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Are There Loans Available at Nedbank? Phone Numbers, Rates and Requirements

Nedbank is here to give you the best of it: rewards, insurance, loans, affinities, financial planning, guidance and tools, information about fees, convenient rates and terms, possibilities for investing and saving and the same time, remediation, among other options. In this article, you can go over through the different options, the calculators displayed, the number you can call, the requirements and the process of application at Nedbank. Everything you need to know in only one article.

How does a loan work at Nedbank?

            A loan works differently depending on what it offers. Nedbank offers loans meant for different purposes such as:

If you are interested in acquiring a personal loan, there is a wide range of options, such as loans that are made for home improvement, for vehicles that are second hand, etc. If you go for a personal loan at Nedbank, the repayments can be taken from your account and the amount accepted can be of R2 000 to R 250 000. The period for repayment can start at 6 months up to 72 months in total.

What does a loan at Nedbank offer?

            You will go through different loans and examples of the different benefits and features that loans at Nedbank have.

            A student loan at Nedbank, for example, can offer you:

  • Repayment options that are flexible

  • Good interest rates

  • The guarantor of the student will only pay on the loan back the interest if you are busy with articles or if you happen to be a fulltime student

  • You are given the chance that just once you have completed your studies, you will only then start paying off the loan you applied for

  • If there were an event such as disablement or death, there would be credit life cover, which is optional.

If you happen to be a part time student, then in that case you will have to carry out capital repayments and interest repayments while you are studying. If you happen to be a full-time student, then a guarantor will be needed to give you hand with the paying of the monthly interest.

What are the requirements for a student loan at Nedbank?

            The guarantor will have to count with the following:

  • An ID card

  • The latest pay slip

  • An expenditure statement and a statement of income

  • A bank statement of three months

  • A declaration of marital status

  • A document that can prove your residential address (the current one). This is for purposes of FICA

  • A transactional account to be used as a main account. You can open one if you need one.

What do clients need?

Find the best loan of South Africa

  • Their exam results (the latest ones)

  • An invoice for accommodation, fees and textbooks

  • A letter of necessity for equipment that is somehow related to study

  • A student account. This can only be opened after Nedbank had approved of your application

How does the application work at Nedbank for a student loan?

If you are applying for a student loan, then your guarantor will have to make sure to present all the documents mentioned before to a Nedbank office. For each year that the student takes, Nedbank will ask you to fill a new application. This application will be subject to affordability and a credit assessment. You should take into account that if you fail to complete your studies, then the loan remains unpaid, so you will still have to pay it back. This can be arranged in monthly installments. In general, when applying for a loan at Nedbank you will come across an application form that you will fill in with the information requested. Once this step has been completed, check that you have the required documentation. Finally, hand it in to Nedbank who will evaluate it.

Are there any calculators at Nedbank?

           To help you figure out certain values and costs, there are several calculators at Nedbank that you can use. You should keep them in mind since they enable you to notice possible changes, expenses or even debts in the future. A calculator is the best way available to check your chances of succeeding and making the most out of your loan. You will certainly be impressed by the number of calculators available at Nedbank:

  • Calculators for loan consolidation

  • Calculators for home loans

  • Calculators for bank fees

  • Calculators for loan repayment

  • Calculators for periods of repayment

  • There are also devices that will enable you to calculate loan amounts, personal loans, interests, vehicle budget, vehicle installment, etc.

Is there a loan contact number clients can use?

For general inquiries, clients can use the following number to reach Nedbank: 0860 555 111.

Is there an email address for you to reach Nedbank?

            Although Nedbank does not have an email address, it does have a section on their website that you can use to send feedback. You can give suggestions, make compliments or complaint about something that you don’t or didn’t like. You will find below a summary of requirements and telephone of Nedbank.


Clients have to apply for a loan through the website. They will have to fill out a form and submit it to Nedbank.


0860 555 111.

Email address


            In conclusion, Nedbank might have the right tools and financial solutions that you might need to choose the right financial aid. A loan at Nedbank might be the perfect solution for tackling old debts created by credit cards or simply using a calculator might be helpful to grasp the future in a different way. Check all the possibilities, especially the ones that are only offered at Nedbank. A loan is available anywhere, but a trustworthy company that knows exactly what you need? That only can happen at Nedbank. For further information, you can always get in contact with an agent at Nedbank.

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Questions and Answers

I've applied for a loan at Nedbank yesterday, I want to know how long it takes to put money in my Capitec account?
It might take Nedbank some time to go over the process to decide whether you’re suitable for a loan or not. Once they receive your loan application, they check the requirements are met and, they calculate the loan quote you can ask for. After they have the loan terms ready, they will inform you about it for you to take the final decision of accepting their loan offer or not.
Help me get a home loan, please
Getting a home loan at Nedbank is not much complicated, really. To start, they have many different types of calculators for the client to find out about the cost before applying for the home loan. This gives them certain calm to know how much money they need. Once you decide, you can go to Nedbank’s office or apply online. Keep in mind, they have some benefits for those who choose to apply online. But, you must select the option that makes you feel more comfortable to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.
I want to pay off my debts, please help
Nedbank has a loan alternative perfect for you, their Consolidation Loan. With this product, the bank will lend you money for the amount you need to cancel all your debts and, after that, you will have to pay only one installment per month to, clearly, Nedbank. Using this loan will make your life much simpler and it will organize your money.
Please can you check the monthly cost of a loan R35000?
To help you make up your mind as regards your loan, we’ll show you the cost of that quote with different terms. We’ll take the lowest rate in all the examples, which is 10.25%. For instance, if you can pay higher installments, you may choose to pay R6350 over six months, cancelling the debt fast. If you want lower installments, you may choose 72 months repayment term. In this case, the monthly cost will be just R751 but, it will take you longer to finish repaying. Of course, you have other options in between these terms.
What’s the maximum loan can I qualify if I’m earning r3500?
As your salary is high enough to apply for the loan, you can ask for the maximum amount Nedbank offers, which is R250.000. Only after you inform the bank about your job and credit detail, will they be able of telling you how much money can you take. Bear in mind, they also need to know the sum of money you spend monthly on different expenses or paying your credit cards, for instance.
How much can l pay when l took 50000 a home loan? l want to build a house
We’ll imagine you want to make an initial deposit of R2500 and, you’ll cancel the payments on 240 months to calculate the cost of the loan. For those terms, your loan may be charged with a 10.25% interest rate, leaving the financial cost of the loan on R47.500. If that’s the cost, each installment to pay would be R466.
I want to borrow money until the end of the month and my salary goes straight to my Nedbank account. Can I borrow of r1000.00 for pay day?
I’m sorry to tell you; Nedbank only offers personal loans for a minimum of R 2000 to pay in 6 months at least. You can find the type of loan you asked for at lending agencies managing faster loans for smaller amounts. Some of them are Wonga, Letsatsi Finance or, Cash Converters. Their loan products fit exactly what you’re looking for.
I want a loan of 15000 but, I want to know if I can pay on 24 months if I'm earning 3600 per month
As the minimum salary required by Nedbank is 3500 rands, you can apply for a loan. Now, 15000 rands for 24 months will have the following estimated cost: if we take 27.75% rate, which is the highest rate this bank charges, you will have to pay 980 rands per month, which leaves a total cost of 23540. Of course, you might get a lower rate and the cost will be cheaper.
How may I pay for the loan?
They payments you’ll have to make to cancel the loan will be done through your bank account. Each month, on a date you agree with Nedbank, they will carry out debit orders for the amount your instalments was set when you took the loan. The number of installments to pay will depend on the sum of money borrowed and, your financial capacity.
How can I get a loan?
The easiest way to get a loan, after you’ve put the documents ready to submit, is to apply online. If you enter Nedbank’s web page, you’ll find you can complete the application form. You’ll start by submitting your personal information and then, Nedbank will guide you through the rest of the process. If you need to, you can save the application to continue with it later with no problem at all!
I want to know how much can I qualify if I get r3000.00 per month
Nedbank has established their applicant must earn a minimum monthly salary of R 3500 and they really pay special attention to this feature. So, unfortunately, you don’t have income enough for this bank to take you as a borrower. It’s really important to reach that minimum earnings so as to have enough money to cancel the loan without neglecting the rest of your household payments
Quotation for r120 000 for 5 years, it would be how much per month?
We need to make reference to two opposite options. The lowest rate, 10.25%, will represent R2682 per month while, the highest rate, 27.75%, will represent paying R3913 per month. As the interest rate is set after analyzing your financial status, we can tell you the cost of your loan will be between those options. Now, you know what’s the minimum and the maximum cost you might have.
Am I allowed to get another loan when I’m still paying for my existing loan from Nedbank?
Whenever Nedbank decides to approve the petition for a loan, it means the application have been previously subjected to credit affordability. So, that loan confirmation is a result of Nedbank knowing the applicant can pay for the service. You have the chance to be approved for another loan as long as your payments have been cancelled properly, your credit history is good enough and, your income is sufficient.
How long does a loan application takes?
If you apply for the loan online, which we highly recommend due to its many advantages, you will last less than a day to apply. Of course, you will accomplish this as long as you take proper previous steps like: gathering you documents and, checking with Nedbank’s loan calculators as, these tools will let you know what loan quote can you ask for.
I want to apply for a loan. What must I do?
The first step to take is to investigate the options Nedbank has as, they can assist you with your house, your business and so on. Later, when you decide the type of loan you want, try their online loan simulator to calculate how much money you need to have monthly to cancel the payments. Finally, contact Nedbank to start your application and, provide them with your documents to make the loan request.
Can I reapply?
Nedbank refers to affordability checks to confirm they will grant the loan. Because of this, the only way you have to know if you can take more money is providing the bank with your information for them to make the final decision. If you want, you can calculate the cost of this new loan to try to know how much money you’ll need to pay for this service.
3- If I need to add an extra room to my house, which credit do I have to apply for?
You have to apply for their Home Account credit.
Need to knw monthly installment for a 20000 rands loan on 3 years
I want to present you with two possible examples as, your final cost will depend on the rate your loan is charged with. If you get the lowest rate, 10.25%, the monthly payments will be 763 rands. On the other hand, the highest rate, 27.75%, will have monthly payments of 966 rands. As such, the total cost in the first example would be 27500 rands and, in the second example, 34791 rands.
Hi, I would like to know if nedbank can help me with a loan but I change from capitec bank to nedbank and I only have 1month and2weeks. Nedbank told me if I open cheque account, things will be much better for me if I want a loan
Hi! Yes, as a matter of fact, having an account at Nedbank will for sure bring you some extra benefits when needing for a personal loan. Starting, we can mention the money will be transferred directly into it and, the same will happen with the monthly installments. Apart from that, banks always award their clients with lower rates. All you need to check now, is if you meet all the requirements regarding your job and income.
If am getting paid forth night, will i get a house loan?
Getting a loan aimed to pay for a house involves requirements much more complicated. Because of the higher quote needed, the repayment period is much more longer. Due to this two facts, banks are stricter when granting these loans. If your salary is high and permanent, bank will look at you as a possible client without making your forth night payment an obstacle. But, keep in mind, they’ll take everything into consideration.
How long does it take to be approved?
The moment you inform Nedbank about your personal details (employment, identity, loan terms) and, you send them all the documentation they ask, you will have an instant answer from them. I must clarify, if there’s an issue with the application form or the documents, they will ask you some more information to verify perfectly what loan quote you qualify for before informing you about it.
I have a netbank account, will i be approved 4 a loan?
If you have an account at Nedbank, certainly, the process will be much faster. However, that Nedbank account is not guarantee you’ll have an instant loan approval. In order to receive the loan confirmation, you need to have a permanent job or, to have a contract for a fixed term. Besides, your salary should be higher than R3000. Of course, such salary must be deposited each month into your Nedbank account. If you relate to these points, you may have a loan approval at Nedbank.
I was given a loan of 32000.00 and after 5 months of payment I then top up the loan to apply for another loan, but unfortunately I was denied . Wanna know the cause to being denied cause my pay was of the 30% of the loan
As I’m sure you know because you’ve already taken a loan, having a money request approved brings many points into account. One of them is how much of your salary you need to pay for the loan but, your credit score and monthly expenses, for example, are also important on the decision. If your top up loan was rejected, it may be because Nedbank thinks you’ll have trouble keeping up with payments
Good day, I want to know how to take a car loan, please.
Nedbank has personal loans to buy second hand vehicles. This loan can only be asked in person. You need to get to one of their dealerships to choose the car you want and then, ask for the application form. You complete it there and present the documents requested. After that, the dealer and Nedbank will get in contact to go over your loan application
2- If I apply for a personal loan, how long do I have to repay the loan?
You can repay the loan a period of up to 60 months.
I want a 1500rand loan
Unfortunately, the minimum loan amount Nedbank grants is R2000. But, there’s another alternative you may take advantage of if you have a transactional account with them. I’m referring to the Overdraft Facility. This service can give you fast access to funds through your account. You will have a certain amount available on the account but, you can use and paid for only the sum of money you need.
I like to know about loan applications
Loan applications at Nedbank are really easy to follow. There are 5 steps you need to take before getting the quote that best suits your funds. On those steps, you need to tell Nedbank about your personal details, your employment information and, how much you spend on your monthly expenses, among other factors. Then, this bank will present you a loan offer they think you will be able to afford with no problem
Are cell phone loans available at Nedbank?
This company takes every applicant and every request seriously. Consequently, they allow borrowers to apply online and, with the client’s contact information, a Nedbank consultant gets in touch with the applicant to go over the loan options and terms. This is when you have to take advantage and elicit any doubt about the cost of the loan before signing the contract.
Hi I’ve just recently opened a cheque account at nedbank and i was wondering if it’s possible for me to apply for a personal loan
Of course it is! Start by checking the requirements Nedbank ask their borrowers to meet and getting your documents together and after that, use as many times as you need their calculator to get into the application form knowing what’s your financial capacity. After having studied your options, feel free to apply for the money and, wait for Nedbank’s response to continue with the loan application.
If I open a bank account, can I immediately get a loan?
No, loan approvals don’t work that way. In fact, it’s a little more complicated than that. Although having a bank account is a requirement, there are other aspects you should pay attention to. To get the confirmation of your loan, you need to prove you have a stable job and, you earn the minimum salary (R3500). Besides, you have to present 3 bank statements. So, if you’ve recently opened the bank account, you need to wait three months to apply.
I need a small personal loan of 1500
Loans at Nedbank are granted from a minimal of R2000. So, if you can think about increasing your loan to that quote, you can think about asking the loan to Nedbank. As this is the lowest loan amount, you may want to repay it in the shortest time, 6 months. Finally, the rate Nedbank manages won’t be higher than 27.75%.
I asked money to Nedbank, how long does it take to get the approval?
It is common Nedbank lasts at least two working days before giving you their answer. But, the process may delay if they find problems with the application form and, documents. For example, some documents may be difficult to read due to not being properly preserved or, some information may not be consistent. If anything like this occurs, they will contact you to ratify the information
Do I qualify for the loans at Nedbank?
In order to qualify for a loan you must comply with a good record and having a payslip of at least 2500 a month. Those are the minimum requirements for a Personal Loan
Can I get a loan of R17000? What’s the monthly payment?
What an applicant will have to pay for a R17000 loan will vary taking into account the term he or she chooses. For example, for the shortest term, 6 months, each payment may reach R 3500. Now, for the longest term, 72 months, the monthly cost may be R 500. Feel free to use the online calculator to know the cost based on the term you want and, don’t forget the interest rate you’ll be charged with is what defines the total cost of the credit.
How long does it take to get payment to your account after a loan approval?
The stage that takes longer on a loan request is the application stage. It can take few days because Nedbank has to read the form you submitted and, check that information with your documents. After that, Nedbank will make your check affordability to know if they can approve the loan. After approving the loan, you should have the money in your account in a day or two.
How much is the interest for a long term personal loan 60 months
Nedbank works with interest rates that go from a minimum 10.25% to a maximum 27.75%. I’ll try to assist you on this with an example as, we need a quote to calculate the cost. If you take R200000 over 60 months, your installments may go from R4407 to R6449, depending on the rate your loan gets. According to those installments, you’ll pay a total of R 264426 on the lowest rate and, R386986 on the highest one.
I am using Capitec so, how can I apply?
You can apply with Nedbank in the same way as any other applicant. You contact the bank to refer to the terms you would like for the loan and then, present your ID, payslips and bank statements. For this last requirement, as you have an account with Capitec, you need to make sure your bank statements are stamped by them. As simple as that, you are on the run to get a Nedbank loan.
How long to get the money when u apply for a loan?
As with most banks, the entire process to get a loan may take few days or weeks. While the approval can be almost immediately, the rest of the steps can take few days. Bear in mind, you have to present documents and, Nedbank needs to revise them one by one to check they are in order. Apart from that, they may get some delay if the bank needs to ask you for some extra documents.
What is the rate for a loan of seventy thousand rand?
Nedbank’s rate can be among 10.25 % and 27.50 %. The thing is that the interest is decided by the bank based on the assessments they make of your income, expenses and current obligations. Another factor involved on the interest you will have to pay is the term of the loan, which can be from 6 months up to 6 years.
1- If I am a new customer of the bank, how much money could I qualify for?
You can apply for a personal loan from R20,000 to R120,000.
If I earn r2000 monthly, how much I qualify for loan?
A loan with Nedbank can only be possible if the applicant gets a net salary of R3500 or more. As a consequence, you don’t qualify for a loan with R2000 monthly earnings. Beside your income, your employment must be permanent and deposited into a bank account. These are the requirements this company, Nedbank, requests South Africans to have the loan petition processed.
If I pay every 2 weeks, can I get a loan?
The terms you get on your loan, such as quote and number of instalments, are established before you settle the contract so, when you sign the loan, everything is clear. Now, Nedbank’s loans are paid on monthly basis, which means, it is not probable that you make payments every 2 weeks. All the same, you can discuss those details with a Nedbank agent to get the term that’s most appropriate for you.
I applied for a loan from Nedbank, when can I expect the money to be deposited into my account?
Once your loan application is processed, meaning every document is submitted and verified and, the loan terms for your loan is decided and approved, all that’s left to do is for you to close the contract. When Nedbank approves the terms and, you accept them, it doesn’t take long for you to have your money in the account. In just few hours you will get your funds.
I need a loan please, a fast loan
There’s an alternative Nedbank calls Overdraft Facility. This option is available for those who have a transactional current account at, of course, Nedbank. This option grants you a credit facility on a short term for you to have access to the money whenever you need it. For example, when you have those unexpected events that needs to be paid immediately.
If I earn 16000 monthly, how much do I qualify for on a home loan?
One of the main benefits that applying with Nedbank has is their multiple loan calculators. You can either calculate the cost based on the amount you want or, calculate how much they will be willing to lend you according to your income. In your case, the Maximum Quote Calculator for a home loan shows you may have R190000 to ask for. But, they need more detailed information about your expenditures to set your quote.
Applied for a personal loan. How long will this process take?
In general, processing a loan application can take 5 business days, if we take, of course, the whole process: from the moment you complete the application form to the moment the money is transferred into your account. In the middle, you’ll have to present documents and agree on the terms of the loan with Nedbank.
Hi my husband just applied for a loan last week and, even today it has never clock in his cell, what happened?
There may have occurred some problems either with the form or the documents you submitted. For example, if there’s a wrong piece of information, they need to verify it. Bear in mind, Nedbank’s assistants pay special attention to check every detail of the loan application so as to give you the best offer.
I have applied for a loan yesterday how soon do I get a respond?
You should expect an answer at least 2 business days after you sent the application. Of course, you must take into account if there’s a weekend in between and, the time you submitted the request. Usually, applications submitted after 5 or 6 pm are taken into consideration on the following working day.
How long does it take to get the money i loaned into my account,or any updates on my loan application?
It always depends on the months you have chosen for the financing period of the loan. It is common that in the course of 1 week the company has already uploaded the data of its clients and such information is observable in the application of the bank. The money given by the bank is deposited in the client´s account in less than 1 week also.
I need money urgently, what do you recommend?
For those cases in which you need money right away there’s a practical solution. As personal loans take some time to be processed, you should revise the alternative payday loans offer. They are issued in the same day you apply with minimum requirements. Of course, this is possible because the money they grant is lower, that is to say, they work to pay for unexpected expenses. These loans are repaid in 6 months or less. Some entities offering payday loans are Wonga, Capitec and Cash Converters.
Will I pay the installments in person?
Nedbank sets the method to repay the loan by debit order. When your loan is confirmed and you need to sign the contract, pay attention to the date of payment as, on that day, Nedbank will expect your account to have enough funds to make the payment. It’s your responsibility to remember to have money to cancel the installment.
How long will my loan last?
You might spend from 6 to 72 months repaying the loan. However, that is a detail that will be confirmed on your loan contract. When Nedbank shows you the loan quote they can lend you, they’ll show you your payment options also. There, you can choose the one you prefer the most.
What if I need a loan to pay for my education?
Nedbank can perfectly assist you on this with their student loan. Even though you take the loan, you need a guarantor to provide guaranty for the loan. That person (guardian or parent, for instance) will cancel the interest for the loan until you get your study done and, you start repaying the loan yourself.
The student loan covers just for tuition?
No, among what Nedbank student loan covers, we can mention registration, the study material you’ll need, books and more, apart from tuition. It’s important you understand that you’ll pay for the loan only after you finish your studies. So, in the meantime, your guarantor will be in charge of paying the interest of the loan.
I’m trying to apply but I can't. Why?
When an applicant applies online, he or she sends Nedbank information about their income, personal details an expenses. The bank, then, takes all that information and analyzes if the client meets the requirements. If you can’t get a Nedbank loan, check if any of their requirements aren’t met. That may be the problem.
How much does Nedbank lend for a second hand car?
The minimum loan amount you can ask Nedbank is 40000 rands and, the maximum loan amount is 250000 rands. Of course, you will get the sum of money you ask for if your credit check is positive. Remember, the vehicle can’t be older than twenty years old and, you’ll be asked to have an active bank account to make the payments.
What can I do to get lower rates?
The interest rate set by the bank will contemplate certain factors. For example, the length of your loan is a factor that affects such rate. But, your credit score is one of the most relevant factors when it comes to deciding the interest to charge. So, if your credit score is high, you’ll have chances of a lower rate.
I need a loan but, I don’t know how much I qualify for. Will Nedbank tell me?
Yes, Nedbank will inform you about the sum of money you can take from them but, only after they get and process your information. A very important piece of information for your loan qualification is your credit history and, your banking movements. When the bank shows you their offer, you’ll have the chance to take it or look for another bank’s offer.
How can I get cash fast?
To get a Nedbank loan, you need to go across the loan application step by step and, of course, it takes few days until you get the funds. If you need a loan really fast and, if it’s for less than 10000 rands, a payday loan may work perfectly. Entities issuing this kind of loan are Wonga or Cash Converters, for instance. As they have less requirements, they grant loans in just few hours.
How much of the value of the house will Nedbank finance on a home loan?
That decision will be made as regards your credit profile but, Nedbank could finance the total value of your house. Keep in mind, all the same, that this bank issues up to R 780000 on home loans. Besides, there are some tips to save money. For example, if your gross income is 24500 rands or lower, you’ll have a discount on the initiation fee.

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