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     For those citizens of Pretoria that are experiencing hard times with their money and their finances, I have what they were looking for, a company which will match their needs and offer them reliable lending programs, Dial Direct. That is right, one of the best credit providers in the market.

   Even though Dial Direct has not physically established in Pretoria, that fact is not an impediment when it comes to applying for their loans, as they are many ways to complete that process.

   In the next article, I will first give you a close picture at what Dial Direct is and how their loans work. So, I will mention requirements and application procedure. Then, I will give you contact details of this company, which includes websites and phone numbers. Finally, I will give you contact details of Absa, which is a company that has similar loans and it physically located in Pretoria.

Tell me more about Dial Direct

     This is a company which was created in 2003 and its first aim was to give clients insurances for their home, personal needs and also their businesses. Then, it included loans, Personal Loans for all the citizens of South Africa. This is a new company in the financial market, but their products and services have a perfect quality and their customers claim to be satisfied with the different services they provide. Which is why, is one of the most preferred companies at the time of getting a loan.

The loan I can find in Dial Direct

     Dial Direct offers it clients a Personal Loan, which is a loan meant to satisfy personal needs, including accidents, medical expenditures, purchases of a house, repairs, university fees and more.

   Apart from having the chance of using the money on whatever you want, the money can be obtained without having to wait lots of time, since the company will transfer it in a matter of days. In fact, you will get a maximum of R 100 000 the moment your application is found eligible.

  If you are interested in the application for their loans, you need to know the company offers you two alternatives: to do it online or by phone. If you begin the application online, you will need to complete the totality of the online form with your name, surname and contact information. If you want to do it on the phone, just phone on 0860 10 45 80. Then, you will receive a short phone call from one of the company´s members telling you how to move on with the process. They will offer you minimum amounts of R 2000 but a maximum of R 100 00. And, you can expect to choose financing periods that range from a year to 5 years.

But, before applying you need to bear in mind which are the requirements:

-Submitting a copy of your ID number

-Submitting your credit record

-Submitting your proof of employment

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Final comments about this company

    I would like to stress that the loans found in Dial Direct are granted thanks to the support of the National Credit Act, which is a sign that their programs are authorized and are secured. And, I would also like you to know that the company is focused on your safety, a reason for which you will be given access to a personal insurance or what they call Personal Protection Plan. This is the way the company can cover you whenever you suffer an accident or your health is seriously in danger and your finances are at risk.

Contact details of Dial Direct

As this company does not have physical offices in Pretoria, there are two ways to contact them:

1)You can do it by phone, if you dial up a free number they have created for customer service:0861 007 367.

2)You can enter the company´s website, which in fact has plenty of data about rates, insurances, quotes and retirement programs that the company has designed just for you. There is also a section for contact and for making claims.

Another choice in Pretoria: Absa

As said before, this is a company that do have physical offices in Pretoria, and similar loans, which is why here you have its contact information:

-You can contact Absa by going in person to one of their offices exactly located at 1102 Brunett Street, whose telephone number is 12 432 0600 and is available during weekdays from 08:30 am to 03:30 pm.

-You can also go to another office in Pretoria, which is in the Church and Kingsley Centre, and the exact address is 481 Coronel. Its phone number, for you to call from home, is 12 482 1600. This branch is open from Mondays to Fridays from 08:30 am to 03:30 in the afternoon. And it is also opens on Saturdays from 8 in the morning to 11.

-You can try to contact Absa in its website, which is full of details about their insurances, loans and also ways of financing different assets you might possess.

-Customers can also contact the company by dialing up a free number, which is available 24/7 to every citizen. So, if you have questions, concerns or doubts please dial up from home the following phone number: 0860 100 372. Needless to say, that number can also be used for starting an application with Dial Direct.

 So, as you see, there are many ways to contact this second option I gave you. It is a metter of finding the one that you find more comfortable.

    All in all, not only Dial Direct but also Absa can be two great options to consider when deciding to apply for a Personal Loan so as to meet your needs and make your financial problems vanish as they should!! I strongly advise you to contact both companies, and select the loan that best adapts to your needs, both are great options and you will not regret it!

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5 years

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With debit order

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Yes it is

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