Finchoice Loan Calculator | Ask for your Loan Quote

Finchoice Loan Calculator | Ask for your Loan Quote

In this article we want to introduce you to this amazing financing tool that is Finchoice. This company offers financial services to South Africans in a convenient and easy-to-access way. Here you will find out the types of loans you can take out with Finchoice, how to apply for a loan, among other relevant information.

Can I Apply Online for a Loan with Finchoice?

Before you move on with the application process with Finchoice, you should become familiar with how their loans work.

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In order to borrow money from Finchoice you have to own a bank account since the money will be transferred there. Also, you have to be a South African citizen, of legal age, have a permanent job and provide proof of income.  

If you comply with these requirements, you are ready to start your application online. You have to provide your ID number, your cell phone number, and indicate the amount of money you earn each month.

Is there a Calculator to know more about Finchoice Loan and when is my Money Available?

After you applied online for a Finchoice loan, the company will start investigating your financial history. For instance, they will run an affordability assessment to see if you can pay back the amount of money you are requesting. Moreover, they will also look at your credit history to find out if you already owe money to other institutions or if you pay your bills in a timely manner or not. If Finchoice establishes that you are fit to enter into this commitment, you will be requested to provide certain documents. Then, approximately in 24 hours you will have your money transferred to your bank account.

To learn more about your loan, you can access our loan calculator. There you will be able to enter the amount you wish to borrow and the term in which you want to cancel it. Then, you will see a list of companies that offer credits in South Africa and the approximate interest rates they provide.

4 Benefits of Taking a Personal Loan at Finchoice

Below we will tell you the four advantages of applying for a personal loan with this company.

The first thing to take into consideration is that with a Finchoice personal loan you can borrow up to R40000 and that the application process is super quickly.

Second, you can choose to pay your loan back in 6, 12 or 24 months.

Third, you can miss out a payment if you’re having troubles to pay for your installments. How to skip payments? You can do this though your finchoice mobi application.   

Fourth, if in the course of 14 days after you received the money, you’re not satisfied with the loan, you can reimburse the funds to the bank and no cost will be charged to you.  

What is Finchoice’s KwikAdvance Loan and how can I Get it?

This loan is designed for when you need cash due to an emergency, or when you run out of money and need extra out-of-pocket money and it’s still not payday. With this kind of loan you can access to immediate cash and you pay it back when your employer pays you your salary.

Finchoice offers up to R3 500 and if you can pay off the loan sooner you may be able to request more money. And in the event some misfortune should happen, the loan is covered by a Personal Protection Plan. For instance, if you become ill, or become unemployed, you or your family won’t have to worry about the loan.

If you find yourself in need of extra cash, you can ask for a kwikadvance loan at Finchoice online. If you’re already a Finchoice customer, you can request it thorough your mobi account. Don’t wait until your payday and solve your issues with this convenient loan.

Can I get a Loan with Finchoice Mobimoney?

Finchoice has this amazing tool called Mobimoney that allows you to borrow funds. It is an online application that has no activation cost. You only have to log in and start operating.

And, yes, you can get a loan with Mobimoney. You can borrow from R100 to R10000 in the same day. You can also use this application to get more airtime, internet data, among other things, at any time, any day.  

If you withdraw money with mobimoney, you can repay the amount you borrowed within a month, 2, or three. The best thing is that you can operate the application even from your mobile phone.

What do I need to Know about Flexiloan Application?

The flexiloan is between a kwikadvance and a personal loan. That is, it is a loan that allows you to borrow money up to R8000. This loan is ideal for those types of expenses that weren’t in your budget. For instance, your car broke down and you have to repair it, but don’t have the cash to pay for the costs. With this loan you can have that covered.

You have six months to pay back this loan. And, once you pay all the installments, you may be able to borrow more money.   

How can I get a Long-Term Loan in Finchoice?

A long-term loan is one that takes more than 12 months to repay. Finchoice offers personal loans that can be paid back in 12 or 24 months. These kinds of loans mean a greater commitment on your part since they usually imply asking for higher amounts of money.

If you want to ask for a loan at Finchoice, you can start your application online! And, remember, if you have any questions, please, go ahead and ask us. We will do our best to help you.

Are there Consolidation Loans in Finchoice?

If you have several loans with different providers, you may be suffering from a severe headache. Owing to so many creditors is troublesome, because you have to pay them in different terms; you have different interest rates, and also different people to pay to. For these cases, a consolidation loan might be a solution: you can combine the different obligations you entered to into only one. Finchoice does not offer consolidations loans, but if all the loans combined add up to R40000 or less, you might consider taking out a Personal Loan with Finchoice.

Can I take a Second Loan if I already have Taken out a Finchoice Loan?

So far we’ve discussed the different loans you can find at Finchoice. We’ve seen they are convenient, easy to apply for and that offer online access. But what if you want to request a second loan? You can do this only if you have cancelled the first loan. That is, after you pay for all the installments of your loan, or after you settle for your loan, then, you may ask for a new one.

We believe that this is a good thing. Why? Because sometimes if a company lets us take an extra loan before we’ve already paid for an existing one, we can enter into a poor finance behavior. What happens if we cannot afford both loans? Finchoice makes a responsible decision by not allowing you to make a second loan until cancelling the first one.

Are there Good Reviews for Finchoice Loans?

We were able to find both positive and negative reviews and comments about Finchoice loans. But there is one thing to consider though; all negative comments were promptly addressed by Finchoice’s staff. This is very important because it means that we are talking about a company that cares about what their clients have to say about it.

If you already made a transaction with this financing institution, please leave us your comment below. The community will definitely benefit from knowing if it turned out ok or not.

What are the Contact Details if I want a Personal Loan?

One thing that makes a company trustworthy is having several contact channels; this means they absolutely want to serve you well.

Finchoice is one of those companies. Here are some of the means by which you can get in touch with them:  

  • You can contact them though their finchoice mobi

  • You may call them on 0861 346 264 (from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.)

With the mobi application you can access many self-service options. For example, you can apply for a loan, request to skip payment, look at your balance, and more.

We believe now you have a better understanding of Finchoice options for loans in South Africa. We discussed personal loans offered by this company, why they are so convenient. We talked about long-term loans and also short-term loans. And we mentioned those services that make Finchoice a great option, such as mobiloan and flexiloan, the possibility of skipping payments, the immediacy of loan approvals. Please, let us know if you have questions, and leave us your comments!

Author: Cristian Renella

Update: 02/09/2023

Preguntas Frecuentes

I send my documents, how long to get the money?

If you’ve reached the step that involves uploading your documents, it means your half way to get the money. Now, you just have to wait for FinChoice to analyze those documents to know the loan amount you can take and, inform you about it. Once you have that offer, you can study it to see if the terms they present you suit your needs. If they do, you accept the loan and, in just 2 working days, FinChoice will transfer the money.

If you want a r1000 can you pay over 6 months?

The terms for the credit depend on the type of loan you want to take from FinChoice. We’ve mentioned there are two main loan alternatives. One of them is to take less than 8000 rands to pay for it on the following month and, the other is to choose a longer term. This second option is the one that allows you to have a 6 months’ term.

As a customer of homechoice, i would like your company to help me out with an advance loan of r500 that can be deducted from my salary

The best option for you is KiwkServe. This is a loan product FinChoice offers in which you can take a maximum of R3500. This money should be returned on the following applicant’s pay day. There’s, although, the chance of canceling the debt before that date and, if you need to, ask for more money.

If earn r3 400 + r600 commission every month, how much loan I qualify for? And on how much interest?

The sum of money FinChoice will lend you along with the interest rate you will have to pay will be settled after knowing some facts about you. Even though your monthly income is necessary, there are other factors to take into consideration. For example, it’s essential to know what type of worker are you, how much of your salary you spend on basic needs like, bills, food, public service and so on. This is why, you need to apply to know how much money can you ask.

Would like to take a loan for 3500, can I?

Yes! That quote is totally available at FinChoice. In fact, you can choose among few options. One loan option is to have that money to pay in just one installments. And, another option is to have 6 installments. The cost of the loan will depend on which one you choose so, think about it carefully and then, apply for it.

How long does it take for the money to be transferred to your account?

The full loan process takes a couple of business days if we take it from the start, meaning the day you apply. When you pass that first stage in which FinChoice can verify you meet the requirements, you will be asked to send them your documents and some more information about your past and current financial status. After those documents are checked and approved, you’ll have the money in 24 or 48 hours

I earn 2 700 a month and I like a loan of 10 000. What instalment will be?

FinChoice has short term loans only. However, once you took one loan with them and, providing you canceled that loan perfectly, you can ask for more money. You can start asking for 8 thousands rands and then, ask for 2 thousand more. No matter how much you ask, the maximum repayment period is 6 months.

I need a loan of r 25000 as I’m your customer. What must I do in order to get it? Regard innocent

As you clarify you’re a FinChoice client, you can merely log into your account with them and manage your money from it. Once there, you will easily find the loan application option. An interesting point is that because they already have your employment and finances details, they can show you right away if they can lend you that amount of money.

I do not have an account with homechoice but I want a loan from finchoice. Is it possible?

Sure it is! FinChoice accepts those who are clients but, they also work with citizens from South Africa not being existing customers. You can enter their web page and follow the option available for new clients or, you can give them a phone to know about your options. After knowing exactly what they have for you, you can make a smart decision about your money.

I need money please assist me!

If you are in need of money, I recommend you to contact the company either by phone, email or in person. For example, you can phone on 27537120659 and get to speak to the representatives of the company in Livingstone. Or, you can also try sending an email to :consumeradvocate and waiting a couple of days until the professionals of African Bank get in touch with your response.

I want a loan for funeral, is it possible to obtain?

Hi, you can make use of the Kwik advance loan that you must finance in about 1 month and you can obtain the money the same day you start the application. Amounts can range from R 100 to R 2000

I am a member but i want on other loan to extend my house, is it possible?

Hello, what you need is a Home Loan or you can simply obtain the greatest Personal Loan which lasts 24 months and can give you up to R 250 000 to cover your housing needs. You can make a phone call to begin its application on 0861 346246

How do i get money from mobi loans? I've already registered

Hi,after you have registered you need to click on the application section and be ready to fill the form with information regarding your monthly salary and the loan you want to obtain. Then, once send that information, a member of the company will contact you with the results.

How can i apply for loan? I need some money. Which documentation can submitters give? Payslips?

The documentation required at Finchoice have to do with latest payslips, bank statements, proof of residence, credit record and personal ID.

I want home choice to call me since i need a personal loan, can it be possible?

Finchoice can call you as long as you fill in the form you can find in the company´s official webpage. You can also send an email to this addres and be contacted

I want to know, What is the interest rate?

If you want to know the value of the interest rate, we can mention that it is the lowest you can find in the market at the time of this answer. There is a possibility that the interest rate will vary from one moment to another, so we recommend that you contact us before contracting the service, since by this means they will also be able to indicate the exact value at that precise moment.

I am a homechoice customer with a good credit record, can I apply for a long term loan of R 30.000 and i can be contacted on my cellphone number? Thanks

You can apply for a FinChoice Loan of R 30 000 as long as you have a payslip superior to R 3000. For instance you can repay for it in 3 years by paying installments of R885.32

I want to apply for a loan, how can I do it?

If you are interested in starting an application, the only thing you need to to is contacting the bank by phone on 0861 346246 or you can go in person to a branch near your home. You can also try the company´s authorized website, so the application can be started from the comfort of your home.

I have already applied on line but i need fax to send my proof of payment what can i do to get fax number?

You can send a fax to Finchoice by dialing up the following number, so as to submit the credentials: 021 680 8260

When is it possible to skip payment?

You should only request to skip an instalment if you are having a difficult month financially and you have not skipped the previuos month.

Can I take out a further loan with FinChoice?

Yes, as long as you are in good financial standing, you can apply for a further loan up to the exposure limit that FinChoice has given you.

Are There any loans to cover school fees?

Yes, some of the loans that cover school fees are called Student Loans. Fortunately,many companies in your country are in charge of this type of loans. You will find assistance for backing up accomodation at a campus, purchasing material and also paying educational expenditures. One of the companies offering Student Loans is Standard Bank, which enables students to back up school fees every 12 months. You can call Standard Bank on this number: 21 401 2611

Hi guys i need a loan amount of r1000, can it be possible?

Hi, if you need a minimum amount ofR 1000 let me tell you that the loan ideal for you is the 1 month loan, which you are able to finance in just 30 days. I recommend you to have financial documentation in order as well as a good credit record.

What can I do if online application is not working?

Fortunately, there are many other ways to begin the application for a loan. As a first step I will suggest communicating with the company by phoning on their customer service so that they guide you through the process and you can complete the application. The number is:0861 346246

How much will I get with a Personal Loan?

If interested in getting a Personal Loan with African Bank, you must know that for Home Loans you can get maximums of R 500 and also minimums of R 200 000. Most clients apply for an intermediate amount of money, so that the installments are not that hight in the long term

Is there a loan to build my home and pay my child´s tuition at school?

If you are interested in completing the building process of the place you live or even financing fees at school you can apply for a Personal Loan, which serves for many purposes at the same time. However, there are also home loans, which have installments divided in a way clients can sustain the whole loan.

I currently have a loan with you but now i have no access to Kwik advance. Please let me know why i cannot access quick advance anymore.

The Kiwk advance service will be available to you as long as you have complied with the different installments of your loan. Another reason for not being able to use Kiwk advance has to do with the update of your financial information. I recommend you to try again a couple of days from now, to see if your data is updated in the company´s website. If not possible, please get in touch with a representative by phoning 0861 346246

I want a loan, what type of loan can i get?

At Finchoice, you can findsloans whose amount tend to vary, since there are loans of a minimum of R 5000 to loans whose maximum consist of R 120 00. Loans at this company are long term ones, since clients are given from 12 months to 5 years, so clients have some kind of freedom in terms of financement.

Can you borrow me R 1000?

Yes, if you are looking for R 1000 you can take advantage of the first loan explained: Kwik Advance Loan which only lasts only one month and can give you up to R 2000 and be deposited in your bank account

How to apply and how do i pay the loan?

At African Bank you can try online application in the bank´s website and you can repay for it with automatic deduction, by giving the bank your bank account details

I'm looking for a kwik advance loan to pay in the short term, how much will i pay?

You can obtain at FinChoice a Kwik advance, which is a loan of R 2000 which you can easily finance in about 6 months and pay installments of R 337

Can i apply for home choice Finbond loan?

You can apply for a Home Choice Finbond Loan as long as your salary is more than R 5000 and you have a good credit record.

How to apply for it?

You have many options in terms of application, such as entering Finchoice´s website from google and clicking on the application section, phoning the company on 0861 346 246 or by going in person to your nearest branch

Good day, I need to apply for 10000 please. I am an existing client

As you are an existing client, you can go over the R1000 rands loan login into your FinChoice Mobi account. All you need is your cell phone number and the password you previously set. Once you get in, you’ll see your current situation and you will be allowed to start your loan request.

Can u please help me to get a finchoice loan?

Surely! At first, you ought to be sure which FinChoice alternative best suits the need you have to pay for. Then, if you aren’t their client yet, you should get into their page to present them your personal information and, to ask them the loan you decided to take. Later, they’ll show you a loan quote you can reject or accept.

How soon can I get my personal loan?

You can get it as soon as you finish submitting your documentation and help FinChoice make the final decision. Commonly, this take at least a couple of labor days as, the company needs time to study your loan application in detail and verify everything is valid. From the moment you receive the approval, you will wait almost no time to have the money in your account.

How to apply for an instant loan?

There are 2 ways to apply for any of FinChoice loans. One, for existing clients, is to log into your account and manage the request from there. As you’re a client already, the process will go faster. Two, for new clients, is to get on FinChoice webpage and find the Apply Now button. There, you need to choose the option MOBiMONEY to get a quote for your instant loan after submitting information about your salary.

I need a loan and its urgent

For urgent loans, the ideal option is a payday loan or credit facility. In number 1, payday loans, you receive funds fast and, you cancel the money in the following month. These loans tend to have higher rates than personal loans. In number 2, credit facility, the company will accept to deposit certain amount of money into your account for you to withdraw just what you need. These are the fastest loan options. Fin Choice only offers credit facility, for payday loans, you can resort to Wonga.

I like to apply for personal loan of r300

If you only need 300 rands, a personal loan may not be your ideal loan option. In fact, personal loans tend to be from 1000 rands onwards. You may ask FinChoice for a credit facility. This alternative allows you to have funds in your account and, withdrawal from 100 rands up to the amount you qualified to get. Another advantage of this loan is that you can keep taking money from that account if you need more. At last, you only pay back what you spent.

I want finchoice to pay for my daughter school fees

FinChoice can lend you the money you need to pay for those school fees but, you will be responsible to do the payment. When this lending company issues a loan, they do it without a purpose established so, they give you the money and then, you take it to pay the institution your daughter attends to. Then, you need to pay back the money plus fees and rate to FinChoice.

I was very much interested in finchoice when they told me that i can get a loan up to 40000. But only to find my self qualify only for 800 i don't know what to do

The loan quote any bank will set for you is made after studying your financial capacity. This means that the entity makes sure you have the funds to repay the money properly without neglecting the rest of your monthly expenses, such as utility bills, buying food, paying for other debts, etcetera. Even though at first it can be a little disappointed, it’s a way to keep you out of trouble.

May I qualify for a Finchoice mobile money?

If you are a South African citizen, enjoying from a permanent job and, receiving enough money from that job, you can apply to find out if you qualify for a Mobile Money loan. Apart from that, you need to have a bank account because the transfers will be done through it. Before starting the loan application, get your documents ready to present to FinChoice.

When I take 6000 rands, how much I payback?

The money you pay back varies as regards the term you choose to repay it because the whole package of terms of your loan is what establishes the cost of the service. On one hand, you should pay attention to the type of loan you take, whether it’s a personal loan or a flexible facility. Also, if you repay it in a longer or a shorter period as, you must take into account the longer you take to pay for the loan, the more interest you will pay.

I’m asking if it’s possible to get another loan while I still have one

The alternative to have another loan while repaying a current one is among the benefits FinChoice offers their clients. You have to get into your FinChoice account and make the request. You will surely have to update some information for the entity to process this new request and, decide if you can pay for more money borrowed.

How much will I pay monthly?

The cost your loan gets on monthly basis depends on the amount you are approved for and the rate charged over that amount. It also depends on the time you want to take to cancel the loan. At FinChoice, your repayment option reaches up to 24 months maximum. And, for the flexible facility, only 3 months.

Hi, good morning. I would like to ask if FinChoice can help me with my building alteration, please

FinChoice grants short term loans that may not be right for the amount you need. But, it depends on how much money you want to request to make those alterations in the building. FinChoice personal loans are issued for a maximum of R40000, as long as the client qualifies for such number. Keep in mind, you will have to repay it in 2 years or less.

Up to how much do u give loan n r u also financing cars?

The highest sum of money you can aim to get from FinChoice is 40000 rands. Such quantity must be cancelled within 2 years top so, please, make sure these are terms you can afford before asking the loan and, you’ll avoid getting in debt. As these are personal loans, FinChoice won’t take care of financing a car for you but, you can feel free to use the funds to do it, if you want. The destiny of the loan is entirely your decision.

I like to know how much I’m going to pay if FinChoice lends me r10000 for 24month. Please can you make quotation for me?

As the cost of a loan is affected by the interest rate charged, and not only by the fees to pay, more information is needed to make a quotation. We’ll show you a loan example so you can have an idea for your loan. If we imagine your loan gets a 12.25% rate, the monthly installments may round R472. All the same, the official cost will be stated only by your current finances.

Can I get a loan if I’m a passport holder?

You might be approved if you present your passport but, besides, you need to comply with the rest of the requirements. Those requirements involve, of course, earning sufficient funds per month and, having valid and current documents to prove it. Bear in mind, even though you’ll get a quote you can pay for, there’s a minimum amount you need to get from your salary.

I have a loan with you and now I want to apply for a six months loan, is it possible to get it?

amount and, the payment term starts on 6 months. The other loan, known as MobiMoney, is a facility offering 10000 rands or less and, you can choose among one, two or three months to repay it. So, it may depend on the loan amount you want to request.

I want to apply for a loan but I need a personal communication, is there someone who can inform me about the options?

Sure! We’ll briefly go over the options you have at your disposal at FinChoice assuming you’re a new client. Those options are: personal loans that can be as high as 40000 rands to pay over 6 months, 1, 2 or 3 years. Then, there’s a credit facility for 10000 rands you can be approved for to withdrawal whenever you need for 100 rands onwards.

When am I going to get the money?

You will probably have to wait few business days before having the money to use it freely. The application starts with you sending FinChoice your documents and loan request form and, they will ask you any other important information. Once FinChoice approves the loan amount you asked for, they will make the transfer on the very same day as long as it’s before 3 pm.

Hi, I cancel my loan last month but, I see FinChoice people did draw money from me, why?

You can cancel your loan and, give the money back but only if you let FinChoice know about the decision 14 days or less after they grant you the money. If you comply with that due date, there will be no cost for the cancelation of the loan. But, if you decide it later on, there may be some penalty fee you’ll be charged with.

Can I get a loan of 5000 rands?

Yes, as long as your credit assessment is positive. For such short amount, the best option may be a MobiMoney loan that grants up to 10000 rands into your bank account and, you can withdrawal and pay just for the amount of money you need. That money you use, can be returned from 1 to 3 months.

Can I apply for a second loan?

Yes, Finchoice is a company that gives customers the possibility to reloan even when you already have one or need a second one. If you are asking for a second loan at Finchoice it means that you are an existing customer. Therefore, those clients will have to make use of their account through a cell phone number and a password.

Can I take a loan to pay off my account?

You can take a loan at Finchoice for whatever purpose you may have in mind. It can be to pay expenses, carry out a medical procedure, or solve a financial problem you've been having. If you are a new customer, you can ask for a total of R8000. You will be asked to provide proof of income.

Can a consultant call me?

Finchoice offers personal loans of up to R8,000 that can be repaid in a maximum term of 6 months. The good news is that you can request this loan completely online! There is no need for you to contact a consultant at all. However, if for any reason, you prefer to talk to Finchoice employee, you can fill in an application an ask them to call you.

I need R5000 loan, but it gives me options from R100 to R750 so how much I choose?

If you have completed the loan application at Finchoice and you have been informed that you can only borrow amounts from R100 to R750 then you will be able to ask for that amount. This sounds extremely odd, though, since Finchoice offer loans of up to R40.000. Please make sure you are filling in the right loan application at Finchoice.

How much will I pay all in all if I take R40000…in 24 months? I need to know the interests that will be added, how much will it be? And the monthly instalment too. Please get back to me.

When you ask for a loan at Finchoice, you will be asked to provide them with your personal information and work information. With that, Finchoice will assess your credit record and set an interest rate. For this reason, we will simulate your loan with an interest rate of 21% to give you an idea of how your loan might be. For a loan of R40000 in 24 months with this rate, you will pay instalments of approximately R2326.

If u borrow 2000 so how much monthly instalment?

If Finchoice offered you an interest rate (based on your salary and your credit record) of 19,75% and the number of instalments you chose to repay the loan was the maximum period (6months), then for a 2000 rand loan you would have to pay more or less 141 Rands per month.

How can I calculate the payback amount for 10000 over a period of 12 months?

For you to calculate how much you will pay for a loan at Finchoice of R10000 over a period of 12 months, you will need the interest rate that the company can offer you on the basis of your financial condition. Assuming that this interest rate is 20%, you should consider installments of approximately R1100.

If I settle my R8000 loan can I qualify for more money?

If you settled your R8,000 loan with Finchoice, you might be able to ask for a new loan and request more money. Bear in mind that for you to do this, you will still need to have a good credit record and be able to prove Finchoice that you have a regular source of income.

Show me the calculations of 5,000, and I want to pay on six months.

As you may already know, loans at FINCHOICE (as at any other financial company) are calculated based on an interest rate. So, for as to show you the calculations for a R5,000 loan to be paid off in six months, we would need to know this rate. To give you an example, we will use a 10% rate. So, you would have to pay six installments of around R916.

If I take out a R35,000 loan over 24 months, how much is my monthly payment?

When you ask for a loan at Finbond (or at any financial institution for that matter) you will be asked to provide information about your financial situation. With this information, Finchoice will be able to tell you which interest rate they would apply to your R35,000 loan over 24 months. For instance, if this rate is 27%; we would be talking about installments of R1,800.

If I take a R14,000 loan over 12 months, what will my installments be per month?

What your installments be if you take a R14,000 loan over 12 months at Finchoice will be related to the interest rate Finchoice can offer you. In turn, the interest rate is related to your financial record. If you are offered an interest rate of, for instance, 22%, you would have to pay 12 installments of R1,400.

Installment of R15000 for 2 years

The maximum amount available for a personal loan with FinChoice is approximately 40.000 rand. In addition, clients can choose the period of repayment which varies from 6 up to 24 months. That is to say, in a period of two years, with the maximum amount permitted, you will be paying an estimate of 3,797.07 rand per month. 

How do I apply for the personal loan?

To apply for a personal loan with FinChoice, you can fill out an online application in which you will need to provide your personal data, such as your ID number, mobile phone number, and point out the amount of money you wish to borrow. Consider that you also need to be a South African citizen with a permanent job so as to provide proof of income. Wth all this information, the company will investigate your credit record and your affordability capacity to determine if you can pay the instalments. 

I have a 24 months loan with Finchoice, can I apply for an advance loan paying over 6 months?

If you already have a loan with Finchoice to be repaid in a period of 24 months, you will be allowed to obtain a second one providing that you have completely cancelled your existing loan. The company first needs to make sure you will be able to afford the instalments and that you will not fall into a poor financial situation. 

Can I borrow R150.000?

Finchoice allows clients to apply for long-term personal loans, however, there is a limit regarding the amount of money they can borrow. Clients can be granted up to 40.000 rand via a quick application process and they can choose their repayment period in 6, 12 or even 24 months. Consider this information before applying if you need more money (150.000 rand) as you might need to consider other reliable companies. 

How do I change my details? I have new cell phone number and e-mail address.

If you wish to update your contact details as you have a new cell phone number and e-mail address, you can log into your online banking profile on Finchoice, and change your personal information. Also, you can contact any agent from the bank via the landline phone number and inform them on your new personal details. 

Finchoice loan application: I can't log in because I have new number, please help.

If you have problems to log into the application provided by Finchoice as you have a new phone number, you can re-install the application again. Also, bear in mind that you can carry out the entire process online without the phone app. For further help, you can get in touch with any advisor from the company. 

I have just finished paying my 6 month loan. I'll like to know how much do I qualify to take over 6 months again?

If you have just finished paying for a 6 month loan with Finchoice, and you have completed your repayment period on time, you might qualify to borrow more money. It is also highly recommended to have a positive credit history if you wish to apply for a new loan.  You can be eligible for a loan up to 8.000 rand to pay back within 6 months.

I want to apply for a loan.

If you are interested in applying for a personal loan with Finchoice, a private financing company, you can do the entire process online. There are some requirements you need to consider. For example, you should be a South African citizen, have a permanent job and also provide proof of income. 

Can I apply for a loan after finishing paying my previous loan?

That is right. With the financial company Finchoice, you can apply for a loan up to 8,000 rand to be paid within a period of 6 months. If you pay all the fees on time and do not owe money, you may qualify for more. The entity will analyse your credit profile and decide if you can apply for another loan.

When does Finchoice decide that you are able to have a loan for 12 months after being their customer on the Kwik service app?

Kwik Service is a platform that facilitates clients with the operations and transactions related to all your Finchoice accounts. There is no need to be an app user in order to apply for a loan with a repayment period of 12 months. In other words, you just need to comply with all the criteria set by the entity to qualify for a loan. 

Hello, I am your client. I will finish paying my loan end of September, I need to know if I can take another loan now?

Yes, definitely. If you are a current client of Finchoice and you will cancel your existing loan at the end of September, you will have the possibility to request more money or ask for a second loan. If you have a positive credit history and a positive financial behaviour, then it will be very simple for you to access more money. 

Hi, can I still apply for a loan with Finchoice even if I already have a loan somewhere else?

Of course, you can. There are no specific requirements as regards having loans with other companies different from Finchoice. However, as a potential client, you should have a positive credit record, enough affordability capacity and proof of income. Remember that applying for a loan is a great responsibility, and you should be a committed client to pay all the monthly fees. 

Hi, I was once your client I have finished paying my loan, can I take another loan, and how do I apply for?

If you are interested in applying for another personal loan with Finchoice, you need to comply with certain requirements. As client, you should have an account so that the money is deposited there. Also, you should have a permanent job and provide proof of income. There is an online application form you can fill out with all your information and in this way you can start the process. 

Hi, Finchoice. What can I do to qualify for a bigger amount, e.g. R75,000 to R100,000.

Usually, Finchoice offers personal loans up to 40,000 rand. Also, for those existing customers, there exists the possibility to apply for a second loan. Maybe you can obtain the money you need, from 75,000 rand to 100,000 rand, if you ask for another line of credit. The company will carry out an assessment of affordability to determine how much to lend you. 

Hi, I currently have a loan with you but received an SMS to apply for R75k, what happens? Do you clear the existing loan and provide the balance?

FinChoice offers the opportunity for its existing clients to apply for a second loan with an amount of 75,000 rand if they already have a current loan. The suggestion is to get in touch with the well-trained advisors to ask about the SMS and, for sure, they will help you with the process. It is important to cancel your first loan completely, that is to say, you need to have paid all the instalments. 

Hi, I need a loan of 25,000 rand on a long term, say 24 months, will I qualify if my salary is 7,300 rand?

Typically, FincChoice carries out an assessment on your credit history, income and affordability capacity in order to establish an interest rate. However, let's say that the interest rate is about 21%, therefore, with an income of 7,300 rand, you will be paying monthly instalments of 5,304 rand approximately. So you will need to evaluate if this is convenient for you. 

Can I convert my 12-month loan into a 24-month loan?

Usually, before you obtain a loan with Finchoice, you choose the repayment period established in the agreement terms, which can be 12 or 24 months. All the instalments plus the interest rates are calculated based on your income, affordability capacity and the repayment period. The recommendation then is to call the company and try to organise a new payment plan with the assessors. 

After paying your loan, how long do you wait for another loan?

With Finchoice, you need to finish paying all the instalments of your existing personal loan before asking for more money. Then, if you comply with all the requirements, you may qualify for more depending on the credit analysis carried out by the company. It is important to have a positive credit behaviour.  

How much to pay back for 2,500 rand over 6 months?

If you wish to obtain a personal loan of about 2,500 rand with Finchoice and with a repayment period of 6 months, then you should consider the interest rate of 21%. Therefore, you will be paying monthly instalments of 770,51 rand approximately. In any case, the interest rate will be set according to your credit profile. 

Good day, can you please help me? I want to obtain a consolidation loan with Finchoice.

FinChoice S.A. offers the possibility to obtain a personal loan in order to find a solution for all your credit problems. In this case, you can combine all your payments into a single one if you need to pay over 40,000 rand. FinChoice does not offer a consolidation loan per se, but you access money to cover all your needs. 

Can I have a 6-12 month loan, even I have a 3-month loan? I will make my final payment this November.

Sadly, you will not be able to obtain a 6 or 12-month loan with Finchoice if you already have a current one with a 3-month repayment period. Therefore, the suggestion is to finish paying your previous loan completely and then start a new application process.  Please, remember that the limit is 40,000 rand. 

Hi, I'm a Finchoice client and I just want to know how I apply for a six-month loan.

It is quite easy and simple to apply for a personal loan with the company Finchoice. You can do all the process online without the need to visit a local branch. If you meet all the application requirements, then you could qualify for a sum up to 40,000 rand and the repayment period can be up to 6 months. 

I have a loan with you guys whereas I only owe R480. Do I need to finish that before taking out another one?

One of the requirements to apply for a personal loan with Finchoice is that you have a good credit profile. Also, Finchoice does not provide top up loans as the company supports the National Credit Act, which entails an affordability assessment. This means that the company only lends as much money as you can afford.  You will also have to pay the money you owe, 480 rand. 

Can I borrow more money? I'm almost finished with the other one.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to borrow more money with the company Finchoice if you are still paying a previous loan. In other words, the company is regulated by the National Credit Act, which promotes an affordability assessment. This entails that the entity only lends as much as you can afford.

How long does it take Finchoice to pay out if the application has been successful?

Usually, after the application process for a personal loan with Finchoice is approved, then the money is deposited quickly. Once the documentation has been submitted, the money will be transferred to the bank account you provided. Bear in mind that if you hand in all the documentation before 3pm, then the funds will be deposited within 24 hours. You will get a notification by SMS. 

Good day, I want to know if someone can contact me with applying for a personal loan. How does it work?

As a potential client of Finchoice, you will have to first open a bank account for the money to be deposited. Also, you will need to demonstrate the following: being a South African citizen, having a permanent job with a regular income, which has to be reflected in payslips, and having a good credit history. If you comply with these, then you can start the application online. 

Good morning, how much will I pay if I take a loan of R5,000 rand with 12 months to pay?

If you wish to apply for a personal loan with the financial services company Finchoice, you need to be informed about the interest rate, which is established around 21%. Therefore, for a sum of 5,000 rand with a repayment period of 12 months, you will be paying monthly instalments of around 465,57 rand. 

Hi, there. I paid all my 3 instalments. Last instalment was on the 31 January 2023. When I log on the Mobi money app., it states that I don't have any available and I must wait for 24 hours for the status to update. When can I apply again for a Mobi loan?. Thank you.

If you already paid the last three instalments, and you have received a notification through Mobi App that you should wait for 24 hours so that your status gets updated, then you should follow that recommendation. In that way, you will see how much money you can borrow from Finchoice depending on your affordability capacity. Please, get in touch with any agent for more information. 

I want to know if I can apply for more money?

Existing customers have the possibility to apply for more money with the financial company FinChoice even if they already have a current line of credit. In order to know how much money they can obtain, the company will consider your credit profile, affordability capacity and income. The repayment period can reach up to 6 months. 

I have applied for a loan of R4,000. It's been approved, but up to now I didn't get it. It's about 2 weeks now.

If your loan application of about 4,000 rand with Finchoice has been approved, but the money has not been deposited yet, the advice is to communicate with the customer service department to confirm the delay. Probably, there are many applications on the way and the bank is taking some time to deposit the money. 

I have 2 loans with you, so I want to borrow R40,000 then settle the 2 loans then pay 1 loan.

First, in order for the Finchoice Bank to grant 40,000 rand as a settlement loan, the company will need to examine your financial situation, credit profile and affordability assessment. Usually, if you comply with all the qualifying criteria, for sure, you will be able to borrow more money to settle 2 loans and then just pay 1. 

I want to do settlement on my loan.

If you wish to ask for a loan settlement with Finchoice, then you should know that customers are allowed to take up to 40,000 rand to pay back in a period of 6 months. The financial company will analyse your case, financial situation and credit profile before lending you some money. 

Can I get increase loan up to 5,000?

If you want to increase a loan up to 5,000 rand with Finchoice, then the company will check your affordability. In other words, the company, based on this assessment, will lend you only as much as you can afford. To make this decision, your income, credit profile, affordability capacity and financial situation will be considered.  

Morning, I want to borrow money again, but a lost my pin. Can please someone help with that or tell me what I should do to have another pin.

In case you lost your pin and wish to take out more money as a part of a personal loan with Finchoice, then you should contact the customer service department directly. For sure, they will be able to assist you with resetting your PIN. They will give you some specific instructions you should follow. 

Hi, I would like to know if I can borrow money as a first customer earning 2,500 a month?

As a first customer, earning a monthly salary of 2,500 rand, you will be able to borrow money from the private company Finchoice as long as you comply with the qualifying criteria. Also, the company will analyse your credit history, affordability capacity and check that you have a stable source of income. 

Can I apply for a loan if I earn a children grant?

It may be complicated for you to apply for a personal loan with the lending provider Finchoice if you receive a children grant. Usually, financial entities prefer customers who have a stable source of income by being either a permanent employee or a self-employer. You need a steady income to demonstrate your ability to repay the loan. 

I want a long term loan. Does Finchoice borrow?

Yes, of course. Finchoice provides the option to choose between a short term or long term loan, depending on the repayment period that you choose. This will also be based according to your personal needs and your eligibility. Also, the conditions to apply for a loan may include the loan amount and your creditworthiness. 

How do I get a loan?

In order to obtain a personal loan with Finchoice, it is important first to comply with all the qualifying criteria, for example, customers need to have a good credit history. Also, you can start the application in an online way by using the virtual platform. You will need to leave your contact details, and decide how much money you will need. 

Good day, I currently have a loan with Finchoice. Do I qualify for more?

If you currently have a personal loan with Finchoice and wish to take more, you should directly contact the financial company. They will decide if you are eligible for another loan depending on various factors such as your financial situation, affordability capacity, monthly income and credit history. They need to assess your situation to determine if you qualify for more.

How much interest for R4,000?

Usually, the interest rate for a personal loan with the company Finchoice is regulated by the National Credit Act, so it is important to refer back to the terms and conditions established in the loan agreement. For a loan of about 4,000 rand, the interest rate can start from 24% onwards, which is the minimum rate offered by Finchoice. 

Can I pay in extra money on the 12 month Flexi option over and above the debit order?

If you wish to pay extra money on the 12 month regarding a Flexi loan and above thee debit order, you should directly contact Finchoice as many lenders allow customers to pay extra money in order to reduce the interest cost and finish payments quickly. Usually, the terms and conditions for payments are established in the loan agreement.

Hi, there. I did apply for an 11,200 loan. Debicheck was also approved. I got my instalment but still no money and deduction date is on the 15th.

If you applied for a personal loan of about 11,200 rand with Finchoice and the method of payment is through debicheck, but you have not received your money, you should directly contact the customer service department to obtain further details about your situation. There might be some issue regarding the loan process approval. 

Do I qualify for a long-term loan, as I have a 6 and 3-month loan?

With Finchoice, you can apply for more than one loan, but the amount of money you can borrow will be limited and based according to your affordability capacity. Therefore, if you already have a 6 and a 3-month loan, you will be able to qualify for a long term loan depending on the analysis the company carries out on your financial situation. 

I have two short term loans with you. I want to borrow a long term loan of R40 000, settle the two short term loans and pay for one loan.

The suggestion is to contact the private company Finchoice directly in order to inquire about their loan eligibility criteria for a long-term loan of 40,000 rand and whether you can use it as a way to settle your two short term loans. Probably, they will analyse your financial situation to make a final decision. 

If I want to increase my loan and also increase the monthly terms, how do I?

Finchoice allows clients to extend the duration of their loan to six months, or up to 24 months. If you choose this, then the company will have to calculate a new payment. Probably, you will be able to apply for more money as Finchoice offers the possibility to apply for multiple loans depending on your affordability capacity. Please, contact the company for more information. 

Do I have to pay the full amount on my Flexi account before I can get money?

It is not necessary for you to pay the full amount on your Flexi account with Finchoice before you can borrow some money. You will have the possibility to apply for a loan up to 40,000 rand with a repayment period of 6 months. If you pay the loan completely, then you might qualify for more. 

I need a Finchoice to help me with a loan of R35,000. I have a serious problem.

If you have a serious problem, and need a loan of about 35,000 rand with Finchoice, then the recommendation is to contact the entity directly, so you can expand more on your situation. Please, remember that to qualify you will need to have a good credit profile, collect all the necessary documentation and have a fixed monthly income. 

Will it be possible to make another loan? I am an existing customer.

Absolutely! As an existing customer of Finchoice, a financial service provider, you will be able to obtain another personal loan even if you already have one. The maximum amount of money you can obtain can reach up to 40,000 rand. There is no need to visit a local branch to start the application process, since you can do everything online. 

I have a loan with Finchoice but want to get African Bank out of the way. It's a headache. What can I do? Can Finchoice help me?

In order to confirm if the financial lending company Finchoice can help you out with your situation, you will need to get in touch with the company, as they will need to evaluate your case. According to the information provided, Finchoice as a South African entity can provide clients up to 40,000 rand with same day-approval. 

Can I qualify for another loan if I have repaid the previous loan?

Yes, of course, you can qualify for another personal loan with Finchoice if you have already paid your previous line of credit. However, the amount of money you can borrow will depend on several factors such as your credit score, income and affordability capacity. These factors will be analysed by the company and determine how much you can obtain. 

Hi. I have been borrowing money from you people. I must say thank you very much for your service. You're always there for me, when I need you. So I want to know if I do qualify for at least 20,00 rand for 12 months.

If you need a personal loan of about 20,000 rand with a repayment period of 12 months from Finchoice, then you should know that the company will decide your eligibility. In other words, the amount of money and the repayment period will depend on your financial situation, credit score and affordability capacity. 

I do have a loan by Finchoice, so I want to make another and close the existing one, can I do that?

It is important to consider that you will be able to apply for another personal loan with Finchoice if you already have one. However, you will need to meet the eligibility criteria and pass the affordability verification in order to qualify. Also, if you want to close your existing loan, you will need to contact the company directly. 

Hi, I have a balance of R11,700 with Finchoice that I want to settle and borrow R40,000 with a repayment period of 24 months. How much will I pay back monthly, and will I qualify?

If you have a balance of 11,700 rand with Finchoice that you want to settle, and you wish to borrow 40,000 rand with a repayment period of 24 months, you will need to consider the interest rate. For example, with an interest rate of 24%, you will be paying 2,237.47 rand approximately. To qualify, you will need to meet the eligibility criteria. 

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