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Can The Citizens of Pmb Get Access to Loanfin Loans?

    Loanfin, one of the greatest companies in the field of loans, has designed a super special loan called Personal Cash Loan, which is very useful for those citizens that find themselves in difficult situations and need their necessities to be covered.

   Fortunately, this company happens to be present in Pietermaritzburg, which is why in this article I will devote the content to talking about the main features of this loan and then I will focus on the contact details of this company in your place.

Let’s start by focusing on the company´s Personal Cash Loan:

What type of features make up this loan?

-The client has the possibility of financing the whole loan in about 3 to 5 months

-The client can choose a maximum of R 3000

-You will be offered one loan that suits your needs and pocket

-You can start the application whenever you are ready to

There are certain steps to be followed, what are those steps?

 In the first place, you need to select the calculator that is found in the company´s website so as to choose the amount of money you would like to be given by the company. After that, you will need to complete the rest of the application and you will need to attach the documentation requested. Once that step is completed, you will just need to wait until the contract arrives at home or is sent to you via email.

Now, I would like to give Pmb citizens a couple of tips to bear in mind when considering beginning an application for a loan:

-You must carry out an extensive search so as to find the best financial company in charge of loans

-You must be friend with technology so that you can use online application without problems. This is the safest and quickest way of beginning an application. And it is also really useful since you will save lots of time that otherwise you would spent in person at the office of the company.

-You must have in mind what are the need you need to covered and based on that you can determine the amount that would suit you best and will also suit your pocket. You can also choose whether you would like to be given the money the day of the application or afterwards.

-You must always give the company reliable and faithful information regarding your finances and assets that you possess when starting the application.

-You must find a company whose loans are really secured, for instance the National Credit Regulator is an entity that makes sure all loans follow the appropriate steps and requirements.

-You must never begin an application for a loan if the company solicits you to give or hand out money. Those are cases of fraud and you need to be cautious when providing information through the net to an unknown company.

-You must examine whether the contact details of the company that grants you the loan are okay or if the company has changed its contact information and needs to be updated. Knowing the contact details of a company you are interested in, will let you get information in a quick way in the future.

Now, let me show you how useful the loans found at Loanfin can be for Pbm citizens:

-It does not matter whether your financial circumstances are not that good as you would expect, the company will always find a loan that helps you and takes care of your needs. Moreover, if you tell the company that you are facing the emergency and you need to be given the totality of the money, they will sure bear that fact into consideration and you will receive the money in less than a week for sure.

-You as a client can ask from R 500 000 to R 5000 000, so that means that this company has established a maximum and a minimum for all their clients that need to be taken into account when choosing the amount.

-Repayments are carried out in the bank account of the client, which means that the company accepts automatic deduction as a method of payment without problem. In fact, that is the safest payment method you could ever choose.

-Interest rates are set by the company and totally fixed, so they will never change during the course of the loan as it is the case with most financial companies.


I will now show you how Pmb citizens can contact Loanfin in order to get one of their loans. There are lots of means of communication you can resort to:

-You can go to one of the branches of the company in Pietermaritzburg whose exact address is 361 Church Street. You can go to this branch from Mondays to Fridays during business hours. It is a way of receiving personalized attention.

-You can make a phone communication with the members of the company by dialing up the following numbers: 0861 LOANFIN and 562 6346. You can even try sending a fax to: 031 467 9501.

-There is an email address you can keep if you wish to send an email directly to the company. This is the email:

In the following chart you will be given full information about another branch of the company in Pmb:


From R 500 000

Interest Rate

Fixed  interest rates

Telephone Number

562 6347


Pietermaritzburg, inside shop 23 a. Brasford House, 191 Chief Albert Luthuli Street.

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 am to 06:00 pm


Permanently residing in the country

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See how easy it is to contact the company in Pmb? You can know start communication with the company either by phone, email or by going in person to one of its branches and simple as that you will get to apply for the loan you want and observe how your financial problems disappear. What are you waiting for? Contact Loanfin right now!!!

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Questions and answers

I have an amount of r97.00 being debited from my bank account yet I do not have a loan with Loanfin. Why?

There may be few reasons for that. For example, even if you don’t have a loan at Lianfin but, you bank with them, that debit order may be due to some operations related to your bank account. Check your bank statements as there should be detailed why that money is taken from your account. If you can read is related to a loan you never took, please, contact Finloan Customer Service to let them know the mistake so, they can fix it.

Good day, please assist with a loan amount of 2000

If you’re approved for a R2000 quote at Loanfin, you’ll have from 1 to 3 months to repay it. The cost of the loan will depend on the term you get so, let’s see your alternatives. If you repay it un just one month, the cost will be R2392, if you choose a 2 months’ term, the cost would be R1314.56 each month and, for a 3-month term, the cost will be R924.89 per month.

If I take a loan of about 5000 and I pay back in 12 months how much do I pay each month?

Loanfin’s maximum loan quote reaches just to R3000. Similarly, the maximum repayment term is three months. For this terms, R3000 over 3 months, the cost of the loan with Loanfin is around R4045.47, meaning R1348.49 per month. If you need more than R3000, you will have to look for another payday loan company. Some good options are Cash Converters, Capfin or Wonga.

Is the company open on weekends?

No it is not

Can I refinance the loan?

Sure, there are refinancing options

What is the maximum?

R 5000 000

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