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Is Cape Town Eligible for Getting a Dial Direct Loan? Requirements and Application

     Citizens that permanently reside in Cape Town and are looking for a reliable solution for their financial setbacks, can now stop worrying thanks to the support they can receive for a Personal Loan. Yes, by applying for a loan you can afford, those problems can disappear. How is that? With the help of honest and transparent companies, such as Dial Direct.

   Even though Dial Direct does not have a physical office in your city, Cape Town, that is not an obstacle at all, since you have the chance of beginning an application by phone or in their website. So, no excuses!

   In the next article, I will give you important pieces of information regarding Dial Direct´s Personal Loan, which includes amounts of money given, financing periods, requirements, applications and more details. Then, I will give you some benefits this company can give you if you operate with them. Finally, I will mention their contact information and I will give you another alternative, which is another credit provider found in Cape Town, Capfin.

Dial Direct´s Personal Loans

-Loans that can be used for multiple situations, as those of accidents, school tuition, house repairs, medical charges, summer holidays and so on

-Loans whose amounts will be defined in accordance with your salary and your chances of repaying for that amount on time

-When applying for a loan, the customer will enjoy discounts on some products the company has developed

-It is the most reliable option you have when it comes for soliciting for money, since it is not recommended to ask a friend or relative to do it so

-In comparison to other credit providers, these loans are easily obtained, since the application does not last that much

-Customers can ask the company to give them between R 2000 and R 100 000

-Customers can expect the money to be transferred immediately after they are notified of their eligibility

-Financing periods, which consist of about a year or five, can be freely chosen by the customer

The application procedure

You will find out that the application can be carried out in two simple ways: from the comfort of your computer or from your phone.

Should you choose your phone, you only need to dial up the following number, which is free of charges:0860 10 45 80. Bear in mind that this number is not only designed for applications, but also for queries.

Should you choose to apply from your computer, simply type the company´s website and complete the form you find there with some information such as your cellphone number, your surname and full name.

The requirements for a Dial Direct Loan

-You will be asked to show your Id book so as to prove you are South African

-You must bring your credit record with you

-You must submit a proof of your wage, which in fact must be of at least R 3000

-You must show a statement from your employed if you are an independent worker

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-You must submit all the information related to your bank account, in which your wage is transferred every month by your boss

Benefits Dial Direct can give the citizens of Cape Town

-The lending programs given by this company are granted following the National Credit Act, so there is an agreement to prove that the loans are safe and totally transparent.

-Dial Direct will carry out a long research on your income and finances, so as to know in detail which amount of money you can receive and how much is it possible for you to repay each month. That way, you and the company have the tranquility that the loan can be paid back as stipulated in the application.

-The company will enable you to acquire a loan to protect your finances and your health, in case you suffer a disability, incapacity, an accident or a disease that becomes an obstacle at the time of repaying for the loan.

Contacting Dial Direct in Cape Town

As I said at the beginning of the article, Dial Direct has not opened physical offices in Cape Town, but it does not matter, since you can obtain their loans by phone or online

-You have the chance of phoning on 0861 007 367 and being transferred to the company´s customer service. Of course, you might have to wait some minutes until someone answers your call, but it is worth it.

-You can access the company´s website from your laptop and begin an application, solicit for quotes, carry out claims and also ask for data about home insurances.

However, I have another option for you, in case you are looking for a company that has branches in Cape Town, Capfin.

Contacting Capfin in Cape Town

     Its head office is located in Cape Town, in the Kuils River. The exact address, for you to go there, is 1 Industrie Street. It is available from Mondays to Fridays during banking hours, as it happens with most credit providers.

     Capfin also has its own website, where you can apply for a loan, obtain data about insurances, use online banking and even send a message to the company´s representatives in order to receive a quick reply in your email within some days.  There, you have the chance of uploading necessary documentation for the application or solicit the company to phone you at a time you are free.

   Another way by which you can communicate with Capfin is through their free phone: 087 354 0000, designed especially for customer service. Try to wait some minutes until one of their representatives happily answers to your call.

   Having said that, if you happen to live in Cape Town, I strongly recommend you to try both companies, Dial Direct and Capfin, since you have two wonderful choices when it comes to Personal Loans. And, each of those companies have carefully evaluated your needs and your affordability, so as to give you the loan that best matches with your financial situation.

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You can improve your house, buy new appliances, etc

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Yes you can

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