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How Can I Get Loan from RCS Loans in Cape Town? Contact Details and Quotes

Do you live in Cape Town? Are you looking for a company able to help you in a rainy day? Do you just need money to affront an unexpected expense? If you can answer any of these questions with “Yes”, let me tell you that you are in the correct place. In this article, you will find information about the loans that RCS has available for Cape Town’s citizens. We will show you characteristics, possible quotes and contact details so as you can count on its help as soon as possible.

                Although RCS is a financing company that offers a great variety of services, such as cards and insurance, we will only focus on loans. Let’s start by describing the benefits and features of the most affordable lending program.

                RCS programs offer loand from of R1000 to a maximum of  R125 000. Such money can be received in cash or in a bank account in no more of 24 hours. In order to repay the loans, there is an array of ways to finance: from 12 to 60 months. As interest rates can be fixed, you can make stable monthly payments. Such interest will never surpass the 28% annually, based on your credit history, then.

                In order to facilitate processes and take care of the environment, the bank will send clients their respective statements either via SMS or e-mail. What is more, with the loan, you will have insurance for costumer protection so as you have peace of mind. The money can be used repair cars, to finance studies, to pay for vacation and even more.

                Let’s see a possible quote so as to understand a little bit, how interest work in real life. Imagine you need an amount of R7500. You are interested in a financing period of 24 months. In this case, we will give you an interest rate of 28%. Please bear in mind that some origination fees may apply, of for example, R800. Then, you will pay 24 quotes of approximately R500. You will also have to pay a monthly fee of near R68. The total amount you will have to pay is R13 475.

                Now you have an idea of how money processes work, let’s take a look at which are the requirements you have to meet in order to get a RCS loan:

1. In the first, you have to be older than 18 with no exception.

2. In second place, you will have to show a South African ID.

3. Besides, you will have to earn a minimum salary of R2000. This should be guaranteed by your last 3 salary’s slips.

4. What is more, you need to be the holder of a bank account so as to receive the money in a matter of minutes.               

5. You will also have to provide data so as to create a debit order so as to use as payment. Automatic method would be beneficial so as to avoid losing due dates.

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6. If you think that you have this entire paperwork ready, don’t hesitate to contact the bank and start application.

Is there any RCS branch in Cape Town?

In Cape Town, there is a branch of RCS located in the Liberty Grande Building in the corner of Voortrekker Rd & Jakes Gerwel Dr in the area of Goodwood. If you live near this location, you can visit representatives in typical office hours. It is possible to highlight that you can use the phone line +27 21 597 4000.

                Fortunately, when it comes to application process, there are many alternatives available. You can, for example, take advantage of the phone line. The number available is 0861 SAY RCS (729 727). In order to facilitate the process, you can send documents via fax to the following number: 021-597-4727.

                If you think that RCS doesn’t meet your expectation, there are other lending companies in Cape Town that work at your advantage. One of them is First National Bank. There is an office of FNB in the Blue Route Mall. It is located at 16 Tokai Rd in the area of Tokai.  If you live far away from the office and you prefer telephone assistance, please dial up 21 425 8870.

                As far as loans are concerned, this company divides lending programs based on the purposes of them. In fact, you can apply for:

1)Home loans: borrow money in order to buy a home or to finance the building of a new one. There is money available that can be returned in up 20 years with interest rates of approximately 10%.

2) Vehicle loans: with First National Bank, you can borrow money to finance whatever kind of vehicle, such as cars, trucks, motorbikes, caravans and even more. They can be new or second hand. As far as interest rates, they go from 7 to 20%.  20 years is the longest financing period.

3) Personal loans: there are also programs that lend from R1000 to R150 000 so as to finance whatever costs you may have, even unexpected expenses. For these plans, there are fixed interest rates available and financing terms that can reach 5 years.

                To conclude, living in Cape Town can be easy with the financial aid of RCS. This institution opens its doors so as to offers the most convenient ways for prospective and current clients to achieve what they want. There are programs that lend up to R125000 to finance whatever purchase. Besides, you can take advantage of other companies, such as FNB. This kind of institution also has programs so as to provide financial aid in the best way. Don’t leave your dreams fall behind your expectation. Resort to the help of RCS and enjoy the kind of life you are prepared to.

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Questions and answers

Which is the minimum amount of money available?

The minimum amount of money is R1000.

Can I apply for the loans by phone?

You can start application by phone.

Do I need a special bank account to receive the money?

No, any account can be used.

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