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Where Can I Find Personal Loans in Pretoria? Clients Reviews, Contact Details and Rates

     Have you been thinking about getting your own home? Have you been trying to save money to go on holidays? Nowadays it gets more and more difficult to make your dreams come true. Fortunately there are some entities willing to help you realize those dreams. As personal loans vary according to your necessity, I’ll name two banks with two different types of personal loans. Particulary for those living in Pretoria this article'll be useful but you can also apply from any part of South Africa. You’ll find contact details, clients reviews and rates from these two banks.

    Whether we dream with our own house or we dream about some time away to enjoy life, it is hard for everyone to make these dreams come true. Sometimes we plan to spend money on ourselves but an unexpected event changes that plan. After reading this article you’ll fell ready to decide the best type of loan for you to go after your dream.

    The first bank I’ll refer to is Better Bond Home Loans. They may be the perfect option if you need money to purchase a house as they specialize on this type of loans.

Are Better Bond Loans safe?

    I’m sure you want to work with a trustful bank so I’ll start by showing you some Better Bond clients review. In general they all assure to be happy with the entity. They’ve reached a positive outcome for their loan getting a lower rate than the one they expected to get. One of them even claim that he saved over a total of R 240,180 on his R 3,000,000 loan thanks to the 0.5% rate he got. The monthly instalments were R 1,000 less over the 20 years period of the loan.

    They also say Better Bond consultants were exceptionally helpful and brilliant with them, not only guiding them through the process but also, trying to achieve the best deal for the clients.  

How to apply?

- use the online calculator to decide on the sum of money and the repayment term.

- fill in the home loan application form.

- receive the pre-qualification certificate.

- Search for the house of your dreams.

- contact Better Bond to send them the Order To Purchase (OTP) and the application.

- Better Bond submits this information to the net of banks they work with.

-  analyse carefully the options the different banks have to offer and choose the one that’s best for you.

- purchase the house of your dreams.

- cancel the monthly repayments.

Better Bond Contact Details

    If you live in Pretoria you will find a Better Bond branch in the Suburb of Centurion. The complete address is Centurion Office Park Block B, 1st Floor 1257, Embankment Road. You may also contact them through the phone at (012) 663 2637.

    But if you live outside Pretoria don’t worry because they have many other branches, you can call at the number 0800 007 111 and they’ll tell you which is the nearest branch to your city

    Now, I’ll refer to Wonga Loans. As they specialize on short terms loans they would be the best choice if you suddenly encounter an unforeseen event and need the money to take care of that event urgently.

What do I need to apply?

    You are required only 4 things to apply with Wonga Loans.

1- show a document that proves your latest three months of income .

2- get a cellphone number.

3- have a South African I.D.

4- specify your bank accounts information.  

    Once you make sure you comply the requirements you should decide on the sum of money you want to borrow. You can use the online calculator to help you, which also shows the period of time you have to repay it. As Wonga Loans offers short terms loans, you can repay it within a month.

    Next, you complete the application form to provide Wonga with some personal information. Based on this application they’ll decide if you qualify for the loan you’re asking and they’ll inform you immediately.

    Then, they’ll ask you to present some documents, like your last pay slips, in order to verify your income and go on with the process.

    Finally, you’ll receive the money in your bank account and you are free to spend it as you need to. Please, remember to have the money available in your account on the date you agreed to repay it and you’ll avoid having problems with Wonga Loans. By doing this, you can finish the procedure properly and be ready to ask them one more time if you need it.

Wonga Loans Rates and Fees

    You’ll have to pay extra fees for the service but don’t worry because Wonga Loans always informs you beforehand about the total quote. So, you enter the contract knowing from the very begging how much money you need and you can decide if you apply or not.

    You’ll have an extra service fee of R 68, 40 per month plus other fees I’ll explain now. There’s an Initiation fee of 16.5 % on the first R 1,000 and it’ll be added 10% on any value over R 1,000 up to the maximum of R 1197.

    Bear in mind also, the interest rate is of 0, 1% each day. As I told you you’ll have the costs from the start so you can calculate the total cost of your loan to make a proper and informed decision.


R 4,000

Interest Rate

0,1 % per day

Telephone Number

0861 966 421


33 Bree Street, Cape Town

Working Hours

7:00 to 19:00 on weekdays


Bank account, pay slips, ID and cellphone number

Email Address

Find the best loan of South Africa

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Wonga Loans is located in the city of Cape Town, but as they work online you can apply from Pretoria with no problem. The opening hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays and from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays.

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