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Can Germiston Citizens Get Personal Loans? Companies and Contact Information

  Are you a permanent resident of Germiston, looking for affordable ways to finance your every day necessities? Are you aware of the fact you can rely on many companies to sustain your needs? That is totally true, many companies have designed Personal Loans to satisfy your financial needs. Two of them are Absa and Nedbank.

   In the article you are about to read, I will focus on the two main loans Absa offers: Personal and Express Loans and the two chief loans of Nedbank: Personal and Repayment Loans. Finally, I will give you contact information of both companies.


Personal Loans

These are a kind of loans that grant customers a minimum of R 3000 and also a maximum of R 350 000, amounts that can be financed in about a year or three.

Let me focus on the main benefits of Personal Loans:

-Constant access to the founds granted by the loan

-Interest rates tend to be much more competitive than the ones proposed by other companies in Germiston

-Financing terms that are really affordable and handy

-There is a diversity in terms of the quantity of payments customers make, since they have freedom to decide the amount of installments

-Customers can accept a special cover to protect their funds whenever their health is an impediment to obtain the money: Credit Protection Plan

If you are attracted to obtaining this loan, you need to know there is an application available in the company´s website. So, you can click on the section made for applicants and filling it in with your information. But you can also carry out this process in person, by going in person to the company´s offices and filling in the application with the help of a representative of the company.

Now, there are other loans which serve as a complement of Personal Loans and can also be found in Absa, Express Loans.

Express loans

One of the main benefits of this type of loans is that the funds can be obtained very easily, in a quick way. There is a maximum of R 8000 and a minimum of R 1500. Financing terms usually consist of about a month or six.

These are the features of Express Loans:

-If you suffer a serious health condition, the company can give you discounts on the totality of the loan

-You can choose methods of payment, so you decide which one will be more comfortable to you

-You will not be requested to pay for penalties when you did not pay for installments

-Interest rates will be totally adjusted based on your economic situation

-You can easily combine this loan with another one so as to obtain more funds in the long run


Personal Loans

Let’s see their chief features:

-Customers can obtain between R 1000, the minimum allowed, and R 200 00, the maximum accepted

-Financing periods have a maximum of 60 months, but a minimum of just a month

-There are monthly installments that need to be carried out on due dates

-Interest rates will be defined in accordance with the customer´s salary and financial situation at present

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-Only one hour for the application process

-The money is automatically transferred to the client´s bank account

Application procedure

As I stated in the previous section, the customer´s income is really important since the company will request clients to earn at least R 3000, which can be deposited in the bank account of the applicant and that account is also used for deducting the payments. Now, it is extremely crucial that the applicant has a fixed job, so as to guarantee there exists the possibility of complying with all the payments.

Documentation you need to submit:

-Your Id book or card, which your personal information. Your driving license is also taken

-Your last bank statements to demonstrate your latest transactions

-A statement with your expenses and the services you pay for on a daily basis

-A proof of residence showing you reside in South Africa

Before giving you the contact details of the company, I will focus on another important loan: Repayment Loan.

Repayment Loan

    Customers that apply for this type of loan, can have access to between R 2,000 and R 125, 00, which is in fact a lot. The financing periods for those amounts are about a year or four. Moreover, there is no need to make payments for initial fees once the loan begins its process.

The application procedure for a Repayment Loan:

     You will be requested to possess a job, so as to be able to sustain the loan with your finances. But such income must be of about R 3000, which is the minimum requested.

     You will need to submit documentation such as the customer´s Id, driving license or passport and different statements from your bank, which should be at least 90 days older. What is more, you need to submit a proof of your residence in South Africa.

Contact Absa in Germiston

-In person

One of its main offices in Germiston is located at Victoria Street

-By phone

You can contact the company by phone, if you dial up this number: 087 730 11 55.  Such phone line is available Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm. This is a free line.

-Via online:

The company has created its own webpage, where there exists the possibility of starting the application or even sending messages to the company´s member so as to get a reply within hours

Contacting Nedbank in Germiston

-In person

You can go directly to the company´s head office in Germiston, located at Coronel Jack and Victoria Street.

-By phone

If you want to communicate from home, you can dial up the following number and start receiving answers to your queries and doubts:

0860 555 111.


You can also communicate from home with the company by entering its webpage, where there is also an application form for you to complete.

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Questions and answers

Are there refinancing chances?

Yes, there are many at both companies

Can I close the loan before the time agreed?

Yes, you can begin the closure of the loan whenever you are ready

Are offices open on public holidays?

No they are not

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