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If you have been looking for pensioners loans, perhaps you haven’t thought of Sassa. Sassa is a company that makes sure to provide loans and grants to citizen in South Africa so that they can improve their social and financial situation by getting the aid they need. Check this article to find out about all the information you need regarding loans, process of application, the concept of Moneyline, how to apply through your cell phone and other details of interest.

Can you borrow money from Sassa?

In order to find out whether you can borrow money from Sassa, it is important to have a clear idea of who Sassa is. Sassa consists in a financial governmental establishment that was founded in the year 2005 and is still active, operating so as to help those who lack the resources or means. What is the main aim of this company? The company aims at administering varied social grants to citizens in South Africa who qualify for a service or product they are in need of. You can borrow money from Sassa since Sassa provides grants and loans while making sure that the government can pay the grant. This means that south African citizens can turn to Sassa for financial relief and help with a grant or loan.

How do I apply for a Sassa loan online?

Technologies have made many operations easier for us nowadays. In case you are a pensioner in South Africa, you may want to apply for a social grant or loan through Sassa without moving from your home. In order to apply for a Sassa loan online, you can complete an application that was made specifically for Sassa. Generally, you can complete it directly from your cell phone via Moneyline, a financing company. You should follow the following steps:

-Call up the following number: *130*3737*1

-Answer with your ID number

-Proceed to press the button for calls

-Whenever you need to reply, press number one so that Moneyline gets the access it needs to your credit check and your bank statement

-Proceed to reply with a pin number that you got at the ATM in order to keep going with the application

-Then, forward the total amount for expenses per month

-Then, the company will redirect you so that you can pick a particular grant. In that moment, you will find out whether your petition has been declined or approved.

How to apply for Sassa loan via cell phone?

As it was explained before, you can apply for a Sassa loan through a cell phone by dialing up the number that was given before. The whole process is quite fast and does not demand pensioners or clients to reach for a physical office in South Africa. in case you have a problem with this online process, you can call the company to let them know about your inconveniences. They will do their best to help you out. Generally, the cell phone application is safe and runs smoothly, so you are not expected to meet inconveniences along the way.

Could I apply for Sassa loans for a child grant?

Having a child grant can make a difference. If you need to access a child grant with Sassa, you can do so by meeting certain conditions stipulated by Sassa. The conditions that need to be met are as follows:

-The individual in charge of the kid has to be a South African citizen, a refugee or a permanent citizen

-Both the child and the parent must have residence in South Africa

-The same person who takes care of the child is the one who should apply for the grant for the kid.

-The kid couldn’t have been born before 1993.

-In case the applicant has children who are non-biological, a top of six children will get the grant

It is important to bear in mind that both the spouse as well as the applicant should pass a means test in a successful way. The amount given for the child support grant consists in R350

Which are the personal loans for Sassa pensioners?

Actually, Sassa pensioners can get a personal loan or grant for different purposes:

-Grant for disability

-In aid grants

-Care dependency grant

-Grants for older individuals

-Foster care grant

-Gran for the war veterans

-Social relief of distress

Loans or grants, for instance, for older individuals consist in an amount of R1 500. Plenty of households are in need of this grant and actually depend on it as a means of income in South Africa. In the case of the disability grant or loan, pensioners can access an amount that reaches R 1 500 for those between eighteen and fifty nine years old. Those who apply for this grant or loan should produce a medical report that should be older that three months. This report should confirm their disability.

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What does Moneyline mean in a Sassa loans online context?

In order to get loans online through Sassa, clients need to turn to Moneyline, as it was explained before. Moneyline consists in a company that is focused on providing clients with micro financial services. It mainly offers credit solutions and aims at delivering options for funding that are efficient and dynamic. This is the company clients will reach when they need to apply for a loan with Sassa.

Net1 Sassa loans are granted to Sassa beneficiaries through their subsidiary Moneyline Financial Services (Pty) Ltd.

Where can I apply for a loan with my Sassa card?

Whenever grant recipients feel like collecting Sana payments, clients can acquire a loan from CPS pay points. Loan applicants of Net1 had to open an account Easy Pay Everywhere due to the legislation that was passed. It prohibited the deductions carried out in a direct way from social grant payments through Sassa. Through this account, clients can receive in an automatic way their funds, transferred into the account.

What should I do regarding Net1 Sassa loans online?

Net1 loans can be obtained through Sassa. The values are constantly changing but generally, if you pick a short term loan or personal loan, the amount could start as from R 410 to a maximum of R1050 or more. Besides, the loan term starts at three months and a maximum loan term is of six months. Clients need to repay the term within that period. Net1 Sassa loans allow grant beneficiaries to apply for these loans through, once again, Moneyline. They can apply for microloans, insurance and other efficient products with their Easy Pay cards.

What about Umoya Manje loans?

They consist in a subsidiary on the loans of Net1. They offer a social grant through Sassa for beneficiaries.

How are Shoprite Sassa loans?

Shoprite Sassa loans are considered to be the same as Sassa loans. They are loans provided in South Africa that will provide you with assistance. They are meant to work as flexible financial solutions. This type of loans starts at R240 and they reach a maximum of R1000. Clients can get to repay them from one to six months. Sassa is in charge of administering the approval, payments and application of the loan or social grant. They are affordable and they are meant to alleviate poverty.

Can I apply for GEPF housing loans?

Unfortunately, the company provides no information regarding GEPF housing loans. This entity consists in a pension fund, which is well known in South Africa. it possessed 1.2 million members who are still active.

Can I borrow money from my pension fund Gepf?

Pensioners, unfortunately, are not able to obtain money through GEPF. In the rules given by the Fund, no provisions for loans exist. While you remain in the government’s service, you are not allowed to withdraw money through the Fund. You can be, though, a GEPF pensioner. There are:

  • Military pensions

  • Medical pensions

  • Ordinary pensioners

In the case of medical pensions, government employees can apply for this service due to an injury while they were working or if their service was forced to end due to medical reasons. In the case of military pensions, the members benefited must have been disabled or injured while they were carrying out their military service. The extent of the disability will affect the benefits. These pensioners are entitled to appliances and medical treatments for their disabilities.

Are there convenient loans for Sassa pensioners?

Yes, Sassa is definitely keen on providing pensioners with great benefits and loans that can help them improve their financial situation. In case you have any doubts, you can always get in touch with a member of Sassa and ask for further details that could help you understands better the workings of the company. With Sassa, pensioners can access additional benefits. Children can access different options, as well as the individuals in charge of them make sure to follow the proper instructions and meet the conditions established.

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Questions and answers

Hi, I get child grant for 2 daughters, so I need a loan of 5000.

Pension Loan is a company that offers loans to SASSA cardholders. This is one of the few companies that we feel confident in recommending you since it is registered at the National Credit Regulator as a credit lending provider. Pension Loan can lend you up to 7,000 rands and you can apply online.

Can I loan money with social grant?

The social grant provided by SASSA has nothing to do with a loan. However, there are some companies that offer loans to people with SASSA cards. One of these companies is Pension Loan. The money from a loan at this company will be paid into your SASSA card and you will be able to withdraw it at any ATM.

Can you provide me with the phone number for pensioners loan (sassa child support grant), please.

You should be very careful as to where you go ask loans for SASSA pensioners. Unfortunately, this a highly vulnerable portion of our population and some people might take advantage of them. Pension Loan is one of the companies that you can try to ask for a loan as a SASSA pensioner.

If I have easy pay everywhere card can I change it and apply for sassa card?

SASSA card and the Easy Pay Everywhere card are not related in any way. If you want to close your Easy Pay Everywhere card you will need to contact that company and request it. Also, for you to get a SASSA card, you should contact SASSA. The idea is that you understand that these institutions are not connected in any way.

Can sassa borrow a pensioner an amount up to 50 000?

It is very important that you understand that SASSA is a governmental agency that provides social aid to South African. This aid is in the way of pensions that you receive every month. However, SASSA does not offer loans to its pensioners. There are few companies that lend money to SASSA pensioners, please read our articles to find out more.

Morning, l am an old age pensioner. I live in Jeffrys Bay Kouga Municipality Eastern Cape. How do l apply for a cash loan (pensioners loan)? Tx so much.

Finding loans for SASSA pensioners is no easy task. There are companies such as Miloc Micro Loans that offer loans from thirty to 6 months. Also, you might want to consider using your goods to secure a loan. You will find information about these loans in our website. Feel free to browse it.

I need a loan of R500 for 1 month from my SAASA card. Disability.

A company that lends money to holders of SASSA cards is Miloc Micro Loans. There you can easily ask for that amount and pay it back within a month. You will also be able to choose for a longer repayment period if you want. This period can be of up to three months.

I'm a 27-year-old lady living with disability and child support grant for 2 children I need a personal loan of 50000. Where can I get help?

Usually, companies that offer loans for SASSA recipients do not offer that amount of money. These loans tend to be of a maximum of R 7,000 more or less. There might be other alternatives for you if you need to borrow R 50,000. Read our articles to find out how to request loans without payslip.

Hi. Please assist. I am a pensioner. I want to know how I can make a loan at sassa. The number given above does not work. I would like to make the loan via my cellphone. Please assist urgently. Thanks.

Unfortunately that number is no longer valid since conditions changed due to SASSA changing the card provider. There are other options, though. One of these alternatives are Miloc and Pension Loans. These are the possibilities we know to be reliable, there might be other options, but we urge you to be very careful and asking for referals.

If I applied on Thursday for a loan 14th of may and it says approved how long is the waiting period?

The waiting periods will depend on which company you chose to ask for a loan as a SASSA pensioner. However, after the loan is approved (you should have gotten some kind of confirmation either by phone or e-mail) usually the money is transferred to your SASSA card in 48 hours or less.

How can I apply online for Shoprite loans as a SASSA pensioner?

At Shoprite you will only find Mfin Loans. However, these loans are not meant to target SASSA pensioners. For you to apply for Mfin loans, you need to have a permanent job and provide proof of salary and a bank account. Options for you could be Pension Loans or Miloc.

I would love borrow 800 rands how to do that?

One way you can go about this is borrowing to Miloc Loans. You will be able to repay your loan in up to three months with Miloc. There are no online applications at this company, so you will have to contact them over the phone to ask for a loan for SASSA pensioners.

How do I register to use the *130*3737*1 service?

That used to be the code number to ask for a loan at Moneyland with your SASSA Card. However, the government decided to change providers and now SASSA cards are managed by the South African Post Office. Now, you can try Pension Loan or Miloc Loans to ask for a loan with your SASSA card.

If you have two kids you qualify how much?

We would like to clarify first that SASSA is a governmental agency of South Africa that manages social help. The loans related to SASSA are provided by private companies that have no relation to SASSA. A company you can ask a loan with your SASSA card is Pension Loan and the maximum amount you can borrow is R 7,000 regardless how many kids you have.

Can sassa loan give me a loan of 10 000?

At Miloc loans you can request for a loan if you are a SASSA pensioner. However, the maximum amount you can borrow at this company is of R 3,000. Be very careful when you hear offers for SASSA loans and always double check who the advertiser is. Miloc loans is a reliable company.

How long does it take for a sassa loan to be approbed?

This depends on the financial company you choose. For example, if you decided to ask for a loan with your SASSA card at Pension Loan, after you uploaded all the information requested, it will take Pension Loan approximately 15 minutes to complete an affordability check on you. If everything is clear, then you would have your money on your SASSA card in about 24 hours.

Can I go to Shoprite to apply for R500 Sassa loan over 6months during this lockdown thanks

At Shoprite you will find loans provided by MFIN. However, unfortunately, these loans are not meant to be provided to people with SASSA grants since one of its requirements is that you hold a permanent job. You can try other alternatives though, such as Pension Loans and Miloc Cash Loans.

Is it possible to borrow money from SASSA?

When we talk about loans for SASSA pensioners we do not mean that SASSA offers them. As you might already know, SASSA is an agency that provides social security services to people who need it in South Africa. However, there are certain financial companies such as Miloc Cash Loans that do offer loans for SASSA pensioners.

Can I apply for a child support loan?

If you are a beneficiary of SASSA child support grant, you can request a loan at Pension Loans. This company offers cash loans for people who receive grants from the South African Social Security Agency. In order to upload your documents to request this loan you can take a picture of them and upload them from your cellphone or you can scan them through your computer and then upload them.

I'd like to borrow R1000 WHAT must I do?

Pension Loan is a company that is registered with the National Credit Regulator and that offers loans to SASSA beneficiaries with their SASSA card. You can apply online or call Pension Loan if you need assistance. There are different kind of loans you can ask for at Pension Loan, for instance, you can request a payday loan or a pension loan.

I would like to borrow R1000, what must I do?

If you are a Sassa pensioner, then you can access a loan from the company Miloc Cash loans. If you receive an old age pension from Sassa, then you can have a loan of three months. You can only apply if you are a local resident since you will have to get personally to the office.

I would like to borrow R300 till end of the month, how do I go about it?

If you need a R300 loan, you can go with Sassa. This governmental establishment can help you with a loan or social grant that works as a loan. There are different options available, such as grant loans for war veterans and grant loans for child support. To apply, simply make a phone call and find out about your possibilities.

Can I choose the amount with Sassa?

No, Sassa will offer certain options for you.

Can I ask for medical pensions?

Yes, you can do that.

How do I get a loan with Sassa?

Through Moneyline you will be able to do so.

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