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What Are the Loans Offered by Finbond in Durban? Contact Details, Requirements and Rates

Is it time to be out of debts? Are you looking for a financial solution as soon as possible? If you live in Durban, that solution is just around the corner. Let me tell you that there is a number of companies in Durban destined to help it residents with the most convenient loans. We invite you to read this article so as to find information about rates, requirement, contact details and more, mainly, about Finbond loans, as well as other possibilities.

Let’s start revealing information about the lending programs offered by Finbond. There follows a chart with the main points, but keep on reading! There are many more details to know:

Money available

From R500 to R20 000

Phone line in Durban

+27 31 304 1216

Address in Durban

320 Dr Pixley Kaseme St

What do you need

Fix salary, bank account, South African ID

To be more specific, let expand the details. With Finbond Loans you can buy devices for your kitchen, do up your bathroom, enlarge your bedroom, face health care expenses and even get a new computer since the amounts of money available start at R500 up to R20 000. No matter how much money you ask, you will be able to finance the quotes according to your needs. You only have to take into account that financing terms cannot surpass two years.   

How much interest will I pay?

Similar to most lending companies, interest rates will vary based on the amount of money you are given. However, in other to grasp some figures, let’s take an example of a loan of R8000. In case you are thinking to repay the loan in half a year, that is to say 6 payments, Finbond will consider an interest rate of approximately 5%. Please, take into account that the higher the sum of money, the higher the interest rate.

            Let’s see now, what are the requirements to be eligible to apply for a Finbond loan. In the first place, you have to be a South African citizen. There is no way to apply for a loan at Finbond without having a valid ID and, compulsory, being more than 18 years old. In the second place, you have to prove a steady income. That is why you are required to show your last three payslips. Besides, it is necessary to have a bank account so as to receive the money. It is important to know that it could be at any bank. Such bank account should be at least, 3 months. And finally, you will have to present a proof of address, with any bill.

            Are you ready to start application? Let me tell you how to do that! Fortunately, there is more than one way to get a loan from this company:

-By phone: There are two lines available for current and even prospective clients. You can dial up 012 460 7288 or, for free, 086 000 4249.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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-By SMS: Take you cell phone and send a simple SMS with the word “credit” to the following number: 45040. A member of the staff will contact you ASAP.

-Via e-mail: You can also send an e-mail to asking for data about loans or even to start application.

-In person: In the area of Durban, there are three branches that you can take advantage of. One of them is located in Durban Central. The address is 320 Dr Pixley Kaseme St. In case you want to make a phone call, please dial up +27 31 304 1216. Another branch can be located in the area of Amanzimtoti. The exact location is 373 Kingsway Road and the exclusive phone number is +27 31 903 3458. And finally, there is an office in the Moodle Blue Centre in Pinetown. The address is 54 Josiah Gumede and the telephone is +27 31 701 1340.

            Once that all the information about Finbond has been developed, let´s take a look at other companies that work at Durban citizens’ advantage.

1. Better Life: this company has a wide array of options available, such as home loans to finance your place to live, personal loans that go from R5000 to R150 000, short term loans of up R8000, debt consolidation loans and even more. If you need more details about Better Life, you can visit the office located at 95 Musgrave Rd.The exclusive phone number of this branch is +27 31 277 9000. Representatives are available from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

2. African Bank: this entity facilitate money for Durban’s citizens from a minimum of R500 to a maximum of R200 000 though personal loans. The money you borrowed can be financed in terms of up to 6 years with interest rates that are always lower than 28%. The branch can be found at 470 West Street open in typical banking hours.

3. Wesbank: Wesbank also has exclusive lending programs that offer amount of money from R5000 to R200 000. Similar to African Bank, money can be repaid in up to 6 years. However, there is a difference in the interest rate since in this case, it may reach 30%. The address of this company in Durban is 309 Umhlanga Rocks Drive.

4. Nedbank: this classic company offers personal loans from a minimum of R1000 to a maximum of R200 000. Financing periods can be as long as 300 months. If you are interested in the program, visit the office at 57 Adelaide Tambo Dr.

            Do you still have questions? Are you still thinking about how to deal with financing trouble? There area as many lending companies as needs that may appear on the road. Not only can you count on the help to Finbond, but you can also count on Better Life, African Bank, Wesbank and even Nedbank. Leave money problems in the hands of those who know about this and focus on enjoying life!

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Questions and answers

Can I apply for a student loans if I am 17?

No, should be 18 or older.

Is there money avaialable for vacations?

Yes, there is.

What is the longest financing periods?

It is 6 years.

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