I need to use to get in touch with Alexander Forbes?

If you need to send an email, the company answers them immediately and will make sure to answer all of your questions in a very clear way. The email address you can use is

Is car insurance at Alexander Forbes a good deal?

At Alexander Forbes it is possible to get different insurance deals. Envoy as well as 55 plus are very innovative solutions to your insurance search. Instead of having the typical products, Alexander Forbes goes beyond the limit and offers some dynamic services.


Fill in the form given to apply for a service or product


You can call at +27 11 269 0000


This service is available and it resembles comprehensive insurance. It is a complete cover option.

Get your quote today and ask about the insurance possibilities to fit your needs. Remeber that we are here for you if you are hesitating about any specific detail of your vehicle insurance. don't waste time and leave us yor consultation to help you make a smart decision with your car insurance cover.

Preguntas Frecuentes

What is Comprehensive Personal Accident Plan about?

This plan gives you protection paying up to R430,000 in case you suffer permanent disability.

What are the options that Alexander Forbes car insurance can offer you as regards motor and home?

You can choose between different plans: 55 Plus, Collector Car Policy, Envoy, Platinum Woman, and Priceless.

What is Platinum Woman plan about?

It is about a motor and household insurance package, which is specially designed for woman. It includes personal services, discounts and benefits made to reward, assist and protect woman.

I have a Chev sonic 2012 and need a quote please.

If you possess a Chev car you can ask for the Comprehensive Insurance and pay up to R 900 and the company will cover R430,000, so insuring your car with Alexander Forbes is an excellent choice

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