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Can I Apply for Direct Axis Loans in Gauteng? Contact Information and Quotes

Are you looking for a way of covering costs? Do you think that Direct Axis can help? Of course, we share the answers: YES. Direct Axis is ready to financially help you regardless of your location. Therefore, living in Gauteng is not a problem when it comes to having access of Direct Axis Loans. In fact, keep on reading this post so as to get data about them as well as possible quotes, contact information and requirements.

                Direct Axis started to work in the South African market in January, 1995. Since its inception, it has been an outstanding company in the field of Economics. In fact, it has been developing programs to provide clients with mainly lending and insurance services. In this article, we will put our attention in loans. Nowadays, there are two important lending programs that are worth mentioning: 


Programs people are more interested in are personal loans. In the case of Direct Axis, in case you need money, you will receive between R5000 and R150 000. It is important to make clear that amount go every R1000. Besides, such money will be in your account in less than 2 years, regardless of the amount. As far as financing is concerned, there are many terms to choose. Actually, financing terms start from two years, and they can be extended for three, four, five and even six. Payments should be made every month, and in order for you not to forget it, the bank will deduct it from your account.

Let’s talk a little bit about what really matters: interest rates. This company has really competitive interest rates since they are always 28%. An interesting point is that they can be fixed, and, therefore, payments will not vary during the length of the loan. Please take into account that apart from rate, you will have to affront other expenses, such as monthly and initiation fees.


Let’s start with a short description of what a consolidation loan is about. Its main objective is helping clients to unifying expenses to as to improve cashflow. If you agree on the terms, we will be in charge of settling all or just a few of loans that you have opened facilitating the process. Once this is done, you will cover everything with a single monthly installment. What is extremely important is that you can choose fixed interest rates so as to make stable payment during the entire financing program. Another advantage of these programs is that will be able to apply for really long financing terms, based on your needs. Consequently, payments will be really low. According to Direct Axis figures, people who count on the help of Consolidation loans have increased cash flow for around R1 900. Interesting, isn’t it? 

Possible quotes for some loans

It is sometimes difficult to assume how much money you will pay if you are thinking about getting a loan. Although interests are fixed, people make a mess of figures. In order to provide a solution for this, let us show some examples of how interest and payments work in real life:

Find the best loan of South Africa

As our first example, imagine you are going to borrow R80 000. As far as interest rates are concerned, assume you get 28%. If you want to pay off the loan as soon as possible, you will do that in 2 years. Consequently, you will make 24 payments of approximately R4 891. But in case you prefer lower monthly quotes, you can extend such period and choose 6 years of financing. In this case, you will make 72 payments of approximately R2 2773.

Can I apply for loans in person in Gauteng?

No. Unfortunately, there are no offices of Direct Axis in the area of Gauteng. However, this is a not a hinder to application. The company has developed other ways to apply for loans and get money in a matter of second. Just keep on reading and discover what really matter.

The first option available is related to phones. There is a line that is 0861 020304 and it is open for current or prospective clients. Consultants are ready to answer any question about the bank, including rates and financing and also to help you start your application. Apart from this option, you can send a SMS to 43232 if you want to apply for the loan without personalized assistance.

The second option is related to the internet. Direct Axis has invested time and money in a well-organized webpage so as to give services as soon as possible. In fact, you can visit it and click on

“Apply online”. You will have to follow steps, fill some form and get approval. You won’t spend more than 10 minutes completing everything.

                Now you know almost everything about Direct Axis, there follows a list of requisites that you have to meet to be eligible for Direct Axis Loans:

1. You have to you ID with a copy to show that you older than 18.

2. In case you married, in order to apply for a loan, you will the consent of your spouse.

3. Another important thing is that you are required to good credit history.

4. What more, you will have to show that your incomes are of R5000 monthly, at least. This can be done through your last 3 banks statements account – where you receive the money.

5. It is also important to all the information about your bank account so as to make a deposit.

6. Finally, you will have to show a proof of residence, may be, a utility bill.

                To conclude, it is possible to say taking about lending, Direct Axis seems to be quite experienced. Not only does it offers money by mans of loans, but it also helps clients with old debts that may be pains in the neck. You don’t have excuses so as to buy whatever you need or want and start enjoying life as you deserve.

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Questions and answers

Can I apply on weekends?

Sure! Online application is available on weekends.

Are payments fixed?

Due to fixed rates, payments don’t vary.

Are periods of one year available?

No, the minimum financing period is of 2 years.

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