Get Finance in Centurion | How does Instant Cash Loans work?

Get Finance in Centurion | How does Instant Cash Loans work?

If you live in Centurion and are an unsure as of what kind of loans you can find near you, this article will come in handy for you. We will talk about different kind of loans you can get in South Africa, where you can find them and what you need to qualify for them.

How Do Payday Loans Work in Centurion?

Payday loans are short-term loans that can help you out when you run out of money and your paycheck is still some days ahead. With most companies that offer this type of loan, you can borrow up to R2 500, which you repay when your salary is paid. Whit these loans you can get out of a tight spot and move on with your life. You have many options to request loans from Centurion; for instance, you can think of Express Finance, a company that allows you to ask for a payday loan online.

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2 Things to Know about Personal Loans in Centurion

Are you tired of walking by a shop window, staring at that sofa you absolutely want in your living room and saying to yourself that you can’t afford it? Why can’t you? Just because you can’t make cash payment for it doesn’t mean you cannot buy it. You can request a personal loan and enjoy the sofa.  

There are 2 things we would like to know about personal loans in Centurion before you apply for one.

  1. There are some requirements to meet. Each bank or financial company will have specific requirements, but in general terms you will have to be a resident of the country, of legal age, having a permanent job or steady source of income (and being able to prove it with documentation), and having a bank account under your name.
  2. Interest rate will vary based on your economic information. Lenders set an interest rate that will depend on how much you earn each month, how many other loans you’ve requested, if you pay your bills in time, and the like.

Where to find Micro Loans in Centurion

If you need money quick and you only need a small loan, then micro loans might be good for you. These loans are usually short-termed and can be applied online. These loans can be ideal for when you have an emergency or when you have an unexpected expense, such as an out of the blue trip with your family.

Here we will discuss two alternatives for taking small loans in Centurion. On the one hand, we will introduce you to Wonga; an online platform serving short-term loans. If you never requested a loan with Wonga, you will be allowed to request R4 000, and the second time you want to ask for a loan with them you will be able to take out up to R8 000. This loan is super easy to get, you will only need to provide Wonga with your ID, your phone number, bank account details, and last payslips. This loan can be paid out in up to 6 months.

On the other hand, if you are a client of Absa Bank, you can access their instant loans. These loans can be requested either online or through an ATM. You can also request a maximum amount of R8 000. To access to this loan, you need to have an account at Absa where your salary is deposited on and earn at least R250 a month.

Can You take a Home Loan in Centurion?

How long have you dreamed about owning your house? You’ve pictured yourself watering the plants or playing with your children in your backyard. Quit dreaming and make it happen. Taking out a home loan might mean you having to rationalize your expenses, but it’s all worth it.

Each bank or financial institution might have different bonds with specific characteristics, but generally, they offer loans to either buy or build a new house. Some banks also offer loans to make improvements on a house you already own.

In Centurion, you will find a branch of FNB. At this bank, you can have a home loan to be repaid in 20 years. This loan may finance the total amount of the house you want to buy; no deposits are required. There are administrative fees and initiation fees applied and for you to qualify for the loan you need to earn more than R3 500.

1 Company where You can Pawn your Car and still Drive it in Centurion

If you are tired of loans that take too long to be approved or that have too many requirements, you can find pawn stores very helpful. There are many companies that offer loans against your car in South Africa. You go to the pawn store, you tell them how much money you need and you give them the details of your car. If you accept the loan, you leave the car in the pawn store and go pick it up when you pay off your loan.

But what if you need the loan but you also need to still use your car to drive your kids to school or going to work? Not every pawn shop accepts this method. Luckily, there is one company near Centurion which offers this service. We’re talking about First Advance. This company has a branch in Pretoria; you can contact them online or by visiting the offices to start your loan application process.

What Loan Companies can you Find in Centurion?

First of all, let’s make it clear that thanks to the Internet you can access almost any loan offered in South Africa. However, if you feel more comfortable to ask for money to companies that you can actually go and pay them a visit, you are in luck: there are many financial institutions near your location.

We will name a few here, but notice that there are many other companies more:

  • Bayport Financial Services
  • The Loan Company
  • Absa Bank
  • Nedbank
  • FNB

Now that you’ve read this article you know the different kind of loans you can request in Centurion, you know how to get them, where to get them, and how to qualify for them. We really hope you found this article clarifies all your doubts. If you have questions or comments, go ahead and write to us. We’re happy to hear from our readers.  

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