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Can I Get a Home Loan with Direct Axis? Contact Details

Are you looking for an affordable way to innovate your home? Would you like to buy your first house or a second one? If that is your case, let me tell you this is the perfect spot to find information about it.

Direct Axis, one of the most remarkable financial companies in your country, has established as its biggest aim to let the citizens of South Africa make their dreams come true through their loans. So, if you were looking for a loan to purchase a property or to innovate the one you have, you can rely on a Direct Axis Loans.

   In the next post, you will receive information about three type of loans this bank offers. Then, I will give you some additional information about those lending programs. Finally, you will be given contact details of Direct Axis, which includes phone numbers and addresses.

     Direct Axis offers its clients the possibility of purchasing their first home or making improvements to one of their own, through three loans: Personal Loan, Direct Plus Loan and Consolidation Loan.

You can apply for those loans by following certain steps: Starting the application, choosing the amount of money, accepting what the company proposes, obtaining the money and making your dreams come true!

You can apply in the bank´s official website, through your cellphone and a sms or by making a phone call.

Before expanding on each loan, let’s focus on the requirements for them:

-Having an ID card from South Africa

-Having a good credit record with a previous banking company

-Giving the company your bank information

-Submitting a document stating your income and earnings


     The bank can give you amounts that range from R 4000 to R 150 000, amount which can be financed in between 2 to 6 years. Now, the money you are granted can be obtained in only 2 days. One of the most important advantages of this loan is that Direct Axis will not make you submit any kind of collateral to serve as the guarantee of the program. This is something really important, since most banks will ask you to select your property or your vehicle as the collateral.

    The money you are granted by the bank can be used for any type of purpose, for instance you can purchase a house, buy new furniture or appliances and so on. In most cases it happens that people make use of a Personal Loan to finance debts and regular expenses.


     By applying for this kind of loan you can obtain up to R 250 000, so it is a loan recommended for more expensive purchases. With this loan, the bank will ask you to choose collateral as we are speaking about higher amounts of money. Your income also plays an important role, as it should be of at least R 12 000, which must be earned on a monthly basis. And, another important fact to bear in mind is that the company will ask you to have your own property. If you meet those requirements, you can easily get this loan.


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     This is a loan that gives you the chance of increasing the cash flow you have on a daily basis, as you can obtain up to R 1,900 each month. You just need to make one payment a month, which consists of an interest rate that is fixed. The good aspect about this loan is that the longer it takes you to complete its financing; you will be paying less each month.

Additional facts about Direct Axis Loans:

-All the loans granted by this company stick to the National Credit Act 34, which was issued back in 2005

-The company will observe in detail each financial case before approving your application

-The moment you start the application, the bank will offer you its Personal Protection Plan that will cover situations in which your health is at risk, such as a serious disease, death and accidents on the road. Disabilities are also covered by that insurance.

-Each repayment you make will not be subject to changes, so it is fixed

-There is no need to visit a physical branch since you have the chance of starting the application by making a phone call or surfing on the net

-The bank will never grant you a loan if they believe you will not be capable of financing it on time as expected

-You can receive the money granted in no more than two days

-You can choose what to use the money for. It can be any need

- There are more policies available to give you protection

-The bank´s phone is available everyday 12 hours a day, for you to be able to contact them anytime.

Contacting Direct Axis in South Africa

-In person

     One of the bank´s offices is located in Diep River, specifically at 108 De Waal Road. It is found in the area of Southfield. Its phone number, for you to call their professionals, is 86 102 0304. It opens Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm

     There is another physical branch with the same opening hours, in Cape Town, at 79450 Mocke Road, located at Elfindale.

-By phone

      If you are interested in obtaining a Personal Loan you can dial up the following number: 0861 020304.

      If you are interested in getting a Consolidation Loan, please dial up from home this number: 0861 243 556.


    Direct Axis has developed its own webpage, for you to be able to get further details about the three loans, information about other insurances and apply online so as to save time. There is also a section for sending messages.

     All in all, if you were looking for the perfect way to finance your house or innovating the one you already have, Direct Axis can give you the solution through its loans, all of which will grant you the money you need in an immediate way. Take a detailed look at each of the loans and decide which one will suit you best!

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Questions and answers

I want a home loan please. How do I do?

At Direct Axis, you will find different loans. Although there are no home loans per se, you can still make use of personal loans for home purposes. You can use a personal loan as a line of credit to get the money you need to enhance or upgrade your current home. You can use it to make renovations too.

Good day. I have an existing personal loan with you and its ending november 2019, now I need direct plus loan, how may I go about?

Good day! At present, such loan alternative is not available at Direct Axis. You can either take a new personal loan or, you can go with a consolidation loan if you intend to put together a number of liabilities. In any case, the application system is the same. You provide Direct Axis with your updated information and, they set quotes that suit your finances. Of course, your existing loan will be taken into account when deciding on this new request.

Can loans be paid in advance?

Of course, you can close the loan whenever you want

Good day, I would like more information on your loans and what you require for me to apply

You’ll be required to show your SA Document to prove your identity, documents to check you live in SA and, bank statements to prove you have a salary the amount of 5.000 rands or higher. Of course, Direct Axis will check your credit record to make sure is good before accepting your loan request. As regards the loans, they are personal loans that don’t require a security and, they are under the National Credit Act.

Can I have a home loan while having a personal and combine them into one installment?

No, this is not common. As long as your regular salary is high enough and your credit score is outstanding, you may apply for a home loan even if you’re in the middle of a personal loan payment. However, it’s not common banks join those installments into just one due to the difference on the fees and rates you should pay for each type of loan. Your best option is trying to get both loans with the same company and try to arrange both payments in the most comfortable manner for your family finances.

Hi there, I am looking for a home loan, at list r 200.000.

If you are considering asking Direct Axis, you ought to know that’s the top amount they borrow on their personal loans. So, if 200 hundreds rands is enough for you to make the purchase you want, you can have them as a viable alternative. If you need more money than that, you ought to ask the loan to another entity issuing bigger quotes as, First National Bank, for instance.

Can I get a home loan with Direct Axis?

This lending entity can assist you on personal loans, not home loans. Their quote can be as low as 5 thousand rands and as high as 200 hundred. Another type of loan you can find with Direct Axis is aiming to consolidate several debts into one payment only. For any of these loans, you can ask the same amount and apply in the same way, online.

Can I get a home loan from Direct Axis?

At this moment, Direct Axis has only personal and consolidation loans to offer their clients. Maybe, if you just need up to the maximum quote they lend, which is 200 hundreds rands, you can think about getting a personal loan with this company. If you need more than that, you will have to check other companies dealing with home loans specifically.

Would you ask for a upfront payment before paying out money? So you have to first pay then you receive your loan?

Hi! No, what you need first is to submit all the documentation. Once the application is approved and the documents are in order, you can have the money without kaing payments beforehand.

Can i get a home loan with direct axis ?

With Directo Axis you can easily get a Home Loan so as to make repairs or renovations to the house you already possess or even buy a new home for your family. Their Personal Loans can be used for home purposes, as long as clients show they are capable of sustaining the loan in the loan term, which is analyzed based on the client´s salary and bank statements.

Am I eligible for a consolidation loan?

I recommend that you contact an agent to see if you meet the requirements

Can I contact the bank 24/7?

By entering the bank´s website

How is the monthly payment?

Direct Axis can give you the chance to choose between 2 and 6 years to divide your monthly payments. Your loan will get an interest rate that will be the same from the beginning until the end of the term you choose. Besides, you can benefit from this great characteristic, known as fixed monthly payments, as you will know the rate won’t increase in a future.

We already have a home loan but we’d like to do some renovations as we have a split level house and would like to complete the bottom part. We would like to do a joint application my husband and I for around 300 000

Unfortunately, Direct Axis only offers a top quote of two hundred rands so, it doesn’t match your amount request. All the same, there are other companies offering bigger amounts. An example is FNB. Another alternative cab be Absa but, their quote reaches up to just R 250.000. You would need to go over the affordability checks banks do to know if you can take a new loan before cancelling the previous one.

Good day, we would like to enquire for possible help to buy a house, thank you

We can help you by offering our online loan simulator. You will find it in this web page and, all you have to do is just submit the loan amount you need and, the number of installments you would like to get to pay for the money borrowed. Then, you will appreciate a list containing the banks and the rate each of them offers. Also, you will see an estimate of the monthly cost your loan would get. After having that information, you will have a clear idea of what’s best for you.

What do I have to do when applying for a home loan?

There are few steps you should follow before even applying for the loan. First, it’s a good idea to know what’s your budget. Then, with that information, you may look around to see what type of house you would like to get. After having an idea of the budget and the house you want, you can discuss your options with a bank. They will ask you some documents to check your financial situation and, probably, to put a security on the loan. Finally, you get the loan and pay the installments.

I’m Self-employed and need a home loan

You may think you’re in a very difficult situation as we know that independent workers tend to find a hard road when applying to get a loan. However, you can find a solution by, for instance, leaving a collateral in exchange of the loan This means that you leave a valuable as security of the money you borrow. The object must have a similar value than the house you intend to buy and then, when you cancel all the repayments, you get the security back in your possession.

Can l have a home loan with direct axis?

You can use up to R200.000 to make some home improvements but, it may not be enough to pay for an entire house. For bigger amounts, those related to the purchase of some sort of building, you must work with banks that offer home loans. One well-known company is Better Bond Home Loans. When you apply for their home loan, they will put you in contact with offers from different banks which gives you the opportunity to get the best deal.

Can I get a home loan from direct axis while I’m still paying a personal loan with them?

No, unfortunate you can’t and, there are 2 reasons why. One reason is that you need to repay the first loan in order to take another one and, the other reason is that Direct Axis doesn’t provide home loans. But, even if you try to get a home loan with another lending company, they may require you to cancel your current loan with Direct Axis first.

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