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How Can I Take Out a Payday Loan From Port Elizabeth? Online Application, Rates and Quotes

     If you are looking for a company that provides payday loans and you live in South Africa, you’ve come to the right place. In this article I’ll refer to some of them for you to get informed about this loan and be able of deciding who you should work with. You’ll find some quotes about this type of loan, contact details and rates from these entities. Also, I’ll explain the online application procedure so you can apply for your loan from anypart of the country as, for example, Port Elizabeth.

    First I’ ll detail information about African Bank in Port Elizabeth. Although this company doesn’t offer payday loans, you may find it useful in a future if you need other type of loan. Later, you’ll find information about Wonga and, finally, I’ll provide you with information about Finance27.

    In the following chart you have key information about African Bank in Port Elizabeth. You can ask for personal loans if you need more than R 4,000, for example:


R 200,000

Interest Rate


Telephone Number

041 371 1384/7


Flexible (9 to 72 months) or fixed

Working Hour

Mon-Fri 8:30 to 17:00 /Sat 9:00 to 13:00


I.D., original pay slip, bank statements, proof of residence


Shop LG14 Baywest Mall, Walker Drive Extension, Port Elizabeth

Wonga Payday Loans Quotes

    Wonga offers quotes that goes from a minimum of R 500 up to R 8,000 if you’re an existing client. But, if you are working with them for the first time your maximum available to ask for is R 4,000.

    Along with this range of quotes, you can choose the repayment term. They used to have a maximum of 30 days to cancel the loan but, recently they’ve added up to 6 months to repay it! Now, this added time can be practical but, you have to be careful because you’ll have to pay more on interests and fees if you choose a longer repayment term. I’ll explain it with an example:

    If you need to ask for R 2665 and you choose to pay it in 4 months, that is to say 4 instalments, your initiation fee would be of R 377.91 and the service fee of R 273.60 leaving a total of R 651.51 to pay just on extra fees. If we sum up the total interest to pay - R 202.51 -we can see the total cost of the loan would be of R 3519,04 over a loan of R 2665. But, if instead of 4 months you choose just 15 days the total cost would be of  R 3157.34  So, decide wisely on the sum of money and the repayment term.

Wonga Payday Loans Rates

    When you take out a Wonga loan, you are charged every month a service fee of R 68.40, you’re also charged an initiation fee of 16.5% on the first R 1,000 of the loan and then, it’ll be added a 10% of the value above that number.

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How to contact Wonga?

    If you have any query or you want to apply for a Wonga loan, you’ll find here the contact information you need. You can reach them whether by emailing them or, calling them. If we refer to the email accounts, we’ll find two of them. In the case of questions about the application you can write to but, if you have repayment related questions, you have to write to If you prefer to talk by the phone, you can call them to the number 086 1966 421 on weekdays from 7 to 19 and every Saturday from 8 to 13.

Finance27 Payday Loans Quotes and Rates

    Another option to take a quick and simple payday loan online is Finance27. They share the minimum sum of money to ask for than Wonga, R 500. But in the highest quote to apply we can see a small difference. For existing customers, the quote is as high as R 4,000 and, for new customers is just R 2,500.

    If you’re wondering about the rates, let me tell you Finance27 has an annual percentage of 38%.  Also, I’ll add that all payments are done through debit order. Both for receiving the money as for repaying it. 

Finance27 Requirements and Contact Number

    To apply with this bank, you must be South African, above 18, employed and own a bank account.

    To reach Finance27 you can dial the number 12 941 1572, email to or direct to Wapadrand Shopping Centre on the West Wing, FirstFloor.

Payday Loans Online Application

Applying for a Payday Loan is really simple and fast as, I’ve already told you, the entire procedure is online. Follow these steps and be ready to enjoy your loan:

a) Calculate the amount of money and the repayment term you would like to have to see if you can afford it. Remember, you can use the online calculator the entities offer.

b) Decide on the right loan and terms for you.

c) Complete the online application loan.

d) Wait for the bank to approve your request.

e) Once the loan’s been approved, send the documents they ask to verify the information you’ve stated.

f) Receive the money in your account.

g) Use it as you had planned to.

h) Make sure the money to repay it is available on the agreed dates.


    You have here two companies that can help you if you need money urgently, as long as you don’t need a great amount of it. You have also another company if you need a higher quote so, I’m sure you can make a smart decision about the loan you need, keeping in mind your own financial situation. I remind you this because it’s important you enter a contract you know you’ll be able of cancel it on time and properly to avoid negative outcomes.

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As long as you qualify and the documents are correct, yes.

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Application is only online.

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