Capitec Vehicle Loan: How to apply? Step-by-Step Guide | Quotes Advisor

Capitec Vehicle Loan: How to apply? Step-by-Step Guide | Quotes Advisor

In the realm of financial solutions within South Africa, Capitec Bank has established itself as a significant player, offering a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clientele. Among these offerings, Capitec vehicle loans stand out for their accessibility, flexibility, and competitive rates. This article delves into the intricacies of Capitec's vehicle financing, providing a detailed overview to assist potential borrowers in making informed decisions.

Securing a vehicle loan in South Africa can be a daunting process, fraught with numerous considerations and financial evaluations. Capitec Bank seeks to simplify this journey, offering a streamlined vehicle loan service designed to put clients behind the wheels of their dreams with minimal fuss. As an expert in social welfare and financial health, this analysis aims to offer clear insights into Capitec's vehicle loan offerings.

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What is a Capitec Vehicle Loan?

What are the Benefits of a Capitec Vehicle Loan?

Capitec vehicle loans are designed with the consumer in mind, offering benefits such as competitive interest rates, flexible repayment terms, and a straightforward application process. Clients can finance both new and pre-owned vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and even commercial vehicles, making it a versatile option for a wide range of needs.

How it Works?

What is the Maximum Amount That You Could Qualify For?

The maximum loan amount is tailored to the individual's credit profile and affordability, ensuring borrowers do not overextend their financial commitments.

How is Capitec Vehicle Loan Interest Rate?

Interest rates are competitively priced, based on the individual's credit score and the loan term, ensuring fair and affordable repayments.

Who Could Qualify?

South African citizens or permanent residents over the age of 18, with a steady income and a good credit history, are eligible to apply.

Where You Can Apply for a Capitec Vehicle Loan?

Applications can be initiated online, at any Capitec branch, or directly through participating dealerships, offering convenience and accessibility to potential borrowers.

How Do You Complete Your Capitec Vehicle Loan Application?

Documents That You Need to Apply

Prospective borrowers must provide a valid South African ID, proof of residence, latest payslips, and bank statements, along with the vehicle's details.

Capitec Vehicle Partners

  • WeBuyCars: Offers a wide range of vehicles, facilitating a seamless purchase process.
  • The Car Place: Specializes in quality pre-owned vehicles, providing options for those with specific needs.
  • MotoData: Provides access to motorcycle financing, catering to the needs of two-wheeled enthusiasts.

How Do You Qualify for a Capitec Vehicle Loans?

Qualification is based on affordability assessments, credit history evaluations, and the fulfillment of Capitec's lending criteria, ensuring loans are granted responsibly.

Capitec's Tips Before Taking Out a Vehicle Loan

Capitec advises potential borrowers to consider their long-term financial health, ensuring the loan repayment fits comfortably within their budget without compromising other financial commitments.

Are Capitec's Vehicle Loans Good?

Capitec's vehicle loans are highly regarded for their flexibility, competitive rates, and the bank's transparent approach to lending, making them an attractive option for many South Africans.

How to Contact Capitec for a Vehicle Loan?

Capitec Vehicle Finance Contact Number

Clients can reach out to Capitec's dedicated vehicle finance team via phone for personalized assistance and inquiries:

Contact Capitec for personal banking 0860 10 20 43, business banking 0860 30 92 50 or WhatsApp 067 418 9565.

Capitec Vehicle Finance Contact Email

Email communication is also available, providing an alternative for those who prefer digital correspondence:


Capitec Bank's vehicle loan offering stands as a testament to the bank's commitment to providing accessible, affordable, and flexible financial solutions. With competitive rates, a straightforward application process, and a focus on individual affordability, Capitec's vehicle loans offer a viable option for those looking to finance a vehicle purchase in South Africa.


Do You Need to Be a Capitec Client to Apply?

No, both Capitec clients and non-clients can apply for a vehicle loan, although existing clients may benefit from a more streamlined process.

What are the Most Common Reasons That Your Application Would Be Declined?

Applications may be declined due to insufficient income, poor credit history, or failure to meet Capitec's lending criteria, underscoring the importance of financial health and stability.

Writer: Cristian Rennella

Update Date: 11/03/2024

Preguntas Frecuentes

Please, I am in need of a car seriously. I think you, as my bank, can help me, I just need the sum of 50 000

Being a Capitec Bank client can make your loan process be more practical. The reason, simply, is because they already have some information about you. So, you just need to start the loan request by submitting the application form and wait until they inform you about the loan quote they are willing to give you.

How can I get a long term loan?

When you get to the moment you have to send the loan application, you can state what’s your ideal loan term. Then, Capitec will verify if what you asked for can be accepted or, you’ll have to get different terms. But, if you already have a loan and, you want to expand the term, you have to get in contact with Capitec to explain them the reason and help them find a possible solution.

I am an oral hygienist earning +- 8000 to 10000 monthly working on a private practice will i be able to get a vehicle loan?

Getting such amount of money per month is a good start to get a loan from Capitec Bank. Now, the bank will request you to inform them about your expenditures to calculate the sum of money you can take from them. At the end, they will also check what’s your credit score, which may have an effect on the interest rate they set for your loan.

I do have a car but it is old now, I need a new one to work. I want to know if capitec is able to buy me a car because I do have a loan in capitec. But to me, that is not aproblem because i'm working.

As you have just said, if you have a job from which you get a salary high enough, there will probably not be a trouble on Capitec granting you a second loan. All the same, you need to go across the loan application for the bank to review your information before deciding the loan terms you qualify for.

Can I apply for a car loan while having two loans with Capitec?

Capitec Bank’s criteria to issue loans is, mostly, the applicant’s capacity to repay the loan. If you receive sufficient funds each month to be capable of paying for the three different instalments, they will accept to give you more money. However, it is your responsibility to make smart decisions about your money and avoid paying high rates.

Can Capitac buy me a car for 3000 when I get 3500 a month?

Yes! Capitec Bank offers loans from R1000 onwards. As the sum of money you need is rather small and, you earn enough income, I’m sure you won’t have big trouble getting access the credit. Assuming, of course, your credit score is good and you can show documents to prove your financial status, you’ll reach the approval.

Am I allowed to apply if I'm self employed?

You won’t be allowed to take a loan at Capitec if you work on your own. Capitec Bank grants credits to workers getting pays lips form their employers only. Another requirement that’s essential is the time they’ve worked for the same company, which should be at least three months. But, don’t worry as, there’s FNB that issues loans to self-employed workers in South Africa.

My basic salary is 3300, my expenses are 1500. Do I qualify for loan of 50000?

Leaving your income and expenses aside, there’s a third point that’s really important to establish the approval of a loan application. I’m referring to your credit history, meaning, how good have you paid for previous debts. In that record, all your payments are taken into consideration: credit cards, bills, loans, rent payments. If you had no trouble repaying your liabilities, you have big chances of getting your loan to buy a car.

Dear capitec, i am permanently employed by the department of water and sanitation. I need a car loan because i have found a car of my choice from carfind. I will be happy if i can be assisted.

Hi! As you already know which is the car you want to purchase, you sure know how much money it’s worth. So, you can take advantage of two amazing tools. One of them is the loan simulator. This tool will show you how high your installments may be as regards quote and terms of the loan. The other tool will estimate how much money can you ask Capitec for a loan.

Am earning 6000 but not permanent, do I still qualify for a vehicle loan?

Capitec checks cautiously the applicant has enough monetary stability to pay for the installments and, their monthly expenses. The problem of not having a regular salary is that you may find yourself incapable of completing the loan’s payments for one or more months and, that would bring a lot of problem. That’s the reason why you probably get difficulty on getting a loan approval form Capitec if you’re not permanent employed.

I saw this golf from olx app and its 62000 as the capitec member i need a loan can you please let me know if i qualify

Hi!If you are interested in knowing whether you apply for a loan or not, first you must contact a member of the company on this number: 0860 10 20 43 or send an email to The crucial information is your salary which must be of R 2500 or more and your credit record.

Can you please check for me how much I qualified for?

To get to that answer it’s necessary to have some key information about the applicant we, unfortunately, don’t have. But, we can still help you on this. If you enter Capitec webpage, you’ll find their Credit Estimator. By following the three steps you’ll see there, you will be informed about how much money they think you can take from them. Those simple steps are: 1) your personal information, 2) verify that information and your identity and, 3) you get the answer.

Do they offer student loans?

No. They only offer personal loans that can be used for any purpose you need.

Are there any opening or closing fees?

There are fees depending on the amount you borrow and the repayment term you choose.

My question is do I qualify for car finance if I'm a business owner? My income is of r15000 every month

Even though Capitec doesn’t allow self-employed people to apply for their loan, they do allow business owners to do so. Make sure your company is registered and, you can show Capitec documents to corroborate your identity and, your business’ profit. Then, you will be accepted to get a loan. Three months old bank statements will be mandatory to present in order to ask for the money.

If I have a loan with other bank, can Capitec settled it for me so that I can get a second hand car?

You can use a Capitec personal loan to settle existing liabilities, of course. I think it’s important to clarify, Capitec does not have consolidation loans, though. So, if you can take the money and cancel your debts on your own, this bank can help you. If, on the contrary, you prefer having the bank doing the transactions, you need to work with a company having consolidation loans as, for example, Absa.

I want to buy a mini bus 32 seaters for transporting school children. Is Capitec going to help me?

There are two factors to pay attention to. One of them is that Capitec provides personal loans that can be used to finance the purchase of vehicles. The other factor is that you need to make that purchase with business purposes. For these reasons you may prefer contacting a company granting business loans, for example. Nedbank is one of those companies which, in addition, offers vehicle finance. So, in your case, you may get a better solution at Nedbank.

Good evening. I am currently working and I’m permanent. I earn r8300 a month. What are the possibilities of me requesting a bank to buy me a car then I pay it every month?

Being a permanent worker and earning such salary already gives you some advantage on making a bank accept to lend you money. The other factor to get the loan approval is whether you have good credit history. If you do, the bank will trust in your responsible payment and they will grant you the money you need.

Vehicle loans 150 -200 k. I’m self employed. if the request is approved, I can grow business and ensure payments

There’s an important detail we need to clarify first. Capitec doesn’t offer vehicle loans, but, you might benefit from a business loan, if you need the car to make your business grow. Capitec Bank has a special loan product for business owners and, if you can show the bank your company makes steady profit, they might accept to help you take it to the next level.

Can Capitec buy a car for me?

No, but they can give you the money for you to pay for it. Capitec personal loans are issued for the customer to spend it freely as he or she needs to. So, as long as this lending entity decides you qualify to get a loan with them, you can take the money and finance your car.

How do I apply for a car finance on line at capitec bank?

Getting a Capitec loan is really simple to do. Remember, they have personal loans so, all you need to do is to start asking for your quote assessment and, once you have the result, go on with the online application. Pay attention to the loan amount they offer to decide if it’s enough to make the car purchase.

I want the bank to buy me the car but not new, a used car

If the car you want to purchase is new or used, it won’t make a difference on the loan confirmation. The detail you must have in mind is the value of the car you want as, the loan quote Capitec offers won’t be higher than 250.000rands. Besides, that amount is going to be decided according to your financial information.

Can I qualify for car finance if I’m self employed and I want to buy a quantum?

To be a self-employed worker brings some disadvantages when applying for a loan. Not all lending companies are willing to finance self-employed. Capitec, for instance, won’t issue you a loan unless you present current pay slips. There are; however, some other companies you can pay attention to. One of them is FNB. You can take a loan from them with just few special requirements like, showing them your latest 6 bank statements.

I just want to know if u borrow r65000, how much will I pay and for how long?

When Capitec’s agents study your petition, they also study your income, expenses and debts. Putting all that information together, they set the number of installments you can afford. For example, if for R65.000 you get 24 installments, the monthly cost might be R3.384. If you get a longer period, let’s imagine 36 months, the monthly cost might be R2.473. Bear in mind, the cost will also be affected by the interest rate the bank sets for your loan.

Where can I find an office in Cape Town?

There are several branches in each province. Please search for your closest local branch on their website.

Good day. I am currently working and i'm permanent. I earn r4000 a month. What are the possibilities of me requesting a bank to buy me a car then i pay it back every month? Thank you

Hi, you can apply for a Car Loan as long as you possess a salary of R 3000, wo what you earn is more than enough to finance the vehicle of your choice. However, bear in mind that your current credit record is also important

Can I apply for a car loan at Capitec bank?

At Capitec, you can apply for a personal loan to use as you wish. Subsequently, if you’re approved, you will get the money and then, pay for the car you want to buy with it. However, as it won’t be a vehicle loan, it won’t work as such. You will go over the whole process, from applying to repaying it, like a common personal loan. So, you need to keep in mind, for instance, the car you’ll get won’t serve as guarantee of the loan and, as a result, you may not get a loan amount high enough to make the purchase.

Do i qualify for a loan with a basic salary of r4500. When & where can i apply. What must i have for a successful application

Hello! With R 4500 you certainly qualify for a loan, since there is a minimum of R 2500 required in most companies. For a successfull application it is needed that you gather payslip, bank statements, proof of residence and a good credit record. Good luck!

I need a loan to buy car, will Capitec help me?

Yes! Capitec will try their best to set loan terms that fit your needs. This means that, they will arrange to lend you a loan amount for a period of time your income can afford. To do this, they need you to present true information with faithful documents showing your current economic status.

Hi I'm permanently employed earning 7000 after deduction, do I qualify for a 150.000 vehicle finance?

Being permanently employed already gives you some advantage on the application. After that, Capitec’s response will be given according to the loan terms you choose. For example, to pay R150000 over 84 months, may get a 16.30% rate and, leave monthly payments of R3583. But, to pay that amount over 24 months, may leave the payments on R7891. Also, the rate will be modified as regards your credit score.

Can I get a loan if I don’t have a bank account and I get paid cash every month?

No, unfortunately, you can’t get access to Capitec loans if you don’t have a bank account. First of all, Capitec Bank needs bank statements to know how you spend your income and; apart from that, they use the bank account to transfer the loan into it. Also, loan payments are made by debit orders. You can open a Capitec account to get the loan.

I bank with Capitec and I want to know if Capitec would help me for a loan. I’m working permanent, how can I get a car?

As you have two main requirements covered, what you need now is to get your latest bank statements and pays lips to Capitec along with the application form. Once Capitec Bank gets your information, they can tell you the sum of money they can lend you. At this point, you may discuss with them the terms to see if what they offer matches with what you want.

Is Capitec providing vehicle finance?

Not exactly. Capitec provides loans that can be used to pay for the purchase of a car. These loans are issued without needing to have information about the car you’ll buy so, they are a little simpler to process and get. In contrast to personal loans, vehicle loans may be issued by a higher amount as, there’s a security involved: the vehicle bought.

How you qualify to get a vehicle loan?

To get the approval from a bank for a vehicle loan you should meet requirements related to your earning, documents proving your identity and, of course, information about the vehicle you intend to acquire. There are different options like, getting a new car or a pre-owned car. As long as your credit score is good enough, you can get the car you want.

I need a car finance. Does Capitec offer one?

What Capitec offers are personal loans that can be spent on whatever the client needs, including to buy a car. However, you may need a bank that has among their loan products an option prepared for such commercial operation. A useful alternative can be found at Nedbank. There, you can choose among their qualified dealerships to get the car you want.

How will I make the application?

As stated in the article, you have multiple ways to begin the application, either by phone, online or in person at a physical office of the company. Moreover, you can send an email to the address that appears in the website of the company.

I need to buy a second hand car. Please, help

As second hand cars are a little cheaper they are also easier to get. This is a positive point as, it’s possible for you to get a loan from Capitec to pay for that car. If that car’s value is R 250.000 or less and, you think you can repay the loan in 84 months or less, the terms that this bank offers work perfectly.

I once paid off a loan of r6.000 at Capitec but now that I’m working for a different company I’m struggling to get a loan from them because they say the company I’m working for does not appear on their system. So can I ever get help?

If the company where you work is not registered, you will get trouble finding a bank willing to accept your loan petition. Simply because the bank, Capitec in this case, can’t verify you receive that regular wage, which, in turn, makes it hard to verify your payment capacity. Unless that situation changes, you won’t be capable of taking this kind of loan. You may work with entities that only asks bank statements to be approved for a loan.

How much must be your nett when wanna borrow money to purchase a vehicle?

Your net income should be sufficient to pay for the instalments on each month but, also, to pay for your regular expenses. This way, the lending company will trust you won’t end up failing on any of the payments. Consequently, the minimum net income will be stated taking this information about you into account and, the value of the car you want.

Hi, I want to buy a car and my salary is 4000, can capitec help me to buy the car?

It can be the solution you’re searching for if you can prove your financial situation fits Capitec’s requirements. We advise you to start by using Capitec’s online estimator to know what loan quote they’re willing to negotiate with you. That way, you will know from the start if this bank is a viable alternative for you or, you should keep searching.

Can Capitec help me with a loan if I want to buy a second hand car of r30,000?

Yes, Capitec can be helpful with that. You are permitted to ask even R250000 if you need it. The amount you request will be approved if, besides complying with Capitec requirements, your affordability assessment reflects that your finances can afford to pay back the money timely. Before stating the terms of the loan, make sure you choose a repayment term that suits you.

Good day. I have a multi loan with Capitec. My question is if I can cancel this multi loan and substitute it with a car finance costing r45 000 and monthly repayment of r990 a month?

If you have the money to cancel the loan completely, you can do it. Although, keep in mind, Capitec may charge you some extra fee for repaying the loan before time. Then, once you pay back that loan, you can reapply for a new personal loan the amount you states, R45.000, to get the bank’s response as regards your affordability.

I want to buy me a second hand car. Can capitec help me?

Yes, totally. Capitec has designed special loans that aid customers looking not only for new cars but also for second hand or old cars. The only requisite is that you have your financial documentation and that the price of the car you want to purchase does not exceed R 230 000.

I earn 2700 fortnightly, I bank with Capitec and I wanted to know if I could qualify to get finance

Providing you get pay slips from your job and, your salary is steady and deposited into a bank account, you are allowed to apply for a Capitec loan. You can get a loan estimation to know the terms – amount and installments- your finances will allow you to take. With that estimation, you will be capable of deciding if a loan with Capitec is your best option.

How much must I earn to qualify for a vehicle loan?

The salary amount that will allow you to get a loan will vary according to your general financial situation. As a consequence, it’s not that important how much you earn but, how much you spend from that salary and, what’s the credit history you have at the moment of apply9ing for the loan. Another ting to highlight is the sum of money you need.

I earn r8000 after deductions. Can I apply for vehicle finance

Earning 8000 rands is high enough to have the chance to apply, assuming, of course, you’ve checked you comply with the rest of the requirements. The only thing you have to remember is that you’ll only get a personal loan from Capitec that may work to pay for a car. If what you really want is a vehicle loan, you can pay attention to Standard Bank or Nedbank.

Hi, my salary is r4000,00 and my job now requires having my own transport. Could I get vehicle finance for about r35000?

As you have stated you currently enjoy a regular job, there is no problem on that matter to get a loan. However, there is a little problem when looking at the sum of money you need as, Capitec Bank’s maximum loan amount to request is only R250.000. If you think you can use that lower amount, you can start your application. If you need a higher amount, you will be forced to look for another bank to get vehicle assistance.

I need a car for my son, please. Can I get help?

Sure! If you want to, you can ask Capitec money to pay for that car or, you can go and find a bank granting vehicle loans. These loans will require you to leave the car you bought as security, which means you can drive it but, it won’t be officially yours until you cancel the loan completely. However, this option may allow you to get a higher quote.

I want to buy a quantum taxi

Ok, I guess you have commercial purposes for your Quantum so, you may have a better choice with another bank but Capitec. For example, Nedbank as well as FNB has some useful business loans you can really take advantage of. If you’re not convinced about a business loan, you can check what do they offer on vehicle loans. These options may be more suitable to you.

Can I get a cheap sedan toyota corolla 1.6 with capitec car finance?

Actually, Capitec does not have a product directly aimed to finance a car. You can only have a personal loan, which will be tailored to your affordability capacity. So, whether you can pay for you Sedan or not, will be decided after you submit your financial information to Capitec and they go over your documents to study how much money can you afford to borrow.

Do I qualify for loan if am earning 8000 per month and do not bank with capitec?

Banking with Capitec is not one of their requirements; although, having your bank account at Capitec, would give you some benefit on the interest rate. But, if you do bank with any other entity, only by sending your current bank statements to Capitec for them to verify your earnings, you can apply for a loan with this company.

How much installment will I pay when I borrow r100.000?

The monthly installments will be different based on the repayment term you select to cancel the loan. Let’s look over the following example: a hundred thousand rands to pay over 2 years, will have an approximated monthly instalment of 5136 rands. Now, if you extend the term to repay that loan amount on 7 years, each installment will be around 2421 rands,

Good day: I am looking for loan to buy a car. What are my options to contact Capitec?

To make contact with Capitec Bank you can use any means of communication. You can give them a phone call or, visit them on any of their offices near your home. But, if you want to get in contact to ask for the loan, you have few other options. Besides the ones I’ve just mentioned, you can use Capitec’s App or, get it through their web page.

Can Capitec buy a car for me that cost r59000?

No, Capitec will not buy a car for you. In fact, they’ll have nothing to do with the purchase. What this bank will do to help you is just, lending you the money for you to go and pay for the car. This means, you will have the money in your bank account to spend it on a car, if that’s what you need to pay for.

Do I qualify 2 buy a r30 000 car if my salary is r3600?

The only way we can answer that question is having more information. On one side, it’s important to know how much of that salary you spend on food, bills and any other expenditure. On the other side, the bank will always pay attention to your credit story as, it will determine how responsible the client is with loan payments. However, you can benefit from the online estimator to have an official Capitec answer.

I wish to own a second hand vehicle, and I wish to know if I can afford buying the golf 5 gti at an amount of r 115000

Luckily, you have a really practical tool at Capitec Bank to answer your question. Using their online estimator, they can calculate how much money can you borrow. Of course, they need to have certain information like, for instance, how much are you paid monthly, how much money you spend on your monthly expenditures and, of course, what’s your credit score.

Can Capitec help me with a loan to purchase a second hand vehicle worth r200,000? I am 20 years old

The minimum age Capitec demands their applicants to be is 18 years old so, clearly, you being 20 is not an obstacle. Having that requirement ready now, you have to pay attention to the other two: having pay slips to show to the bank and, bank statements to present. If you have a stable job, you can go over your credit affordability to know if Capitec will lend you R200.000.

Can capitec assist the weekly paid people on car finance?

With Capitec, you could finance your new car by asking for a personal loan with competitive interest rates. However, one of the most important requirements that this bank has is that you are able to provide proof of income. If you can show Capitec your payslips, then you should have no problem to finance your car with a Capitec Loan.

I'm capitec client I need assistance in buying a car.I want capitec bank to finance me. The car costs R82 000. I' m in need of a vehicle. I'm earning R18 083 per month. Is it possible for capitec to finance me?

As a Capitec client there would be no problem for you to ask for a personal loan to finance the car you want to buy as long as you have payslips and bank statements proving that you have regular income from a permanent employment. In regard to the amount you need, it should be ok, since the maximum amount for Capitec Loans is far beyond that.

Can I get a loan even if I'm not working permanently?

One of the requirements asked by Capitec Bank to afford their loans is that you are permanently employed. In order to prove this, you will need to give the bank a copy of your latest payslips and the latest three bank statements showing the deposits of your salary. If you don't have this, you will not be able to ask for a loan at Capitec.

Does capitec offer private to private vehicle finance e.g. if you want to buy a friends' car? Is it still vehicle finance or a personal loan?

Capitec Bank offers personal loans with which you can buy any car you want. It can be from a dealership or a private seller such as your friend. Capitec does not have a vehicle loan per se; it only gives you the possibility of buying whatever you want with a personal loan.

How to go about for a vehicle loan, I have a 2008 car would like to make a loan and a car as security….

At Capitec Bank you will not find vehicle loans as such. What you can do is ask for a personal loan and with that money buy the car you want. Unfortunately, these loans are unsecured loans; this means that you cannot use any kind of asset, such as a car, to guarantee the loan. All you need to do is prove income with documents.

Good day. I would like to apply for assistance to finance a vehicle which cost R119.000.

Capitec Bank is a financial institution that offers personal loans that will allow you to buy a vehicle worth R119,000 if you are able to afford it. What do you need? Well, you need to be able to prove that every month you earn enough money to pay off your loan. Capitec will ask you for your ID, your payslips and your bank statements.

What do I need for a vehicle finance from capitec?

For you to borrow money from Capitec Bank to finance the purchase of a car, you need to comply with certain requirements: you have to be a South African resident, be over 18 years old, have a permanent employment or own a business where you receive payslips, and have a bank account where your salary is paid in.

I bank with capitec for 6 years, I tried to apply for personal loans but I couldn't find one, I think because of my average credit score, my question on the vihecle finance average score can be assisted?

Unfortunately, if you were not able to ask for a personal loan at Capitec due to your credit score, you will not be able to finance a car with this bank. This is because Capitec Bank lets you buy the car through a personal loan; there is no vehicle loan available at this moment.

If there is a loan you are currently paying, will you qualify for a vehicle finance or you have to pay off that loan first?

This bank does not have a credit line specific for you to buy a new car. Capitec only offers personal loans that let you use the money you receive as however you see fit. This means that if you already have a personal loan with Capitec, you will have to pay it off in order to ask for a new one.

My career is at a point where I really need a car, and I am currently saving for a better deposit perhaps 50k by November but now the problem is that I am working as a consultant and my current contract will end on March next year then afterwards I will sign a 5 years contract. So I have a fixed saving account with capitect and it will mature on 25th Dec 2020. What advice would you give me because I have my eye on a new polo TSI trendline. Ranges from price is approximately R269 400.

Capitec offers personal loans of up to R250,000 with which you could buy a car if you wanted. With regard to your working situation, Capitec will ask you to provide them with your latest payslips to prove that you can afford to repay the loan. Please notice that the maximum amount you can apply for will depend on your income and other factors.

Can a person who is on a contract afford a loan with 12-month contract earning 12000?

You will be able to ask for a loan at Capitec to buy a vehicle as long as you can provide the bank with your last payslip and three bank statements. If you are able to comply with this requirement, you might be able to ask for a loan at Capitec earning 12.000 rands.

Hi I am Thabile a capitec bank user, I would like to know if you do car finances if not what are the alternatives.

Hello, Thabile. Capitec does not offer vehicle finance, but that does not mean you can not finance a car with a Capitec personal loan. Remember that these loans are for you to do with them whatever you want. Of course, this includes buying a car. If you are a Capitec client and have your payslips, then you would be able to ask for a loan.

Hi, I want to ask if Capitec can help me get a car, I earn R6000 a month?

If you receive a payslip at your job stating that you earn R6,000 a month, you might be able to ask for a loan at Capitec to buy a car. However, you should also take into consideration that for you to qualify for a loan you need to have a good credit score. 

Can you finance a car older than 10 years?

Capitec does not offer a loan specifically to buy a car. For this reason, what you could do is ask for a personal loan at Capitec and use the money to buy the car you need. In this way, you would not have to specify Capitec if the car is older than 10 years. 

If I'm earning R7,500 do I qualify to get a vehicle loan?

If you earn R7,500 you would be able to ask for a loan at Capitec to buy a vehicle. However, there are other important requirements that you would need to comply with to ask for this loan. The most important ones are having a clear record history and being able to provide Capitec with your payslips. 

I need a car finance of 256.000 rand.

Capitec Bank does not offer a loan for cars specifically but you can consider another bank such as NedBank. For a vehicle loan of 256.000 rand with this bank . you can resort to the online instalment calculator. Based on the vehicle price and the repayment period (between 12 and 72 months), you can know the amount of each fee approximately. Consider as well the compulsory initiation fee of 207.50 rand and an admin fee of 69.00 rand. 

What do I need to qualify for a car loan at Capitec Bank?

If you wish to apply for a loan with Capitec Bank, it is important to consider that the bank does not offer a car loan per se but it provides a personal loan which you can use to buy a vehicle. It is necessary to fulfil some requirements though. You should choose a dealership that is registered with MIF, have a positive credit history and show proof of income. 

I want a new car. It costs 310,000 rand from Nissan, can you finance me?

Capitec Bank does not provide its clients with a specific line of credit that can be devoted to buy vehicles. However, you can apply for a personal loan and use that money to buy a car. So, you need to show enough affordability capacity and a good credit score to be granted 310,000 rand. The bank will analyse your situation and determine whether you are able to afford the monthly instalments. 

What is the minimum salary amount one must earn to qualify for a car?

Capitec Bank does not offer vehicle loans per se, however, you can apply for a personal loan to purchase a vehicle. The amount of the loan will depend on some factors like your income and credit profile. If you earn between 8,000 rand and 20,000 rand, you can buy a used car. If you earn between 35,000 rand and 50,000 rand, you can get a new car. 

I need car financing, what to do?

Capitec Bank does not offer a vehicle loan specifically, but you can apply for a personal loan to purchase a car. For example, you can obtain a loan amount of 250,000 rand to purchase a second-had car or a new vehicle. The amount of money you can obtain will depend on your income with your payslips and credit risk. There is an online form you can fill in to apply. 

I need a loan for a vehicle. I'm unemployed but have an income of 7,300 rand from my back rooms in the yard.

If you are unemployed but receive a monthly income of 7,300 rand from your back rooms in the yard, you may qualify for a loan to purchase a vehicle from Capitec Bank. It is necessary to show proof of this income and submit all the other documentation required. Then, the company will determine how much money you will be obtaining. 

I took a loan from Capitec because I wanted to purchase a vehicle, I then took back the money to the bank few days after, because I realized the interest and duration was too much, I then applied for finance from other banks, but they declined because of my low credit score. I now want to get the loan from Capitec Bank again. Will it be possible? Will my credit score go even more low, or will it improve?

In this case, you will need to communicate straight with Capitec Bank. After a few days, the vehicle loan application may have not been reported to the credit bureau and your credit score may have not been affected. But if your credit score is low, then it may mean you have pending payments. This could be the reason why you have been declined by other banks. Capitec Bank will need to analyse your financial situtaion to determine if you can apply again.

Can I get a loan on a R5,000 salary?

Usually, Capitec Bank will determine whether you can obtain a loan or not with a monthly salary of 5,000 rand to purchase a vehicle. Please, consider that the bank not only analyses your earnings, but it also takes into account your affordability capacity, your credit history and your entire financial situation in order to grant a loan. 

I have a personal loan of R100,000 at Capitec for 5 months with a salary of R10,000. However, I need another loan of R150,000. My salary has increased R12,000 for a car.

If you already have a personal loan with Capitec Bank for about 100,000 rand to be repaid in 5 months, and you need more money for a car as your salary has increased to 12,000 rand, then the bank will determine whether you are eligible or not. The company will analyse your credit profile and affordability capacity to lend you more money. 

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