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Can I Apply for a Loan From Polokwane? Application, Contact Details and Requirements.

     Having liabilities with different companies or entities can be really stressful. It requires a lot of your time and energy to do the math in order to cancel the debts and still have enough to survive at the end of the month. One solution could be to ask for a loan to consolidate your debts. Following, I will describe how can you achieve to have all your debts organize into only one and I will show you some key information as, for example which banks can you find in Polokwane, contact details, application and requirements.

    When you have many debts to pay month after month it can get really stressful and tiresome to try to make ends meet. But, this may be merely because you need to calculate a lot of expenses and it seems an endless process. If you choose to consolidate your debts through a loan, then you will have only one debt to pay making everything easier. When you cancel your big number of liabilities you free yourself from the huge number of creditors following you every month. Your only creditor would be the bank you borrow the money from. The same happens with your debt, you will pay only one fee per month, avoiding the stressful hassle of doing the numbers. So, let me tell you what you need to know about loans for you to get confident to go on with the procedure.

How to apply?

    Now that you understand why to consolidate your debts into one loan is an advantage, let’s see how you can apply.

    The application process will depend on the bank you choose but, in general they are similar and it goes like this. As today’s technology allows it, you can complete an online application form to start the process. Most banks offer an online calculator on their website, so before applying you can submit some pieces of information as, income and expenses, the sum of money you need, the time to repay the money you borrowed you would prefer, and the interest rate. The calculator provides you with the full quotation helping you decide on the kind of loan you will ask. This is a significant advantage as it is really important you make sure you are up to the repayment process. Keep in mind that any failure to cancel the loan it will, of course bring some consequences and affect your credit rating. This credit rating is used by financial entities to know if they can rely on you. They base their decision on your rating, so it is of paramount importance that you try as much as possible not to fall behind with the repayment.

    Once you have applied for the loan, the bank has to approve it. In order to do this they will require you a series of documents to check the information you submitted and that you comply with their requirements.

    The next step would be to agree on the terms and conditions of the loans. During this time, the company and you will decide on the sum of money, the repayment term and the interest rate you will get from the loan. This is probably one of the most significant point as what you want is to get the lowest rate possible. Bear in mind that some banks work with credit providers and other banks to try to get you the best deal, so you have two options. To work with a normal bank and use the rate they fix, or to go for an entity that offers you working through them with other banks at the same time. For the second option you have more chances of acquiring a rate that you’ll feel happier with, as you will have more options to choose from.

    When you reach an agreement on the terms, you finish the process by getting the cash you asked for. Remember that you can use it for whatever reason you want to; to consolidate debts for example, as we said before but, what you shouldn’t fail to do is to cancel the monthly payments.

    I will point out, however that even though the procedure and the requirements are much the same, they mostly depend on the type of loan you are acquiring. It won’t be the same to ask for a short term cash loan than to ask for a home loan. For instance, as home loans consist on a bigger sum of money, banks would ask more documents that prove you are in the right financial position.

    If you live in Polokwane an option for you would be to work with Metrofin. I will show you the Contact information you need on the following chart:

Telephone Number

079 889 1215


Personal and Financial Information

Working Hours

9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


86 Kerk St, Polokwane Central, Polokwane, 0699

Email Address

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    You have other options from banks that work online, so you can apply from any part of South Africa. One example of this type on entity would be SA Cash Loans, which offers quotations that goes from R 3,000 up to R 150,000.

SA Cash Loans Requirements

- you need to own a bank account

- you need to get your salary trough this account.

- you need to have a job for the last three months.

- you need to provide proper documents that can prove your personal and financial information.

- you should be at least 18 , but you shouldn’t be older than 65.

- you should fill an application form.

- you need to be paid at least R 3,000 every month.

- you should be free of any kind of debt or liability.

SA Cash Loans Contact Information:

    If you think SA Cash Loans is the right bank for you, you may call them on the phone at the number 0021 202 1679 or, you may also write them to the following email address:

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