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Are There Any Loans to Apply For if I Reside in Gauteng?

    Yes, the answer is yes. If you live in Gauteng and are looking for a sustainable loan to give you financial support, then what you need is to continue reading this useful article. I will deal with two different companies that can help you: ABSA AND NEDBANK. That is right, these two firms are so dedicated to the granting of loans, that I am sure one of them will be ideal for your financial situation.


What sort of loans are ideal for Gauteng customers?

Its features are these ones, so please look:

-They can get minimums of R 3000 and also maximums of R 350 000

-They can repay for the loan in 12 months but also 72 months

-Clients can have access to the money by giving the details of their banking account

-Financing periods are adjusted to the customer in particular

-You can make additional disbursements whenever you are ready without having to pay more rates in the end

-You will be able to fasten the application procedure


   It can be started by using the typical online banking with your personal data and then choosing the program that fits your specific needs. Then, you will need to attach the appropriate documentation such as your ID, address statements and more. In less than about 15 minutes you can have the money you need with you. It is a requirement established by the company the fact of having opened in the past a banking account, which can be done without having to pay a cent in the end.

Is there any other way to begin the application?

Of course there is, you can do it in person in one of the offices of Absa in Gauteng. In the contact section I will give you data about it.



   A loan like this one gives you the enormous chance of accessing a car you need with money lent by the bank. Perhaps for you having R 20 000 is enough, but other clients might prefer to solicit for R 200 000. It is worthy to mention that you will never need to make any initial payments, and that the financing periods of the loan will vary according to the customer´s personal circumstances and its availability.

   As regards the documentation needed, you have to take into account that you will be demanded to put forward your Id, proof of your residence in the country and a statement showing your present income. Once the documentation is given to the members of the company, then the bank will phone you or send you an email stating your situation and your availability in terms of the capital you want.

One of the other requirements to bear in mind is your income, since it must be of at least R 5000, so please make sure to comply with it so as to avoid future delays in the application.


  Here you have multiple features that make up these loans:

A.You have access to R 1000 and R 200 000 and the moment the bank has opened an account, you can certainly make use of the amounts mentioned without exception

B.You have financing periods of 10 months and periods of 60 months too

C.Payments are made on a monthly basis

D.You can establish an online application or in person application

E. The interest rate can always vary and that has to do with the company adjusting itself to the profile of the customer

Contacting Absa in Gauteng

-In person

One of the many offices which is very near to Gauteng is one in 120 Fox Street, in Johannesburg. You can call this office on this number: 345 6260

Another office in Gauteng is in the Clearwater Office Park, on Millennium Road and the typical Christian de Wet Road. It is located in Roodepoort. You can phone this office on 0860 111 222. It is open during weekdays from 08 in the morning to 04:30 pm.



  You can establish online application by filling a form with your personal and financial data and then waiting until someone working from the company gets in touch with you in the meantime. You can make use of online banking too.

-By phone

  You can also phone Absa on this phone number and speaking to the area you wish to get data from: 0860 100 372

Contacting Nedbank in Gauteng

By phone

One of the many ways to contact the company is by phone, which is why I advise you to keep the following number with you in case you want an application or you have doubts regarding the many programs available:0860 555 111


  You can also establish online communication with the agents of the company by accessing its unique webpage, which has many details about each loan for the clients of Gauteng.


-In person

I believe that one of the branches of this company is Gauteng is in Sandton, at 105 West Street. It is located in Block Lower Ground and its telephone number is 345 6260.

In this chart you have more data about the company:


Interest rate

Up to 20%

Telephone number

0860 111 333


Obtainable online depending on affordability


ClearWater Office Park on Millennium Road. At 1735


Personal and financial client´s certifications


Official website

Working hours

On typical weekdays from this schedule: 08.40 am to 04:10 pm

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   To conclude, if you wish your financial status to change with a loan, then I bet Nedbank as well as Absa are two excellent choices to bear in mind and forget about having a ruined financial status. I can assure you that it can change if you decide to communicate with the firms and begin the application procedure. There are many loans to choose, so please choose wisely, you won’t regret it at all. What are you waiting for? Don’t waste time and phone the companies!

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