Is it Possible to Obtain a FinChoice Home Loan? Application and Contact Details

Is it Possible to Obtain a FinChoice Home Loan? Application and Contact Details

     Are you looking for a Home Loan? Do you know you can rely on FinChoice for such matters? Yes! With their variety of loans, you can easily start covering the different home needs you have. For instance, you can buy your first home or you can make improvements to the one you acquired in the past.

   In this article, you will get information about FinChoice, which includes its services and history. Then, you will be given data about their three loans, all of which serve for different purposes. For instance, their 1 month loan can be useful for making repairs or improvements. But, theur 12 month loan can be useful to purchase a house. You will also get data about the requirements and how the application works. Finally, you will be given contact information of FinChoice so that you are able to begin the application now.

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   FinChoice is one of the leading credit companies in South Africa, which first started its business in Cape Town and has expanded to a variety of cities in order to satisfy South Africans´ needs.

   This company has not only devoted to lending programs but also to retail services, that include household appliances and electronics. It has joined Home Choice in order to provide clients with the loans they need. Which is why, there is more than one loan for customers, depending on the financing period and the installments.

   As previously said, FinChoice has created three loans: 1 month loans, 6 month loans and 12 month loans, all of which come along with set installments. That means they are fixed.

So, if you were looking for a Home Loan, depending on your need you can count on:

1-The Kwik Advance 1 month loan: this constitutes a really short term loan, as the client will need to pay for it in only 30 days. The amount that can be granted consists of a minimum R 100 and can range up to R 2000. Such loan can be controlled from the client´s cellphone or laptop.

2-The 6 month Flexi loan: this is another short term lending program, through which the citizen can get up to this amount: R 8000. And, this amount can be financed in 6 months. The customer can be given the totality of the money or parts of it throughout each month. This loan can also be managed online, which means that the customer can control the balance from the app or the company´s website.

3-The 12 or 24 month personal loan: now, if you are looking to purchase a home, this loan is just for you. You can be granted up to this amount R 25 000. And you can finance it in a year or two that is up to you. The installments you will pay each month are fixed and the interest rates are quite competitive.

    It is important to stress that the company gives clients the possibility of skipping one installment whenever their economy is at stake.

   Apart from the loan, FinChoice, gives customers complete access to a Personal Insurance that will give them protection whenever their health is in danger. This is specially recommended when there is an accident or a health condition that affects the applicant.


   The applicant will only need 10 minutes to complete the application and can be granted the money they request in only 24 hours. Of course, for that to happen, you must have given the company´s representatives (in person or over the phone) your personal and financial information. That included your bank account information and your ID number.

  So, you can apply by phone (dialing up 0861 346 246) or in the company´s head office. It is strongly recommended that you have all the documentation with you, so as to give the information requested in a couple of minutes.


Residing in South Africa

-Having a South African Id card

-Having a bank account with a South African financial institution

-Be willing to open an account with Home Choice. This can be done in Home Choice´s There, you will be requested personal information


    A loan for your home can be really useful when you need to purchase your first home or when the one you possess has deteriorated and you need to make changes or improvements but do not have the money all at once. In such circumstances it will be ideal that you rely on FinChoice to grant you their loans. You will see that their rates and the installments are really competitive when they are compared to other credit providers. And, there will not be surprises at the time of paying for the loan, since the rates cannot change with time.

Contact details of FinChoice

By phone

    Remember the following number, so that you can contact their call center: 0861 346 246. This service is available during weekdays from 08 in the morning to 08 in the evening. Then, it functions on Saturdays from 08 in the morning to 05 in the afternoon and on Sundays from 09:00 am to 02 in the afternoon. You can also contact the company on holidays, if you dial the number from 08:30 am to 03:30 pm.

 In person

   As stated at the beginning, FinChoice has a physical office in Cape Town, located at 78 Main Road. You can call their professionals on 27 86 134 62 46 and ask them your questions. This branch functions every day from 08:00 am to 5 in the afternoon.


     In this era of technology, you can also expect to contact the company in their website. There, you will get tons of data about their loans, their insurances, their app, which can be downloaded directly from there and also the different terms for their services.

   Finally, if you were searching for easy money to cover your home needs, FinChoice happens to be what you need. With their three loans, this company aims at satisfying all of your needs in a comfortable and affordable way. Contact the company´s professionals and begin the application!!

Preguntas Frecuentes

I want to understand whether finchoice can give a loan up to 200.000. I'm busy with house construction and i'm gonna stack with the roof. That's why i'm asking about a huge amount

FinChoice can lend you money to help you finish your roof but, only up to 40000 rands. This quote might not be sufficient to cover your house construction so, I advise you to check other entities. Some of them are African Bank, Absa and Atlas Finance. Also, you can take a look at SA Home Loans to check if they have a loan product to build your house.

I want to know if I qualify for a loan or not

The first stage of FinChoice requirements relate to your monthly salary, your place of residence and your nationality. If you can show your pays lips, your documents to prove you are South African and a proof or address, you can fill in the application form for FinChoice to inform you if your credit history is good enough to get a loan with them.

Does the client need to pay extra fees for the insurance?

No, that one is for free

Can I use automatic deduction to finance the loan?

Yes, most customers tend to favor that payment method

Is their app available on google store?

Yes it is!

Hi, I have a personal loan with Finchoice of 8,600 rand. Can I get a top-up of 5,000 rand and change repayment for 24 months?

If you already have a personal loan of about 8,600 rand with the money provider, Finchoice, you will not be able to increase your current loan with extra 5,000 rand. This is so because the company does not allow to do it. Finchoice only lends money according to the clients' affordability capacity. 

Hi ,I have a loan with Finchoice of R22,000 that is bound to expire in September ,can I change the repayment to 24 months?

If you already have a loan of 22,000 rand with Finchoice, which expires in September, and you wish to extend the repayment period to 24 months, you should directly contact the entity's customer service area. They will confirm if you can do it and also inform you about possible extra charges as regards interest rates or potential fees. This implies that the total amount of money you will have to repay may be increased. 

Hi, Finchoice Team, I would like to apply for a home loan, please. Thank you.

There is not a home loan per se with the financial institution Finchoice. It is important to clarify that the main financial service or product this company offers is related to unsecured personal loans. Therefore, if you are looking for money to purchase a house, you can apply for a personal loan with a repayment period between 12 and 24 months. 

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