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Can I Get a Direct Axis Loan if I Live in Johannesburg?

If you are residing in Johannesburg, one of the biggest cities in South Africa and you are trying to finance your bills and assets but cannot make it, stop worrying about it, I have the key for you. Direct Axis. This is a financial institution whose biggest ambition is to help South Africans achieve their visions through their lending programs.

   Although Direct Axis has not opened physical branches in Johannesburg, their residents can still obtain their loans if they phone the bank or if they enter the bank´s website.

  In the article you are about to read, you will be given all the data you need about the 3 loans you will find in Direct Axis. Then, I will give you the phone numbers and data about the website of the company. At the end of the article, I will also give you contact information of a company that certainly has branches in Johannesburg and has created similar loans.

     Direct Axis wants to help the citizens of Johannesburg through the creation of three loans: Personal Loan, Direct plus Loan and Consolidation Loan.

Applying for the loans is quite easy. You just need to start the application, you select the amount of funds you would like to obtain and then once you agree to the amount the bank wants to grant you, you can get the money. Simple as that!

The application can take place at a branch, online or even over the phone, which is totally up to you.

Before applying for the loans, the bank will ask you to meet certain requirements:

-Submitting your ID card or any other document that states your identity

-Making sure you have a good credit score with another financial company

-Making sure you give the bank all the details about your transactions

-Giving the bank information related to your job and salary

Now, let’s move on by focusing on each of the loans:


     The biggest aim of this loan is to guarantee that all the personal needs of the client are well taken care of. How? By giving the client between R 4000 and R 150 000, which can be received in their accounts in less than 48 hours. The financing period can range from 2 to 6 years, quite affordable. The bank will not make you use an asset to be the collateral of the program, which is a big advantage, since most banks have that requirement.

    Regardless of the use you would like to give to the money, the bank is willing to grant you the amount selected. For instance, you can decide to spend the money on new equipment for your office or for financing your summer holidays.


     If you are planning to spend more money, try this loan, since you are able to obtain a maximum of R 250 000. But, as that represents a lot of money, you will of course need a collateral. So, you can choose an asset of your own to play that role. Moreover, you need to possess high incomes, of at least R 12 000. That amount needs to be your income every month. Finally, if you are the owner of your house, that will play an important role at the time of deciding whether you are eligible or not. So, possessing valuable assets is a must for these type of loans.

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    As its name suggests, with this loan you can have more money in your daily life or pay an accumulated debt you have and you could not afford on your own. The bank is willing to grant you each month R 1900. You will need to finance this loan on a monthly basis and the interest rates are fixed.

Extra details about Direct Axis Loans:

-There will not be surprises at the time of repaying for the loan, since they are all following the National Credit Act 34 and behave according to it

-Your financial status will be carefully examined by the company before giving you the loan

-You will be given insurance in case of deaths, serious health conditions or disabilities that become an obstacle for obtaining the loan

- You will need to carry out monthly payments, whose interest rates cannot change with time, so they are fixed

-There is a variety of mediums through which you can apply for the three loans

-Direct Axis will make sure you capable of making each payment; otherwise the company wouldn’t offer you the loan

-Once your application is approved you can go to an ATM and get the money in less than 2 days

-You can spend the money you are granted on whatever you like

-The bank has created much insurance to protect you

How to contact Direct Axis

-By phone

    If you are in need of a Personal Loan, try dialing up 0861 020304.

    If you are in need of a loan to consolidate your cash flow, please dial up this phone line: 0861 243 556.


   Clients of the company can enjoy its webpage, which is full of details about each lending program and further insurances that will help your live become better. Moreover, you have the chance of applying for a loan online, so that you can save some time.

Another choice in Johannesburg: Nedbank

As this company offers similar lending programs to Direct Axis, you might want to get to know how easy it is to contact it in Johannesburg:

    There is one branch in Johannesburg , specifically located 6 Press Avenue, whose telephone number is the following: 224 5700. It opens Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 09:00 am to 4 in the afternoon. It is also open on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays from 08:30 am to 4 in the afternoon.

    All in all, living in Johannesburg with economic troubles is no longer a big issue thanks to the help of Direct Axis, which has designed three banks in order to satisfy their client´s needs. And, if you prefer a company with physical branches in your area, you can go in person to my other option: Nedbank. Try them and see how your finances can change!

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Yes, for you to know before hand and not

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No they are not

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In the bank´s website there is plenty of information about insurances

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