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What Are Loans Offered by Direct Axis? Calculator, Quotes and Contact Information

Are you in financial trouble? Are you looking for a responsible company support? This is exactly what you need: financial aid from Direct Axis. This company has the most convenient loans so as to achieve whatever you need. In this post, you will find information about how calculations, quotes and even contact information that would be of much help.

                Direct Axis opened its doors in January of 1995, and since then, it hasn’t stopped improving its services. It is a company specially focused to financial service, which means loan and insurance programs of high quality. In this case, you have delved into its webpage so as to provide you with information about its lending department. Keep on reading to get more data about Direct Axis Loans.

                To start with, you have to take into account that if you are considering borrowing money from this institution, the amounts available are limited. In fact, you can lend from a minimum of R5000 to a maximum of R150 000. It is important to know that the amount should be incremented every R1000. Once everything is set, money will be available in no more than 2 days.

                To continue with, let´s talk about financing options. Regardless of the money, there are many options available. In fact, you can choose periods of two, three, four, five or six years. Let’s highlight that payments are done monthly and you can set automatic deduction from any account.

                Besides, another important thing to know is rates. Direct Axis has fixed interest rates available. Depending on your credit history and length of the financial period, interest rates may reach up to 28%. Apart from rates, you will also have to cover monthly fees of approximately R68 and an initiation fee based on the total amount of loans.

                As for some clients it is difficult to figure out monthly expenses, we have done such work for you and here you have some examples of possible calculations:

-Imagine you need money for R50 000. As initiation cost, you will pay a unique amount of R1 197. And, then, monthly fees of near R70. If you choose a financing period of 6 years, you will have to make 72 payments of approximately R1 543.

-Let’s take a look now at a higher loan. Imagine you need R80 000 to make a home improvement. If you are interested in the shortest financing period, that is to say 2 years, you will have to make 24 payments of approximately R4 891. You also have the possibility of financing such amount in 4 years. In this case, you will make 48 payments of near R3 264. And if you choose the longest financing period, you are estimated to make 72 payments of R2 2773.

-Another example can be calculated over a loan of R120 000. Please take into account that the maximum interest rate you are going to pay is 28% and this is the rate we are using. Therefore, you can choose a term of 2 years and make 24 payments of R7 266. Of course, you can also choose a longer financing program: 4 years. Consequently, you will have to make 48 payments or near R5 627. And in case you want to apply for the longest financing term, the amount payments done monthly will be of near R4 115.

Find the best loan of South Africa

How Can I Be Sure that Payment Will Not Vary?

When you are about to apply for a loan, consultant will help to establish the most convenient interest rates based on your credit history, the amount of money you borrowed and the length of the financing periods. Then, you SET such interest rates as fixed. This means that they will not vary regardless of changes in the economic situation. In this ways, you can be sure that the cost of payments will never increase.


Direct Axis has a list of requirements that you have to take into account at the moment of application. In order to be eligible for Direct Axis personal loans, this is what you need:

-First, you have to show that you have a good credit history.

-Secondly, you have to earn a salary of a minimum of R5 000

-Besides, you show present the last 3 pay slips. Another option is the last three bank statements.

-Fourth, you have to be older than 18 and present a copy of you ID.

-What is more, as the money will be deposited in a bank account, please provide all the information needed to make such deposit.

-Furthermore, you have to prove residence with, for example, a utility bill.

-And last but not least, if you are married, you need your spouse consent.

                Now you know that Direct Bank has to offer and what do you need to ask for money, let’s how it is possible to apply for the programs. If you prefer personalized attention, we recommend making a phone call. The number for telephone application is 0861 020304. Whoever, if you don’t want to talk to representatives, there are other possible alternatives. You can send a SMS to this number: 43232 or you can start online application. By entering the official webpage, you click on “Apply online” and follow some step to get approval. It is process that doesn’t take more than 10 minutes.

                All in all, surviving a rainy day can be really easy with the help of Direct Axis. The company is ready to lend up to R150 000 that you can use to finance whatever need that may appear on the road. In a nutshell, the process of getting money is easy and quick. Stop wondering how you are going to pay for expenses. The money will be available to buy new home appliances, to finance car purchase and even to afford well-deserved vacations. Count on the help of Direct Axis and improve your quality of life!

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Questions and answers

I want to borrow 150 000 but i earn below 5000 so i want to know if i will be approved and how much am i going to pay every month

The amount of money you’ll pay per month will be based on the time you’ll take to cancel the loan. For example, over 4 years, the installments will be approximately R5824.96, if we take a 27% rate. However, due to the requirement that establishes a minimum salary of R5000, Direct Axis won’t accept you as borrower unless, of course, you find the way to improve your monthly earnings.

What are the features of a personal loan with Direct Axis?

Direct Axis will offer your loan terms from 2 to 6 years to repay it and you may get up to R200.000. As this company works with high quotes, the lowest sum of money to ask for is R5000. One of their main benefit is that their rates are fixed, providing you with the advantage of knowing your instalments won’t increase as time goes by.

Would I be able to pay a 30 000 rands loan in 36 months or must it just be 24 months?

The minimum repayment period for a Direct Axis loan is 2 years and, the maximum, 6. Of course, that question has to be answered after taking care of your income but, we can help providing both examples. For the shortest period, 2 years, you may have to pay almost R2000 each month, R1887 to be accurate. On the contrary, if you repay the loan in 3 years, 36 months, your monthly payments may be around R1464,87.

Dear sir or madam, I am 65years old and I am a permanent worker. I would like to know if I qualify for loan. My salary is r13.000 and, after all deductions is r5000

If you get 13000 rands per month, your salary complies with the minimum Direct Axis requires as regards income. Even after you pay your monthly taxes and expenses, you reach the minimum income this company asks their applicants to receive, which is 5000 rands. Then, remember you need to get that salary through a bank account and, if your credit profile is good you can apply for a Direct Axis loan.

If you borrow 40000 over 36 months how much is the installment?

Even though the final cost is set after Direct Axis studies your particular situation as, for instance, the interest rate is agreed based on your credit profile, we’ll help you have an idea with an example: if for a R 40.000 loan, over 36 months you get the highest rate of 27.75%, the installment per month may be around R1912,16. Keep in mind, we took the highest rate so, if you get a lower rate, the monthly installment would be cheaper.

Do I qualify for a homeloan?

This entity, Direct Axis, does not offer loans to get a new house. However, you can pay attention to their personal loan if you want to improve your house. As long as you get enough monthly salary, have a bank account and a good credit profile, you have chances to be approved for a loan. If you need a home loan, you may have to look for SA Home Loans or BetterBond, two of the most important companies issuing home loans in South Africa

Are payments stable?

Yes, they are.

Can I pay with automatic deduction?

Yes! Payments will be discounted from your account.

Is collateral needed?

No, it isn’t.

I would like to pay all my debts and have only one payment. I can afford to pay as high as r3000/r3500 in 6 years, ie 72 months

Canceling all your debts is the best decision you can make. When you start your application with Direct Axis, they will go over your debts and income to reach a loan you can pay with no difficulty. This means, they will be in charge of analyzing in how many years you’ll have to pay the loan and how much money you can take from them. The only problem here is that this company can’t issuing a loan for less than R5000 so, you should accept that minimum or look for another company for your loan.

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