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Does Dial Direct offer Personal Loans? Queries, Calculator and Contact

     Are you having some financial trouble? Do you think you could use a little help? Maybe it’s time you analyse taking out a loan and, we can help you with that. In this case, we’ll provide you with information about personal loans issued by Dial Direct. We’ll answer some common queries applicants have and, we’ll also show you how to calculate your terms. At the end, you will be provided with the contact numbers to get in touch with this company.

What are the personal loans offered by Dial Direct?

    I must start by clarifying that Dial Direct specializes on insurance. However, they’ve added loan products to their services to expand the company’s services and, offer their clients a complete experience.

    Having clarified that, if you apply with this entity you can take a personal loan. Unfortunately they don’t offer vehicle finance, home loans or payday loans. All the same, if you want to spend some days off or, you need to buy a new computer, you can think of Dial Direct as an alternative. They can be a fine solution if you need to consolidate your loans, too.

What exactly is a Consolidation loan?

    Although they don’t have a loan called this way, you can take a personal loan and, use it as such. To consolidate your loans means that, if you have many liabilities to pay over several months, you borrow money and, use it to cancel all your past debts. Consequently, you will have only one debt with Dial Direct, lowering the interest rate into only one. This method can also help you organize your expenses as you won’t have to keep track of the many creditors you had. Here you have the steps you need to follow if you need a debt consolidation:

                    1. To begin, you need to calculate how much are you spending per month on your debts taking into account the interest rates and fees of each debt.

                    2. Then, it’s important you know which is the total cost those debts represent.

                    3. Third, taking into account the results of the previous steps, you must calculate how much money you would need to ask Dial Direct and, find out what will be the rate for that loan.

                    4. After that, you compute the total cost of the new loan to compare it with the one in step 2. Probably, you’ll find out that consolidating al your debts into one will help you save money.

                    5. If you go for this option, you apply with Dial Direct for the sum of money you need and, spend that money to repay each debt.

                    6. Finally, you start repaying this new and only loan as it’s stipulated in the contract. You will notice it will be much easier to pay only one bigger debt than, many smaller ones.

Can I calculate my Dial Direct loan before applying?

    There are few options to know how much money you need to afford the loan without problem. For instance, for a loan size of 20000 rands with an initiation fee of 1207.50 rands added, the total cost to repay would be 26458 South African rands, providing you choose to cancel it in 1 year. Now, that same amount repayable over 3 years would have an estimated total cost of 37255 South African rands.

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As another fine alternative, you can use Dial Direct online Calculator to know the amount of your monthly payments.

    I’ll present an example for you to comprehend the concept. If you request 40000 rands and you don’t want to spend more than 4 years repaying it, you would have to pay 1677 rands each month. If you want to finish cancelling before and you choose a two years repayment term, the monthly instalment would be of 2504 rands.

How can I apply for a Dial Direct loan online?

    Online application is the most popular method to get financial help nowadays. More and more borrowers prefer to make things fast and simple and, that’s why they take advantage of this. By completing the Dial Direct online application form with the simplest information, you can be one step closer to your loan.

Dial Direct Loans: what are the most frequent queries?

There are three queries most applicants tend to ask and, I’ll answer next:

  • If you worry your payment be affected thanks to fluctuations on the interest rate, let me tell you that you don’t need to. Because your interest rate with Dial Direct is fixed, even though the interest rate increases, your payments will remain the same.

  • An important issue for borrower is if they can decide on how to make their payments and, for these loans, there’s only one method: the company will debit them from the bank account you use to get your monthly salary. You may find this really practical as, it’s simplifies the process.

  • At last, Dial Direct policy includes a Protection Plan for personal loans on special cases like death, disability or diseases.

What is the contact number for Dial Direct?

    Dial Direct offers 3 telephone numbers each of them for a specific purpose so, let’s delve into the options. If you’ve never worked with Dial Direct before and, you intend to do it now, you must dial the number 08 61 00 73 67 which is for new clients. If you have worked with them in the past or, you have currently a loan process with them. Call the number 06 61 55 55 80 which is the Client Service. Finally, if you need to contact them outside their office hours, they have the following Emergency Assistance number, 08 60 91 19 11.

    To finish, you need to know these loans are endorsed by 1Life Insurance Ltd, which is an FSP authorized. If you find yourself in a rough economic situation and, you could use a little help, stop hesitating on this issue. As long as you understand how everything works and, you are responsible with the payments, there’s no reason to think a personal loan won’t help you get out of that rough patch.

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Questions and Answers

Can I take out a further loan?
Yes, once you have repayed the first loan, you can take a further loan
What is the interest rate?
The interest rate is one of the lowest in the market and it will be disclosed to you when you call for the service
How can I know how much I am authorized to borrow?
You can call 0860 10 45 80 or get the company to call you, and ask for a free quote

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