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Are There Loans Available at Nedbank? Phone Numbers, Rates and Requirements

Nedbank is here to give you the best of it: rewards, insurance, loans, affinities, financial planning, guidance and tools, information about fees, convenient rates and terms, possibilities for investing and saving and the same time, remediation, among other options. In this article, you can go over through the different options, the calculators displayed, the number you can call, the requirements and the process of application at Nedbank. Everything you need to know in only one article.

How does a loan work at Nedbank?

            A loan works differently depending on what it offers. Nedbank offers loans meant for different purposes such as:

If you are interested in acquiring a personal loan, there is a wide range of options, such as loans that are made for home improvement, for vehicles that are second hand, etc. If you go for a personal loan at Nedbank, the repayments can be taken from your account and the amount accepted can be of R2 000 to R 250 000. The period for repayment can start at 6 months up to 72 months in total.

What does a loan at Nedbank offer?

            You will go through different loans and examples of the different benefits and features that loans at Nedbank have.

            A student loan at Nedbank, for example, can offer you:

  • Repayment options that are flexible

  • Good interest rates

  • The guarantor of the student will only pay on the loan back the interest if you are busy with articles or if you happen to be a fulltime student

  • You are given the chance that just once you have completed your studies, you will only then start paying off the loan you applied for

  • If there were an event such as disablement or death, there would be credit life cover, which is optional.

If you happen to be a part time student, then in that case you will have to carry out capital repayments and interest repayments while you are studying. If you happen to be a full-time student, then a guarantor will be needed to give you hand with the paying of the monthly interest.

What are the requirements for a student loan at Nedbank?

            The guarantor will have to count with the following:

  • An ID card

  • The latest pay slip

  • An expenditure statement and a statement of income

  • A bank statement of three months

  • A declaration of marital status

  • A document that can prove your residential address (the current one). This is for purposes of FICA

  • A transactional account to be used as a main account. You can open one if you need one.

What do clients need?

Find the best loan of South Africa

  • Their exam results (the latest ones)

  • An invoice for accommodation, fees and textbooks

  • A letter of necessity for equipment that is somehow related to study

  • A student account. This can only be opened after Nedbank had approved of your application

How does the application work at Nedbank for a student loan?

If you are applying for a student loan, then your guarantor will have to make sure to present all the documents mentioned before to a Nedbank office. For each year that the student takes, Nedbank will ask you to fill a new application. This application will be subject to affordability and a credit assessment. You should take into account that if you fail to complete your studies, then the loan remains unpaid, so you will still have to pay it back. This can be arranged in monthly installments. In general, when applying for a loan at Nedbank you will come across an application form that you will fill in with the information requested. Once this step has been completed, check that you have the required documentation. Finally, hand it in to Nedbank who will evaluate it.

Are there any calculators at Nedbank?

           To help you figure out certain values and costs, there are several calculators at Nedbank that you can use. You should keep them in mind since they enable you to notice possible changes, expenses or even debts in the future. A calculator is the best way available to check your chances of succeeding and making the most out of your loan. You will certainly be impressed by the number of calculators available at Nedbank:

  • Calculators for loan consolidation

  • Calculators for home loans

  • Calculators for bank fees

  • Calculators for loan repayment

  • Calculators for periods of repayment

  • There are also devices that will enable you to calculate loan amounts, personal loans, interests, vehicle budget, vehicle installment, etc.

Is there a loan contact number clients can use?

For general inquiries, clients can use the following number to reach Nedbank: 0860 555 111.

Is there an email address for you to reach Nedbank?

            Although Nedbank does not have an email address, it does have a section on their website that you can use to send feedback. You can give suggestions, make compliments or complaint about something that you don’t or didn’t like. You will find below a summary of requirements and telephone of Nedbank.


Clients have to apply for a loan through the website. They will have to fill out a form and submit it to Nedbank.


0860 555 111.

Email address


            In conclusion, Nedbank might have the right tools and financial solutions that you might need to choose the right financial aid. A loan at Nedbank might be the perfect solution for tackling old debts created by credit cards or simply using a calculator might be helpful to grasp the future in a different way. Check all the possibilities, especially the ones that are only offered at Nedbank. A loan is available anywhere, but a trustworthy company that knows exactly what you need? That only can happen at Nedbank. For further information, you can always get in contact with an agent at Nedbank.

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Questions and Answers

How long does it take to get the money i loaned into my account,or any updates on my loan application?
It always depends on the months you have chosen for the financing period of the loan. It is common that in the course of 1 week the company has already uploaded the data of its clients and such information is observable in the application of the bank. The money given by the bank is deposited in the client´s account in less than 1 week also.
Do I qualify for the loans at Nedbank?
In order to qualify for a loan you must comply with a good record and having a payslip of at least 2500 a month. Those are the minimum requirements for a Personal Loan
3- If I need to add an extra room to my house, which credit do I have to apply for?
You have to apply for their Home Account credit.
2- If I apply for a personal loan, how long do I have to repay the loan?
You can repay the loan a period of up to 60 months.
1- If I am a new customer of the bank, how much money could I qualify for?
You can apply for a personal loan from R20,000 to R120,000.

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