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Can I Obtain Finbond Bank Consolidation Loans?

     What is a Consolidation Loan? It is simply a credit that enables you, the client, to refinance your debts. So, by obtaining one loan you can finance other you have acquired in the past or simply finance your expenses you did not pay for a long period of time and have accumulated in debts.

    In the article you are about to read, I will give you detailed information about a way to consolidate your debts through a Personal Loan that can be obtained in Finbond Bank. Moreover, I will give you data about other company that offers Consolidation Loans, Letsatsi. Then, I will give you the contact details of both companies in South Africa, so that you can start financing your debts and forget about your financial troubles.


     You can easily consolidate your debts by requesting the company to give you between R 500 and R 20 000, which you can of course finance in long or short term periods, that will be dependent on your financial possibilities and your income. Every income designed by this company has the support of the South African Financial Services Institution, so they are super safe.

    Your credit record plays an important role at the time of obtaining a Consolidation Loan, reason for which it is important to have paid previous credits on time.

    Regarding the financing terms, the company will offer really short ones of about 3 months but they can extend up to 24 months. And, the different installments you are asked to pay come along with fixed interest rates.

 How can you apply for a Finbond Consolidation Loan?

-You can always start the application either online or in person

-If you choose online application, you simply need to click on their application section and complete the form with your data

-You will be oriented and guided by a member of the company during the whole procedure

-The moment your application is approved, you have direct access to the amount of money requested.

You can make use of the money granted for any type of cause that needs to be afforded in the short term. For instance, you can make use of the money to finance your daily expenses and your education fees at school or university.

What about the requirements? Documentation is requested as it is the case for every financial company. You must submit ID, bank statements, employment proofs and pay slips.



     This is a loan that can be really helpful for clients that have many debts and are having tough times trying to afford them at present. They can make use of this loan so as to finance one they have previously obtained and they were not able to afford

What type of benefits can a Consolidation Loan give you?

-Financing installments on a monthly basis

-Being capable of paying for many loans by applying for only 1

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-Not paying administration fees or initiation charges

-Saving money

-Observing how your credit references get better thanks to the disappearance of your debts

     As regards repayments, you are given periods of between 1 and 36 months. You can get R 100 000, which is the maximum but you can ask for smaller amounts of money for sure. The documentation requested for this loan is the same required for the previous company.

Finbond Mutual Bank Contact Details

-You can begin the application for a Consolidation Loan if you call their customer service on: 086 000 4249 or by dialing up this number:  012 460 7288. You also have the possibility of sending an SMS if you type the word “credit” in your cellphone. Such phone number for sending a sms message is the following one: 45040. 

-You can enter the company´s website in order to begin the application from there in an easy and fast way.

-You can go yourself in person to one of the company´s offices located in Porth Elizabeth. You will find it in the area of Korsten. The exact address is this one: 45 Cottrell Street.

-You can go to another local office of the company in East London, located in the centre of this city. The exact address, for you to find it, is Coronel Oxford and Terminus Street.

-There is an additional physical office in the wonderful city of Johannesburg. It is found in Mashalltown. The address is this one: 17 Harrison Street. It is situated inside shop number 4.

Letsatsi Finance Contact Details

 -You can go to one of Letsatsi´s offices in Porth Elizabeth, which is inside the Laboria House. The exact address is 16 Grace Street. It is found inside Shop 3. You can phone this office by dialing up the following numbers: 5824923 or 582 2577. You can even try to send a short email to this Letsatsi to this email

-There is another physical office in Rustenburg inside the Ice Block Center, found on the first floor of this amazing building. The exact address is 125 Klopper Street. You can phone this office by dialing up these numbers: 592 4671 or 5924075.

-You can send an email from your account to the following email address: This email address corresponds to the second office, so if you live in Rustenburg try to communicate by email too.

-There is another physical office in Bloemfontein, which is inside the Arcade Chamber. Located between West Burger and Elizabeth Street. It is found inside shop 209. You can communicate with this company on this number: 430 0789 or you can try phoning on this number too: 430 0411. The following number corresponding to this office is the following:

-You can enter this company´s official website, designed for future clients and clients that have already gotten a loan. You can keep track of your loan as well as get information about further services and start an application from home.

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Questions and answers

I need a 10000rand but I still own Finbond 6500, Can I have this other loan?

First of all, it is of paramount importance you think carefully about your finances. This is so to avoid getting more and more in debt until you find almost impossible to get out. Then, Finbond will have your income into account to decide if you qualify for another loan. Remember, as this bank grants unsecured loans, it’s more difficult to be approved for a second loan.

If I borrow a loan of 3000 and repay it in 3 months, how much will I have to pay per month?

The instalment amount you’ll have to pay will be stated based on different factors. After analysing each of those aspects, you´ll know which is the interest Finbond Mutual Bank will charge you month a month. Keep in mind, not every short term loan can be paid in just 3 months so, pay attention to that because you may have to extend the payment period to at least, 6 months.

I need to consolidate my debts I have with African Bank. Can you check and get back to me if it’s possible to grant me a consolidation loan?

If the salary, or any kind of income, you get month to month is well enough, there won’t be any problem to get a loan from Finbond. But, be careful because there are other factors this bank will take a look at. For example, the most important is your credit profile and if you get in debt often enough for them not to see you as a responsible borrower.

Can I get a consolidation loan with Finbond?

Findonb doesn’t have loans aimed to consolidate debts. But, there’s not need to worry as, either way, you can ask for their unsecured loans and, use that money to cancel your debts. This alternative, of course, will depend on the amount you qualify for. I mean, if it covers your debt amount or not.

My friend recommended you because you helped her to pay off her debts. Can you help me?

Sure! You can get a loan form Finbond without worrying about needing a property to leave as guarantee, which is a great advantage when trying to get a loan. If the amount of money you own is 20000 rands or less, that is the maximum quote they offer, you can try to get approved for a loan with this mutual bank and cancel all the other instalments you have.

My name is Natasha. I want to know what I need to apply for a loan

Hi Natasha! Findbond Mutual Bank has some minimum requirements for their applicants to follow. They are related, of course, to your identity and, your income. I mean, the applicant will be asked to show his or hers I.D. and, to prove his or her income with payslips and bank statements. Of course, these documents need to be current.

Can I have a loan at Finbond?

Finbond has their products at the hand of any South African citizen that perceive regular and enough income and, also, whose credit rating is good. If Findbond’s loans got your attention and you want to take advantage of their products, you can get online and start your application. The procedure is super easy and you need just few documents as payslips and, your I.D.

Can Finbond still give me 20000 when I have 2 loans ahead?

The chances that Finbond accepts issuing a 3rd loan to the same applicant are not high, honestly. However, you may still have a chance if you’ve had a really responsible behaviour with previous loans you’d taken before. You can call Finbond’s representatives to discuss your options according to your existing loans and the terms you’d like for the new one.

Do I qualify for your consolidation loan products?

If you’re wondering what does it take to be approved for a loan with Finbond, I can assure you that it doesn’t take much. The main reason is that this loans are unsecured and payable in short terms. All it matters is that you have your valid document issued by the SA Government and documents to show you receive a salary each month and then, Finbond will be capable of informing you about your loan application.

Hi i am currently your client, i need the consolidation loan for my debts, can i get it?

If you are a client of FinBond you can consolidate any type of debt you possess with a consolidation loan and for instance, you can ask for a loan of R 20 000 and repay for it in 2 years by paying installments of R868

How to apply for this loan?

If interested in applying you should make a phone call to 0860 992 998, which is a free line designed for application

Is it possible to obtain a loan to pay another loan?

Yes, that is what Consolidation Loans are for. You can consolidate any debt generated by expenses or by a previous loan you obtained in the past. Finbond has created loans for such purposes and you can use as much as R 200 000.

Is it possible to obtain multiple loans?

You must be found eligible first, start an application and find that out

How can I communicate on weekends?

By phone

Is it possible to pay the loan with my debit card?

Sure it is!

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