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Does Loanfin Offer Personal Cash Loans? Contact Information and Details

   Loanfin, which is one of the most requested financial companies in terms of loans, offers a loan which is very complete and matches every citizen´s needs, and that is their Personal cash loan. Which is why, in the following article you will be given information related to the main features and also some useful tips to take into account when applying for this type of loan.

Loanfin personal cash loans

What are the main features of this loan?

-You can choose financing periods ranging from 1 month to 3 months

-You can choose a loan whose maximum amount is of R 3000

-You will be only offered the loan if the company considers is affordable to you.

-You can begin the application whenever you want

What are the steps that need to be followed? Let’s see

First, you must choose which is the amount you want in the calculator that the company has in its website. Then, you will need to complete the application with your data so as to check affordability. After that, you will be requested to submit the appropriate documentation to proceed, and, lastly, if the application succeeds, the company will directly deliver you the contract so as to start with the application right away.

As said before, by following those steps you will be ready to start an application. The good thing about it is that you get to know whether your application was approved or not within a day, so you will not need to wait tons of time. And, it does not matter whether you need a Student Loan, a Building Loan, a Business Loan, this loan can serve any type of purpose so that every area in your life is completely satisfied.

Let’s start now with the different tips you can take into account when trying to apply for a loan or when you have started with the search for the best financial company:

-You can search on the net for different companies, and see what type of loans they offer.

-You need to know that you can rely on technology when looking for a loan, since every company offers online application to facilitate the procedure and make clients enjoy it. Please do not be scared to start the application in this way, since I guarantee you that it translates as saving time and obtaining a loan quickly.

-You must determine what are your needs and also your priorities when it comes to money. You need to examine whether you need a loan the same day that the application begins, or if you do not need the money that urgently and you can be given a longer period to be given the totality.

-You must search and try the different online calculator that most companies offer, since it constitutes a feasible way of knowing before and if you can afford the loan or your circumstances do not allow you to.

-You must know that the company you start the application with must be registered in the National Credit Regulator, for you to know that the loan is secured and the agreements are okay

-You must never apply for a loan, if in the website of the company they ask you to give out money before you can start the application. Please bear that in mind since there are many cases of fraud taking place at present and you will be wasting your time.

-You must make sure that the loan company you will start the application with has a reliable contact information that enables you to communicate with them whenever you need more details or you have doubts. The same contact information happens to be very important when it comes to knowing the results of the application.

Before giving you the contact information of the company, I would like to tell you about how useful the loan happens to be

Loanfin loans can benefit your life in many aspects. This is true thanks to the fact that you can rely on a loan whenever you don’t have enough money to cover your needs or when there is an emergency or costs that are urgent and cannot wait. In those situations, where money is not available for you, I assure you that you need a Personal cash loan from Loanfin.

You can ask from R 500 000 to R 5000.000, so there is a maximum and a minimum established by the company for you to bear in mind when considering which amount to choose. The good thing about this company´s loan is that the payments are directly deducted from your bank account, so you will not even notice each payment at the end of the month. And, regarding the interest rates, they are great, since they happen to be fixed and once your loan is approved you will get to know which is the rate the company has established based on your financial possibilities.


Let me show you how you can contact the company in order to obtain a Personal cash loan:

-You can go in person to one of its branches located in Durban, whose exact address is 561 Bluff Road. Another branch in Durban is in Durban Central. The exact address is 34 Dr b Xuma Street.

-You can also make a phone call so as to begin an application. The phone numbers are these ones:0861 LOANFIN and 562 6346. You can also send a fax to: 031 467 9501.

-You can send an email to the following email address so as to obtain a quote or more data about the company´s Personal cash loan. Keep this address with

In the following chart you will be given more information about another branch of the company:


R 3000, which is the maximum

Interest Rate

Fixed  interest rates for all citizens

Telephone Number

031 467 3627


Cape Town. Unclear, 183 Voortrekker Road

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays from 07:00 am to 06:00 pm


Resident in the country

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