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Is Durban Eligible to Obtain a Dial Direct Loan? Requirements and Application

     If Durban is the area you are residing now and you are trying to cope with the hard circumstances of your finances, let me tell you this is the perfect place to get the solution. That is, you can solve your financial troubles with a little help of a loan. In this case, you can resort to Dial Direct to make your problems disappear in a fast way.

   Even though Dial Direct does not possess a physical branch in Durban does not necessarily mean you will not be able to get their loans, since the company has established many ways to apply for them.

   In the following article, you will be given information related to this company and its loans, the application procedure and some final comments I would like you to bear in mind. Finally, I will not only give you contact details of Dial Direct, but also about another company that happens to possess physical offices in Durban, Absa.

About Dial Direct

Dial Direct has become one of the most prestigious insurance and financial companies of South Africa. It was founded bank in 2003, and because of its expertise it got to expand to many places around the country. All their services and products have an outstanding quality and give clients the safety and peace of mind they deserve, as their finances are well taken care of

Dial Direct´s Personal Loans for Durban residents

     Their Personal Loan is pretty helpful for any kind of emergency you might experience in life, which can lead to expensive expenditures with the doctor, your kids´ tuition or any necessary repair at home that need to be made right away. So, no matter the need you would like to cover, you can make use of a loan granted by Dial Direct. What is more, apart from that loan the company will give you complete access to discounts and offers in order for you to be totally satisfied with their services. Great, uh?

   One of the reasons people tend to favor a Personal Loan over other options is that you decide the amount to pay and the financing periods, and if you cannot continue, companies will offer refinancing options. That would not be the case if you ask for your friends to lend you money that would lead to very uncomfortable situations and possible arguments. Which is why, it is recommended that you apply for a loan and avoid misunderstandings with the people you love.

     Now, let’s move on by focusing on a crucial part: how much money you can get: a maximum of R 100,000, which the company will deposit in your bank account once the application is approved and all the documentation is okay.

   Regarding the application procedure, you need to know that it will be carried out in an easy and quick way, for you to have the money with you right away. It will be needed for you to complete an online form found in the company´s website, with your name, cellphone number and other type of personal information. After that, expect a call from their representatives. Moreover, you can apply over the phone, if you dial up0860 10 45 80.  That number can also be used for asking questions or doubts you might have regarding the company. So, you can obtain plenty of information by only dialing up that number. And, if you choose to apply, the representative that answered your call will orient you towards the whole process. You have a minimum of R 2000 if you want to make a cheaper purchase. And, you can finance the loan in about 5 years, which is the maximum.

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 Take a detailed look at the requirements for this loan:

-Having a South African ID

-Having a good credit record with a credit company

-Having a monthly salary of at least R 3000

-If you work on your own you need to show a proof of that

-Provide data about your account with the bank so as for the company to know your salary is being transferred there

Final comments about Dial Direct Loans

You can be sure that all their loans are completely secured, because they have reached an agreement with the National Credit Act. What is more, the company will only grant you amounts of money you are capable of repaying, no more than that.

Contact Information

One of the ways you can contact the company is by phone, which is a free line destined to customer service. So, please try the following number: 0861 007 367.

You can also contact Dial Direct in their website, where you can ask for quotes, contact their members, obtain data about insurances and make some claims.

Another choice in Durban: Absa

-In person

 One of Absa´s offices in Durban is found at Anton Lembede Street, whose numeration is 291. You can call this office by dialing up 31 366 9111. This branch opens during weekdays from 08:30 in the morning to 03:30 pm this office opens during weekdays from 08:30 am to 03:30 pm.

 You will find another office in Durban exactly located at 135 Musgrave road, whose phone number is31 277 3200. This branch has the same schedule as the previous one.

-By phone

 If you dial up 087 730 11 55 from your home, you can easily contact their customer service, which will immediately give you answers to your inquiries and questions. The lines are available during weekdays from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm


In the company´s official webpage you can apply for a Personal Loan, get details about insurances and also send a message to the company and expect to receive an answer within hours. In the same webpage you can ask for quotes, and also make the company calculate whether you are capable of applying for a loan or not. So, Absa offers a great calculator to check your affordability in terms of an insurance or a Personal Loan.

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Questions and answers

Are the offices of dial direct open on weekends?

Only on Saturdays

Can I pay for the loan online?

Sure you can

How do I know if I am eligible?

By applying for a loan

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