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Can I Get a Home Loan with Clientele? Contact Information and Application Process

   Are you looking for a way to finance the house of your dreams? Would you like to make improvements to the house you bought in the past but do not know how? Do not worry, I have what you are looking for. That is right, Clientele, the biggest credit provider of all times, has designed a loan that will take care of any kind of need you might be experiencing right now.

   For that reason, in the next article I will discuss about the terms of the loan, the requirements, how the application functions with this company. And, I will also give you contact information for you to start talking to their staff members after you read this article.


   If you are wondering about the loan you will find in this company, let me tell you that you will not need to select an item to be the collateral of your money, since it is not compulsory. And, you can benefit from this loan in many circumstances. For instance, to pay expenses, debts or university tuition.

  The company wants you to receive a minimum of R 3000 and a maximum of R 120 000, so as you see the limit is really high and you can spend it on whatever you like. You can even add R 1000 each month whenever you need it. There are interest rates that are fixed by the company and not subject to any type of modification. What is more, the company will give you up to 80 months to finance the total loan.



   Clientele offers its customers two ways to start the application in order to get the money they need. Once way is by applying online. This is how it works: you enter their webpage and you fill in a form with your personal and financial data. Then, after a couple of minutes you receive a call from a staff member. Or, you can do it directly by phone, you can dial up 0861 354 354 and start following the instructions to proceed. The advantage of both choices is that you will not need to move in person to any physical office or talk in person with a representative as everything is done from home. And, the total process will take around 10 and |15 minutes, as long as you have at hand all the documentation. Then, after you are approved it will take a day for the company to grant you the money.


-Having the majority of age (18 years old)

-Being a citizen from South Africa

-Possessing a job in which you earn every month this minimum: R 500

-Having an ideal credit score with another credit company



    Clientele will determine, based on your needs and your financial status, the amount of the repayments you will make. Moreover, the money you will receive because of the loan, will be granted via debit order. This is for protection, so that is the only way through which you will get the money. It is pretty common that nowadays customers suffer scams and the violation of their privacy due to unsafe payment methods and Clientele is really aware of that.

Find the best loan of South Africa



     You are dealing with a very serious, responsible and honest company, whose main objectives are to guarantee that all their customers receive a good attention and products and services of great quality, not less. You will always be guided towards the application procedure and the payment stages. In fact, once you are approved to get a loan, you are in constant communication with the company´s representatives and they will always answer your questions or clarify any possible doubt you might have regarding the loan you were just granted.

  I believe another great benefit this company gives its customers, is the chance of acquiring an insurance to protect their assets and finances in cases of retrenchment, disabilities and accidents, conditions in which the applicant and their finances may suffer. For instance, it can happen that you suffer an accident on the road and you are not capable of keep making each repayment as expected or that you cannot receive the totality of the money requested at the beginning. Clientele will make sure to protect you at all circumstances, so do not stress about it at all.


Contacting Clientele

-By phone

  You can directly call the company and start asking them your questions or possibly any doubt you have about their loans or insurances. Such number is the following: 320 3000. Please remain patient, since at times the lines can be busy and you might have to wait a bit before your call is answered.

   The company has also created a fax number so that customers can easily deliver the documentation or any other type of information they would like the representatives of Clientele to take a look at. Such number is 320 3133.

-By e-mail

   If you are a fan of technology and enjoy communicating via email, you can do it thanks to their email address, specially designed for asking doubts and for information. Please keep this

-In person

  If you would like to meet the company´s representatives in person and start discussing in their office about the terms and conditions of the loan, you can go to their head office located in Morningside. It is found in Corner Livonia and Alon Road. There, their staff members will also guide you in the application procedure, so that you can start right away and stop waiting.

     To conclude, buying the house you always wanted or making modifications to the one you have already acquired, it really possible thanks to the loan offered by Clientele, whose interest rates and repayments are very affordable and will always adapt to the customer´s needs and financial situation. I strongly recommend you to contact their staff members and see how your home can change!

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Questions and Answers

How can I contact the company on public holidays?
In their website
Can I pay for the loan with my card?
Yes, credit or debit card
How much do I have to pay for the insurance they grant me?
That is free of charges

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