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Can the Citizens of Johannesburg Obtain a Dial Direct Loan? Requirements and Contact Information

   Are you residing in Johannesburg? Would you like to improve your life with the support of a loan? Thanks God you are here, I have just what is for you, Dial Direct Loans. This company can lend you the money you need in a fast way, so that your needs are completely covered and satisfied.

   In the next article, I will give you some information about the company and their Personal Loan, which includes requirements and application process. Then, I will mention some closing ideas about this company. Finally, you will be given contact information of Dial Direct in Johannesburg, so that it is simple for you to get in touch with them.

Dial Direct

Dial Direct first started to operate in the market in 2003 as an insurance provider but with the passing of time and the requirements of its clients, it incorporated lending programs. Even though this company is pretty new, it has gained much experience and is turning into one of the leading financial companies of the country. What is more, the company not only offers insurances and loans but also offers and discounts on certain products.

Dial Direct´s Loans for the residents of Johannesburg

     I am sure you are aware of the fact that a Personal Loan can be useful in tons of circumstances, which is why the company will give you the money regardless of the purpose you have in mind. For instance, you might be involved in an accident and need to pay for a doctor and a lawyer, or it can happen that you cannot afford to pay your children´s fees at school.

   Apart from giving many uses to the money obtained, it can also be said that a Personal Loan is truly convenient when you do not want or you can´t ask for a relative or friend to lend you money. Which you know sometimes can turn into misunderstandings or arguments without sense. So, Personal Loans become a reliable alternative.

  One of the main benefits of the loan granted by Dial Direct is that the company has created a system through which you can apply within hours and receive the money within days, very fast. And, you don’t worry about your affordability, since the company will only grant you amounts it knows you can pay back.

    When it comes to the amount, you can easily access to a maximum of R 100 000, provided your application is applied and you have submitted all the documentation requested.

    Moving forward to the application procedure, it is worth mentioning that the process is quick and simple. You  have two ways of making the application: online or by phone. If you decide to apply by using your laptop, you just have to enter the company´s website, put your personal information in the online form and then receive a phone call from a representative. But, if you decide to apply over the phone, simply dial up this number:0860 10 45 80. You can also take advantage of that number to clarify any doubt you might have regarding the company´s services and products. Once again, expect a call from a member of the company and you will know how to proceed. The member will tell you that there is a minimum you can obtain, of R 2000 and a maximum, of R 100 00. And, you are given financing terms of a year or 5.

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Let me show you the requirements you must comply with:

-You must show the company the number of your South African Id book

-You must be employed and having a monthly salary of R 3000

-You must have a clear credit record

-You must provide information about your bank account if you have one


Closing Ideas

   Dial Direct is a credit provider focused not only in giving you peace of mind when it comes to your finances, but also total safety. Which is why all the loans they grant are supported by the National Credit Act,  which is a total guarantee that their services are legal and reliable.  What is more, this company will only offer you amounts of money that are defined by your income, no more than that.

   And there is another benefit this company gives to its clients, and it has to do with their insurance, also named Personal Protection Plan, which aims at protecting customers whenever their life or health is in danger and they are not capable of repaying for the loan or obtaining the totality of it.

Contacting Dial Direct in Johannesburg

     One of its offices in Johannesburg is located in the area of Dainfern, whose exact address is 1 Telesure Loan.

     You can also contact the company over the phone, if you press the following numbers in your cellphone:0861 007 367. That number has been designed for customer service, you no matter the question or doubt you have, you can freely call there and expect a complete answer from their representatives.  That is a free line, so can call there and there will not be charges for making a call to the customer service of the company.

    You can even contact the company from your laptop, by accessing to its webpage, where you can make claims, solicit for quotes and also contact the company by sending a short message. In the same webpage there is plenty of information about home, personal and business insurances, which will surely be of great benefit to yourself and your family as you need protection.

    All in all, if you are a citizen of Johannesburg and you were stressing a lot about financial problems, that can change if you apply for a Personal Loan with Dial Direct and let their representatives guide you through the complete procedure. I am sure this company can change your life, since their loans are affordable and the financing terms they offer you can change according to your availability. Contact them and see it yourself!!!

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