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Are There Pay Day Loans in Pretoria? Contact Details and Benefits

The residents of Pretoria that are not experiencing good times with their finances can now be calm, and you want to know why? Because they have adjust arrived to the perfect spot. In this article I will deal with two experts in the lending field: Cash Converters and Fin Choice. Those two companies are willing to help Pretoria citizens by offering them reliable and easy to be paid loans. There are pay day loans, which means that the same day the client can get the money.


What can I do with it?

   With a wonderful loan like the Sunny Day Pay Advance, which is the same as a Pay day loan, the company can give you maximums of R 4000 and minimums of R 400. With those sums of money you can achieve the financial status you need and pay whatever you have in mind at the moment. You can make use of the money the same day the application is started and if you want you can go to the company and get more capital a couple of days later. That is just great.

This is a usual small loan given by the firm which enables you to access to short amounts of money and then the next day you can repay for it.

How does it exactly work?

Well, regarding its mechanics I must say that the firm will give its client of Pretoria all the details and request him/her to provide with the banking account facts. The client will then need to accept paying fixed interest rates and also financing periods quite short. In about half an hour, the client of Pretoria has access to the money solicited.

What are the requirements to be met?

-To put forward the ID of the client

-To present certifications

-To give you’re banking account specifics

-To have with you current pay slips

-To give the company your contact details



Fin Choice Loans

   Regarding the Pay day loans obtainable in Pretoria in Fin Choice, I must say there are at present 2 main loans, all of which stick to fixed interest rates and comfortable financing periods. There are 1 month loans which are the shortest, but also 6 months loans.

These are the loans I am talking about:

1) KwikAdvance 1 month loan: with this loan you have access to minimums of R 100 and can also extend the number to R 2000. You can repay for it in months and you can manage your loan from whoever you want, which gives you the chance of accessing to your credit from home by entering the website.


 2) The 6 month Flexi loan: this is a really flexible loan that gives you the chance of obtaining R 8000 and paying for it in 6 months. You should be enjoying the money requested in about 30 days. You can also manage this loan from the comfort of your place, which is awesome


If you are interested in applying for one of the two loans mentioned, I must say that you can do it by phone, which is 0861 346246 and then wait until someone from the lending company responds to your call. You will need to put forward your personal information and financial too. You won’t have to make an application procedure that lasts more than 10 minutes, so don’t worry about this process.

You can also start the application in the company´s website that is completely up to the client preferences.


+Obtaining the money you need

+Being able to use the money for what you want

+Making affordable payments

+Applying for the loan easily

+Having access to R 25 000, which is a lot

+Getting a loan insured

+Management of the loan from home

Find the best loan of South Africa

+Checking of the client´s balance of the credit

+Applying for more than one sort of credit line

+Skipping payments when you don’t have the money



In the website of Cash Converters you will see that it has many sections for you to take a look and start receiving data about the application, the insurance and the terms and conditions of the many loans available in Pretoria at this firm. You can also look for a branch that is located near your home


If you are making a call from the city of Pretoria, then you can establish phone communication so as to begin an application on this number:87 820 4060.


This is an additional way to contact, so please send one email to:


One of the offices is mentioned in this chart:


5000 is the maximum allowed

Interest Rate

The National Credit Act of 2005 regulates it


Coronel Soutpansberg Road & Stead Avenue, inside the typical Shop 6. Area: Queens Corner Shopping

Working Hours

On Mondays to Fridays 08:30 am to 07:40 pm


Your Id and further certifications


By calling on phone


   You have got the chance of dialing up 0861 326 246 from home and speaking to someone with lots of experience in the lending field. You can call on this number during weekdays from 08:00 am to 07:45 pm

   In person

You can go to an office of the company near from Pretoria, in the city of Cape Town. Its address is 78 Main Road, area of Wynberg.


   You have access to online communication, so please make use of your computer and then open the website of the company where you will find tons of data regarding the loans explained here.

   To conclude, if you need money in Pretoria a loan from Absa or Cash Converters can be really useful to help you make your ends meet and enjoy the financial peace you and your family deserve. I guarantee you that these two are very reliable lending companies UN the country.

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Yes there are
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Both companies have great customer services
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Yes you can

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